Beach Fun

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Standing on the deck of her condo Tiffany, 5’6″, twenty-three year old, athletic brunette, dressed in a sexy white string bikini, scans the beach for someone to quench her appetite. Seeing one man by himself to her right, looking to be in his late 40s, she shakes her head then notices a group of friends to her left, just kitty cornered from her condo, and watches them with interest. Eyeing one of the men, as he removes his shirt revealing his muscular build, she ponders how to get him away from all his friends. She watches for a few more minutes, then just as she decides to look around a round again, she hears his friends say: they will see him in two hours as they proceed to leave him to sunbathe. Tiffany smiles hunger in her eyes she licks her lips and begins to make her approach.

Looking over the water Samuel, 6′, twenty-four year old brunette, sighs, sits back down on his towel and begins to apply a light amount of sun tan lotion to sunbathe for a couple of hours. As he continues to gaze out at the crashing water, Tiffany approaches to his right and begins to speak in a gentle soothing voice.

“I know this sounds silly but, I forgot my sun tan lotion and wondered if I could use some of yours if I put some on your back?” She asks leaning over slightly bending her knees forcing her plump large ‘D’ cup breasts to be just at his eye level.

He stares for a moment then clears his throat and says “I-yes, of course.”

She smiles, thinking to herself, ‘the bait had been spotted.’ “Thank you so much.” She kneels down behind him and begins to massage the cool lotion into his back, allowing her fingers to trail down to just above his swim trunks then dipping down inside just enough to tease him even more. They chit chatted for a few minutes exchanging a few pleasantries. Tiffany finishes with his back then moves around getting in front of him, bumping his hidden swelling member, pretending not to know what she did.

Samuel begins massaging the lotion into her back making sure to cover every open space of skin. “Would you help me with my face please? I have such a difficult time trying to keep it out of my eyes.” She smiles and speaks to him turning around, just in time to bump his left hand with her bikini-covered breasts.

He gulps, squirming enough to fix his ever-growing bulge. He smiles and replies, “Yes, of course.” He gently applies the lotion to her beautiful face and gets to eye her breasts and cleavage as she has her eyes shut Zonguldak Escort allowing him to look freely.

She speaks up as he continues and asks, “Would you do my neck and chest area as well, I just don’t seem to get them well and don’t want to end up with splotches.”

He smiles and continues covering her neck, then moving to her chest thinking to himself about how fortunate he is to be able to fondle, of course enough not to be noticed. He finishes applying and begins to put the lotion back.

“Would you put some a bit further down?” she speaks with a gentle smile, “I am just so afraid that my top will move and I will end up with a red splotch.”

Samuel starts to think how much he enjoyed touching her breasts even for a moment. He nods and adds more just below the edge of the top. Feeling his stiff bulge, he squirms feeling as if he would cream his pants right there. He smiles at her and begins to put the tube away and start to lie down.

“No, further.” She continues to smile and pull her top down to just covering her nipples.

She smiles her playful smile as he rubs some more on her now exposed breasts savoring each moment. Samuel, on the other hand, is beginning to wonder if she will remove her top completely, but she finally lies down on her towel inches from his. They continue to talk and chat about several things, as she leans up on her elbows causing her plump breasts to dangle in the bikini top. As they talk and laugh they hear thunder in the distance, which is always a warning sign to get off of the beach.

“Great.” Samuel says, as he looks disgusted at his phone. “You wouldn’t happen to have a cell phone I can borrow to call my friends?”

“Yes I do but it isn’t here with me. It is in the condo though.” She smiles loving the thunder as it pushes him right into her condo and right into her plan. “Why don’t you come up, you can stay dry and wait for your friends there.” Tiffany says as she picks up her towel and shakes it, waiting for him to grab all his things.

“Thank you, I would appreciate that a lot.” Samuel smiles and continues to gather his things to follow her. He watches her walk a moment studying her from behind watching her ass sway and her plump breasts bounce as she climbs the steps. He jogs to keep up as another clap of thunder rolls through the air. “I promise I won’t be too much of a bother, my friends should be here in about twenty minutes though.”

“Oh no Zonguldak Escort Bayan bother, I really don’t mind at all,” she says as she thinks to herself that: she doesn’t mind at all especially with having the chance with him. She smiles and continues up to the door, slides her key in unlocking the door. She enters into her home, lays her keys on the table and heads to the bedroom where the phone is, as she removes her top letting it fall to the floor. She picks up the phone and holds it to her chest right at the cleavage line over her heart, “You could just tell your friends that you have a ride home,” Tiffany smiles enticing him to agree.

Samuel sees her wide-open invitation and agrees with her. He moves closer to her to get the phone as his hand grazes against her nipple he takes the phone all the while staring at her succulent plump breasts. Dialing the phone with his right hand he begins to fondle her with his left. “Hey, yeah it is starting to rain here too. That is why I was calling I have a ride home.” He smiles to Tiffany as she starts to softly moan. “Yeah thanks man. See you tomorrow.” Samuel closes the phone and sits it on the bedside table and begins to fondle her other breast.

Tiffany reaches up and pulls Samuel’s face to hers, softly touching his lips with her lips, beginning to feel his left hand start to wander inside of her bikini bottoms his warm touch making her moan and kiss him passionately. His fingers start to lead his hand to her warm, wet hairless pussy lips making her squirm inch by inch, he pushes a finger inside, she gasps breaking the kiss. Continuing, he looks at her, smiles then envelopes her right nipple with his mouth sucking on it feeling her hairless pussy begin to drip more into his hand. Samuel pulls his hand out as he continues to suckle her nipples and pulls her bottoms down with one quick yank. He straightens himself and starts to kiss her again as Tiffany does the same to his trunks freeing his rock hard, six inch cock, then kisses him as she teases between his legs and lower abdomen. Samuel leads her backwards to her bed letting her relax on the soft red comforter.

Without actually touching her pussy he moves his mouth to tease around it and continues as she begs for more, running her fingers through his hair and moaning loud. Samuel smiles at the wonderful sounds enticing him to do much more to her, enjoying how events turned out not even paying attention to the sound Escort Zonguldak of the downpour outside. He moves his tongue to the mouth of her pussy licking the outside slit then pushing it inside to rub at her clit’s door beckoning it out to play. After teasing and lapping at her clit she moans out, “Oh, fuck me!” He moves to Tiffany’s mouth to share her juices with her all the while watching her squirm out of the corner of his eyes.

“But my little slut you have to earn what you want.”

Tiffany looks at him a moment then realizes what he wants. Nearly knocking him down, she makes him roll over and goes to work on teasing his nipples and licking in the same area between his legs and lower abdomen. She moves to the head of his cock and gives a gentle kiss then licks it up and down the length, she pauses at his balls taking them into her mouth and licking them as they are inside. Tiffany moves her mouth back to her cock playing with is balls at the same time softly almost not touching them as she pistons her mouth up and down on his cock deep-throating it ever couple of pistons. Squirming and bucking her mouth, Samuel moans aloud then pulls her up to him kissing her mouth hungrily. He then forces her to sit on his cock lowering her ever so gently letting her feel it inch by inch. He reaches to her ass grabbing it and slamming her up and down onto his cock. Tiffany moans and holds on to his legs, keeping her steady as her succulent plump breasts bounce up and down freely. Samuel sees this and pulls her down to him to suckle her breasts as he slams her back down on his rock hard soaking cock.

With a moan of protest from Tiffany, Samuel stops his bucking and the slamming of her body. Then with a quick move allowing himself to slip out of her pussy, lays her down on the bed and leans over top of her seeing lust and need in her eyes, he then lowers his cock slowly into her ever ready pussy and starts to grind into her grunting and moaning. Samuel slams into her seeing her eyes closed in full enjoyment and hearing her moans of pleasure. Tiffany moans out, “Oh yes! Fuck me! FUCK ME! Cum in my pussy!” Hearing those words makes Samuel slam and grind into her faster and harder feeling his cock’s pressure begin to build to release as if it was an active volcano about to blow. She moans and grunts holding on to his back as he slams into her. With one quick, solid movement, it is like flipping a switch, Samuel and Tiffany lets out a moan of full ecstasy as he unloads his cock into her depths she shakes and feels the orgasm begin to spasm through her body staring at her pussy lips and flowing to the outside from within.

Moaning stops Samuel collapses onto Tiffany kissing her tenderly panting and calming his breathing down all the while smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32