Be Careful What You Wish For

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My wife Julie and I have been married for five years. Julie is 26 years old she’s five foot six with long blonde hair, a great body, big beautiful all natural 34D breasts and an ass that can and has stopped traffic. We both used to be fairly active sexually before we got married, but since we got married she’s the only woman I’ve been with and as far as I know I’m the only man she’s been with.

My best friend Luke has wanted to fuck my wife for years. We are the kind of friends that are comfortable sharing the details of our sex lives with each other. Julie and I have done some pretty kinky things that have just made Luke want to fuck her even worse.

It seemed like every day that Luke would ask me if there were a chance that he’d get to have sex with my wife. When you hear an idea that many times it starts to sound better and better, and After a few years I began to think it might be okay for Luke to fuck Julie.

Of course my thinking it was okay didn’t mean anything without Julie’s approval. I talked it over with her and not only did she agree, she had a wicked idea that I agreed to instantly.

Luke was like a kid at Christmas when I told him the good news. He was ready to go back to my house right then, but that was not what Julie and I had planned. Luke calmed down when I told him that there were a few conditions that he would have to agree to.

The conditions he had to meet were very simple, he had to agree to bring his little sister Lisa, who had always wanted me but had never had the chance, and after all I wasn’t going to let Luke fuck my wife and get nothing in return. He also had to agree to be videotaped and to have myself and his sister present. But the most important stipulation was that he had to do whatever my wife said with no complaints or the deal was off. I had drawn up a contract that made the stipulations official and Luke signed it immediately.

I had told him about the arrangement on Tuesday morning and we made him wait until Friday night for our little get together.

Luke showed up an hour before he was supposed to and he had his sister Lisa on his arm. I met them at the door. Luke was too excited to speak, but Lisa was not.

“From what Luke tells me he’s trading me for your wife?” Lisa asked.

“That’s right. You came so you are obviously not opposed to the idea.” I said.

“I love the idea, it’s just with this idiot for a brother you can never tell whether he’s telling the truth or not.” Lisa said.

“I assure you that this time he was telling the truth.” I said.

“So when are we gonna start this little party then?” Lisa asked.

“Julie’s not quite ready so we’ll give her a few more minutes then we’ll get started.” I said.

“I’ve waited six years to get a chance to fuck you, I suppose a few more minutes won’t liseli porno kill me.” Lisa said.

I gave them both some alcohol, but I had something else for Luke.

“Luke, you had better take these.” I said handing him two of the little blue miracle pills. “With what Julie has in mind for you, you’ll need them.” I said.

“Thanks buddy.” Luke said swallowing the pills.

We stood in the hall for a few more minutes then Julie opened the door and let us into the bedroom. Luke went right for her and tried to kiss her.

“Oh no you don’t, I’m in charge here remember. Now undress me slowly.” Julie said.

You’d have thought Luke was a virgin the way his hands were shaking as he removed every stitch of Julie’s clothing. Lisa and I had positioned ourselves on a chair so that she was grinding her ass on my cock, but we were both fully clothed and watching the show.

As soon as Julie was naked she began stripping off Luke’s clothes. By the time Julie pulled his boxers off Luke had a rock hard erection. Julie ran her hands up and down Luke’s body but would not let him touch her. After exploring his body for awhile she pushed Luke back against the bed.

She raised one of his arms and locked it securely into the shackles, then his other arm, and finally his feet. Luke lay flat on his back unable to move with his eight-inch erection pointing skyward. The shackles were attached to a frame on wheels that was positioned over the bed but not part of it so as soon as Luke was securely in place Julie rolled him away from the bed.

By now Lisa’s grinding had my cock rock hard and she was on her knees in front of the chair licking and sucking the head of my ten inch cock as her tiny hands stroked the length of the shaft.

I watched as Julie again ran her hands all over Luke’s body. Luke was having a blast as Julie teased him. It was only when he saw the rope that Luke began to suspect that this might not have been such a good idea after all.

Julie put a loop of the rope around the base of Luke’s erection and tied it off tight, she then wrapped the rope around the length of his cock until only the head was left showing and tied the other end tight at the head. The rope had been tied to tight that Luke cried out in pain.

Knowing that it was going to be a long night I pulled Lisa’s mouth off of my cock and stood her up and began undressing her. When I pulled her bra off I took each of her nipples into my mouth and she had put some sort of flavored lotion on them, but they were no comparison to the flavor of her pussy. By the time I got between her legs she was almost gushing with wetness and it didn’t take long before she came.

We immediately moved to the bed and made sure that we were at an angle where Luke and Julie could mobil porno see our actions and that we could see them in action.

As Lisa lowered herself down on to my cock I was in heaven, she was so tight that she had to force herself to take my full length.

I noticed that Julie was nowhere to be seen for a minute, then she came out of the bathroom with a robe on and carrying a bottle of lubricant. She began massaging the cold lube into Luke’s asshole. He shrieked at the sensation and couldn’t help asking the question he already knew the answer to.

“What are you lubing my ass for?” Luke asked.

“For this.” Julie said with a smile as she dropped the robe revealing a strap on dildo.

“Oh no, this isn’t what I signed up for.” Luke protested.

“Sure it is. You agreed to do whatever I wanted, and I want to fuck you in the ass with this dildo.” Julie said.

With that she positioned the head of the small rubber cock at Luke’s asshole and began pushing it in. Luke’s screams of protest were mixed with shrieks of pain. Julie started sliding the dildo in and out slowly then increased her pace.

Meanwhile Lisa was riding my cock like she was in the rodeo. I was very close to cumming and Lisa squatted down hard and ground her pelvis against mine as my balls emptied an incredible amount of cum deep into Lisa’s pussy.

Without pulling my cock out of her we repositioned ourselves so that I was fucking Lisa from behind. She was leaning back into me and I was playing with her tits as our hips moved in perfect rhythm.

All of a sudden Julie pulled the dildo out of Luke’s ass and he let out a sigh.

“At last it’s over.” Luke said.

“Not even close lover boy. It is time to move you up to a bigger dildo though, and I’ve got a few more toys here as well.” Julie said.

She put a bigger dildo into the harness and proceeded to start fucking his ass again. This time she had nipple clamps that bit into Luke’s nipples causing him to yelp. She also had one of those suction pump things, which she put over his balls and pumped the air out of. The groan that Luke released was all the information I needed to know that the pump was painful.

I deposited a second load of cum into Lisa’s pussy and then pulled out to take a breather. Julie had no intention of letting us both take a breather while she was working so hard on Luke’s ass, but Lisa and I were both surprised by what Julie came up with.

“Lisa, squat on Luke’s face and make him eat the cum out of your pussy.” Julie commanded.

“What? No way, he’s my brother.” Lisa said.

“Do it now or I’ll stick a baseball bat in your ass and carry you around like a Popsicle.” Julie yelled.

It might have been fear or it might have been her elevated hormones, but Lisa öğrenci porno got up off the bed, walked over to the frame, and straddled Luke’s face.

“Eat that hot sticky cum out of my pussy.” Lisa ordered.

Luke obeyed. I don’t know if he even realized that it was his sister that was sitting on his face, Julie and her dildo had fuck him nearly senseless. While Luke was busy with Lisa’s pussy Julie moved up to an even larger dildo. This one was really thick; at least a foot long, and had a beaded texture up and down its length.

After having her pussy licked for nearly half an hour by her older brother Lisa couldn’t hold out any longer and she reached a massive orgasm on her brother’s face.

I helped Lisa off of Luke and back onto the bed. She pulled my recovered cock into her pussy and her hips were in overdrive as she fucked me as hard and as fast as she could. Again I came deep inside her and I was spent afterwards.

Lisa knew I couldn’t go again for awhile so she turned to watch my wife fuck her brother. Julie saw her watching and got a wicked grin on her face.

“Do you want to try this?” Julie asked.

“Oh no, you look like you have things well in hand.” Lisa said.

“You’d actually be helping me out, I have something else planned that would be better if his ass were still filled with a dildo.” Julie said.

“Well, he already ate my pussy, I might as well fuck him in the ass with a strap on.” Lisa said.

Julie took off the strap on and secured it tightly to Lisa’s crotch. She put in a bigger dildo and Lisa went to work reaming her brother’s ass.

Julie straddled Luke’s face and he tried to lick her pussy but she pushed his head down.

“No you don’t. Now open your mouth.” Julie said.

Luke opened his mouth and Julie peed into it. When Luke’s mouth was nearly full Julie forced his mouth closed and held his nose.

“Swallow.” Julie said.

Luke had no choice but to obey. Julie relieved herself entirely in Luke’s mouth making him swallow nine mouthfuls of hot piss. She then shifted her position slightly.

“Now eat my ass.” Julie commanded.

By now Luke was a broken man and obeyed without even a moan of protest. For well over an hour Julie made Luke eat little pieces of shit out of her ass as Lisa continued to ravage his over used asshole.

When Julie finally grew tired of having Luke’s tongue in her ass she stood up off of him, had Lisa pull out the dildo and they unclamped him from the frame.

Luke didn’t say a word. I don’t think he could have spoke even if he’d wanted to. He merely got dressed and left.

Lisa was going to leave to, but Julie invited her to spend the rest of the weekend with us. Let me tell you that I will never forget that weekend, the action on Friday night was fun, but for the rest of the weekend I had two gorgeous, naked, horny women all to myself.

Monday morning I walked into work exhausted and Luke walked in with a hemorrhoid pillow. I couldn’t resist; I walked right over to him and said.

“Be careful what you wish for you might just get it in the end.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32