Batting for Mom Ch. 03-04

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I’ve decided to combine chapters 3 & 4 rather than leaving a cliffhanger on chapter 3. As was the case in chapter 2, this story is best read in context by reading the first two chapters. However, this story can also stand alone.


Chapter 3

Sunday afternoon passes without incident. Aside from the incredible morning of fooling around, Sunday was uneventful in reality. Lexi worked at 3pm and my wife Jen and I managed to fumble around the house, seemingly careful not to cross paths.

As evening turned into night, my wife and I found our way to bed. We lay side by side on our respective sides of the king sized bed as we each scroll through our phones. As I look through Facebook, laughing at memes and the oversharing of personal information from friends and acquaintances, a message pops up. It is from Lexi and my heart flutters.

Lexi: “Still up?”

Me: “Yep”

Lexi: “Mom?”

Me: “Right next to me…”

Me: “Playing on her phone”

Lexi: “Fun”

Me: “On your way home?”

Lexi: “Yea. Need 2 go 2 store 1st”

Me: “Be safe. Let us know when you’re home.”

Lexi: “KK”

I click on her profile, and scroll through the pictures of my beautiful stepdaughter. My dick stiffens as I admire her beauty and recall our last two days together.

I recall the feelings of her warm, soft skin against mine. I remember the way her soft, delicate hand felt on my cock. I recall my finger causing her to wiggle, squirm, and scream. I imagine what she would taste like with my head between her legs and my tongue dancing along her young, shaven mound while my hands explore her fit, beautiful, perfect body.

Jen must have noticed the blankets tent. “Shayne, I noticed you’ve not pushed for sex for a while. Is everything OK?”

“Yep,” I tell her laughing to myself that two days does not constitute ‘a while’.

Our sex life leaves a lot to be desired. Specifically, my wife and I have not been intimate in quite some time. On a rare occasion, she provides what I call a ‘courtesy handjob’ just to shut me up.

Jen’s ‘courtesy handjob’ consists of not much more than my wife providing her hand and a grip. She provides a warm hand and it is up to me to work the magic in her hand. There’s very little along the lines of kissing, let alone deep kissing. If I’m lucky, I am ‘allowed’ over the clothes action but if I push that too far, I frequently lose the hand and am left to fend for myself.

Supposing I don’t push the issue, then there is the inevitable complaint of the mess from when I cum. In my opinion, this justifies Jen sleeping as far away from me in the bed as possible.

“You look tense and you certainly look stiff,” she says as she runs her hands atop the blankets nudging my tenting cock.

“Look, I know I’m not doing my part taking care of you. It’s hard,” she says.

I look down at the blankets, laugh sarcastically, and say, “Clearly it’s hard.”

“No, I mean that this is hard for me. I can’t explain it. It is just hard for me right now, I’m sorry. Let’s not talk about that right now. We can talk about that later. Let’s deal with the other hard thing right now,” she says as she slides her way over to my side of the bed throwing her right leg over my hard cock. It has been ages since my cock has touched anything of Jen’s that was not her hand.

She kisses at my neck as her right hand slides up the covers, underneath them and down my chest. Her hand begins a journey with her fingernails gently scraping down my chest and down my belly, coming to rest outside my boxers upon my hard cock. She reaches into the slit of my boxers, freeing my enraged cock. I note that this is not her typical ‘courtesy handjob’.

“Close your eyes and relax, I got this,” Jen whispers into my ear as she begins stroking me.

I comply, enjoying the feeling of her hand rubbing my dick up and down.

I imagine it is Lexi’s hand, causing my cock to stiffen even more.

At 5’4″ and 135 pounds, Jen is a slightly taller version of her daughter. In fact, the two of them could pass for sisters with Jen being the older of the two. If you compared pictures of the two of them at the same age, the untrained eye would have difficulty determining which one was Lexi and which one was Jen.

My hand reaches across my body to her hair. My wife’s hair is slightly more course than Lexi’s and the contrasting feeling relative to my imagination momentarily brings me back to reality.

My eyes open as Jen pulls my head towards her and hugs me towards her chest. I breathe into her as my hand works to peel away the thin strap of her black, satin nightie while kissing along the hint of cleavage accented by the satin top. I slide the strap over her shoulder and onto her arm, licking away while she strokes me.

I slide my hand, cupping gorukle escort bayan her breast through the satin. I rub her breast through her nightie covering her nipple. I admire the fabric as it lifts while her nipple stiffens.

With her nipple fully erect, I slide my hand underneath the nightie cupping and exposing her beautiful, full breast. Jen’s breasts are more rounded and full than her daughters despite being similarly sized overall. Jen’s areolas are less prominent than Lexi’s but I notice she has the same thick nipples as I take Jen’s breast into my mouth causing her to moan ever so slightly. The newly familiar feeling of her stiff, thick nipple in my mouth while she picks up the pace on my cock lets my mind wander back to Lexi. I need to have her now, I think to myself.

My hand releases her breast but my mouth remains clamped around her delicious, full, erect nipple with my tongue dancing overtop. My hand slides down under her satin nightie and I rip her panties down somewhat forcefully. She moans.

I push her shoulder to the bed so that she lies flat on her back and I roll on top of her between her legs. Both of us breathing heavy, I line myself up and with a powerful thrust; I take her breath away as I drive forward into her wet pussy. The trimmed hair above her mound snaps me once again back out of my fantasy, reminding me that I am making love to Jen rather than Lexi.

Back to reality, I aggressively pump in and out of my wife as my orgasm builds.

“Shayne, stop,” Jen moans as I slow the train down to a grinding halt. She places her arms upon my chest and motions for me to get off her. “Let me,” she says.

Reluctantly, I roll off my wife and lie flat on the bed. Jen slowly descends underneath the covers and places her head upon my stomach. She begins stroking my dick with one hand while cupping my balls with the other before running her tongue across the tip of my dick. Her tongue flicks away as her hand pumps while my mind once again turns to Lexi.

I imagine Lexi’s tongue, her hand, her lips, her mouth on my cock as my wife engulfs my dick into her mouth while pumping my dick at the base. With her lips locked on my dick, bobbing up and down, it doesn’t take long at all for my orgasm to emerge.

Just as I am ready to explode into my wife’s mouth while fantasizing about her daughter, I arch my back slightly and open my eyes. I look up to see Lexi standing in the doorway. Our eyes lock as I cum, exploding into her mother’s hungry mouth.

With a look of shock on her face, Lexi turns and runs out of the room.

Chapter 4

My disposition has me unable to sleep well. Last night, Lexi walked in while her mother was blowing me under the covers and she looked upset and shocked. Normally, such a thing would not be a problem. However, considering the events of the past few days that have taken place between my stepdaughter and I – this has the potential to be a huge ‘to do.’

I would be lying if I said I did not have mixed feelings myself. Jen has been physically unavailable for the better part of two years. Over the course of the past few days, Lexi has stepped up willingly and eagerly. While technically, I am ‘cheating’ on my wife with my stepdaughter; I cannot help but feel that it is the other way around. I feel as If I have betrayed Lexi with her mother. Silly, I know. However, had it not been for Lexi, I would be in a hotel by now.

I toss and turn the night away. Noting that my alarm is going off shortly, I get up and head to the shower. I lean against the wall of the shower, letting the hot water rain down on me. I might have had better sleep standing in the shower than I have had all night. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I head back to the bedroom to dress. Jen watches me enter the bedroom, as she is now awake.

“Sleep well last night?” she asks.

“Not at all,” I reply.

“Strange, you usually sleep like a baby after you get off,” Jen comments to me as she sits up, throwing her legs over the side of the bed and faces me.

“Is everything alright?” she asks.


“Shayne, come here for a minute,” she tells me. I walk over towards her still in my towel while my wife holds her hands out. As I get in front of her, she takes both of my hands.

“Shayne, I know I’m not doing a good job carrying my weight in a few areas – mainly in the sex department. I want you to know that I’m working on that. I love you and I need you to know that I’m trying,” she tells me as she pulls me closer, releases my hands, and hugs me.

I return the embrace and the feeling of skin on skin contact with my wife causes my cock to stir underneath my towel. With her head in my chest, Jen moves her left hand around and reaches inside my towel to find my cock.

“I see he is awake as well. Do we have time,” she asks as she lightly plays with my cock causing it to jump.

“That feels so good,” I tell her as I pull her head tighter into my chest and let out nilüfer escort bayan a moan.

“I’ll take that to mean yes,” she says as she uses the other hand to remove the towel from around my waist. With her eyes, she looks up at me as I bend down slightly to kiss her. As our lips meet, she guides my cock between her legs. My hand moves to her thigh while the other embraces her. Jen’s hand pumps away at my cock while running the tip up and down her slit in a teasing manner. I push my cock into her hand as she toys away on her clit with my cock while we continue kissing deeply.

While rubbing on her thigh, I use my left hand to guide Jen’s leg around my waist. Once in place, I swap arms so that my left arm embraces my wife while my right hand moves to her thigh. I run my hand down her leg and guide her left leg around my waist. Jen locks her ankles around my waist as she kisses me and diddles herself using my cock.

I slide my hand in between us, removing Jen’s hand from my cock; placing it behind her so that her arm is supporting her and my hand over top hers. With my other hand, I guide my cock into her opening and drive forward, penetrating her with a powerful thrust. Jen releases our kiss and hisses while arching her back. I thrust away in and out of my wife and peel down her nightgown, burying my head in her chest. I begin devouring her full breasts as I thrust with all my might. Each thrust seems to force the air from her lungs as she hisses and moans while I pound away at her warm, wet pussy.

Ready to release two years of pent up sexual frustration, I grab onto her waist and then her ass as I drive forward into her as I shoot my load up into my wife before I collapse onto the bed into her chest.

With the exception of my racing heart, every muscle in my body is relaxed as I lay upon Jen’s chest. Jen’s heart beats away as she works to catch her breath as she cradles my head into her chest, running her fingers up and down the back of my head.

Not wanting to be a selfish lover, my hand begins to wander between Jen’s thighs as I begin kissing away at her breast.

“Shayne, we don’t have time. You will be late for work,” she tells me as she clinches her legs together.

“Jen, I want to take care of you as well. I can be late,” I reply in between soft kisses upon her breast.

“You don’t have to,” she replies as she grabs my wandering hand leaving it resting upon her thigh.

“I want to,” I retort as I take her full breast into my mouth and try to work my hand free.

“Shayne, please don’t. Trust me; we’ll be here all day and night. I still won’t get off,” she says.

“It’s not you, Shayne. It’s me,” she tells me pretty much killing the ‘buzz’.

“Get yourself situated and get to the office so you’re not late, Shayne. We can talk about this another time.”

I reluctantly comply. I begin the process of getting myself situated and off to work.

On my drive to the office, I cannot help but laugh at my disposition of sorts. Perhaps the singular of disposition is not the most accurate, as this so called disposition of mine is a bit complex to say the least. I have spent two years or so not getting physical attention from my wife. Then in one weekend, I have this ‘thing’ pop up out of nowhere with her daughter and suddenly my wife begins taking somewhat of an interest in me. Add to the mix that Lexi walked in on her mother and me last night. Throw the fact that Jen did not want me to get her off on top of that and it is reasonable to conclude that I have quite a complex, confusing situation or two or ten on my hands.

I spend the bulk of my morning preoccupied with those thoughts. Most specifically, I cannot get Lexi out of my mind. I need to make sure she is alright. After overthinking how I am going to do this, I decide to shoot her a message, as the two of us typically do lunch once every week or two during the summer. Since we have not done lunch since her summer began, this is the perfect “in.”

Me: “Wanna do lunch?”

Me: “My treat”

Lexi: “K”

Me: “What time do you work?”

Lexi: “4”

Me: “Do you want to do an earlier lunch so you have time to get ready for work or do you want to do a later lunch so you can go straight to work?”


Me: “OK, meet me here?”

Lexi: “K”

Me: “See you soon”

Yea, not so perfect of an in, I think to myself. Her responses were quite short. Two hours pass and she gives me the “here” text. I log off my computer and head down to the lobby to meet her. As I walk into the lobby, I see Lexi and her long, flowing auburn hair standing in front of the window overlooking the lake. She is wearing a blue, floral print sundress that leaves her back and shoulders exposed.

“Hi Lex, ready,” I ask.

“Hi. I guess so,” bursa otele gelen escort bayan she says as she turns around. The front of her blue sundress has a plunging cut to it, as it shows a fair bit of cleavage before coming together at the midriff and covering her to mid-thigh.

I kiss her on the cheek and show her to the elevator, as my car is parked in the ramp underneath the office building.

“Going to the beach today,” I ask in an effort to make small talk.

“Nah. I was laying out and didn’t feel like getting ready so I just threw this on overtop my suit,” she sighs.

“Gotcha. So, any preference on where we eat,” I ask as we get into the car.

“Nah, I’m not really hungry so wherever works for me,” she responds in a somewhat gloomy tone.

“Well, how about the club,” I ask. “We can eat there or grab something to go and take it down to the boat and eat if you want.”

“That works, I guess,” she replies still sounding dejected.

I stop the car.

“Lexi… I’m not going to play dumb and ask you if something’s wrong. This weekend has been confusing for me and I imagine it is probably confusing for you too. Especially so after last night.”

“It is,” she replies as a tear begins to form in her eye.

“Lexi, this is all very, very complicated and I’m sorry that you were hurt by what you saw.”

“I’m so dumb,” Lexi says with a frustrated tone as she begins crying.

“I wasn’t hurt by what I saw. I was mad and I have no right to be,” she continues.

“Lexi, if it makes you feel any better, my feelings are quite confused as well. All weekend long, you and I were carrying on and I felt no guilt at all. Then, your mom and I do what we did, which took me by surprise and hasn’t happened for ages. I felt like I was cheating on you.”

Lexi gazes out the window towards the lake. “We’re so fucked up,” she giggles in between her sobs.

“That is a fair statement,” I agree as I laugh with her.

“Dad, I have no right to be mad about you and mom. I should be happy that she finally gave you a little. I’m mad at myself because I was jealous,” she says as she puts her face into her hands. I reach across Lexi putting my arm around her.

“I’m mad at myself because I don’t want what we’re doing to end, but I want you and mom to be happy,” she continues as she cries into my shoulder.

“Lexi, I’m not sure that I want what we’ve started to end either,” I tell her as I give her a squeeze.

“Really?” she asks as her tear filled eyes look up at me.

“Yes, Lexi, really,” I continue as she leans in and kisses me with her mouth slightly open.

“Lexi, hold on,” I say as I stop our embrace. “Not here. Let’s go to the boat,” I tell her. She nods in agreement.

I drive through the gate and we head to the boat. I hop across and then offer my hand to Lexi and she jumps across.

“Want to sit on deck?” I ask her.

“Only if you want everyone to see us,” she quickly replies as she takes my hand and leads me downward. As we get to the stateroom, Lexi kicks her flip-flops off and hops on the foot of the bed. When we bought this boat of ours years ago, I preferred nice things on the boat rather than buying as big of a boat as possible and then having crap interior. The king size bed on our boat is quite nice. It has the same mattress as the bed in our home and sits high off the deck.

“Dad, come over here,” Lexi tells me. I take a few steps towards my stepdaughter so that I am standing just in front of her. The height of our bed nearly has us eye-to-eye and good god does she have such beautiful eyes right now, I think to myself.

Lexi grabs for my belt and pulls me in to her. “Dad, we gotta get you out of these,” she says as she begins undoing my belt.

“Lexi, we should probably talk first,” I say as my cock is stiffening.

“I don’t think he wants us to talk first,” Lexi says as she grabs my cock through my suit pants, giving it a quick tug.

“OK, you talk and I’ll play” she says as she unbuttons my pants sending them to the floor so that I stand in front of her with my shirt, tie, and boxers while my pants are around my ankles. Her small hand finds its way into the hole of my boxers.

“Lexi,” I whisper as I touch her thigh and move closer to her while she rubs my stiff cock underneath my boxers.

“What do you want to talk about?” she asks with an arrogant, seductive smile while she strokes away. I move closer to kiss her. Lexi leans in, opening her mouth and teases a kiss before putting her free hand on my chest nudging me away.

“Dad, you can’t talk with your mouth full so you talk and I’ll play,” she says as she continues pumping my cock slowly up and down with her hand.

“Oh Lexi,” I exclaim as her soft hand feels so good on my dick.

“Do you need me to stop so you can talk, Dad? I don’t think you want me to stop,” she says as she stops and then resumes rubbing me under my boxers.

“Lexi, hold on please,” I ask as I grab her arm. “This feels so good but we should talk first.”

“Fine, so talk,” she says as she releases my dick. She adjusts the way she sits on the bed so that her legs are now parted around me and I stand inches from her and between her legs.

“Lexi,” I begin, “I really didn’t think your mom and I were going to… you know, do anything ever again.”

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