Bathtime Sex and Hot Pampering

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I wrote this while lying in the sun on my tummy, naked, and trying to get my dark tan darker. The sun was hot as hell on my ass. I would soon be turning onto my back and spreading my legs to tan my pussy, as well as the rest of the front of me. Pretty hard to type like that, so I wanted to get this done while on my tummy.

This is my sexual fantasy. It is fiction, but, with a lot of the real me in it. The fantasy me is not a robot or android. I am 99% human.

Bred to be her perfect lesbian lover, my appetite for sex with her has no limit…there is no time at which I’m not horny and dripping for her, my inner thighs glistening wet. I can have a orgasm without touching my pussy, in large amounts, and always over and over with my face buried between her silky smooth thighs and sucking her relentlessly.

Nothing turns me on more than to be owned by her as her slutty playmate…her honey-sweet whore who loves to make her cum in any way she desires.

Or…left to my own imagination, any way I desire.

Oh, fuck yes…

Today, she’ll bathe and pamper me. It is sometimes hard for me to cooperate while being bathed and pampered. It makes me cum many, many times and I can’t keep my hands off her. I’m pretty sure it makes her just as hot, and we always end up fucking like wild animals.


I awoke after our long night of wild sex. The sheets and pillows all smelled like musk oil. We were covered in musk oil and the ladycum of each other. That made me hot as hell before I even opened my eyes, and my lady got to wake up with my face in her pussy…I couldn’t help it…I had to have her.

She awoke with soft little whimpers and held onto my hair with my eight inch tongue wriggling inside her delicious pussy. In less than a minute, her body tensed and she screamed out in a hard, hot orgasm… and my mouth was full of the immense amount of cum I can make her body give me.

I came to her lips with all her cum still in my mouth and fed it to her, our tongues swishing it and playing with it as she let it flow down her throat, purring for me. That gave me a massive orgasm and I kept devouring her, squealing into her mouth, my pussy drenching her.

I slid on her slippery body while reaching for the bottles of musk. She gently took my hand and said, “Bath time, baby. Let that wait till after your bath, okay?”

“Bath time? And wash off all this loveliness?”

She Ataşehir Escort kissed me again with her legs wrapped around me. I could feel her thigh muscles still quivering from her amazing orgasm. “You know you love bath time as much as I do, right?”

I smiled. “I do! Promise to fuck me and let me suck your pussy?”

“My sweet slut, you can suck me and fuck me…you can do whatever you want!”

“Oh good! I get my banana, right?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss giving you your banana!”

I smiled, we slid off the bed and she led me by the hand to our steaming, hot bathtub room where our bath was waiting for us. I knelt down and slid my body into the deep sunken bathtub, then got on my knees, the water flowing down my deeply-tanned body…and my pussy throbbing.

My hot Blue peeled my banana, leaned back and purred while sliding it all the way in her pussy…it was easy to see how good that made her feel. She looked so fucking hot, clenching her pussy muscles to smush it up inside her and letting it mix with her juices! It was so hard to wait to get my mouth on her!

She opened her eyes and smiled at me while sliding her fingers into my hair and said, “Come to my pussy, baby.”

I eagerly covered her pussy with my mouth and sucked her while she held onto my hair…her body trembled, holding her thighs tightly around my shoulders…the creamed banana and her juices flowed from her and I swallowed hungrily, then her orgasm nailed her! Oh, how she screamed, her voice echoing through the bathtub room and her hot pussy feeding me her bananacum, my own pussy rocking with my hard orgasm…

She slumped over on my head, hugging me as much as she could. “Ooooooohhhhhh…my Sunny…my, my, my…”

I smiled and leaned back in the tub, immersed to just under my breasts with my legs spread. She slid in between my legs and squirted bodywash on a big, soft sponge and started rubbing my neck, shoulders and breasts with it.

Instead of lying back and relaxing, I got the bodywash and squirted a LOT of it on her, then held her ass while the thick bodywash flowed luxuriously down her body.

“Now, Sunny, you aren’t being a good girl, are you?”

I tossed my bangs and looked into her eyes. “No, I’m not. I’m a real bad girl, and I’m all yours.”

Not amazingly, that made her slide the sponge to my pussy under the water, and Ataşehir Escort Bayan I draped my arms and legs up on the edges of the tub, surrendering my body to her. She loves to take possession of me, making me cum and watching my body shudder hard with an orgasm she’s giving me. I came like crazy, sending waves of water out of the tub.

I require no rest or recovery time after I cum, and I sat up and spoke against her lips, “Give your pussy to me. Make me your slutty, sweet playtoy…and hold onto something real tight.”

My hot, sexy lady smiled and stood up, spreading her legs for me. I sat between them, slapped my mouth on her pussy and fucked all eight inches of my tongue into her dripping pussy.

Good thing she was holding onto the shower bar…I pushed my mouth harder against her, driving my tongue to the back of her pussy. In total pleasure, she screamed for me, but screamed much louder when my mouth, tongue and all, lifted her off her feet.

I could feel her hot pussy convulsing around my tongue while it fucked her, then her pussy gripped my tongue harder…her orgasm took control of her and she came like hell, her feet off the bottom of the tub, her hands holding on tight, her head resting against the wall…

I was ready for the end of her orgasm…I lowered her to her feet, then her body slipped down into my arms with her eyes closed. She was quite conscious. My brain sensed her breathing as just fine, with her pulse and heart rate returning to normal…for having been fucked by the 1% of me that isn’t human.

Now, who had to pamper whom?

I gently laid her head on the padded edge of that side of the tub. I straddled her, but put no weight on her, and caressed her body under the water. I pursed my lips and blew my breath in her face. She opened her eyes and said, “That was pretty good, baby.”

“Really? Just pretty good? I can make it more than just pretty good if you desire.” I prepared to send her pussy a fuck-signal from my brain to make her cum again.

She knew what I was up to. “No, baby! Don’t do that!”

I giggled. “I won’t even touch you, you know. I’m very good at it!”

All she did was smile at me and held my hips, pulling my pussy to her tummy. “Cum for me, Sunny. Let me watch you.”

“YES!” I was about to cum again, anyway, and happily wriggled my hips in her hands, settling my pussy on her tummy Escort Ataşehir and wriggling some more to spread my large outer lips. I rolled my hips, fucking my big, swollen clit on her…I leaned forward a little, holding her hands while she held me up…she watched my face, her mouth open while I hotly came, cumming so much that my pussy was hot and slippery on her, even under the water.

We climbed out of the tub and she took my hand, leading me outside in the sun where I lied down on back. My lady had a very large bottle of warm banana oil extract that she squirted all over my tanned body. SUCH a huge turnon having the oil feeling so hot all over my naked body…she squirted some right ON my pussy, sending hot pleasure all through me…Blue rubbed the oil all over my neck, breasts, tummy, my pussy…down my legs to my feet and toes.

I tried to be a good girl for pampering time, but my pussy was screaming for attention!

My hot lady licked the banana oil from my pussy…it tasted good because it was not banana-scented suntan oil, it was banana oil, and she drove me to a shuddering orgasm, sucking my ladycum and driving me insane!

I rolled us over with me on top and sat on her tummy…she raised her knees and I leaned back against her thighs, removing the cap off the bottle and pouring ALL the oil down my body and soaking her…I slid my hot pussy on her tummy as she squealed with delight, “Yeah, Sunny! Come again for me! All over me!”

I fucked myself on her tummy muscles, tossing my hair…I came again, quickly, drenching her with my cum, my pussy mixing it with the banana oil! I wasn’t done with her! I dove face first in her pussy, holding onto her slippery body with my hands.


My tongue drove so hard into her, it pushed her body…she held on tight, getting fucked hard by my inhumanly long tongue, screaming for all I could give her and pulling my hair…she came in a mass of hard spasms, yelling the whole time, her pussy seeming to suck on my tongue…my mouth rode her non-stop through her fantastic orgasm!

I licked the back of her pussy and she squealed again…I giggled, then gently slid my tongue from her. I slid onto her body, two oily, glistening, hot women wrapped around each other. I licked her from head to toe, kissed her sooooooooo deeply, my tongue sliding around inside her mouth, then cuddled her lovingly in my breasts, her breath on my skin…

“Ooooohhhhhh, Sunny…baby…”

I love getting to satisfy all her sexual needs and having her own me as her cherished possession. I am so, so in love with her.

The End

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all of you,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32