Bathhouse Summer’s End Ch. 03

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Downstairs, there were enough towels around to make a cautious estimate concerning how long it would take before some stranger and I were playing with each other’s cocks. Shortly was the simple answer, though the jacuzzi had to be factored into the calculation.

Seeing at least 6 men in the bubbling jacuzzi, I showered thoroughly after my previous encounter upstairs, growing horny. Putting my towel and bag in a cubbyhole first, walking naked across the space, cock swelling, then entering the quite warm water, sitting down in the single free space to the left.

Letting my legs spread and float a bit, I looked around, noticing that at least a couple of men were enjoying a stranger’s touch. Several feet responded to my random motions, a clear indication of the sort of shared mood a group of naked men in a bathhouse can so easily enjoy. Stretching a bit, my foot rode up the leg of the man across from me, feeling his thigh move to make it easier for my toes to find his cock. Then brushing his balls as he slid further into the water.

At the same time, my thigh began touching the skin of the man to my left, whose foot slid along mine. My hand moved a bit, fingers questing along his inner thigh, while my right foot began making a stranger’s cock grow larger in the swirling currents. His face a sight adding to my own arousal, cock half hard, anticipation rising. His was the expression of a man starting to succumb to another man’s clear desire to play with sexy hard cock, thoroughly entranced.

Just as the man to my left succumbed when my hand lightly brushed along his shaft, my index and middle fingers beginning to slide around his covered cock head, feeling him stiffen. I slowly started them moving back and forth along his growing length, making him begin to moan softly when approaching his cock head, taking a moment to pause before retreating. Enjoying feeling him grow as hard as the man who was now holding my foot against his balls and shaft, rubbing himself and moaning.

My attention focussed on two strangers’ cocks, it was a delightful surprise feeling my cock being touched, leading to long and slow sighs of contentment as fingers encircled it, sliding lightly in the swirling water. Looking at the man to the left, his face an obvious window reflecting what was going on between his legs, still obscured by all the bubbles from the jets in the bench. My right hand kept me positioned on the bench, keeping me from slipping further down into the dancing water.

Though it happened anyways, after my cock had grown hard in the grip of a man whose own sexy cock had so enjoyably lengthened as I turned him on. But slipping meant flexibility in using my foot and leg, concentrating on touching as much skin as possible, both of us enjoying a typical dip in the bathhouse jacuzzi. A jacuzzi filled with cock lovers.

The bubbling slowed, then ended. By now, all three of us were thoroughly hot, and looking at each other. To my left, I could see my hand pumping his cock. He slid his thigh over mine, his hand pulling at my knee, then lightly brushed his fingers against my hairy thigh. His hand felt so good as I watched him play with me.

I couldn’t stop my head from sinking back, a bit of hair getting wet, closing my eyes as the pleasure ran between three hard cock lovers.

A bit of splashing occurred, a distant event, followed by the surprise of someone bumping my leg as they left the whirlpool. Quickly bending my knee, I moved it down, out of the way. Another man entered, deciding to sit on the other side of the stairs, sparing a walk through the crowded pool. Followed by a pair leaving, meaning that our side was empty, with the remaining pair across from us.

My foot began to explore again, aided by the sight of his cock being jacked off. And then distracted by watching him touch the turned on man he was sitting next to, intimately aware of precisely how he became so horny. Obviously, we all shared the same irresistible attraction to cock, aware just how easy it was to get hard with the right partners. My legs were spread open, the man next to me pulling my thigh, rubbing it against his cock. His other hand was on my shaft, making it difficult to concentrate on my leg rubbing against his hard cock and sexy sack.

The new man shifted a bit, making it easier for my leg to rub along his thigh. It had been maybe 2 minutes since being inadvertently bumped that this threesome became a foursome. Nothing is easier then getting hard in public here, looking at other men. The new man had paused a bit before selecting his place, looking between my legs as his hand touched his dick, in direct sight, perfectly positioned to enjoy Çankaya Escort his entrance into the water. He knew he was giving me a wonderful view as his hand slowly pressed his cock down, his subtle sigh adding to my enjoyment. It was clear that he wanted to play, something taking minimal time, as it turned out.

A hand was on my foot, guiding it, then grinding it so good against a stiffening rod. The man on my left began to pump me harder, making it difficult to concentrate on anything but the wonderful feeling of his stroking. The fountain started, its powerful currents overwhelming my balance completely, the column of water causing me to rise up a bit.

A rise that inexorably continued, being pulled upwards by a stranger’s hand, positioning my legs to take advantage of the central currents. I couldn’t believe how slutty it made me feel to float up, stiff cock jutting up for anyone to see.

A new man entered the jacuzzi, looking around, cock already more than half hard. His hungry glance lingered by far the longest on my extended rod, framed by my wet curly dark bush, swept by bubbling waves, my legs spreading again after he passed. He sat next to the fifth man, and judging by their almost instantly blissful expressions, they had quickly found each other’s cock, the vigorously bubbling water obscuring any direct view.

All of us were turned on, hard cocks being played with by strangers, utterly content sharing the waters with other men who fully understood the best style of activity in a textile free, male only sauna. Shame was unnecessary here, every one of us thoroughly interested in the intimate company of other naked men, understanding that here, there were no secrets, just shared pleasures.

The fountaining ended, the foaming water turning still. My eyes remained closed, body drifting slowly downwards, perfectly balanced on the edge of cumming, feeling his pulsing cock in the same state as he pressed his legs closed. My right foot reached out again, toes exploring someone’s nicely hairy thigh, floating lightly up and down. Shifting position allowed my foot to explore its way between a stranger’s legs, certain that his cock would enjoy my touch.

A fact confirmed after a brief interval, though I was uncertain whose nicely erect cock my sole was actually rubbing. Time flowed outside of my awareness. It was a surprise when the pumps started again, creating a certain dynamic shift in our activities. The man next to me had been opening and closing his legs, his cock pulsing in my greedy grasp, even though we all knew that cumming here was something to be avoided. His own hand had grown somewhat slack on my rod, making it easier for me to fully concentrate on him for a bit.

He had no objection to following the hint of my hand pulling his cock upwards, arching his body gradually, moaning softly as I slid my leg under his thigh, sweeping it across his ass cheeks, his body almost weightless. His right hand was using my cock as a support, the edge of it in my thick bush, along and against the pubic bone, focus shifting from shaft to base depending on how the currents carried him.

Bringing his extended cock out of the water, I looked around. Clearly, everyone else in the whirlpool knew exactly how good it was to sit in the bubbling water with a hard cock, jerking and being jerked off. I love looking, and seeing the other men’s faces made me hornier, knowing that must have been how they looked when it was my sexy cock being displayed in front of a group of naked strangers.

Keeping him up was simple, so I positioned myself a bit closer to the men sitting across from us. Soon, my foot was again pressing a willing cock, though I was not able to tell whose, most of my concentration remaining centered on the cock in my grip at the water’s surface. His grunts mirrored the pulsing I felt as his cock flexed, my circled hand pressing down to show it off in its fully glory.

While my foot was playing, the opposite pair shifted, allowing my foot to rise to play with the other cock. Considering it briefly, I decided that my foot must now be again playing with its original partner. A thought pretty much confirmed when his hand started playing with it, using his cock and fingers to gently remind me why footplay is so universally good.

We settled into a rhythm, my foot pushing against his sexy stiffness, his fingers running over and between my toes. He began to slowly ride it up and down, moving his body to add to the sensations. The currents began to subside, the pump stopped completely, leaving a few larger bubbles to work their way out of the openings. Keçiören Escort

Sinking back down to the bench, the man next to me moved closer, his body squeezing mine, fingers finding my nipple just before his lips began to play with my ear. I could only open my eyes after the waves coming from all over my body peaked. My head lolled down, seeing my hand jacking a hard cock, then watching my own cock being pleasured the same way at the same time.

Shifting, it was possible to see precisely how the other man was using my foot to get off.

Though as I kept watching, it became clear that a stranger’s foot wasn’t the only thing getting him off. When the pair had shifted position, it wasn’t just to show off, but for easier access. It was a thrill to discover that they were fucking, that both of them had, in part, been turned on by me. Particularly just before they indulged themselves. A thrill that pushed me right to the limit, then back down, with the inevitable shrinking following it.

At this point, my time in the whirlpool more or less over, the pair I had forgotten stood, both leaving with hard cocks, heading for the showers or the steam. My original partner stood, putting his hand along my inner thigh, followed by turning his body in the center before settling his ass against the fucked man’s stiff rod.

The sight was intensely erotic, without any desire to participate – it has always been a fantasy to be in the middle, but it was not going to happen here. Proudly aware that one reason it was such a hot threesome to watch had been my hand and foot work.

Leaving the turned on threesome alone in the hot tub, I rinsed off briefly in the shower area, not caring that my cock had become quite erect when being well soaped, as had been my ass, turning my body around under the rain style showerhead. This attracted some notice, but then, I wasn’t the only one in that state.

Grabbing a couple of condoms from my bag, I entered the steam room behind another man. And almost immediately encountered several men near the door, a couple of them obviously interested in new arrivals. Hearing the sounds of sex nearby, I kept walking, hand already on my cock. After all, having already floated on top of a splashing column of water jutting straight up in a man’s grasp, it wasn’t as if there was a need to keep my horniness private, especially in such a sexually charged space.

Several figures were near the corner at the further wall, making it easy for me to keep out of the dim light coming from the entrance while approaching on the outside of the curved interior wall. Stopping, leaning back, beginning to stroke luxuriously, appreciating another scene of group sex.

Obviously, we had undergone the customary bathhouse transformation, enjoying the variety of partners so easily at hand, diving into a pool of wider sexual sensations. Just like on Friday afternoon, the dimly lit space was full of turned on men having sex, bodies rubbing, cocks pushing, hands pulling, asses being eaten and fucked. I couldn’t stop playing with myself looking around, noting the men in the same condition, though the ones sucking or fucking were clearly more involved with partners. I found the public kneeling surprisingly erotic, knowing what it was like in both positions.

Circled fingers and thumb began to run up against my flared cockhead as a group formed in front of me. The freedom they were enjoying was incredible, none caring about who watched. Or possibly, interested in turning on more men to join them. I’ve certainly felt the same way in the past. As in the very recent past, in a jacuzzi full of naked men.

Standing near the inner shower entrance, just like on Friday, the gay group sex was entrancing, especially a quite sexy man, maybe in his early 30s, fit without being exaggerated, doing different things with different people, his cock always hard, even when on his knees sucking a man, each hand pumping a cock. He wasn’t the only one so involved, but he did draw my attention, my cock appreciating the show he was creating.

And he certainly enjoyed kissing, being between two men, turning his head from one to another as he was sucked, a fourth man behind him, moving his hips. A man moved from the group, his cock erect, his hand finding my nipple a few seconds before his lips met mine, his tongue probing, mine quickly matching its action. His cock began to touch mine, making me put a hand on his ass, pulling him closer. Our mouths pressed, tongues swirling as the kissing grew irresistible, the intensity increasing as our cocks rubbed.

He tasted of cum, making me greedy, Etimesgut Escort my tongue exploring his entire cock sucking mouth, our cocks following the rhythm of my probing desires. All the usual caution about having sex with men I’d recently seen having sex with multiple partners was being thrown to the wind, feeling his slippery cock glide over my horny rod. The fact that he had been sucking or fucking a number of men added to my extreme horniness, creating an extra attraction to my cock’s desires, desires now given free reign.

I thought he may have been the man from upstairs, and when his mouth moved to my neck, I sighed at the touch of his lips, bending my head to say ‘so many cocks’ while looking at the men in front of me. Pressing, cock to cock, losing ourselves in thrusting, waves building as our kissing continued. We were creating our own world of sheer lust, minds incapable of thought, drugged with raw sex, our bodies in complete control, hot cocks our shared focus, making each other feel fantastically good. Surrounded by a group of other men in exactly the same state.

At some point, we started surfacing, our mouths slowly parting, stiff cocks still touching. Looking around, only a couple of men were nearby, the group seemingly having dissipated. He stepped back a bit, and as the last pair retreated to enter the darkness at the back, only he, I and the sexy man from before were left together. Along with a couple of men at the further edges of the space, near the door or sitting in the middle of bench, a couple of yards away.

Turning to leave, it was a surprise when the younger man moved, reaching out, touching my thigh, his expression one of lust, cock still hard when I looked directly at it, my own cock back in the grasp of the other man. I saw how he began to stroke the third man’s dick, and how the man I had been kissing bent a bit to start licking a taut sweaty nipple. Leaning closer, his lips invitingly parted, made it simple to start kissing him, enjoying the taste and texture of another cock sucker’s sexy mouth, one that had shared itself with so many other slutty men.

We moved closer gradually, his stroking hand and dancing tongue guiding me closer, excited with my bare cock against such a sexy man. Knowing that he wanted to play with me, his cock and mine beginning to slide, his slippery hand sliding over my chest. The knowledge that he had been in middle of a group of men just added to my desire to be another of his unknown lovers, kissing in rhythm to our cocks.

The third man remained part of the group, seemingly subservient, hands and mouth moving, his tongue finding my nipple as the man rubbing his cock moved his strong hands to my hips, starting to hump me, cock sliding between my thighs, my balls feeling his cockhead and shaft as it moved. The other man moved closer. I felt his hand on my shaft, sliding with sweaty palm against the equally sweaty skin of the man getting off with me as his partner.

This sort of group sex has me thoroughly in its multiple partner grip, sensations surpassing decades old fantasies. Fantasies spurred by enjoying gay porn, cock in hand. Or even further back, stroking myself to orgasm while looking at my best friend’s cock, cumming when he did.

The thrusting changed, becoming more relaxed, creating space between us. A space quickly filled with another cock beginning to touch mine. Opening my eyes, I saw the other two men kissing, an arm reaching down to the ass of the man across from me. His hands slowly fell from my hips as he slumped, my hand playing with balls, fingertips brushing against the third man’s ass fucking fingers.

Bending a bit, I took his nipple into my mouth, sucking it erect. His low moaning was easily heard through their kissing, becoming louder when my left hand reached down, holding all three cocks together. Nakedly indulging ourselves, having lost any thought of not rubbing cock with two willing men, partners who already been playing with other men.

The idea of having sex with someone who already had sex with others immediately beforehand is one of my most basic turn-ons. And an inevitable result of group sex. Drowning in lust, at the hands of two experienced sluts, one who had already sucked my cock, the other a man I found sexy, a very rare occurrence.

Hands guided my head upwards, wet lips gliding, keeping my tongue running over his salty skin reaching his lips, teasing them with strokes that curled my tongue. Changing rapidly to a penetrating style, our lips sliding while pressing, tongues lazy in the soft wetness of another man’s mouth.

At some point, around when my nipple was sucked into a stranger’s mouth, my awareness fractured, resolving into individual parts from a more primitive level of my being, sharing cocks and lips and nipples and mouths and hands. Orgasm was impossible to stop, liquid heat in the steam, three cocks being covered in cum, pumping hands and mouths drifting over sweaty skin, cum adding its own magic to our mutual pleasures.

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