Banging Beth Ch. 07

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Disclaimer: Everyone is 18+


My cunt was sore and sloppy, dipping cum all over my uncle’s jeans, and I still wanted more. I was still grinding on his softening erection when he stood up and dropped me on the floor in a heap. The training Daddy had giving me made me lift me head and take his slimy cum coated dick in my mouth to clean it. The throbbing feeling in my clit from the combination of hot sex and a few tablets of ecstasy had me reaching between my thighs to shove three fingers in my pussy and roughly fuck my own cunt.

“Can’t get enough can you little slut?” My father says from his chair. Uncle Chris puts his hands in my hair and roughly shoves his dick deep in my throat making me choke then pulls it out of my mouth.

“Go on,” he encourages me “tell us you want more dick. You heard your father!”

Still fingering my pussy, I lift up my head and look around the room taking a second to make eye contact with each of them. Grandpa is rubbing his cock, which is shockingly still hard. I wonder if I’m not the only one with escort bayan some chemical enhancements tonight. On the couch next to him Richard is naked, smoking a cigarette watching me closely. JP is standing a few feet away, his phone still out recording me, his pants undone so he can jerk off. He and my brothers are the only ones I still haven’t taken yet, although Daddy did say they’d be using me more than once…

“I want more, please don’t stop fucking me! My pussy is so hot right now I need more cock please Daddy!” I beg. I do desperately want them to continue. It’s too late to stop them and honestly I’m beyond turned on. If my family wants to fill me up with sperm while I’m ovulating, so be it because I’ve become too much of a horny slut to fight it.

“Get on your back and spread your legs real wide, Bethie. Show us how much jizz you got in there already.” Daddy tells me. I get on my back in the middle of the floor and use my hands to push my thighs wide open exposing my creamy, sperm filled pussy to the room. Uncle JP comes closer getting altıparmak escort bayan his phone just a few inches from my pussy show the video has a clear shot of what it looks like to have 4 loads of cum dripping out of me.

“Play with your pussy, girl.” Daddy says. I move one hand down to my pussy lips and start rubbing them, spreading them wider to show deeper inside my hole. My clit is swollen so much every time I move my lips they rub against it turning me on more. I start to whimper a bit from how good it feels and my father notices. “That right little slut, I want to see you cum, desperate and dripping cum on the floor. Show all of us what a fucking slut you are, cause we all knew you would be.”

Hearing him talk to me like that send me over the edge. My orgasm tears through my body making my body clench but I kept my legs wide open knowing Daddy will punish me if I ruin their view of my spasming pussy. As the pleasure subsides a bit, JP moves a bit so that his cock is nudging against my entrance. nilüfer eskort With his phone still only about 6 inches away, he pushes into my still spasming hole. Between my own juices and the copious amounts of sperm already dumped in me there is no resistance when he withdraws and slams back into me.

He’s rough, taking my breath with each thrust, shoving into me so hard and deep I can feel his dick bruising my cervix. Still feels good to me, and I moan and whimper the entire time he uses me. Once I almost cum, but right as my pussy begins to tremble he pulls out and slaps me sharply on the clit making me yelp. Before I can finish processing the feeling though he back to fucking me. The next time I feel the urge to cum I beg him to let me.

“I need to cum, please don’t stop! Let me cum on your cock please Uncle JP, please don’t stop! I want to cum so bad, just don’t stop, please!” I babble, wanting him to keep going and get me off.

“Well since you asked so nicely.” He says to me sarcastically then changes his pace just a bit, grinding his pelvis against my clit just a bit with each thrust. Three strokes is all it takes before I’m screaming out my release, thanking him the entire time. My orgasm sets off his and he gives me my fifth load of cum so far this evening. Pulling out slowly he makes sure to get a shot of the rush of sperm that comes out of me.

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