Bang Baby Bang

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Editor: GaleWillow

Chapter 1

Open Pandora’s Box or A little peek inside couldn’t hurt.

Tony and Rachel Anderson had been married for nineteen years. They had gotten married when Tony was twenty-one and Rachel was nineteen. They had met and began dating when Tony was in his last year of high school and kept on dating while he was in college. They met the summer Rachel turned sixteen. It was a whirl wind summer romance full of lust, laughter and love. They kept dating in spite of the age difference, their peers’ thoughts and their parent’s initial objections. They were actually very much in love and completely devoted to one another. Tony had always intended on marrying Rachel and the fact that she had gotten pregnant with their son Michael just moved his agenda along a little quicker. With the exception of twelve years ago when Tony had a little ‘Mid-Life Crisis’ their relationship was pretty solid and on a good footing. Like all married couples who have been together that long their sex life had become somewhat predictable and practiced. That’s when Rachel chose to take a decidedly new tact to kick things up a notch and make their sex life just a little more spicy.

Sex was still good and they both enjoyed it immensely however, the lusty spark was gone. Rachel still found her husband attractive. He was tall, six foot, still had all his hair, although he wore it shorter and it was more of a salt pepper grey than the dark brown of his youth. He was only slightly overweight but reasonably fit and marginally active. He didn’t do Yoga on a daily basis like she did but he walked and rode his bike faithfully. He had the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen on anyone. Her son Michael also had the same colour blue to his eyes and they were just as deeply set and piercing as his dads. In fact except for the hair, Michael’s being jet black, he was the spitting image of his father only slightly taller and maybe a bit stockier than his dad was at his age. He probably got that from her side of the family as Rachel’s father was a big man standing well over six feet four. Rachel herself was a stunning woman. She stood five feet four inches tall had a sexy curvaceous figure much like her mother, with firm full breasts, hips and an ass. When they were younger her husband had told her, that her ass looked like she was built for fucking. Of course he hadn’t spoken to her like that in years and that was one of the things she was hoping to change in the near future.

Her legs were fantastic. They were long and shapely, giving her the illusion of being taller than she actually was, with gorgeous calves and thighs that beautifully moulded themselves into that succulent ass of hers. Her ass was one of her best features and she often bragged to her husband that you could bounce a quarter off of it, especially when she caught him looking at it and thought she wasn’t paying attention. She often wore a bra although she didn’t need to and in fact usually on weekends went without one. On weekends she traded her high heels, sharp business skirts, blouses and suit jackets for jeans and T-shirts. If she could go barefoot most of the time, she would, choosing to wear open toed sandals that showed off her beautiful feet and ankles. Again when they were younger her husband had a bit of a foot fetish and often had her wear high heeled shoes that were open toed strap affairs that help accentuate her feet, ankles and sexy calves. He used to buy her high heeled sandals with straps that went up her legs around her calves, tying off just below the knee. This too had died somewhere in their past and she missed the attention he had lavished upon her. The shoes were not often the quality she normally wore but it was the thought that mattered most to her.

She loved her family. Loved her husband and loved sex but she wanted more. So as with most things, if change was going to come she would have to be the one to initiate it. She decided she would be brave and put herself and her desire out there for her husband to respond to, she didn’t know what would come of it, but something was better than nothing. They were in a rut and things needed to change.

“Tell me one of your kinkiest fantasies” she said plainly.

They hadn’t been having sex for very long when she asked the question. Her husband’s hard cock was buried inside her, her legs were spread wide and wrapped around his hips allowing him complete access to her, she loved being open to him. He had both hands on her breasts and had been gently licking and kissing her neck, every once in awhile pausing to lick and suck her left nipple, nothing out of the ordinary. This was their routine; in fact this was their sex night. Sunday night, weekend was over, it was after 9 p.m. and nothing much was left to watch on T.V. This was how it was and this was how their sex life went, week in and week out. So what better time to ask a question that she felt needed to be asked? They needed change, they needed something. Spice, excitement, Gümüşhane Escort the edge just like when they were young, this is what she wanted from him and she was bound and determined to get it, come hell or high water.

“Here? Right now?” Her husband responded stopping in mid thrust to look his wife in the eyes, something he rarely did when they made love.

“Yes, here and right now.” She replied, a slight annoyance in her voice. “I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know or think it was important.”

She brushed a stray hair from her face that was tickling her nose and causing her to blink repeatedly. She needed to be taken seriously, this was important.

“But we’re making love.” That was probably the dumbest thing he could’ve said at that moment and hindsight being what it is, he knew it, not ten seconds after he said it.

“I know we’re making love.” Rachel said curtly. She was beginning to get more annoyed and it was now starting to show in how she held her body.

“Ok, ok. Well I like it when you shave.” Tony said blushing moderately with his eyes cast down. “Or have a little landing strip. That might be nice.”

The pause and silence that followed felt ominous and he knew this wasn’t fully what she was asking. But he was on the spot and somewhat embarrassed with the flood of thoughts that began to race through his mind once he began to consider what she had asked.

“Well that can be fun but it’s not kinky, and it’s not really a fantasy is it?” Rachel said and began pressing for more. “What really gets you going? Turns you on, you know edgy stuff, out of the ordinary, kinky.”

“Oh kinky, well I’m not sure.” Tony was on shaky ground now. He wasn’t really sure what she wanted and he really wasn’t sure how far to go. He had kinky thoughts of course everyone did but usually they were fleeting and as quickly as they came into his head he dismissed them.

“Don’t tell me you don’t surf the net when you’re bored. You can’t be that much of a workaholic.” She pried further, she knew he looked at porn, read erotica; they both did from time to time. “When you’re in the den and on the computer, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever looked at or fantasized about?”

Rachel was pushing a little bit harder than was normal for her but she wanted them to get past this humdrum rut they were in and move onto something more exciting, sexy and hot.

Now he was embarrassed. Tony wasn’t sure where to go with his thoughts, he was confused and nervous. ‘What if I say something that’s weird or abnormal and she thinks I’m just plain perverted.’ He thought. He slid his cock out of his wife and lay on his back looking blankly at the ceiling.

“Look Hun, I didn’t mean to start an argument”. She said, rolling on her side facing him. “All I wanted to do was add a little spice to our sex life.”

Her hand was tracing small circles on his chest. Little figure eights that she gently ran up and down his chest, periodically touching his nipples then moving sensually down to his stomach. She was attempting to reassure him through touch that everything was alright, men have such frail egos and she didn’t want the moment to be lost.

“Are you saying I bore you?”

“No that’s not what I’m saying at all. For Christ-sake Tone what day is it?” she sounded exasperated now and Tony really didn’t know what to do or say.

“Sunday, why?” he replied, now completely confused.

“Of course it’s Sunday! We always have sex on Sunday. Sometime after nine when nothing is on T.V. that you want watch, you turn off the damn set, lean over like clockwork and nibble on my neck. My right ear to be precise. You crawl on top of me, I spread my legs. Off comes the pyjamas, off go my underwear, down goes your hand, three or four strokes of my clit and pussy to get me wet and in slides your cock.” It was a bit of a rant but it was true, she didn’t pull any punches.

“Oh I see.” He replied softly, not sure whether to run and hide or begin apologizing profusely.

“Oh I see, is that it. Nineteen years of marriage and all I get is, Oh I see!” Now she was sounding fully annoyed.

“Well I didn’t know I bored you.” He continued, “I thought you loved me and I loved you.”

Ok now he was defensive and this was precisely what she didn’t want. This was far from what she envisioned. He’d share some of the wall fantasy, she’d share one of hers, they’d role play a bit and they’d move into a new and more exciting direction.

“You don’t bore me.” She was starting to get exacerbated. “I’m simply trying to spice up our marriage. Do remember how it was when we were first married. Better yet, when we were dating, do you remember? You fucked me in my parent’s basement, in the laundry room the first time my parents had you over for dinner. Hell you fucked me twice as I recall. I had to sit through dinner with your cum soaking my panties. There was no way anyone sitting close to me couldn’t smell our sex.” The emotion of all her pent up frustration was Gümüşhane Escort Bayan beginning to show.

“You sat at the end of the table by your mom.” Tony responded.

“Precisely, who do you think sat me there?” She stared at him and continued. “Normally I sat by my father. Oh that would’ve gone over well. Me, with a cunt full of cum and you with no testicles, Happy Thanksgiving kids! He’d have killed you. My mom was saving my life and yours.”

“Honey you said the ‘C’ word.” He was genuinely shocked. Sure she swore before but not often. And to use the ‘C’ word, that just didn’t come out of his wife’s mouth easily.

“Well I’m frustrated what do you want.” She said plainly. “There are a whole bunch of words I should be saying. I like dirty talk you should try it.”

He stared at her unable to believe what he was hearing. Who is this person and what have they done with my wife.

“Really like what?” he questioned not sure he wanted to hear the answer.

“Like slut, whore, bitch, cock, cunt, pussy for starters.” She through a litany at him, all the words she wanted to hear. All the words she wanted to say. All the words you would never say unless you were having wild passionate sex. Words you would scream at the top of your lungs as your partner rocked your world and took your breath away. Words that would make you have to apologize to your neighbours the next day or at the very least blush when you saw them, because you knew they’d heard you.

“Don’t you find some of those words degrading?” he said, looking at her calmly.

“Sure I do but not when we’re having sex. Then it’s different.” She looked him straight in the eyes, ensuring he was hearing her and that they were definitely connecting. She didn’t think she would have the courage to have this conversation twice, at least not be the one to initiate it again. “Then we’re fucking. There I said it.”

There was a bit of pause before she began again. “Fucking! Fucking. Fucking. Fuck, fuck, fucking.” She immediately flopped back onto the bed, her head smacking into the pillow causing it to fluff out exaggeratedly. “God why can’t you just fuck me? Throw me to the bed and fuck the shit out of me! Don’t worry about if I cum or not. Just throw me down spread my legs and fuck me, who cares if I’m wet. I’m your bitch and I’ll get wet.”

She turned and stared straight at him. Her eyes wide, her nostrils flaring as she continued her rant. “After ten or twenty thrust you’ll make me wet. You’ll cum deep and hard inside, from behind. You’ll pull my hair. You’ll slap my ass, and when you’re done, you’ll flip me over stick your wet dick in my mouth and say good night.”

“Oh my.” Was all he could say. He didn’t know what to do. Part of him was in shock, not sure how to respond. He was overwhelmed. He had no idea she felt these things, thought these things or wanted these things. Yes part of him didn’t know what to do and another part of him wanted to do exactly what she said.

“Ok I’ve told you my thoughts what are yours chief, and don’t give me that shaved pussy bit cause as of tomorrow it’ll be bald.”

They sat in silence for maybe five minutes, although it felt ten or twenty times longer to Tony. He stared at the ceiling his mind reeling from what he had just heard. It was a lot to take in and it wasn’t easy to process. He was aroused that was for sure, his erection didn’t seem to want to go away. But still he was not in his comfort zone. Rachel on the other hand appeared unusually calm and somewhat content. She had just purged herself of all the frustration she had pent up inside her and was breathing in the calm that comes from riding yourself of a weight that was threatening to burry you.

“Well Tone.” She said as she began to move to his chest, placing gentle kisses around his nipples. She added the odd nibble and bite as she moved over his body straddling him. His cock rested between her legs, he could feel the heat coming off her sex. Slowly she began to slide her pussy up and down the length of his cock. She was leaving a wet glistening trail along his shaft. She held herself in balance over just allowing enough pressure for her labia to gently caress his.

“What turns you on, gets you going? Huh Tone.” Her voice was soft and seductive, with an airy hush to it. Her hips were moving up and down his length, with just barely the suggestion of a fuck. She wasn’t giving him enough to get off just enough to tease and provoke.

“What makes that cock hard Tone? I know you’re thinking something I can see it in your eyes.” He was thinking something. Something dark and erotic but not quite formed. It involved her and her sex. Her and her pussy. Her and her cunt. God now she was getting him to use the ‘C’ word if only in his thoughts. His eyes closed, he imagined her firm full breasts with their hard nipples showing her excitement. Her body writhing in ecstasy as waves of pleasure coursed through her.

“You’re horny lover.” She placed soft gentle kisses on his lips, Escort Gümüşhane and settled back down across his hips. His cock and balls glistened with her juice. Her clit was hard and protruding from her body. It began to expose itself, coming out from under its protective hood. He was rock hard; she reached down between her legs and began to touch his cock. Not to stroke it but merely to touch it and trace her fingernails along the shaft up to the tip and just under the ridge of the purple swollen head. She paused there tracing the shape the head with her finger, moving it to the tip where a copious amount of precum was leaking from his urethra. He was hard alright. Hard and his balls were tight and aching, she hadn’t seen him like this in a while and she liked it. She leaned forward again, pressing her hard little clit into his shaft grinding it harder into him. This was for her pleasure now. She leaned closer to him again, placing a small kiss on his mouth, licking his lips with her tongue.

Again she began to speak. She was going to take him to the edge. Show him how to get there but not push him over, he could do that himself. “Yeah your balls are tight and your cock is hard. You got a nasty thought in there baby? You got a nasty thought for mommy.”

“Tell mommy what you like. You feel how wet she is, how hot she is. Tell her what you want to do her.” She continued pushing the edge. His chest was beginning to heave up and down as his breathing quickened. His body was vibrating; he was on the edge alright. As soon as she began to use the word mommy something within him reacted on an almost visceral level.

“That’s it baby, tell me. Tell me what you’re thinking and you can fuck me with that nasty cock. Tell me that deep dark thought. Let me hear it baby I’m a whore, a slut you won’t shock me. Feel how wet my cunt is baby? It’s for you baby, this nasty whores cunt is all for you.” Again she pressed into him grind her clit against his stiff cock. She was soaking him. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this up her own orgasm was eminent, threatening to cascade through her body.

“Oh fuck little boy, tell this bitch what you want. Share your thoughts and you can fuck her. Tell her damn it! Tell her. You have a nasty thought for me don’t you baby? Don’t you?”

“Yes!!” he growled as he grabbed her in a sudden movement that took both of them off guard. In one quick turn he scooped her up in his arms, pulled her tightly into his body and flipped her on her back. Her legs went flying up in the air and he flung them over his shoulders. He slid his cock between the lips of her sex, separating her labia causing the head of his cock to rub against her exposed clit. She moaned wildly as he did so. He stroked himself back and forth across the lips of her pussy, smearing her juice all over the underside of his rigid cock.

“That’s it lover tell me what you’re thinking. What nasty, dirty thoughts are going through the beautiful mind of yours? What’s daddy got in mind for mommy?”

He continued to stroke his cock through her lips, gently pushing down more and more. Not enough to penetrate her but enough to cause her ripples of pleasure and begin to stimulate her hardening clit further. She was so close now; she knew she didn’t have long.

“Tell me babe.” She continued, “Tell me what nasty dirty thing you want to do. How can this slutty bitch serve you?”

“I want to see you fucked.” He roared as he drove his cock deep into her cunt. There was no preliminary waiting for her to adjust to his presence. He just thrust his cock into her as deep as he could go and ground their pubic bones together. Her little clit was mashed tightly to him and set ripples of pleasure through her body. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as she ground back against him. This was fucking. “I want to see you fucked by a big hard cock that stretches that tight pussy of yours.”

He pulled back and then slammed forward. Almost all the way out and then back in. He did this twice more to accentuate the feeling of his cock slamming into her. His thrusts were becoming more and more exaggerated. The walls of her vagina were wet and slick and accommodating each hard thrust. Her hips were moving to meet with his. She was grinding her pussy into him while at the same time swirling her hips so that her vaginal walls could squeeze the shaft of his rigid cock.

“I want you fucked hard and filled full of cum.” He growled as he pushed her legs back to her chest causing breasts to push forward. Her knees were up near her shoulders pressed tight against her body. He could hear the air escaping from her lungs as drove his hard shaft into her. Her body was reeling from the fucking she was receiving. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt the wave begin. A continual stream of incoherent moaning was escaping from her. Her mouth began to gap open, her head tilted back exposing her neck in a sexy arch that began from there and moved down her body as she arched her back in ecstasy.

“I want to have you fucked by someone else with a big cock and then I want to fuck you when there done.” He couldn’t believe what he was saying to her. This was his wife and he wanted her to be slutty, to be a whore to be just a cunt. Fuck well and abused and filled with cum and then he wanted to fuck her.

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