Bad Kitty Ch. 02

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Even nicer than I’d imagined, waking to Kat’s warm little body snug in my arms was just such an incredible feeling, that I honestly couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start the day than to have her wrapped around me like this. And when she stretched, uttering a happy little moan and reached around to cup my cheek in her hand and place a soft little good morning kiss on my lips, I knew I’d never experienced anything sweeter.

Normally, not that big on spending the night with a woman, once we’ve both had our fun, I’m so blown away with how good it feels to wake with Kat warm in my arms, that I’m ready to ask her to move in with me. And how crazy is that?

Finally rolling onto her back, closing her eyes again, she murmurs, “I should probably go home and let you do what you have to do today.”

My eyes shoot open wide the moment she says that. She’s got to be kidding, she wants to head back to her place across the hall, when we could be spending an entire day in bed together exploring every last one of our kinky fantasies? Especially since all I’d planned to do today is her. Hugging her close, I whisper into her ear, “Stay,” pressing a kiss to her shoulder. Then to sweeten the deal, I tell her, “You know, I’m told I make a pretty mean breakfast.”

Cracking an eyelid she turns her head, and says dryly, “I’m sure you’ve been told that’s not all you’re good at.”

Confused, I ask her, “Who do you mean?”

“All the women in your life, Ethan, I know you’re a player and I’ve seen the parade of women coming and going from here with my own eyes. And no offense, as incredible as this has been, I’m not really up for joining the parade.”

What parade? What the fuck is she talking about? Okay, granted, I might have had a few ladies come visit me here, but it wasn’t like there were all that many. Though I enjoy sex as much as the next guy, no one would ever call me a manwhore. At least I hoped not.

Well, at least not to my face.

Now she has me staring up at the ceiling, thinking. Has there really been that many? I try to do a mental tally, since it’s hard not to, after she’s said something like that. But I still can’t believe there were so many before her, that she’d be afraid of getting involved with me.

Tipping her chin up, holding her gaze, I press a kiss to her lips, doing my best to reassure her. “Right now, it’s just you and me, Kat. And there’s no one else, I promise.”

After a doubtful looking roll of her eyes, she throws off the covers and heads for the bathroom.

Damn, settling back into the pillow, who knew my sordid past would come back to bite me in the ass this hard. Thing was, Kat didn’t seem to mind the fact I knew my way around a woman’s body well enough to get her off as many times as I had. But that probably wasn’t something she’d want to discuss, unless I was looking to piss her off – which of course, I wasn’t. But it probably still wouldn’t make her think any better of me, especially if she thought all I ever did was hunt pussy, until I became the whisperer that I am.

Although I’d always enjoyed women, I’d gone through a few dry spells, too, most of them self-imposed. Never one for serious relationships, since I’ve had my heart kicked around a few times by more than one lady I thought I had something with, who’d turned out to be nothing like they seemed, lately I’ve just opted to find my pleasure wherever I could. Figured, no one ever got hurt, and I’d leave with a clear conscious, proud of the fact that both of us got what we needed, since I’d never left a woman hanging, or ever promised anything I could never give.

Now, though, with Kat, for the first time in my life, I want more – a lot more. But how can I convince her I’m serious about her, since as she’d said, she’d seen the bevy of beauties who’ve come traipsing through here with her own eyes, so she probably assumes I’ll soon be moving on to the next one, which I already know is never going to happen.

Not if I can have her.

The moment I see her walking from the bathroom, deciding to let it drop for now, I surprise her, when I get out of bed, and tell her, “Time for a shower, sweet cheeks.” Then, pressing a loud smacking kiss to her lips, I scoop her up into my arms, laughing at the sound of her giggling and squealing, as I give her slap on the backside as I carry her back inside.

And we both keep right on teasing each other as we shower together, and it’s nice to see that she seems to enjoy the intimacy of washing me as I in turn am more than delighted to run my hands over every last inch of her. As I do my best to get her squeaky clean, of course I take teasing little tastes of her here and there – even partaking in a little nip of that sweet ass of hers, just for fun. Knowing how little experience she’s had, I decide not to push her to do anything that might be a little too kinky for someone as new to sex as she is, although my head is just full of all the naughty stuff I’d love to try with her, hoping one day we’ll do it all, especially seeing as she’s been pretty adventurous so far.

But when Van Escort she suddenly drops to her knees, fists me in her hand and takes me into her mouth again, pretty blue eyes sparkling with mischief as she sucks me back, so insanely hard, with those delicate little hands rolling by balls between her fingers, I decide as I stare wide-eyed at the nut clenchingly sexy sight of her, smiling around my cock, that I’ll just follow her lead, and let her show me what she likes. Because I know I’m sure as hell enjoying the way she’s getting off on lapping her tongue all around me. And I just can’t believe how insanely hot she looks on her knees, happily licking her tongue all over my cock like it’s a juicy popsicle on a hot July day, and she’s afraid to miss a single drop; the soothing warmth of the spray beating down on us only adding to the pleasure of feeling that luscious mouth of hers, making sweet, sweet love to my dick.

Finally, out of my mind with how amazing she is, and how fucking incredible she’s making me feel, pulling her to her feet, I capture her mouth in a hard desperate kiss, cupping her ass in my hands with my erection pressed between us, chest to chest, once I pull back and look into those eyes, I’m just so blown away. Damn, even before she went down on me, I just can’t get over how much I want her. And now I not only want but need to get inside her again. So, once we’ve rinsed off, I lift her into my arms and carry her out of the shower, sitting her pretty ass on the edge of the counter, to playfully towel her off, grinning at each other with a sense of anticipation crackling in the air. Then dropping to my knees on the tiled floor, parting her thighs I groan at the sight of her damp little pussy, practically begging me for a lick, never mind a good hard fuck.

Sliding my fingers along those perfect damp folds, I’m positive I’ve never seen a prettier pussy in my life. Such a gorgeous rosy pink and just so tantalizingly soft, with that adorable little tuft of red curls on top – I know then, I want every last inch of her to be mine, and mine alone. And since she’s told me I was her first, I decide right then and there that I’m also going to be her last. No one was ever going to touch her now that she was mine – which was also pretty crazy, since I’d never been into possessing a woman before.

I’d always been a pretty big proponent of, catch and release, at least before her.

Spreading her luscious pink lips open wide with my thumbs, my eyes roll back as I breathe in the intoxicating scent of her. Closing my eyes, and opening my mouth for the most intimate of kisses, I lap into her deep. And the moment she feels the touch of my tongue on her sex, I can feel her anxiously shifting her butt closer on the counter, leaning back on her hands, so that her pussy is pushed even tighter against my mouth. And throwing her head back, she quietly begins to moan, obviously enjoying the tongue bath I’m giving her.

Loving the sound of her soft, sexy little whimpers as I slide a finger inside her and begin to get her wet and ready for what we both need, I can’t believe how sweet she tastes as I lick all around that sensitive little bundle of nerves, already making her shiver. Adding a second finger to open her up and get her prepared for the pounding my cock is going to give her, I can hardly fathom that this is innocent little Kat with her legs open wide, practically feeding her pussy to my face.

“Oh, Ethan,” she desperately moans, and suddenly she’s panting and tugging at my hair, as I find her sweet spot with my fingers. “Oh, god, yes, right there. Oh, wow. I think I’m going to come again, so fucking hard.”

And the moment she says that, my cock starts twitching, aching even harder to get inside her. But until I feel her fall apart, I just keep working her pussy, pressing two fingers inside her deep, till I know I’m hitting her G-spot, just the way she likes it. Sucking her clit between my lips, I can feel her body tense and then suddenly let go into a pretty incredible full body shudder as she fills my mouth with the delectable rush of her release. Hungrily lapping into her, refusing to waste even a drop of the honey sweet juices trickling from her quivering pussy, now that I’ve gotten a taste for her, I know I’ll never get enough. Feasting on her, with teasing her with little thrusts of my tongue, I whisper, “Do you have any idea how fucking sweet you are, and how incredible it feels to have you come on my tongue?”

“Hmmm,” she softly moans, mindlessly shaking her head back and forth, her hands desperately twisting in my hair, as I just keep lapping into the heat of her silken flesh. If I could live between her legs, I’d be one happy man.

Finally, after placing one long lingering open mouth kiss to her delectable little pussy, trailing my tongue in a languid path over the softness of her inner thighs, hating to leave the taste of her, slowly, I force myself to get to my feet. Lifting her legs, and pressing her knees to her shoulders, I open her up nice and wide, shocked at how fucking sexy she looks with legs spread Van Escort Bayan so shamelessly, her pulsing little pussy staring back at me, just begging to be filled. And believe me, I don’t wait. Fisting the base of my cock, the moment I push inside her, just the sight of me filling her up so tight, has me groaning. And she’s just so tight, so incredibly amazingly tight, and although I already knew how snug she’d be, it still rocks me to my core that her pussy can actually grip my cock this hard. And even spread open for me wide like this, my dick’s still getting squeezed so fucking hard, that I can barely catch my breath, and it just feels so amazing. It’s like feeding my cock into a perfect vice; tight, hot, pulsing, and just made to be wrapped around me like this. And the sweetest part, is knowing that she’s all mine now, and no one else will ever get near her, or ever feel what I’m feeling right now, a level of pleasure, that’s simply indescribable.

Clutching her ass tight in my hands, sliding my cock into my sweet, sexy little Kat feels like some kind of out of body experience. Lightheaded from the incredible feel of her enveloping me so tightly, I just keep working my cock in and out of her. The feel of my balls so heavy now, that it fills my entire body with such a gut-wrenching need for release that I can barely stand on my feet. Leaning closer, I take her mouth in a searing kiss, slanting my lips to better claim her mouth, which only incites me more, since the taste of her is just so intoxicatingly sweet.

Then as the tell-tail signs of one hell of a mind-blowing orgasm, begins to race through my veins, unable to hold back, savagely digging my nails into that sweet ass I slide her body to the edge of the counter, tugging her against me over and over. Shamelessly using her body to slam her cunt onto my cock, I tunnel in and out of her, desperate to get us both off, sweat trickling down my back, as my legs begin to shake. Watching her throw her head back, mouth open, softly panting, I can feel she’s right on the razor’s edge, right along with me. And the moment I feel myself beginning to pulse deep inside her, releasing a desperate growl at the same moment she begins to groan, both of crying out each other’s names I just let myself go and fill that sweet pussy to overflowing, desperately clenching her ass as I empty my balls in her deep. My legs still shaking, gazing up at her face, I’m blown away by the look of sheer bliss washing over her, obviously she’s as overcome as I am.

And almost knocked flat on my feet, I know I’d never climaxed as hard my life, but I’m sure as hell not complaining, not when she can fill me with this sense of over-the-top elation. The feel of her pussy clenching and unclenching around me, soon milks me dry. And as I work her clit with my thumb for that extra bit of stimulation she always loves, watching her entire body begin to quiver, I can actually feel her coming wickedly hard on my cock. And just the sight of her coming that hard, is almost enough to send me over the edge all over again.

Looking into those big innocent blue eyes, still dark with arousal, staring up into mine, as she breathlessly leans back on the counter, onto her elbows, full breasts heaving, I don’t think I’ve never seen anything more beautiful, than the contented look in her eyes, as she coyly smiles into mine. And the fact that her legs are spread shamelessly wide, with that amazing little pussy of hers still filled to the brim with my cock, I can’t believe this is sweet little Kat looking so pleased with herself about being fucked that savagely hard. And just the sight of her looking so deceptively sweet, yet so wickedly naughty, with her cunt packed full of my still shuddering cock, glimmering traces of my come leaking out of her and sliding down our bodies to coat my balls, has to be the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

You want to talk about an erotic dream – I know I’m living mine right now.

Sweet as honey looking at her clothed, but damn, you get her naked with her legs spread, and she is one insanely hot little hell cat. No small wonder she’s consumed my thoughts for so long. And if I’d known we’d have been this good together, with the way we can always get each off so fucking hard, I damn well would I have taken a shot at her sooner.

My legs still feeling pretty shaky, after coming that hard, pulling out of her and tugging her up, so I can wrap her in my arms, I release her legs, letting them slide over the side of the bathroom counter, dropping my forehead to hers, I press my lips to hers and just hold her close. Damn, she does things to me that I can’t even begin to explain. All I know is, sex for me, has never been like this before, never so raw, or so hot or so utterly fantastic. It’s like an erotic marathon every single time with her, leaving us both deliriously spent and struggling to think, never mind breathe. But fuck, who needs to breathe when I can have her like this, so willing and so eager to be taken, any way I wanted her, and always wanting more.

Finally, pulling away Escort Van and biting into her lip, shyly grinning into my eyes, almost making me forget what we’d just been up to, she says, “So I hear you make a pretty mean breakfast.”

Throwing my head back, I just laugh and then I reach out and hug her to my chest so tight, that I finally have to pull back, wondering if she’s getting enough air. Damn, she’s adorable. So cute, so sweet, and yet so fucking hot, I wonder if I’ll even survive her.

Then I tell her, as we get cleaned up again, that while we were together today, she can only wear her undies, and nothing else, since I intend to stay in my boxers, figuring it would be a lot easier to get back to it, if we have less to tear off each other. Because now that I have her all to myself for an entire day, I fully intend to get back to it, and just as many times as we possibly can.

And surprisingly, we have a lot of fun in the kitchen, too, working together like a team. Kat displaying her own culinary skills, making us the lightest fluffiest pancakes I’d ever had, while I cook us up some pretty tasty cheesy scrambled eggs and nicely crisped bacon with a side of parmesan herb grilled tomatoes.

In fact, we’re enjoy each other so much, that we spend more time laughing and playing around than actually doing much cooking. And I love the way she giggles and squirms when I pin her against the fridge, kissing her face off as she happily wraps her arms around my neck, kissing me right back. This was a first for me, too. I’d never cooked with anyone before, or ever had as much fun, especially in the kitchen.

Finally sitting at my little café table to enjoy what we’ve made together, once she’s poured us some orange juice, smiling into my eyes, she says, “This looks good,” eyeing her plate.

And damn, so does she, in just that sheer black lace push-up bra and insanely tiny thong, with all that long red hair spilling over her shoulders, I can feel myself getting hard just looking at her, sure I’ve never seen a anything sexier than her right now. So, thank god our kinky marathon was just beginning, because once we’d eaten, with how hard she was getting me, I’d already made up my mind that I’d be having her for dessert.

But digging into my breakfast, starting to feel a little guilty, I decided it might be time to dial it back, at least enough to give us both a breather. We’d been going at it pretty hard since last night, and I wondered if she might be feeling a little overwhelmed or even tender. So, reaching for her hand, I said, “How about you tell me all I need to know about Kat.”

Grinning at me over her coffee cup, she said with a grin, “Well, I’m no longer a virgin, thanks to my neighbor. And now I don’t feel like such a freak, about to turn twenty-six, I have to be the only woman I know who’s never been with a man.”

Looking her over, it still kind of blows my mind that someone as pretty and hot as she is, has never even been touched that way before. As I reach for my coffee I ask her, “How is that even possible? Have you never had a boyfriend?”

Shaking her head, running her finger around the top of her juice glass, she said, “No. And if you grew up like I did, you’d understand. Being a preacher’s daughter, I couldn’t really date. Most of the guy’s in our congregation were probably afraid of going straight to hell if they so much as tried to kiss me. And my parents were so crazy strict I wasn’t allowed to do much of anything growing up – no dances, no parties, no school trips, not even a social media account. Nothing that could lead to anything immoral, or sinful as they drilled into me so many times, I’m sure hoping to keep me as pure and as innocent as they could, for just as long as they possibly they could. But, finally I’d had enough of being Miss Goody-Two- Shoes, and just wanted to let loose. And I especially wanted to know if sex was all it was cracked up to be. And I kind of chose you to help me find out.” I noticed she winced a little when she said that.

I put down my coffee cup. “You mean you actually chose me?”

As she nodded, I noticed her whole body flushing to a pretty shade of pink, which I thought was pretty cute. “My best friend, Tina, the girl dressed as a cat at your friend Mike’s party, is his cousin. And she told me, since she knew you were friends that you’d probably be there. So I went with her, kind of hoping one thing might lead to another, which it did.”

I blinked, surprised that our hookup hadn’t been as spontaneous as I’d thought. “So, you wanted me to be the one to uh… get the job done, and took matters into your own hands. Is that what you’re saying?”

Anxiously licking her lips, she said, “Yes. Seeing as you were so friendly and polite whenever I saw you, and always held the door open for me when we walked into the building together, and you were even kind enough to help me carry my groceries up to my place a few times, I just hoped my gut instinct was right and that I could trust you. And I also figured, with how many women I’d seen you with that you’d at least know what you were doing, since I had no clue how to even go about it. And I think that shot of Scotch we shared gave me the courage to just go ahead and do it. And now I’m glad I picked you, since it turns out you’re every bit as nice I thought.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32