Bachelorette Party Hot Tub

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Female Ejaculation

Katherine was so excited to be getting married in two short weeks. Her friends had organized a bachelorette party for her, to celebrate the upcoming big day.

The details of the party were a surprise, all Katherine knew was when to meet her friends for a ride. After they met up, they drove to a local spa, with massages and hot tubs.

Katherine enjoyed the massage thoroughly. The male massage therapist had strong hands and, although he didn’t touch her sexually, the constant contact and caresses had aroused her. When he slid his hands across her shoulders and up into her hair, she pictured the last time her fiance had taken her from behind, pulling her hair as he slammed into her. She was embarrassed as she felt her nipples start to tingle against the towel she was laying on, and wondered if the masseuse could sense her body heat rising. She hoped it happened commonly enough that he wasn’t going to tell all his coworkers about the bride getting all worked up on his table.

After her massage was over, she was instructed to put a robe on and head for the hot tub section of the spa. She was told she had to shower before getting into the hot tub to rinse the massage oil off. She entered a small, dark room, with a 5 foot wide wooden hot tub on her left, and a stall shower in front of her. She noticed the curtain was translucent, and could make out the shape and color of the tiles behind it. The woman from the spa who had escorted her to the room told her that one of her friends would be joining her shortly.

Katherine slid the robe off, hanging it on the hook on the back of the door. She was nude underneath, her nipples getting harder once exposed to the air. She stepped into the shower, turned the water on, and kept her hand under the stream until the water was warm enough to rinse with. She used some of the shower gel on her body, enjoying the slide of her hands over her sensitive skin. She heard the door open, and heard her friend Lauren’s voice asking if it was ok to come in. She replied that it was fine, wondering how much Lauren would be able to see once she got into the room.

Lauren entered, surprised to realize that Katherine was nude in the shower. Her masseuse had told her to get her bathing suit on before she left Bostancı Escort the massage room, so that she would be ready for the hot tub. She closed her eyes to give her friend some privacy, but found herself peeking through her lashes, her eyes drawn to Katherine’s large breasts, swaying as she washed herself. She watched her friend’s hands caress her body, wondering if she had slowed while cleaning between her legs, or if she was imagining things.

Katherine was watching Lauren through her peripheral vision, surprised to see that she was being watched in return. Lauren had never indicated an attraction before, and Katherine had always wanted to experience another woman’s touch. Even through college, she had never acted or experimented, as so many others do. Katherine called over the sound of the water that she was just about done, which caused Lauren to hurry into the hot tub, instantly relaxing as the heat loosened her muscles.

Katherine got out of the shower and towel dried, stepping into her bathing suit for the soak. She climbed the wood stairs and stepped slowly into the steaming water. She purposely stretched as she sat, making sure her breasts bounced in the bubbles as her ass hit the slippery seat. She acted like she lost her balance so that her foot would touch Lauren’s leg, watching to see the reaction. Lauren caught her foot, lightly stroking her ankle before letting it go. The friends sat across from each other, each pretending not to be checking the other out, each noticing the other’s flushed appearance as arousal took over.

They started to talk to each other, catching up on wedding plans, work situations, and other friends that weren’t there to celebrate with the rest. They fell into an old routine of chatting, laughing, and comfortable silence. Katherine found her hand trailing up her own thigh, lightly caressing the soft skin, as they giggled about an old college story. She slid her fingers along the elastic of her bathing suit bottom, letting a fingernail tease her pussy lips. She hoped Lauren wouldn’t see the motion of her arm and realize she was starting to touch herself, but she was too turned on to stop. She eased her fingers under the elastic, noticing how easily the Bostancı Escort Bayan slid across her wetness.

Lauren had her head tipped back, eyes closed, enjoying the heat and conversation. When Katherine went quiet for a few minutes, she sat up slightly and opened her eyes slowly. She noticed her friend looked flushed and then saw a slight movement to her arm. After watching for a few seconds, Lauren’s eyes opened wide – Katherine was playing with herself!

Katherine heard a gasp and stopped moving her hand, then made eye contact with Lauren. Her friend looked shocked, but was also breathing heavily. Katherine raised an eyebrow at Lauren, then slid a finger deep into her pussy, moaning softly. Lauren echoed the moan as she realized this was really happening – she was watching one of her best friends get off!

Never having had an audience while she masterbated, Katherine felt more excited than she ever had. She reached up and pulled her bathing suit top down, releasing one of her 38DD breasts from its Lycra prison, and pinched her nipple harshly. Lauren whispered “do you really like it that hard?” and Katherine replied “I love it that hard, I need it that hard.”

Lauren debated if she wanted to cross the line, but decided that she needed to help Katherine more than anything. She slipped around the seats until they were shoulder to shoulder, and removed Katherine’s hand from her own nipple to replace it with hers. She pinched the nipple, surprised at how much she liked the feeling between her fingers, and said in Katherine’s ear “is this how you like it?” When Katherine moaned “I like it harder”, Lauren stopped being gentle, and pinched it harder. The sudden arching of Katherine’s back told her that she was headed in the right direction. She pulled the top off of her friend’s other tit and nibbled that nipple once it was exposed. She chewed gently, afraid to hurt too much, then sucked hard.

Katherine pushed Lauren away slightly, then pushed up to sit on the edge of the hot tub. She stared at her friend and said “I’ve never done this before, with a woman at least, but I need you to make me cum. I am so turned on right now, I can’t take it anymore”. She then used both hands to push Escort Bostancı her thighs open, given Lauren her first glimpse into her wet, pink pussy. Lauren leaned in and giggled, saying “you might have never done this before, but why do you think I lived with Julia for so long in college? We both went through dry spells between boyfriends and there are only so many nights you can listen to each other’s vibrators before you hook up with each other.” Lauren leaned in between her friend’s legs and licked slowly upwards, avoiding her clit. She was grateful for a well groomed pussy, and sucked on the lips gently as a thank you. She put two fingers against the opening of Katherine’s pussy, rubbing softly, until Katherine pushed down against her, clearly eager to be filled. She slid both fingers in, opening and closing them like scissors as she eased them deeper.

Katherine moaned softly, trying to avoid getting caught by anyone walking by the door. She leaned back on her elbows and watched Lauren’s tongue sliding along her wet pussy, shocked at how different it felt to have a woman’s touch. She started pinching both nipples, the tingle of pain causing her to gasp and her pussy to flood.

Lauren licked quickly, needing to get Katherine to cum so that she could have her turn. She clenched her thighs together to create some friction while licking circles around Katherine’s hard clit. She flicked her tongue up and down the nub, then sucked it gently into her mouth. She loved the taste of her friend, couldn’t get enough of the sweet nectar, and was thrilled to watch her friend getting closer to the edge.

Katherine pinched her nipples harder, and felt the tingles start, knowing this meant she was just about there. “Don’t stop, I’m going to cum!” she whispered harshly, grinding her pussy against Lauren’s face. She felt her pussy muscles start to clench, moaned lowly, and dug her fingers into Lauren’s hair as she came harder than she ever had before.

Seeing Katherine cum was all it took to send Lauren over the edge – despite not having touched herself, the warmth of the water and satisfaction of Katherine’s orgasm was enough to set her empty pussy off. She groaned loudly while gently licking Katherine’s clit, bringing her back down slowly.

Both friends readjusted their suits, and settled on their seats. As they shyly smiled at each other, Lauren said “so, let’s toast to your wedding, and many happy years of friendship ahead for us!” Katherine raised her glass and said “and hopefully a repeat of today, maybe next time with my husband?”

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