Bachelorette Party

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Another one of the erotic stories my wife Linda told me about. He bachelorette Party when she was 19 and getting married for the first time.

Linda as you may recall is a sexy blonde with large breasts that has that certain “je ne c’est pas quoi” that just makes you hard looking at her.

Linda was engaged to be married the next morning. Her friends decided to give a bachelorette party to remember.

The affair was held in a local hotel suite and the booze flowed freely. After about an hour or two everyone in attendance was very drunk including Linda and her best friend Sue. There was a knock on the door and in came a dolly carrying a large gift rapped box with a note “to the lovely bride please open and enjoy”.

Linda opened the box and out came two guys who were naked except for flimsy see thru briefs. One John was about 6 foot tall with an athletes’ body the other Jim was 6’2″ with a huge bulge showing thru his briefs. The music began and they both started dancing rather seductively to stripper music. kaş escort The ten girls went wild yelling take it all off but Linda and her friend went further rubbing their erection and slipping off their scanty briefs. John had a 7 inch erection and Jim must have had an 8 inch erection. The girls all giggled as Linda and Sue continued to stoke the guys cocks and balls. You could tell they were very close to ejaculating.

Suddenly John scooped up Linda and Jim scooped up Sue and carried them into the adjoining bedroom. Both girls were too drunk to care especially Linda who suddenly dreaded being limited to only one partner after marriage.

John proceeded to strip Linda and started eating her pussy as Sue was being stripped by Jim and was engaged into some heavy petting.

While John was eating Linda’s pussy she could see Jim fucking Sue which made her even hornier. Jim was really deep dicking her and she was bucking like crazy. Linda repositioned herself to partake in her favorite pastime sucking cock. gündoğmuş escort She began to lick John’s penis swirling her tongue around the head, while stroking his shaft and balls. She took him deep into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could trying to get him to cum in her mouth. Her efforts were soon rewarded as he came in a gusher. She tried to swallow every drop but some leaked out of her mouth and dribble onto to her breasts. She kept sucking and John got hard again. He flipped her over and began fucking her until she nearly passed out from having so many orgasms.

Suddenly she heard her friend Sue yell” switch” and John left Linda for Sue as Jim came over to Linda for more fun and games.

As Sue quickly coupled with John just inches away from Linda, Linda started sucking Jim’s enormous 8 inch prick. His penis had to be 5 or 6 inches in diameter. Linda could barely get it into her mouth as she kissed his cock head and licked his shaft. Although Jim had already cum with Sue he ibradi escort started getting harder and harder until he too filled Linda mouth with cum. Jim ejaculation made Linda orgasm again as the swallowed as much cum as she could. She continued to suck Jim until he began to grow again. At this point she wanted to see what it would be like to fuck such a large cock. She stopped sucking him grabbed his penis and guided into her waiting pussy. They fucked for what seemed for hours as his cock stretched her tight pussy. As he fucked her she could see her friend Sue still screwing John which really turned her on. She started rubbing her clit as Jim fucked her and had an incredible orgasm her fourth or fifth of the night as Jim filled her cunt with loads of cum.

Finally the stopped and opened the door. It was late and the dozen or so gals were gone. Linda’s only regret was that she did not get double penetrated by the two guys, a fantasy that still persists to this day, although she has had sex with multiple partners several times.

The next day Linda put on her white wedding gown and walked down the aisle to get married. The bridesmaids all of whom were at the bachelorette party just smiled.

Linda has had over 70 sex partners that she remembers as I will recount in future stories.

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