Bachelor Party

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The phone rang during dinner, Laurey answered it as she always did. “Hello, this is Laurey.” Her face turned white as she listened to the man on the other end of the line. She stared at her husband across from her wondering if he could hear the voice on the phone.

“This is Joe, remember me from the school?” The deep voice asked. Laurey nodded her head unable to speak. “I know your husband is probably watching you so I will make this quick. If you are serious about getting fucked call me back I have a party tomorrow night and I need someone to entertain us.” There was a click and then a dial tone.

“What was that?” Laurey sat frozen with the phone still sitting in her hand as her husband looked at her with a worried expression. “Are you ok?”

She shook her head and slowly hung up the phone. “Yes, I’m fine.” She returned to her dinner. “Julie is just having a hard time with her divorce.” She looked up at him almost pleading, hoping he would reach out to her in some way.

“Oh, is that all.” He shrugged and started eating again.

She nearly cried as she watched him shovel another helping of food onto his plate. “I’ll call and talk to her in more detail later.”

“Good idea, I’ll be watching the ballgame.” He thought for a minute or two and then suggested. “You might want go over and chat with her if you need to.”

“Maybe tomorrow.” She told him and they finished their dinner in silence.

She cleaned the dishes up and heard him yelling at the umpire or referee or whoever. She sat down in the study and picked up the phone to call Julie. Julie was very understanding, having just been through a messy divorce, she could identify with Laurey’s need to get away and into the arms of another man. She was not to certain about the safety of a party with a bunch of strangers. Laurey agreed that she needed some form of protection, she had already had her tubes tied several years ago, but would be seriously in trouble if someone from work identified her.

After several hours of talking with Julie she hung up the phone. The house was quiet. She glanced at the clock, it was almost midnight! Laurey walked through the downstairs locking up and setting the alarm. She heard a loud snore when she walked by the stairs, “I guess he is asleep.” She said to herself. The idea of the party was a great fantasy, but the reality scared her enough to where she couldn’t do it. She pressed the erase button on the phone to delete Joe’s number.

She sat in the dark wandering around on the computer doing some shopping. She pulled her pocketbook from the chair and got out her wallet so she could buy a new dress. Her breath caught in her throat, there underneath the credit card was Joe’s card. His construction company’s name and number on the front. “No way.” She couldn’t believe it. “I can’t call his work number for this.” She told herself. Her heart raced as she slowly turned the card, peering around the edge. There on the back was a hand written number with the name Joe under it. “It can’t be.” She started dialing the number and stopped half way through. “I can’t.”

A loud snore shook the house. “Maybe…” She thought, her fingers were a step ahead of her mind. She realized when she heard a click and “Hello?” on the other end that it was too late. There was another “Hello?” followed by a brief pause, then the voice whispered. “Laurey? Is that you, slut”

“Oh God.” She mumbled, frightened and excited by Joe’s deep voice.

“It is you.” He laughed. “I had almost given up on you calling.”

“I can’t believe I did.” She explained nervously.

“I understand, first bachelor party?” He asked trying to sound soothing. “You can back out at any time and nobody will make you do anything you don’t want.”

She wanted to hang up and run away, but that would be rude, besides, she was getting excited at the thought of Joe’s big cock again. Her body remembered being filled and stretched by it. “After last time I’m not sure what I want.” She could feel the conflict between body and mind raging within her. “I guess I want to know what to expect.”

Joe could almost see her wavering in her desire to be there. “I will explain it to you, then if your panties are still on and dry you can back out with no hard feelings.”

“What!” Laurey exclaimed and then immediately quieted afraid she might wake her husband.

“Just kidding.” Joe reassured her. “I just wanted to lighten the mood and get you in the proper frame of mind.”

“Very funny.” She chided. “I nearly woke my husband.”

“I couldn’t have that happen.” Joe reeled in the more graphic ideas. “To start with, there are 5 guys plus me. Unless, the grooms brother makes it into town early, that would make it 6. They will expect you to strip naked and at some point give the groom one last blow job.”

Laurey listened as Joe explained. “Just a blow job for the groom?” She asked a bit surprised.

“That is what the guys will expect.” Joe gave a brief pause for effect. “What they want depends on how many drinks they have.” He let her think Escort bayan about the fact there would be alcohol. “Myself and one other will be designated drivers and not drink. I do intend to get the groom totally sloshed, since he is my brother in law. You have the option, most professionals don’t drink, but some of the amateur gals do.”

“I will occasionally have a bit of wine or beer.” Laurey wasn’t really good at holding her liquor, but felt if Joe knew she was only a light drinker he would keep her limited. “I like to remember things the next day.” She joked.

“Me too.” Joe agreed. “Especially the hot strippers.” Laurey blushed, just remained silent. “We are the bouncers if you like and will keep the other guys in line if they get too friendly. It usually starts when we get back from dinner and ends sometime after midnight.” He wondered, “Do you have an excuse for your old man?”

Laurey didn’t even hesitate. “Yes, he told me I should go over to a friend’s house tomorrow. She is going through a divorce.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe she can come along too?” He suggested.

“God No!” She exclaimed quietly this time. “I couldn’t let her see me like that. Come to think of it I can’t let anyone see me like that.”

“Why not? Oh, your job.” He thought for a bit. “We could use a mask.” She thought about the mask idea, keeping her face and hair hidden while the rest of her was on display. The thought was exciting her. She was imagining being blindfolded in the midst of these strange men when she realized her hand was inside her panties rubbing her clit. “You like that idea?” Joe was asking her.

“Yes, sounds good.” She answered trying to cover up her lapse in attention.

“Really!” Joe knew she hadn’t been listening. “You will bring the cake for desert then. Damn, I didn’t think you would let us eat cake off of you.” He teased.

“What?” She backpedaled in her head. “You want me to be the cake?”

“Just kidding, wear something sexy to serve the cake in though, OK” Joe liked this idea for how to introduce her. “That is how you will make your entrance.”

“OK, I will check with Julie and text you if I can make it.” Laurey hung up the phone and looked down. Her panties were soaked, along with her fingers. She went to bed where she tossed and turned all night.

In the morning she awoke to the sound of her husband getting dressed and leaving. She called Julie first thing and told her about Joe’s phone call. Julie offered to cover for her if needed and also had an outfit that would be perfect. They spent the afternoon getting Laurey all dolled up and then she sent Joe a message asking for directions. Julie agreed to drop her off and would call to check on her at midnight to come pick her up if needed.

Laurey knocked on the front door nervously, Julie was in the car waiting just in case. Joe answered the door and they both waved at the car signaling all was ok. “Glad you could make it.” Joe ushered her inside. “Can I take your coat?” He asked.

Laurey hesitated, “I think I want it to be a surprise.” She answered, pulling the long coat close around herself. She was still a bit self-conscious about the outfit. “Where is the party going to be?”

Joe led her to the room at the back of the house. “This is the man cave.” He gestured grandly at the big room. There was a small poker table off to one side and a couch with coffee table and a couple of easy chairs in the center of the room. A huge TV was mounted on the wall across from the couch. “It is mostly used for watching sports and playing poker.”

“It looks lovely” Laurey agreed, a little overwhelmed by the space.

“Don’t worry, it has a great sound system for your dancing and we will move the coffee table.” Joe reached an arm around her shoulders. “You’ll do just fine.” He guided her through a side door and into the kitchen. Sitting at the kitchen table was a gentleman, complete with pinstripe suit. “This is mike.” Joe introduced. “He is the other designated driver.

Mike Grinned and looked at the rumpled overcoat. “Nice to meet you.” He shook her hand gently. “The cake guys were due an hour ago, but I haven’t seen them yet.” He set an envelope on the table.

Joe frowned. “I hope they got the address right.” He glanced at the clock. “We need to get going and pick up the guys.” He looked at Laurey. “Do you mind if we go ahead and let you pay the bakery guys when they deliver?”

Laurey didn’t have anything else to do, “Sure, I can watch for them. It will give me time to get my mask and outfit ready.”

“Thank you, drinks are in the fridge if you get thirsty and the money is in the envelope.” He grabbed his keys and headed out the front with Mike.

Laurey opened her bag and pulled out a bandit style mask that covered her head like a bandana, tucking her hair underneath. The edge came down to her nose with small round holes for her to see through. She hung the coat on a hook behind the garage door. She smoothed the apron over her stomach. She had on a pink apron and pink thong with matching Escort pink heels. The apron read ‘kiss the cook’ across the chest. She also had a chef’s hat that was too big, it fell down over her eyes and hid the mask. Two cutouts allowed her to see through the hats edge.

The doorbell rang and she jumped. She grabbed her coat and covered up when she went to the door. A young man was standing at the door with a cake box. “Sorry I’m late.” He apologized. She gave him the money and took the box. He counted out the amount and handed her the change. “Thank you.” He waved and left.

She returned to the kitchen and removed the coat again. She opened the box and saw a cake in the shape of boobs staring up at her. She laughed and found plates and silverware for the cake. She even located some vanilla ice cream to go with it. It was just past 8 when she heard voices and car doors outside. She felt her stomach quiver as the guys filled the room next door. Several were very loudly proclaiming the virtues of a bachelor lifestyle. Joe told everyone he had ordered a special cake for the occasion and then he appeared in the doorway.

Laurey smiled when she saw Joe’s jaw drop and his eyes widen. “Damn.” Was all he could say.

“I hope it works.” She blushed.

“That is amazing!” He motioned her over. “Nobody will even notice the cake.” Joe gave her a quick pat on her ass and whistled at the view from the back. “Now serve our guests.” He guided her through the door.

She was overwhelmed by the sudden hush followed by crude exclamations when she entered. Joe was beside her, his arm behind her fondling her ass and nudging her forward. She quietly made her way to the small coffee table and set the cake down in front of the groom. “Since it’s his last night, we brought you some tits for desert.” Joe announced. The group roared with laughter and the groom turned red as he laughed along. He had a clear view down the top of the apron to Laurey’s swaying breasts.

Joe continued while she gathered the rest of the stuff from the kitchen. “My lovely friend here has agreed to serve you tonight on condition of anonymity.” He explained. “Touching is allowed, but anyone who wants to play has to go through me.” All the guys groaned their disappointment, but agreed to the rules. Mike smiled from his position beside the hallway door.

They sang a lewd version of he’s a jolly good fellow, then Laurey cut the cake. She took a piece to each guy. She could feel their gaze on her, the apron seemed much smaller than it had when trying it on. They commented on her ass and thong and the way her tits swayed when she walked. Every one of them asked her to set the cake in their lap. She could feel at least two cocks similar in size to Joe’s monster.

Her panties were already damp when Joe hit the music. The guys all clapped and ate as she stood in the middle of the room. She had never considered herself a good dancer, but she started swaying to the music. About half way through the first song she realized the guys didn’t care how good she danced. They hollered when she shook her ass. They clapped when she squeezed her breasts.

The second song was a faster rock beat, she twirled her head and spun around. She noticed Joe and Mike move the table out and bring in a wooden chair for the groom. Her excitement drove her to straddle his lap and pull his face to her chest. She reached back and undid the knot at her neck, letting the apron top fall free.

He was blushing red as a tomato when she stood. The other guys were egging him on to lick her tits. She wished that he would listen to them, her nipples were aching and stiff. With a twirl she turned and shook her ass in his face. Joe watched her face while the guys urged the beleaguered groom to take her panties off. She gave Joe a little nod. He walked over and whispered to the groom. “Go ahead.”

Not sure what the protocol was here, he listened to Joe and reached up, slowly sliding her panties down to her knees. He was quite surprised when she sat down in his lap and raised her feet up. One of the others across from them clapped and yelled, “More!” Laurey waved him over and pointed to the panties. He hushed and grinned as he pulled her panties free, then sniffed them. “Damn, she’s wet.” He announced to the room.

Laurey stood and danced around the groom. The man was right, her nerves had settled and she was more excited than ever showing off to these guys. She stopped behind the groom and slipped the knot on the back of the apron. The pink apron made a perfect hood when she draped it over his head. He was temporarily blinded while she slid her hand around his chest and down to his crotch. Joe and another man grabbed his arms while the rest shouted out directions. “Fuck Him!” and “Suck Him!” were the most common suggestions.

Laurey knelt at his feet and shivered while she unzipped his pants. A muffled protest, “But I’m getting married this weekend.” was heard from under the pink apron hood. The room erupted in gales of laughter at this. His cock was no protesting at Bayan escort all, it was throbbing and stiff when it emerged from his boxers. Laurey dove onto it hungrily and started licking and sucking. The protests stopped and were replaced with moaning.

Joe motioned to Mike, who brought out a small camera and set it up on the side of the room. With a press of a button on the TV remote all the guys were treated to a close up view of Laurey’s mouth slurping up cock on the big screen. There was a roar of approval.

Laurey looked up for a moment, licking along the dripping cock at her lips, wondering what had happened. She noticed the guys glancing from her to the TV and turned. “Oh My!” She gasped as she saw the image. She was more turned on than ever before watching herself. She gagged as she took his whole cock deep into her mouth, her left hand drifting down to slide 2 fingers between her wet labia.

Joe pulled the apron from his soon to be brother in law. “You’re on candid camera.” He joked.

The groom rolled his eyes at the sensation of his cock being engulfed. He could barely focus on the screen, but he knew what he was looking at. Then he watched as Mike panned down to give the guys a view of 2 fingers disappearing inside this horny woman. “Where did you find her?” He asked Joe, not really expecting an answer.

“I ran into her at work a while back.” Joe explained. “I schooled her in the virtues of getting fucked.” He grinned and the guys laughed. Laurey shoved a 3rd finger in her and drove them as deep as she could. “You might want to try her tight little cunt on for size.” Joe suggested.

Two guys grabbed her under the arms and lifted her. There was a loud slurping noise as her mouth left the grooms cock. Joe kept him pinned while the others set her down on his lap. Laurey felt fingers under her, guiding the wet swollen cock into her warm moist vagina. He was only average size, but the extra hands caused a nearly exponential rise in her excitement. The groom looked ecstatic and terrified at the same time, “What about a condom!?” He pleaded.

Joe laughed and looked up at the TV to see his cock completely buried in her pussy. “I think it is a little late for that.” He patted his future brother in law hard on the back. “I guess she will just have to take her chances.” He turned and shook his head at Mike, who lifted a bowl filled with condoms and dumped it into the small trash can by the door with a flourish. There was simultaneously a cheer from the crowd of guys and a shuddering moan from Laurey.

The groom’s eyes widened as he felt the shudder in her pussy. It clamped down on him as she had her first orgasm. “Oh God!” He exclaimed trying to fight off the urge, but to no avail. A moment later he could feel his cock twitching deep within her, filling her with his thick load of cum.

The hands released them and there were several guys clapping. Laurey stood slowly, feeling the cream inside sliding down. She looked at the man to her left, he had helped lift her onto the groom. He smiled and stepped to the side to allow her passage to one of the free seats. She shook her head slightly and knelt in front of him. “I want to thank you properly.” She told him as she reached up to unzip his pants.

His eyes looked to Joe, who nodded that it was ok with him. “You are quite welcome.” He told her. The statement faded into a moan as his cock slid into her warm mouth. She slurped and drooled all over the thick shaft. He was not as long as the groom, but thicker. She didn’t gag as she took him deep, but her jaw was stretched a bit.

Laurey twirled her tongue around the swollen shaft, her body was alive with sensation. She could feel the cum reaching the edges of her labia. Her fingers felt for the sticky cum as it dripped out, catching it and then drizzling it over the cock she was sucking. She grinned when she heard the unified gasp from the guys at this act of depravity. Her ass wiggled for the camera and her free hand rubbed the dripping cum all over her swollen lips.

Being soaked and excited, it wasn’t long before she needed to be filled again. Laurey turned around and knelt on all fours, waving her ass at her new friend. He quickly sank his saliva slick cock into her pussy. “Damn you are a sloppy slut.” He told her as he slid into her.

Laurey reveled in the attention. “Not as sloppy as I will be after everyone has a turn.” She pointed out. The man who had helped hold her right arm was across from them, she locked her eyes on him and then looked to his crotch. He lit up like a kid at Christmas. His pants were off and his cock was bobbing in front of her face a moment later. She hummed as she licked up and down, two cocks at once, she loved the brazen sexiness of the scene as she felt and watched it.

Her body quivered with each touch, hands had begun to squeeze her ass and breasts as she worked on the cock in her mouth. The man behind her was pounding hard into her, he wouldn’t last long at that pace. Luckily there were a few others to replace him. She groaned when she felt the warm wet feeling deep inside, accompanied by a grunt of satisfaction from behind her. She dropped the cock in her mouth and arched up with her eyes closed as she squeezed every last drop from the cock withdrawing from her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32