BabySitter’s Modesty

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I’d been sitting for the Ferdands. Mr & Mrs Ferdand had been invited to a show by Jacob, Mrs Ferdand’s brother. There had been no problems. The kids were young enough not to argue (too much) and had all gone to bed quite peacefully. I’d just lazed about and watched some TV.

Now that they were back we were all in the kitchen having a cup of coffee while the show was discussed. Not having seen that show I just sat back and didn’t say anything.

Basically there seemed to be a difference of opinion between Mrs Ferdand and the two men about the basic tenet ascribed to the women in the show. The men were insisting that women are naturally modest but Mrs Ferdand was having none of that.

“All women are natural exhibitionists,” she insisted. “That’s why you see so much female nudity on the internet. Women love showing off their bodies. When was the last time you were at the beach? I bet every woman there was wearing a bikini. Women are trained to be modest as that’s the way men like to think of them. Left to themselves women just naturally flaunt their assets.”

The men were having none of that, insisting that women were by nature modest. The beach wasn’t standard behaviour but a place where standard behaviour changed to fit social mores. Women were expected to wear bikinis at the beach so they did.

“So how do you account for all the sexy underwear women wear?” demanded Mrs Ferdand. “It’s not because they’re wearing it for lovers or husbands. They’re wearing it because they hope someone will see it.”

“That is crap,” said Jacob. “Most women are probably wearing drab, dull as dish-water undies. They know no-one is going to see them so why do they care?”

Mrs Ferdand just sorted at that.

“Lot you know.”

To my surprise she turned to me.

“Tracy, if my memory is right you’re now eighteen?”

I nodded.

“Have any men seen you naked?”

I felt slightly shocked. What sort of question was that? I shook my head very quickly.

“So you don’t have a lover waiting at home for you to return?”

“No!” What the hell?

Mrs Ferdand turned triumphantly back to the two men.

“OK,” she said. “We have a young nubile woman, probably still virgin, who has never been seen naked by a man. I’ll bet you a dollar, at whatever odds you want, that she’s wearing sexy panties.”

“But what does that prove,” asked Jacob.

“That her true temperament is a touch towards exhibitionism,” his sister retorted. “She’s not expecting to show off her body but she’s ready if the chance comes along.”

“OK, show us,” said Jacob, looking at me.

“Excuse me?”

“Lift up your dress and show us your panties. If they’re as sexy as Muriel reckons I’ll admit she may have a point.”

My god. They were all looking at me, expecting me to lift up my dress and show my panties. My god, again. I was wearing a little scrap of nothing. They made me feel deliciously naughty when I wore them, wondering what men would say to me if they saw me in them, but I never expected that anyone would.

“Well. Come on, girl,” snapped Mrs Ferdand. “There’s no need to keep us waiting.

I swallowed nervously and stood up. I felt even more nervous when I lifted the front of my dress to flash my panties at everyone.

“Ha! Told you so,” said Mrs Ferdand, “and that’s not all.”

Mrs Ferdand was sitting right next to me. Before I knew what she was doing she’d reached over and pulled my panties down, leaving me fully exposed. Instead of doing the sensible thing, and letting go my dress, I just froze, while the men sat there looking at me, smiling.

“You see. Even though she doesn’t have a man friend she’s following the modern habit of shaving. She intends to be ready to show off her body when the time is right.”

I was blushing madly and finally had the sense to drop my dress into place.

“You have no need to blush, Tracy,” said Jacob softly. “You have a lovely body. Um, could you lift your dress again for a moment?”

“Why?” I asked, embarrassed. Lift it again while my panties were still down around my ankles?

“Just do it. Then I’ll tell you why.”

Blushing, but curious, I slowly lifted my dress up again, once again revealing all.

“You could be right, Muriel,” Jacob murmured. “She lifted her dress just because I asked her to, knowing that İstanbul Escort we would see her again.”

I blushed again, hurriedly letting go my dress. The oaf. Fancy getting me to lift it just to see if I would.

“Don’t go all coy at this stage, Tracy,” Jacob said softly. “Take off your dress so that we can see you properly.”

I gulped and looked at Mrs Ferdand. She just smiled and nodded.

“You might as well,” she said. “It proves my point and you won’t be showing them anything they haven’t already seen.”

Which they wouldn’t have if she hadn’t pulled down my panties. Oh, what the hell. Feeling defiant, I whipped my dress up and off, standing there in a bra. Oh my, I was feeling embarrassed and wicked. Nearly naked in front of two men who were looking at me and liking what they saw. I was concentrating so hard on them I missed Mrs Ferdand reaching behind me until my bra snapped open.

I gasped and caught it, only to have Mrs Ferdand pull my hand away.

“Might as well be all or nothing,” she said. “Or in this case, show all by wearing nothing.”

Jacob was looking me over with what was obviously sincere approval. Mr Ferdand was also showing appreciation of my body, and I couldn’t help but be flattered.

“Tell me, Tracy,” Mr Ferdand said. “Is Muriel right about you still being a virgin?”

I nodded, biting my lip while I did so.

“Then it must have taken a bit of nerve to actually undress in front of strangers,” he mused.

“Well, you’re not exactly strangers,” I pointed out.

“True, but you wouldn’t normally expect to be nude in front of us, would you?”

That I could definitely agree with. Time, and past time, to get dressed. I reached for my bra.

“Ah, a couple of quick questions before you do get dressed and hide that delectable body again,” Mr Ferdand said quickly. “Have you ever wondered what the first time will be like and when it will happen?”

I hesitated, considering the question, then shrugged. I noted with some amusement how both Mr Ferdand and Jacob watched my breasts bounce when I shrugged.

“I suspect everyone wonders what the first time will be like. I guess all women dream about it and set up fantasies in their mind.”

“Did you ever think that your first time would be in a kitchen with a couple of people watching you get taken?”

I opened my eyes wide at that one. Just what was he getting at? Then I saw Jacob rising up from his seat. He came around the end of the table and stood in front of me, looking at me. I just stared back at him for a moment and then he started undoing his trousers. He just simply dropped them and stepped out of them and then his underpants joined them.

He was left standing with just a shirt and an erection. I started shaking my head, backing away from him. He just smiled and started circling around me. I naturally turned to face him as I continued backing away, right up until I found I’d turned my back to the table and had then backed into it. He’d very effectively sheep-dogged me to where he wanted me.

Not being able to back away any further I just leaned away from him, back against the table, my hands going behind me for support. Looking down the length of my body I can see Jacob’s erection. I felt slightly ill. From the angle I was on I could see my own mound and the cleft between my thighs. I could see my lips down there. I’d have sworn they were smaller than that.

Oh, god, I must be sick. I’m feeling flushed. I’m hot all over. Heat seems to be radiating out from deep inside me. What the hell is wrong with me? Fear? I didn’t think I was afraid. To my horror I realised that my primary emotion seemed to be curiosity. What was going to happen if he put that thing in me?

Was he really going to do it? Oh, he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. They were all just having fun at my expense. He’d pull away and they’d all laugh. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from where his erection was nearly touching me.

I nearly screamed when it did touch me. I managed to stifle it, although a squeak did escape. He wasn’t trying to put it in me. I felt slightly reassured. He had slipped his erection between my legs and he was just brushing it back and forth along my slit, brushing against my lips and teasing them.

OK. I could handle that. That wasn’t going to hurt Kadıköy Escort me. It’s not as though he was going to rape me or anything like that. All I had to do was say no, very firmly, if he really tried to put it in.

I was so busy watching what he was doing downstairs that I failed to notice him reaching upstairs. I was quite startled when his hands covered my breasts, resulting in me letting out another little squeak. He just grinned and smiled at me, while his hands gently rubbed my breasts. They felt tight and swollen. My nipples were tight and jutting out. I’d never noticed how sensitive they were when someone else touched them. I mean, I’ve touched them and felt nothing in particular. Now Jacob was touching them and I was intensely aware that he was doing so, little thrills of excitement spilling out of them.

Not so little was the feelings of excitement being engendered by his erection rubbing against me. I was going to have to tell him to stop that. It was distracting. I wasn’t sure what it was distracting me from, but it was certainly distracting me from something.

I actually felt a loss when his hands dropped away from my breasts. They dropped down to my mons, rubbing against it, then moving down either side of my mound, rubbing firmly against it.

Damn it all, I was feeling instead of watching. I could feel his hands rubbing firmly against my mound, and it was exciting me. What I should have been doing was seeing his hands were also dragging my lips apart as he moved. Even that wouldn’t have mattered if he hadn’t changed the angle at which his cock was rubbing against me.

It was only a slight change of angle, but combined with the way my lips had been dragged apart it meant that his cock, instead of rubbing against my mound, was pushing into it. I saw him move his hands away from my mound, saw my lips closing again, saw and felt them wrapping around his erection, closing upon it, holding it inside me.

Oh my god, oh my god. His cock was actually inside me. Only a little bit, but still.

“Ah, Jacob,” I said, meaning to tell him that enough is enough and what he was doing was more than enough.

Before I could tell him to quit it, or words to that effect, his finger was pressing against my mouth.

“Hush a moment,” he said, and at the same time I felt his cock moving against me.

When you move against someone you are effectively attacking them. That was what his cock was doing. Attacking me. It was trying to go where it shouldn’t. I could feel it inside me and I just knew that it was now pressing against my hymen. If he pressed any harder I was going to be an ex-virgin and that wasn’t in my plans for the day.

“Jacob,” I said, a bit more urgently this time, and he interrupted me again.

“I know,” he said soothingly. “You’re worried about this bit. Don’t be. You’ll find any pain is quickly forgotten.”

That was not what I was worried about. I was still searching the right way to say “Back of, you idiot. I don’t want this,” when he gave a sudden sharp push and there was a flash of pain and his cock was exploring my passage.

I gave an angry little yowl. Pain is pain, after all, and it hurts, no matter what the soothing words say. And I hadn’t wanted this particular pain. I was furious, wondering what I should do. Tell him to take it out or just scream blue murder and scare it out.

I didn’t get a chance to do either. Jacob gave another little push and I could feel him going deeper into me. It was a most peculiar feeling. Looking down I could see how he was sinking into me and found myself becoming fascinated, watching it. Instead of protesting I was standing, mouth hanging open, watching his cock sinking into me. Or should that be rising into me, as I was standing and he was pushing up?

Whichever way you picked, it was coming home quite smartly now. I could feel myself being stretched all out of shape as he tried to stick far too much into far too small a space. The muscles in that area had never been exercised and had no idea of what they were supposed to do. Jacob was forcing them into life, driving in and making my passage spread out to accept him.

It was far too late to object. His cock banged home and I was fucked. Well, on the way to being so, anyway. I wanted to yell at him, saying this was wrong, that I hadn’t Ataşehir Escort wanted this, he had no right, all the standard outraged virgin things. Another part of me was saying, this is interesting, what now?

I tossed a mental coin and decided to go with option two. After all, it was interesting. It felt strange, very strange, but it wasn’t as though I disliked the feel. It just felt different, but in a nice way. According to what I’d heard it should get even better.

I just waited to see what Jacob would do. Nothing at first, at least, nothing down below. He just stayed exactly as he was, cock firmly embedded in me. I think he was giving me a chance to get accustomed to it, which I suppose was nice of him, even if I was dying for him to demonstrate what he could do. While he did nothing down below he wasn’t so reticent where upstairs was concerned.

His hands closed over my breasts again, and boy, they felt even more sensitive than before. It seemed they must be connected to my pussy somehow and activity down below was telling them to wake up and see what’s going on. His hands were firmly fondling my breasts, his palms rolling my nipples around in little circles and I was stretching like a cat under his touch, pushing my breasts at his hands, my head tilting back as I just enjoyed the sensations.

Tilting my head back exposed my neck and his mouth was there, running up the side of my throat, trailing hot, wet, kisses along the line of my throat and up around my jaw. I was so distracted by all that was going on that I almost missed that first subtle move of his cock.

Almost. The distractions hadn’t really stopped me being acutely aware of that hot, hard, thickness inside me. When it moved all my nerves went twang and I was acutely focused on it. It pulled back down my passage, paused, returned swiftly, triggering ripples of excitement that seemed to travel deep inside me.

I could feel heat low down, below my stomach, a pool of warmth just lying there. That thrust of his cock sent little ripples into the pool which seemed to slosh back and forth, heating me up. Then he was driving in again. I’d barely noticed him pulling back but I for sure felt that driving return.

Something was missing, I knew. I could feel him taking me and, quite frankly, it was marvellous, but something was missing. Maybe it was just instinct that provided the answer. I felt myself twitch and then push to meet him, and I knew what had been missing.

Now things were looking even brighter. He was driving in but I was also pushing to meet him. I was no longer being dominated by his cock but was a partner to it. (OK, maybe his cock was a little dominant, but I was now doing my share.)

He kept on coming and every time he banged home I could feel my temperature rising. I’ll swear I had a fever and I was burning brightly, while Jacob showed no signs of stopping. My arousal and my excitement were sky high and Jacob seemed determined to push them even higher.

Quite frankly, I was losing it. I was shutting out everything but Jacob and what he was doing to me. And I couldn’t even see Jacob. My eyes were closed and I was staring upwards anyway. My whole world was Jacob and even that world seemed to be narrowing down to his hands on me, and his mouth on me and, most of all, his cock in me.

I have no idea what he did to give me that final push but just like that I was climaxing, singing a long drawn out cry as pleasure just swept me away.

I was totally relaxed, leaning back against the table. I opened my eye as I felt Jacob pulling out of me. Holy shit! I’d completely forgotten that Mr & Mrs Ferdand were there, watching the whole performance. My face blazed with heat. I also decided that they’d be putting on a similar act later that evening. I could tell that from the look in Mr Ferdand’s eye. I was also willing to bet that when he took his wife he’d be thinking of me. (I made a mental note never to be alone with Mr Ferdand. Better save that fucked by a married man.)

I think that Mrs Ferdand probably came to the same decision. She turned and very quickly hustled me out of sight, ostensibly to have a shower. She was all smiles when I came out of the bathroom, holding an envelope with my babysitter earnings. Then she almost chased me out of the house, chatting the whole time.

I was smirking when I got in my car. I had been classified as a threat, someone to keep away from your man. That gave me quite a kick. I was no longer the virgin to be smiled at, but a woman to be feared. And it only took a little bit of immodesty to achieve that end. Life is full of surprises.

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