BabySitter’s Fault

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My wife had been looking forward to this night’s outing for a while. Today she’d spent most of it getting prepared. I was handed the kids, wished good luck, and she was off, her hairdressing appointment uppermost in her mind.

I spent the day looking after the kids. Mary came back from the hairdresser and primped and preened, spending time on her nails, choosing the outfit she would wear (Again. I don’t know why. I already knew what her final choice was going to be, so she should.), doing her make-up, redoing her make-up, generally panicking in case she wasn’t ready on time.

An hour or so before we were due to depart Nikki, the baby-sitter, turned up. This released me from baby-sitting duties, presumably so I could go and get ready. Not needing two hours to get ready and not wanting to stand around in a tuxedo for ages I deferred everything in favour of watching some TV and assuring Mary that I would be ready on time.

After half an hour of pointed comments, getting more pointed all the time, I wandered off to have a shower and get dressed. But there was no way I was putting on that bow-tie and coat until two minutes before we walked out the door.

I had my shower and strolled back into the bedroom. Now I was naked. So would you be if you had a shower in your own en suite, the one attached to your own bedroom. Like I’m going to get dressed before walking out of the en suite and into the bedroom.

It turns out that maybe I should have got dressed before walking out of the en suite and into the bedroom. Nikki was standing in the bedroom, burrowing into one of Mary’s drawers. She was holding several packets of new stockings in her hand. Presumably Mary was afraid of a ladder in her current pair and sent Nikki to grab some spares.

So there am I in all my glory, and there was Nikki, looking at me. At first she just saw that it was me standing there, and held up the stockings.

“Just grabbing these for Mary,” she said, smiling. “She’s panicking in case she gets a ladder and doesn’t have any spares.”

“That’s what I figured,” I thought, watching the smile on Nikki’s face sort of slip sidewards as she took in my lack of attire. She now had a red tinge to her cheeks and a rather stunned look. I, naturally enough, expected her to bolt, stammering apologies. Hey, it wasn’t up to me to apologise. My bedroom, after all, and she should have heard me moving around in the en suite.

The trouble was Nikki didn’t bolt. She just froze in place, staring at me. Even that wouldn’t have been so bad, but she was staring hard at my software.

Nikki had always seemed a nice quiet young woman, quite pretty in her own way. We’d known her for several years and I always got on well with her. I teased her a little when she first started developing, giving her what was probably her first wolf whistle. Now she was a mature young woman of around eighteen or nineteen and she was staring hard at me.

The immediate result was that my software became hardware. It seemed to have a mind of its own and it stood right up, waving gently to her, effectively saying, “Hi, pleased to meet you.”

Nikki’s cheeks went from a pink tinge to a bright red as she watched the transformation. Finally deciding she was at the wrong place at the wrong time she turned, spluttering apologies, and headed for the door. Just in time to meet Mary, who was coming to see what the delay was. The look on her face was worth money to see.

“Hey, not my fault,” I put in quickly. “I just came out from my shower and Nikki was here, perving on me. Blame her.”

“What? I wasn’t perving. I was getting the stockings. He just walked in without clothes.”

“Nikki, shower,” I said, pointing towards the en suite, “clothes,” pointing to the tux hanging from the hook on the door. “All you had to do was turn and leave.”

“Not my fault,” she muttered. “I got distracted by that thing wriggling around and waving at me.”

“Haven’t you seen one before?” asked Mary, giggling.

“Of course I have,” protested Nikki. “But I just haven’t Gaziantep Oral Escort seen one go from lying down to attack mode before.”

Mary laughed outright at that comment.

“Don’t mind me,” I said. “I’m just here to get dressed. Feel free to discuss me as though I wasn’t here. Better yet, just chase the child away. I have something I want you to do.”

“What?” Mary said with a hint of outrage in her voice. “I’m all dressed and ready. I’m not doing anything that might mess up my outfit or make up. Nikki caused the problem. Let her fix it.”

Nikki sounded off with a very shocked sounding, “What?”

I chipped in at the same time.

“Give the kid a break, love,” I said, laughing. “She wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

“Lot you know,” said Nikki, sounding irritated. “I do so know.”

“Then there’s no problem, is there,” said Mary. “You can give him a hand job or a blow job or even push him onto the bed and screw him. Just fix his little problem or he’ll be walking around like that all night.”

Unlikely. If the women had the sense god gave a goose they’d both get out and let me get dressed. I had no doubt that my hardware would return to a software state.

“What, you seriously expect me to, ah, attend to Simon’s needs?” asked Nikki incredulously.

“Oh, I wouldn’t expect you to actually screw him,” Mary said smoothly. “I fully realize that you’re rather a small girl and he does have a bit of size on him. Still you could give him a hand.”

“Leave the girl alone, Mary,” I said softly. “Can’t you see she’s scared rigid at the idea of having to face what I’ve got. Give her a few more years of playing with the boys.”

“I am not scared,” snapped Nikki. “I just don’t choose to.”

“It’s OK, Nikki,” said Mary with a smile. “We quite understand.”

“Sure,” I put in. “After all, you’ve only just turned eighteen, haven’t you?”

“I’m nineteen. I’ll be twenty in a couple of months.”

“Whatever,” I said derisively, sitting on the bed.

‘You’re laughing at me,” protested Nikki.

“No, not really,” said Mary quickly. “It’s just that you seem rather mature at times and I forget how young you really are.”

“Quite,” I said, smiling broadly. I made little shooing gestures with my hands, indicating that she should leave.

“He’s not that big,” Nikki told Mary, before looking very pointedly at me.

“You’re not that big, Simon. I could handle you without any problems.”

“I’m sure you could,” I said politely. “Just not today, eh?”

The way Nikki was acting you’d think we were insulting her rather than letting her off the hook. She was almost spitting in her anger. She quite literally yanked down her panties.

“Go on,” she snapped. “You try it. You’ll see I can handle you.”

“Yes, Nikki,” I said agreeably, “but I think what Mary was expecting was for you to come down on me, not me lie you down and take you. Let it go. We won’t give you a hard time.”

My attempt at easing the situation was not helped by Mary giggling.

“What’s so funny,” I asked.

“Giving her a hard time,” sniggered Mary, glancing at my erection.

“I can take anything you’ve got,” insisted Nikki, apparently thinking that I was disparaging her womanhood in some way.

“Yeah. You show him, Nikki,” goaded Mary.

Nikki looked at me sitting on the bed, erection still in plain sight. I could practically hear her thinking. “I can do this, no worries. How dare they suggest I’m just a kid? I’ll show them.”

She started edging closer to me. I just sat there, watching, not saying anything to scare her away. Then she was standing right next to me and her hand reached out to touch me. She closed her hand around my erection and for a second just froze. I could see the desire to let go and run battling with her pride. She did not want to admit she was doing something silly.

She unfroze, sliding her hand up and down my shaft, a look of determination on her face. Then she was climbing up on the bed, straddling me. She hitched her skirt up out if the way, tucking it into her waistband, then she pulled my cock towards her, looking more nervous all the time.

If either Mary or I had said a word she’d have panicked and bolted. As it was she steered my cock between her legs until it was pressing against her pussy. Slightly to my surprise she was wet and getting wetter by the second. Her determination had aroused her.

She pressed down, and I felt myself slip between her lips, heading home. I didn’t try to push up into her; it was her show and she was running it. She was breathing heavily and she was also slowly settling onto me. She wasn’t a virgin, thank god, so that was one little thing I didn’t need to worry about.

I think she got a small shock as she sank down. I do have a generous package, and I don’t think she really understood that until I was entering her. Now she found herself being stretched more than expected, and she was getting nervous.

“Don’t let it worry you,” I said as soothingly as I could. “If it’s too much I’ll understand.”

I’m not sure exactly what she said in reply as she said it very softly. I will say that it sounded as though she was calling someone a bastard, but I’m sure I must have been mistaken. She did seem to find a new lease of life, however, and was pressing down harder, settling onto me more quickly, her actions a lot firmer.

I felt her pussy bumping up against my groin and Nikki suddenly had a very smug expression on her face. Nikki sat there for a moment, apparently savouring her victory. She was brought back to reality in a hurry.

“A nice start, Nikki,” said Mary, “but Simon does have to get ready and he can’t do that while you just sit there. I take it you do know what to do now?”

Nikki flushed and glared at me for having the temerity to laugh.

“Of course I know,” she muttered, and proceeded to demonstrate.

She flexed her legs, sliding smoothly up and down my shaft. Now that she’d finally started the main show I wasn’t backward about doing my part. I pressed forcefully up to meet her, helping to set a nice tempo, holding onto her hips to prevent her from galloping away. (And, quite possibly, to stop her getting away if it dawned on her just what she was doing.)

I’ll say this for Nikki, now that she had committed herself she was an enthusiastic partner, happily bouncing on me with great abandon. I was working hard to keep up with her. Not that I minded the hard work. Some things a man just has to do.

Things were going very smoothly. My arousal was peaking and it was plain for all to see that Nikki was getting completely carried away. Her eyes were closed and she was looking heavenwards, frantically bouncing, building up a real head of steam. It’s fortunate that we have built in relief valves.

Nikki was squealing now, giving tongue loudly as the pressure built up inside her. I took a small hand in what was going on, pushing hard to speed things up. My relief valve blew, and I could feel myself venting into Nikki. A few moments later hers blew, very loudly, and she shuddered and shook while riding it out.

I relaxed back onto the bed while Nikki just slumped against me, breathing hard.

“Right. If you’ve quite finished mucking around, Simon, I wish you’d take another shower and get ready,” complained Mary. “We have to go soon. You look as though you need a shower, too, Nikki. I’ll go and tuck the kids into bed while you have a quick one.”

Mary sailed out of the room and I lifted Nikki onto her feet, rising up off the bed myself. I steered her into the en suite and started stripping off her clothes.

Nikki just stood there like a stuffed doll for the first few moments, so I had her almost fully naked before she worked out what was going on. She gave a squeal and slapped a hand across her breasts when I took her bra off.

“What do you think you’re doing,” she gasped. “You can’t undress me.”

“I already have,” I pointed out. “You can’t shower with your clothes on.”

I propelled her into the shower, flicking on the water as I did so. (It’s my shower. I know just where to set the taps so the water is nice and warm.) As far as Nikki was concerned, one moment she was dressed, the next she’s naked and in the shower.

“Alright,” she snapped. “I’ll have a shower. I don’t need you in here with me.”

She sounded a trifle upset, as if the truth of what had just happened was suddenly getting through to her.

“Yes, you do,” I said softly, turning her around to face the wall. “Put your hands on the wall and lean on them.”

“What? Why? What are you doing?”

Rhetoric questions, all of them. It must have been obvious what I was doing. My hand was between her legs, easing her lips apart, and my cock was pressing against her.

“You can’t expect me to be satisfied with one quick bounce on the bed,” I told her. “That was really just a warm up. Now relax a little.”

I was pushing firmly into her, sliding smoothly down a passage that seemed eager to welcome me back. Nikki was leaning forwards against the wall, as instructed, going, “But, but, but”.

I never did hear what her objection was going to be. My cock slapped home and started its magic dance, while my hands reached around her and took hold of her breasts.

I had a couple of things in my favour this time around. One was that Nikki was already aroused from the previous time and it would be easy to build on that arousal. The other was that I’d already shot my wad and would need time to reload, letting me have more time for my fun.

I drove into Nikki hard, right from the word go. (I said the word. I’m not sure Nikki would have.) Nikki gave a couple of odd sounds, sounding as though she was choking off swear words, that she got with the action, pressing firmly to meet me.

With Nikki’s happy help I took her hard and fast, pumping away in what could only be described as a lusty manner. At the same time my hands were playing with her breasts, fondling and squeezing them, enjoying the soft feel of them in my hands.

Like I said, Nikki was already aroused from the earlier episode. It wasn’t long before she was gasping, little cries coming from her as she headed inexorably towards another climax. Then it hit her, and I could feel her trying to close around me and hold my cock within her while her orgasm tore its way through her system.

I relaxed a little, letting her have her fun. As her climax peaked and died away I picked up from where I left off. Like I also said, I needed time to reload, and I wasn’t loaded yet. I very quickly re-established the nice rhythm we’d had going. Mind you, for a few moments Nikki was all, “Wait. What are you doing?” but I figured she’d work it out fast enough.

She finally gasped out, “Oh, god. You’re a male nympho,” and got with it, pushing to meet me, and doing a damn fine job of it. (I prefer the term Satyr, myself. Male nympho sounds rather degrading.)

She’d had her fun so I felt justified in just suiting myself from that point on. Her hearty cooperation definitely contributed, I will say that, as I banged her hard, warm water running over us and adding an erotic element to everything.

My second climax was damn hard work. I guess, truth be known, I’m not a satyr, but an opportunist, taking what was in front of me before it could escape. Still, I did get there, banging in extra hard at the end, letting her know I was through. Oddly enough she was through as well, climaxing a third time. Women have an unfair advantage over men in that area. At least, she can’t complain that I left her wanting more.

After that it was out of the shower, a quick dry, and on with that blasted tuxedo. I was in full kit before Nikki even left the en suite. I wandered out to Mary and we complimented each other on our appearances. Then we had to wait for Nikki to finally show up.

I don’t know. It took that woman so long to finish her shower and dry her hair that the taxi driver was banging on the door before she came waltzing out. Take a bit of liberty with a girl and they assume it’s carte blanche to do as they like. I hope she doesn’t expect to have sex every time she babysits. I’m not sure I could cope.

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