BabySitter OverNight

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I’d had rather a difficult day. My mother-in-law was down with the flu, quite badly, too, and she lived alone. Naturally my wife offered to go and stay with her over the weekend, leaving me to look after the kids. I couldn’t really object to either decision. Muriel certainly needed someone to keep an eye on her for a couple of days and there was no way we’d let the kids go there. So Margaret departed on Friday evening and I wouldn’t see her until Sunday evening.

The kids had been fine Friday night but decided to play let’s-run-Daddy-ragged and what-is-Daddy’s-snapping-point all Saturday long. I survived it. I outlasted the little monsters. Through sheer determination, and the knowledge that Jenni was coming over to babysit so I could go to the pub for a while, I survived.

I took advantage of the fact that Jenni was nearly nineteen and arranged for her to stay over-night, hoping that the kids would jump her in the morning and I could get to lie in. Not really expecting them to, but hoping. Jenni arrived and not long after that the kids were in bed and I shot through. Being a careful and considerate driver there weren’t any wild skid marks down my drive and onto the road when I left, even though I laid them down mentally.

I arrived at the pub and I had a couple of beers, stretching them out. I had to stretch them as I was driving and the police have this nasty habit of waving breathalysers at cars leaving the pub. I filled in some more time shooting pool. I should have shot the damn balls with a shotgun rather than a cue. Still, it all served to relax me.

I arrived home at about eleven. The kids were sleeping soundly (I checked them) and presumably Jenni was, too (No. I didn’t check on her.). I hit the pillows and said hullo to Morpheus.

About midnight I woke up to feel someone scrambling into bed with me. I was tempted to hop out of bed and carry whichever kid it was straight back to his own bed but decided what the hell. He was probably missing mum. I let him snuggle up and felt him relax, dead to the world again. The chances were he hadn’t even woken up on the journey from his room to mine. I put my arm around whoever it was to give him a comforting cuddle.

There are subtle little clues a parent can use to determine which child is which when it’s dark. Now I have a boy and a girl and while I have been referring to the child as my son it could quite easily have been my daughter. That’s where these subtle clues come in. My son didn’t have a nice soft breast. Neither did my daughter and hopefully she wouldn’t get them for years to come. Whoever was in my bed had a nice soft breast. Quite a handful it was.

I naturally jumped to the immediate conclusion that a burglar had broken in and fallen asleep and, being a law-breaker, was fair game for anything I wanted to do. I reached up and flicked on the reading light above the bed so I could examine my soon-to-be victim. Disappointments were abounding today. It was Jenni.

I lay there, looking at her, considering things. I had noticed that Jenni had been a little out of sorts when I saw her earlier. I remembered the wife telling me not to mention her boyfriend Tekirdağ Escort as she’d just dumped him (or been dumped) and it was a sensitive subject. Putting two and two together I decided that she hadn’t come to me seeking sexual satisfaction (damn-it) but had innocently sleep-walked in while of stressed mind.

The big question was did I wake her and chase her off to her own bed or did I leave her where she was? If I woke her she’d get all upset and embarrassed and probably wouldn’t sleep another wink all night in case she sleep-walked again. If I picked her up and carried her back to her bed she would probably wake up and find herself being carried about while asleep by a man with obviously evil intent.

I shrugged and turned off the light. That way we’d both get a night’s sleep and we could worry about explanations in the morning. After all, she was in my bed, not me in hers.

I settled down and went to sleep, considerately giving Jenni the cuddle she seemed to require. The fact that my hand had an excuse to drape over one nice full breast had nothing to do with my decision.

I woke earlier than I’d expected to the next morning. Normally I’d be annoyed but there were extenuating circumstances. For a start, I had a morning wood, which was being encouraged by a firm little bottom rubbing gently against it. I also found that I still had my hand full of a nice warm breast, with the slight difference that another hand was covering mine, holding it in place. From the subtle movements that Jenni was making she was waking up and feeling nicely aroused. Still, it would be rather a rude awakening for her if my cock did what it wanted to.

I stayed still, letting Jenni finish waking up. I felt the change when she realised something was wrong. Instead of holding my hand on her breast she was pulling it away and her bottom was no longer rubbing against me as she arched away from me slightly.

Jenni twisted and turned until she was facing me, eyes burning with indignation.

“How dare you get in my bed?” she demanded. “If you lay one finger on me I’ll scream rape.”

“The question is a good one,” I admitted, “but I’m the one who should be asking it. Look around.”

She was already doing that and I could see she knew it wasn’t her bedroom. My hand was still at her waist, holding her lightly, preventing her from jumping out of bed and running.

“I was alone when I hopped in bed. Sometime during the night you came and crept in with me. Now why would you do that? Oh, and I have no intention of raping you.”

“I didn’t get in your bed. No way I’d do that,” she protested.

I just gave her a considering look and then ostentatiously looked around the room. I lifted my eyebrows in sudden query.

“All right,” she said fiercely. “Maybe I did, but I didn’t know. I must have been walking in my sleep.”

“Happens,” I agreed. “No harm done.”

“Right. So if you’re not going to try to have sex with me you won’t mind letting me go so I can go back to my own bed.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to have sex with you.”

“Yes, you did. You plainly said you had no intention Tekirdağ Escort Bayan of raping me.”

“True, I said that and I meant that.” My hand moved back up to cover her breast again. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want to have sex with you.”

“Wh-what else could it mean? You can’t think I’ll agree to have sex. Ah, would you take your hand off my breast?”

I slowly slid my hand down of her breast, but I didn’t stop sliding it down until it was brushing across her mons and closing over her mound. This provided me with some very interesting information. She wasn’t wearing any panties under that flimsy t-shirt she used as a night-dress. The really interesting thing about this was that she had been wearing them earlier. I’d noticed when I was checking who was in my bed. I wondered when they managed to fall off.

“Um, I didn’t mean to just shift it down there,” Jenni protested, but she wasn’t trying to drag it away.

“I know, but don’t worry about it. I’m just stroking you a little. Why don’t you lie back on your side and take the chance to grab a little more sleep? It will be time to get up soon.”

She hesitated and then rolled over, facing away from me. I let my hand pull away from her mound when she rolled over. She muttered something but I couldn’t tell if she was pleased or not. It didn’t worry me. I started stroking her bottom.

When I say bottom I should say her bottom and points south. Following her lovely curves my hand just naturally slipped around to probe delicately at her soft flesh, rubbing lightly and gently probing. She wriggled slightly but didn’t say anything, probably hoping I was just teasing and that we’d both fall asleep.

After gently stoking her for a while I could feel the tensions in her. Her lips were hot and swollen and my fingers were finding delicate traces of moisture. I manoeuvred my erection around, arranging it so the head was pressing delicately against her, pressing at the right spot and seeking admission.

“You said no rape,” she hastily reminded me, her hand coming down to come between my cock and her pussy.

“I know. Stop worrying. I couldn’t take you like this anyway.”

“You couldn’t?”

Well I could, but I wasn’t going to admit it.

“No. The angles are all wrong. Don’t you know anything about anatomy? Mind you, if you bend your knees forward a little you’ll find the angles change. Try it.”

She did. I kind of thought she might. She eased her knees forward and suddenly she was a sitting target, a bullseye planted right in front of my cock.

“That’s right,” I said, pressing gently forward. “See, that leaves you lined up quite nicely.”

Did it ever. My cock was sliding into a hot moist passage with no hindrance.

“Wait. I didn’t say you could do that.”

“Ah, you didn’t say I couldn’t either.” (At least, not exactly.)

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll just let it lie there for a moment.”

That’s what I did, leaving it in place, only half in, not trying to advance further but not pulling back, either. My hand was once again on her breast, stroking it.

We lay like that for a little Escort Tekirdağ while, Jenni shifting restlessly every so often. Really, the way she squirmed about she couldn’t really blame me if my cock seemed to slowly sink deeper. She was the one wriggling. I was just lying still.

Jenni suddenly seemed to freeze as though she’d just realised what was happening.

“Ah, your cock,” she mumbled. “It’s right inside me. You said. . .”

She broke off.

“That’s wasn’t really my fault,” I protested mildly. “You kept on wriggling about and, well. . .” I left it at that.

“Can you, um, take it out, please?”

“I could,” I agreed, “but seeing it’s already there why don’t we just let it rub along for a while? I can always take it out later.”

“Will you? When I say stop you’ll stop and take it out?”

“Of course,” I said, injured that she would doubt me.

She relaxed and so did I. Well, not totally. I did start a slow movement, just easing in and out. No big strokes or demanding passion, just a gentle rocking motion, my cock sliding back and forth, nice and easy.

While my cock was doing its slow dance my hand was doing the same thing to her breasts, sliding over first one, and then the other, before returning to do it again.

I found I was sweating slightly. It was hard work to keep up a long slow movement when your cock is screaming at you to jump on her and fuck her to death. I persevered, slowly in, slowly out, finding that she was moving with me.

I think it was a case of us both being determined to out-stubborn the other. I wasn’t going to go full bore until she asked me to, or she’d finish up claiming rape. She wasn’t going to ask me to because that would be admitting she wanted to have sex. What the hell did she think we were doing?

Somehow I managed to keep up with the gentle rocking. Jenni was squirming slowly against me, wanting more but steadfastly refusing to admit it. It served her right if she was being tormented. On the bright side, she hadn’t said stop, either.

Damned if I know how long we went along like that. Far longer than I’d normally take for an initial bout, of that I was certain. Jenni was making odd noises and I could feel her tensing under me. Any moment and she was going to crack and ask me to go in hard.

She cracked all right. With a very strong climax. She made a moaning sound and started shaking, her passage clamping down on me and I was far too far along to prevent myself from spilling over. I climaxed, shuddering inside her, slightly surprised that we’d gone that far. It just goes to show, sex doesn’t have to be all passion and fireworks. Slow but steady will also complete the race.

“I think, I think you should stop now,” gasped Jenni.

“If you say so,” I agreed, slowly disengaging. Never let it be said that I wasn’t a man of my word.

We lay side by side, both of us breathing hard.

“I think,” Jenni finally managed to say, “that I’d better get in my own bed. The kids will wake soon and I wouldn’t want them to find me in here.”

That seemed an excellent idea. Jenni swung her feet to the floor and stood up. I noticed that she found time while getting out of the bed to bend down and snatch up a pair of panties from the floor. I watched her go but I couldn’t help wondering, what would it be like to toss her down on a bed and really have my way with her? And just how soon could I go about finding out?

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