Away From Home Is Okay

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Big Tits

I was out of town over the weekend and stopped in at this small ABS. I went back into the arcade, plugged some money into the slot, and started watching some nice MMF action.

After a few minutes, I took a spin around the arcade. There was no one there, except for a guy behind the counter who was talking to another guy in front of the counter.

I ask the guy at the counter if it is always this slow and he said no…that it was just a nice weekend…everyone must be doing other stuff. I just nodded my head, paused to look at the guy in front of the counter who coyly began to slowly rub a lump in his pants before I headed back to the booths.

I get back there into the arcade. I was pretty sure the guy rubbing his crotch was going to come back there and check me out. Wearing just shorts, t-shirt, and sandals, I stripped completely and began to stroke my cock as I opened the booth door Eryaman Escort a couple of inches.

Sure enough, the guy comes back. He peeked in, smiled and walked and began stroking my rock hard cock.

I reached down and rubbed him through his jeans. I felt him get hard quickly. I dropped to my knees and he unzipped and pulled out a very nice cock, maybe 7″ long, but fat at about the mid waypoint.

I sucked him for several minutes, deep throating him until he unbuckled and dropped his pants so I could suck his heavy, large balls.

After a few more minutes, the guy pulled me up, but gently pushed my head back down to his cock. He did this I learned quickly, so he could massage my smooth ass.

He was good and soon I groaned and ever so slowly began to hump his fingers as they caressed my anus.

He then asked Sincan Escort me what I wanted and I told him I wanted that fat cock up my ass. He then told me to stay put, that he’d be right back.

He returned in few minutes with a pump bottle of lube. He then told me bend over and spread my cheeks. I did and he began work his lubed fingers, first one then two, then three, in and out of my puckered asshole.

When he thought I was sufficiently lubed, he asked me to turn around and suck him hard again, and I did.

When he was hard, I turned around and he put his huge cock up against my ass and started to push it against my anus as I started to push back.

After a minute or so, I felt the big cock head pop in, followed by a couple of inches shaft. Thankfully, he stopped at that point, allowing my asshole to adjust to his cock’s Etlik Escort girth.

After another minute or so, I let him know that it is okay to go deeper and I pushed back as he lubes his shaft some more.

Soon I had this incredible feeling of fullness as I felt him press all the way against my ass. That fat cock was buried in my ass!

He then started taking slow strokes and soon I told him to fuck me little faster. And in no time, the guy was fucking me for all he is worth while I freely grunted and moaned.

Right before he came, he thrust very deeply into me and almost lifted me up with his big, fat, rock hard cock. He had an awesome cum. Despite the fact when he pulled out, I felt a splash of cum against my legs; I turned around, dropped to my knees, and gratefully licked his cock clean.

That was a first for me, tasting my ass and his sperm on his still semi-hard cock. He just had a very suckable cock.

I walked back to my hotel that night with cum dripping out my freshly fucked ass. And, as a reult, I am sure the young blonde girl at the desk noticed the dark wet spots on my shorts by my asshole as I walked to the elevator.

I probably smelled like cum, too…if she knew that smell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32