Aware of My Son

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My son Rick just arrived home from college. He was nineteen at the time. He had grown since he was last home. He was taller and his body had filled out. We were alone in the house. My husband had gone to work. I was walking down the hallway when I heard this sound. It sounded like a slapping noise. Rick’s bedroom door was partly open.

I couldn’t help myself. I looked in. There was my son in his back. He was stroking his cock. I couldn’t believe how long he was. I must have watched for a couple of minutes. I felt myself getting wet. I left his door and walked to my bedroom. I pulled my pants down and began to move my fingers across my slit. I was actually embarrassed. My son’s cock had turned me on.

Rick was certainly longer than my husband. My husband had stopped paying attention to me. I ached to have a hard prick inside me. I made myself orgasm with just my fingers. It wasn’t enough, however. Later in the day, Rick was standing in the kitchen. I came up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders.

He turned are to face me.

“I’m so glad you are finally home,” I told him.

He said he was happy to see me and my husband. I Giresun Escort was trying to control myself. I raised my hand and placed it on Rick’s chest and I rubbed it. Rick looked confused. He had every right to be.

“Do you ever think about me when you are at school?” I asked.

“Sure, all the time,” he said.

I finally lost my control. I lowered my hand to Rick’s crotch. I could feel his long member through his pants. Rick’s eyes lit up as he felt me massage his cock.


“I saw you on your bed,” I told him.

His eyes went wide and he knew why I was touching him now. He pulled me closer and we had our first kiss. It all went crazy from there. Rick started to pull my clothes off. I was naked in record time. He stripped down as well. His cock was already semi-erect. We made it over to the couch. I got onto my back and Rick spread my legs.

I soon felt the head of his dick probing my opening. Rick slowly entered my wet hole. He took his time sliding into me. I was panting hard as he finally had all of his cock inside my pussy. He held his member still inside me. I was already having these Giresun Escort Bayan small orgasms. Then the real fucking began. He pulled out, just leaving his mushroom inside me. He pushed my legs back as he slid into me hard.

I screamed repeatedly as my son fucked my tight pussy. A couple of hours ago I wouldn’t have dreamed such a thing could have happened. Rick was stretching pussy muscles every time he entered me. All I knew was that I needed my son to fuck me hard. He did that and more. I was having these intense orgasms now. Rick could have me any way he liked.

He eventually pulled out and make me get on my hands and knees. He placed his hands on my shoulders and then he pulled me back into his hard rod. It had been a long time since I had sex like this. I was practically begging for Rick to enter me. I don’t think I every wanted a man’s cock so badly. He drove into me right up to the hilt. I pushed back to meet his thrusts.

Mother and son were moving as one. I soon heard these grunts as Rick finally let go. My pussy was soon swimming in my son’s hot love batter. I squeezed his cock dry that day. I wanted Escort Giresun every drop of Rick’s seed inside me. My son took me a few minutes more before he pulled out. His cum came running out of me. I went to the bathroom to empty out. When I got back Rick was waiting for me.

I used my mouth to clean the spunk from his spent cock. Rick said he had never dreamed something like this could ever happen. That summer Rick and I were in bed constantly. I had to had his long cock and my son gave it to me often. Thankfully I was still using birth control. I lost count the times Rick filled me with his seed. I loved to ride his hard dick as he would squeeze my big breasts.

He would work me into a lather and then shoot streams of his cum deep into my tummy. Rick had an endless amount of seed to give me. The summer didn’t last long enough. It was time for Rick to head back to school.

“What are we going to do Mom?” He asked me.

I didn’t want to lose his cock from fucking me either.

“I want to tell you a secret,” he said. “I think about making a baby with you constantly.”

I was totally taken by surprise.

“Think about it when I am back at school,” he said to me.

Rick is now gone back to school. I often am on the bed naked. I rub my clit thinking about what my son said. I picture Rick seeding me and making my belly grow big. I might not be able to stop him from doing that the next time he comes home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32