Awakenings Ch. 01

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He came into the house very quietly, closing and locking the door. He placed his keys on the table, and put his suitcases down. The house was dark and smelled of candles. He quietly walked to the dining room where he saw where dinner had been. Candles in the center of the table, wine glasses, bottle of wine, etc. were all on the table waiting for the dinner that never occurred. He placed his hands on the doorway, looked at the clock which read 1:13am and hung his head. He was in such trouble. He told her he’d be home by 6:00. But with delays in flights and crazy cab drivers, he hadn’t made it. His cell phone was in and out of range and died completely. He sighed and looked in the fridge, seeing all his favorite food in plastic containers she had made for dinner. Sighing, he reached for a beer and closed the fridge. Popping the top he took a long swallow and sighed. Might as well go upstairs and face it, he thought.

Heading upstairs, he saw no lights on coming from the bedroom. Damn she went to bed mad, he thought. Pulling off his tie and jacket, he pushed open the door to the bedroom. He stopped and looked at the bed in wonder. Moonlight streamed across the room and the bed. She lay there on top of the comforter on her side in a long flowing white satin gown. He knew that gown, she wore it for him when she wanted to seduce him, which honestly didn’t’ take much when it came to her. One of the spaghetti straps had fallen down her shoulder and lay against her arm. One hand was tucked under her cheek, her long hair spread out behind her, the lace of her gown barely covering her breasts. He swallowed hard, and took another long swallow of beer. He was gonna have to make this up to her, he smiled slyly.

Going to the bathroom, he undressed and brushed his teeth. He came out in just his briefs and went over to his side of the bed. He lay down beside her and reached over and turned off her alarm. Sivas Escort He slowly bent down and kissed her warm shoulder. He then kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, “Hi baby.” She brushed at her ear and moaned in her sleep. He smiled at her and gently ran a finger over her lower lip. He then took his finger and slowly dragged the spaghetti strap down further, exposing her breast. His eyes darkened when he saw her nipple peek out at him. He gently ran the tip of his finger around her nipple, seeing it pucker under his finger. He leaned in and kissed her lower lip gently. Leaning up, he whispered into her ear again. “Baby, I’m home.”

She moaned in her sleep again and shifted slightly, exposing more of her breast to him. He groaned softly, and gave in and bent down kissed the top of her breast. He looked up to see if she awoke but she remained still. He smiled against her breast and licked lightly. He trailed his tongue down to her nipple and curled his tongue around it. She moaned in her sleep and her lips parted. Looking up, she still hadn’t wakened and he got bolder in his attentions. He closed his lips around her nipple and sucked gently. Swirling his tongue around her nipple, he cupped her breast in his hand and raised it further to his lips.

She moaned again, this time in a different way. A way he knew and loved to hear. She was getting aroused and not even awake. She shifted again and rolled onto her back, her lips were parted, and her breathing became slightly heavy. Her breast laid exposed and her nipple hard and wet in the moonlight. He pulled down the other strap and exposed the other breast. He leaned over and licked it gently, then swirled his tongue around it the same as he had the other one. He reached over with one hand and cupped her other breast and held it. Trailing his tongue up her breast, over her collar bone, up her neck, and up to her ear, he gently Sivas Escort Bayan blew into her ear.

She moaned again, shifted and turned her head toward him. He cupped her cheek in his hand and gently kissed her lips. He went back to her breasts and licked and sucked on both nipples, arousing her while she slept. She began to moan more, and she moved her hips up from the bed and back down again. He smiled against her nipple and thought to himself, “In for a nickel…” and reached down and began to pull up her nightgown when she lifted her hips in her sleep. He pulled it up to her tummy and found her without panties and groaned aloud. He cursed every pilot, cabbie, and cell phone maker in the world for making him miss this. He then blew gently against her tummy. He ran his hand over her hip and kissed her tummy softly. He then began to kiss his way downward risking hell and fury when she woke up. He parted her legs gently and kissed each thigh softly. He looked up and saw her lips open, breathing heavier, and her fingers at her lips. He slowly slid up her body and settled beside her.

He trailed his hand between her thighs and began to massage between her legs. He slipped a finger between the lips of her pussy and found her damp against his finger. He groaned aloud and kissed the top of her breast. He slowly drew his finger up and down her inner lips, feeling her grow more and more wet against his finger. He heard her moan and begin to pant, turning him on further. He found her clitoris and circled it slowly, round and round, arousing her more and more. He slowly slid his finger down her lips and into her opening, laying his thumb against her clitoris and rubbing it slowly but firmly. He laid his forehead against hers and continued his stroking, listening to her moan and pant, then he heard her softly say his name.

He groaned, gave in, and kissed her mouth, opening Escort Sivas her lips and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He felt her stir, and moan against his mouth. He pulled away from her and laid his forehead against hers again. He saw her eyes open, her become aware of her surroundings and gaze at him. “Hi baby.” He whispered. “I’m sorry I was late I—“She cut him off and kissed him hard on the mouth. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, moaning passionately. She held his face in her hands, and continued kissing him while he stroked inside her. She wrapped her arms around him and whimpered against his lips. Her hips moved against his hand, back and forth riding his fingers. She buried her face in his neck and moaned against his skin. She panted into his ear, moaning for him not to stop, and writhed against him furiously.

He held her tightly and watched her begin to orgasm. She bit her lower lip and whimpered. She moaned, and leaned her head back. Her hips moved against his hand of their own volition and he rubbed her clitoris faster to help her cum. She laid her forehead against his and moaned loudly. “I’m going to cum.” she whispered, panting hard.

“I know honey, let go.” he whispered, and kissed her hard on the mouth. She cried out against his lips and came apart in his arms. He held her close and murmured to her softly as she enjoyed herself. He wrapped both his arms around her and held her to his chest while her quivering subsided. He kissed her gently just below the ear and licked her earlobe. She panted against his neck, slowly calming down. She leaned back and looked at him.

“You’re very late.” she whispered. As he tried to speak, she placed her fingers over his lips. He gazed at her and kissed her fingers. She smiled at him and reached down and pulled at his briefs, pulling them down his legs and throwing them off the bed. She pushed him over onto his back and then slid up his body and straddled his thighs. She reached down and pulled her nightgown off and let it fall to the floor. She leaned forward and kissed each of his nipples. She then kissed him gently on the lips. “You can make it up to me now.” she whispered wickedly.

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