Awakening of Stella

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Thanks for checking out my story! First of many of this new genre I’m starting!

11:30 a.m. stella Landon begins her noon typicals. Stellas Landon, a young woman of beauty and stature. To describe Stella is to describe someone of the imagination ; Stella stands 5’9″ tall, but slender.

Body molded as though made by the god Zues in his own eyes to be of perfection and temptation. She posses a set of 36C breasts, plump, ripe, and perky. A flat stomach to boot. Like the lines of a 1990’s Porsche 911 she had body line and curves in every one of the right places. Even at her height she was 118 pounds no more no less. Blonde hair as wavy and full as a mid summers breeze across the water. From there you would make your way around and down to her ass. So perfect and round. As if sculpted using a tool and the worlds most gentle hands.

Stella was a woman, but was a work of human art in realistic form. Stella was mostly normal for being her young well age of 25. She had finished college and was working full time as a investment broker in down town Austin, Texas. Now to say she wasn’t from there is a true statement being hailed from east coast. But in all this you would suspect Stella Landon to be what you might call your average, all American, beautiful young woman.

But Stella had a side that no one knew. Stella had a secret that was even unknown to her… until it was shown to her.

It all start with a regular evening like any other around the Landon house hold. Stella was preparing herself for a date with a man whom she had yet to meet. Spoke only through message, Stella was intrigued by his charm. She prepared all day for such the event to come, dressed in a red dress, black stiletto heels, no bra, red plaid colored high rise bikini panties, ruby red lipstick, hair curled at its ends, and a lovely translucent black eye liner to top of the picturesque 1950’s style look.

When she arrived at the restaurant she saw a brick building. Old, but modernistic in many ways. An old wood working factory beautifully and tastefully converted to a beautiful 1950’s style black and tie jazz lounge. As she entered the grand double door she was greeted by the scent of warm soft candles, dim lighting, red gowned tables, plush velvet booths, and the soothing but sensual sounds of modern jazz. She peer around awaiting to find who she sought for all day, and there he was. His name was Bryan Fletcher. Bryan was of what you say, ruggedly handsome. Bryan stood at 5’11”, 185 pounds, broad shoulders and chest, pronounced legs, and a sculpted back.

He Şerifali Escort sat there gazed amongst the crowd of people in the dimly lit room. Red gown divine tables draped is essence and a sensual mood filled the air with the most pois. Stella immediately felt her heart stumble in a state of euphoria. He legs shook a bit as she eyes from his semi long jet black hair and blue eyes to his tightly tucked waist line.

As Stella stood she noticed it was transparent that she had begun to lose track of time so in a rut of her own she stood prim and made proper walk to the table. Her essence showing as though a woman with desire and fire, hips in heavy sway from side to side as her dress break the wind around her ankles from her swift sharp movements. Bryan heard the familiar sound of a woman with hast as he heard the click of heels. As he turned towards the door he lay his eyes upon a woman from whom the likes of which he had never before. His heart stop but yet his pulse quickens. His eyes fix but his mind draw no thought. His body tremble but yet he feel nothing beyond the numbness of life from which had been instilled from the stunning draw of Stella Landon.

He stood quickly and stead fast making clear eye contact with not a word but to help usher her into her booth. Chivalrous of him and very underestimating of her. They lock eyes and Stella this introduce herself “you must be Bryan Fletcher. I am Stella it’s a true blessing to meet ya” Bryan’s mind from a numbed state replies “hello miss, my lord you are dare I say a sight amongst a dark night. That would be me, it’s a true pleasure” it was meant to be from that point forward but not without what was to transpire that great evening.

Pt. 2

The dinner was grand, the conversation perfect, the body movements all spoke as thought it was to be a night of excitement for both of the sensual lovers. Bryan had offered to drive Stella home and she was aqueous his request.

Her home they eventually arrive and feelings had begun to stir, a few high mixed drinks had untethered some nerves better left to fray some dark nights, but tonight may have been the darkest of those. As they sit there Bryan gaze at her stunning beauty, Stella knew what she wanted. And what she wanted was Bryan Fletcher.

He turn toward her in amazement and as fast as he turn Stella had climbed atop him in the drivers seat. Bryan was in disbelief but locked lips heavily. Bryan knew this night was to be long but gloriously eventful. He push back and motion to her door. She grabs his İstanbul Escort hand and guides him quickly through the door and into the living room. She throw him down and pull her dress up to straddle him. They lock lips tightly and with force place tongue on tongue. Bryan raise his hands to pull her dress over her head exposing a body such made by the gods of the earth, he breasts perky and firm, her body supple, her perfect hour glass figure Devine. Bryan had a surprise and he knew how to accomplish it.

Bryan removed her bra releasing her supple breasts as he takes them into his mouth as he reaches around and grabs her mound Devine ass with a heavy squeeze. She moan and wriggle above him before he thrash her to the couch. She look up as he peel her panties down her long beautiful legs and she grabs them exclaiming she has to pee… Bryan was in ecstasy. He stare down in love and bliss and sneak close to her ear “hold it. I have something unconventional but your going to love it” she wriggle concerned and questioned what was to transpire.

Bryan left her to the couch as he left the front door open while Stella naked, squirming, cold, and in need of urination relief. She heard the trunk close and in concern she tried to get up but was intoxicated and couldn’t move as once sobered. Bryan enter the house softly closing the door behind him. He stand there above her holding a bag, Stella afraid begins to squirm but Brian gently presses his finger to her lip. “Shhhh your going to love this my little angel” she felt comfort in his words and stopped moving. He sit by her feet and opened the bag, something made a loud crinkle sound. His hand slowly lift her butt up and she moan as a finger grazes her little hole.

Stella unsure of what was to come relaxed and felt the warm soft blushness underneath her behind. She feel something soft come between her legs. His hands braze her sides and she hears a all familiar sound of something crinkling. As she lay there she feels her nether parts begin to become warm, puffy, and secured. As Bryan let’s go Stella leans up to realize… she’s been diapered. A diaper with skulls and crossbones on it. Stella was unsure as she gaze to Bryan “br… br… Bryan… what is… this…” Bryan places his hand amongst her crotch area rubbing it, pressing firmly in so that her clit is stimulated by the presence of padded ecstasy “well my dear, it’s a diaper. I need to be honest I have a unusual fetish and kink. I love woman in diapers, and I love seeing them pee in them. Sometimes to act such as babies Ümraniye Escort ” Stella was in shock but curious she had never heard of such a thing. She was wanting to be disgusted but yet was intrigued. She wanted to know more.

Before she could attest the situation Brian pressed hard against her pussy giving a rub “let it go” Stella unsure of his words was confused. Tilting her head she gaze at him. He swiftly leans in and says deeply into her ear “let… it… go” she understood. She was withering away in need of the time to go piss but his hand pressing firmly on her pussy from the outside of the diaper wouldn’t let her leave. She say to him “but.. I can’t…” Bryan displeased with this answer takes his other hand and presses down on her bladder. Stella yelps and squeaks. Suddenly she feels a slight rush, she was releasing into the padded diaper. She was in shock but couldn’t stop, she loved the flowing warm rush. She suddenly felt the urge to go more, he pussy surrounded by the warm flood of sweet urine. In a moment of weakness she moaned as his fingers felt the warmth of her flow into the diaper, his erection standing firm.

She reached down and grabbed his hand pressing it firmer and making circles as she sent sweet release of warm ecstasy into her new found padding. She suddenly felt a warmth start at her toes and begin to work its way up her legs. She knew the feeling but wouldn’t stop peeing. She panted and swayed harder and she pissed and pissed. Bryan I wide eyed view saw her back arch as he pressed his fingers hard making circles amongst her sweet velvet pussy and clit. Stella blasting her eyes open let out a scream, he body convulse and she release a second hard round of pee into the diaper over flowing it.

She scream and squirm as she orgasm over and over in sweet relief of both kinds. Bryan suddenly grabs her waste as he lifts himself from the couch. Stella still spent from the most unusual orgasm she has ever witness or been apart of lay in a soggy, wet, spent, overflown diaper. Panting, tunneled in vision, confused yet in the heavens hears the noise of pants dropping. She look through the slight darkness to see Bryan naked, a full 9 inch erect penis held before her. He sit back down by her feet as he reaches in removing the straps on her diaper. As he peel it off he reveals the sweet smell of a pissed pussy. It arises him as his cock twitches and bumps. Stella came back into her own as she lean up grabbing his arm with intense force stopping him. Her naked body lay in a diaper of wet urine but yet she wanted more, Stella had found her secret, her secret she wanted to share more of with him. Yet she was to show him more then he ever knew…

To be continued….

Please review and let me know what y’all think! Inspired by someone special to me 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32