Aurora University Ch. 01

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Everyone in this story is 18 years of age or older.


“Students, teachers, one and all, welcome back to Aurora University. I hope the break has been an enriching experience for all of you, and hope that you are all refreshed for the start of the new school year.

“Year Ones, perhaps it would be prudent at this point to address some of the special rules and features of our school. The rest of you, please be patient.

“Aurora University was initially founded by the Roman Consul Julius, to serve as a center for learning the sexual arts. The Ancient Romans believed that exploring one’s sexuality would lead to an understanding of the gods and their arcane arts. And indeed, Aurora has produced many notable sorcerers in its history, from Christopher Columbus to Albert Einstein.

“Yes, it is my great pleasure to inform all of you that after your four years of education in this college, you will eventually become wizards and witches, able to command the ancient forces of magic at your will. Perhaps a little demonstration would be in order here; the Year Ones are looking quite disbelieving.”

The principal clapped his hands, and a carpet of balloons slowly floated up to adorn the ceiling. Another clap, and they vanished.

I gasped.

“Now we shall conduct our annual initiation ceremony. Year Ones, when your name is called, please stand and walk onto the stage.”

The older years clapped excitedly. I was still trying to process the information.

Me? Magic? A witch? What crackpot school had I gotten myself into? I regretted accepting the invitation letter. But hey, at that time it had seemed way to good a deal to pass on. Cheap tuition, two hours from home, among the best in the world.

“Abigail Brown.” A mousey brunette scrambled onto the stage nervously. She was quickly followed by Abigail Rivers.

Ah. It was in alphabetical order. I leaned back into my chair and waited.

“Chloe Styles.”

This was it. I gripped the handle of the chair and walked onto stage as confidently as I could.

“Heey, beautiful,” the boy to my left drawled as I stopped beside him. I tried to glare at him, but couldn’t resist giving him the quick once over. He noticed, and smirked.

This guy was HOT. Tall, blond, muscular. To hell with it. I hadn’t gotten laid in a month, and I wouldn’t mind this guy doing it. This was supposed to be college after all. Sex, drugs, parties, all that jazz.

So I raised my eyebrow. “Really? That’s your best pickup line?”

He smiled. “Still got your attention didn’t I.”

I scoffed. “You’re going to have to do better if you’re going to get into my bed, whatever your name is.”

“Oh, I’m Carter. And since we’re roommates already, that shouldn’t be too hard.”

He leaned in conspiratorially.

“There’s only one bed for every room, and everyone’s expected to share.”

“I saw the dorm arrangements,” he added. “My sis studies here; she sneaked out a copy for me. She was really hush hush about everything. Seemed like she had a hell of a time though.”

“Yeah, but magic?”

Carter shrugged. “Haven’t you ever dreamed of being invisible or stopping time? Plus the balloons seemed pretty legit. I don’t think this whole thing is some huge hoax.”

Hell, I had. What wouldn’t I have given to get another five minutes in the morning before I had to go to school.

I changed the topic. “What do you think the principal was talking about when he said exploring your sexuality?”

“I don’t know. But if it means what I think it means then it’s gonna be fun.”

“Perv,” I said. He reached out behind me and squeezed my ass cheekily.

But hell, I could feel myself getting wet. If that statement meant I could go around fucking whoever I wanted… Well let’s just say I absolutely loved sex.

“Zoey Tyler.” The principal clapped his hands.

“We’re finished. Now for the part I know all of you have been waiting for. Everyone, take off your clothes! Let the new school year, begin!”

“Woo!” the crowd below us cheered. And all of sudden, I was looking at a thousand naked, horny teens.

The principal, now naked as well, raised his hands for silence. “Year Ones, you may be a little confused again. Allow me to explain. All students are strongly encouraged to travel the campus naked before lessons officially start.

As I have said before, by exploring our sexuality, we are able to reach greater heights of magic. konyaaltı escort The amount of sex you have equates to the magical power you possess, in other words. Having as much sex as possible during the holidays will ensure you have a quality stockpile of magical energy at your disposal once lessons actually begin.

I’m sure your Magical Theory teacher will tell you more, but for now, if you would kindly cooperate and take off your clothes, we can proceed on with dinner.”

I got even wetter. Exhibitionism had long been a fetish of mine. But still…

Carter smirked. “We might as well do it Chloe. Everyone else is stripping already. Or are you saying you don’t want to see my cock? Heck, I might even let you touch it!”

“Pfft, your two inches? My fingers are longer.” I said. “You just want to see my tits and you know it.”

“Oh, of course I do. They look so big and so beautiful.”

“32Cs,” I smiled.

“Ooh, sounds delicious. Mind taking off your shirt for me to have a look at those puppies naked?”

Fuck it. I was way too horny for this. I pulled my blouse over my head, then unclasped my bra and pulled off my jeans. Yeah, I never wore panties.

I struck up a slutty pose and smiled my sexiest smile at Carter. “You like?”

“God Chloe, you’re so fucking hot.”

But I didn’t hear him, I was looking at his dick. And what a magnificent dick it was! He was huge. Seven inches at the very least, and so thick and throbbing. I grew wet just thinking of it in my pussy.

I lowered my hand to his dick and stared at him in the eye. “When we get back, you are going to push that monster into my tight wet cunt, and keep it there until I scream your name and squirt all over you.”

He grinned. “Oh baby, believe me when I say that nothing would make me happier.”

Dinner was delicious. There were potatoes, and pizza, and a whole roast chicken, and a glass of wine each. Carter’s hand was under the table all the time, either flicking my clit or penetrating my cunt. He whispered into my ear. “Just keeping you wet for later baby.”

Conversation flowed surprisingly easily despite the nudity and sex going on around the table.

I got to meet my other two roommates. First was a tall Japanese girl named Akiko. She had dyed her hair dark brown, and her them tied neatly in pigtails. She was skinny, and had small B cups, but the most adorable pussy ever. It was covered with a light layer of fuzz, and I grew wet again thinking of how it would feel on my tongue. (Yes, I’m bi.)

Which was good, since my last roommate was also a female. Gigantic dick or not, I don’t think Carter alone would have been enough to satisfy me all the time.

She was called Belinda, and from Singapore. She had raven black hair dangling down to her waist. Her pussy was completely shaved, and told us that she ice skated competitively. That figure certainly showed it, those long legs especially.

We got back to our dorm at around eleven, still without clothes, and found just a single bed and bathtub.

Somehow I wasn’t surprised. I laughed. “They’re really going all out to make us fuck aren’t they. I feel like I’m in the middle of a porno.”

“Hey, no one’s complaining,” Akiko said. “I’m pretty sure we’re all horny as hell, and easy sex anytime I want it? Sign me up!”

I certainly was. I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs. Oh fuck, I was so fucking horny.

“Well, if they’re going to make us fuck, we’re going to make it fun. Everyone, sit in a circle on the bed.” I told my new roommates.

I was between Carter and Belinda.

“Alright,” I said. “We’re going to play Truth or Dare. I’ll start. Dare.”

Belinda giggled and said, “I dare you to sit in Carter’s lap for the next round.”

Fuck yeah. Just what I needed. A big fat cock for my dripping pussy. I stood up, and sunk myself onto Carter’s erect dick, my legs wrapped around his stomach. I was so wet that he slid in easily. I rode him up and down, pushing him deeper and deeper into my pussy with every stroke. I moaned. Ah shit. It had been way too long since I had a real cock in my snatch. Dildos just weren’t cutting it anymore.

“Fuck, this feels amazing,” I groaned.

Belinda gasped. “That wasn’t what I mea-“

I cut her off. “I know, but I’m just soo fucking horny.”

“Slut,” she said, giggling again. God, her giggling was adorable.

“You better kepez escort believe it.”

It was Carter’s turn. “Truth,” he gasped as I finally took in his entire girth.

Akiko gave the question this time. “How do you feel right now?”

“So fucking good, It’s like I’m in heaven. Two naked Asian babes next to me, and one sexy blonde big titted teen bouncing on my cock with her tight wet pussy.”

I smiled and rode him even faster. I vowed to make him cum before the round ended.

“Dare.” It was Akiko’s turn.

“Spread your legs as wide open as you can, and masturbate for us until you cum.”

Akiko pulled the lips of her pussy open, then stuck a finger in. Her right hand started rubbing her clit at the same time. Another finger went in. Then a third.

“FUCK!” she screamed, closing her eyes.

Carter raised his head to look at her, grabbing onto my D cups for support. He pinched my right nipple. “Oh fuck!” I yelled. I reached down and twisted my hard clit.

Akiko moaned continuously. Her fingers went in and out of her pussy mechanically, even as I was bouncing up and down on Carter’s cock.

I glanced over at Belinda. Her long legs were spread too, and she was fingering herself frantically.

Akiko’s fingers went in faster and faster, and her body started to tremble. She let out a sudden shriek. “I’m cumming!” She thrashed and trembled, juices staining the white sheets. This was so fucking hot.

“Ugh…” I moaned.

I pinched my clit, and whimpered softly as I rode myself to my first small orgasm of the night.

Belinda picked dare. Carter got her to clean up the sheets and Akiko’s dripping pussy. With her tongue, of course. Which stimulated Akiko off to another round of shrieking.

I pushed Carter back onto the bed, but continued riding him as before. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I muttered. “This feels sooo fucking good.”

Carter pinched down hard on my tits. A surge of electric pleasure coursed through my body.

“FUCK! Again! Harder!”

He was shaking beneath me now.

“Fuck! Chloe! I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in me Carter! Shoot your sperm into my fucking pussy!”

I started to ride his cock even faster. I tore at my clit even more furiously. “Ughh, fuck, fuck, fuck.” I moaned incoherently. I was sooo close. I could feel it.

“Carter, I’m cumming!” I screamed as I came. My pussy contracted even tighter around his cock. He groaned, fingernails digging into my skin as he achieved his own release.

I slowed down my pace, until I slid comfortably down his cock, our juices mixing together into a sticky, delicious mess. Well, I did say I was going to make him cum before the round ended.

“That was amazing,” he sighed.

“I know,” I said. “I felt so fucking full. We’ve got to do that again.”

Belinda pouted. “I haven’t even came yet tonight.”

Carter smiled. “Don’t worry baby, I promise you’ll cum soon. Chloe, I dare you to put your face into that sweet little pussy of hers until she screams your name and begs you to stop. And I’m going to dare myself to stick my cock into her mouth. Akiko, you can lick my jizz out of Chloe’s slutty pussy and swallow it afterwards.”

Belinda was already ready. Her legs were spread apart in an almost split. I held them at her thighs, running my fingers lightly along the milky hairless skin, slowly creeping closer to her womanhood.

It was wide open for me to see, pink and hairless and wonderful looking.

She twitched at my touch. “Fuck, Chloe, stop teasing, lick me alrea-“

She gagged, and her voice suddenly cut off. I looked up and saw Carter’s already recovered dick going in and out of her mouth.

Then I felt hands on my own thighs, and a warm tongue entered my pussy.

“Fuck, Akiko! That feels so good! Don’t stop!”

I slammed my own face into Belinda’s crotch. Teasing be damned, I was going to make her cum before I did. I pushed apart the warm pink folds of her pussy with my tongue.

She was delicious. She tasted like fresh fruit and sugar and everything nice. Must be Asian pussy, I thought. I was certainly going to have more of that.

I pulled my head up to her clit, and gave it a short, sharp bite. She jumped and moaned. Back to pussy. Clit again. Pussy. Clit. Moan. Moan. Pussy. Clit.

Akiko wasn’t doing too bad a job too. Shit. At this rate, I would cum in five minutes tops.

I redoubled my kemer escort efforts on Belinda’s snatch, using a technique I had picked up some years back on a previous girlfriend.

I started to trace her name on her clit with my own tongue, alternating each letter with some of the sweet nectar oozing from her pussy.

B. Lick. E. Moan. Lick. L. Lick. I. Moan. Lick. Moan. N. Lick. Lick. D. Moan. Lick. Moan. A. Lick. Moan. Repeat.

It was wickedly effective. Less than three cycles, and I could tell she was close. Her hips continuously buckled beneath my tongue.

But I didn’t quite expect her juices to splash all over my face and hair when she came.

“Belinda! You’re a squirter!” I squealed.

She tried to say something around a mouthful of dick but it didn’t quite come out.

So I turned to Akiko, still licking wonderfully at my own pussy from behind, and rolled on top of her into a 69.

I pushed my tongue through the light fuzz above her own moist folds, and then got my first taste of Japanese pussy.

It was fantastic.

“Ungh,” she moaned. “Ugggh, Chloe! That feels so good.”

“Akiko, you’re really close aren’t you?”

“Yes., watching you guys got me soo hor- OHMIGOD don’t stop!”

Truth to be told, I was close to my third orgasm of the night too. Akiko’s ministrations were devastatingly effective.

But hey, what I was doing wasn’t too bad either. I repeated the pattern I had used on Belinda before, and Akiko turned into a shaking heap of pleasure before long.

“Ugh! Fuck!”


“Chloe! FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Akiko screamed. “I’m going to cum!”

Perfect. I bit down on her clit. My thumb simultaneously pushed up her ass. Her hips rammed upwards, thighs squeezing both sides of my head. Her nectar splashed all over my face.”

Then she collapsed back onto the bed, chest heaving, eyes closed.

“Akiko’s passed out,” I announced. Neither Belinda or Carter replied. Carter was too busy fucking Belinda’s face and she was too busy sucking his prick.

Ahh fuck. That meant that there was no one left to lick me off to orgasm. And I was so horny too. I NEEDED COCK!

I contemplated my options, stuffing three fingers in my pussy at the same time.

Fuck it. They called me a slut anyways didn’t they. I was just about to show them how right they were.

I crawled over to the other side of the bed, pulling Belinda’s face off Carter’s dick, and replacing it with my own. He didn’t complain. Belinda did though, only reluctantly lowering her tongue to my pussy.

His cock was coated with a thick layer of spit and pussy already, and it fit into my mouth easily despite his girth. I ran my mouth up and down the shaft, flicking my tongue around the pulsing tip and massaging his balls with my fingers. Carter’s own hands were wrapped around my face, pulling on my blonde locks.

I bobbed my head up and down.

“Oh, Chloe,” he groaned, “I’m gonna cum soon.”

Two more sucks, and I deepthroated him. His eyes opened wide as I took his whole length into my mouth, from tip to nutsack.

I gagged on his monstrous dick, hoping I had timed it perfectly. I couldn’t keep it in for much longer. But as it turned out, I did, and he nutted straight into my throat.

My own orgasm racked me mere moments later.

“Oh fuck! Belinda!” I screamed as I came, finally releasing the built up tension.

I looked down, seeing her sweaty naked form heaving behind me.

“Bitch,” she whined. “I was sucking him.”

“I’m so sorry. I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” I said.

“Damn right we will,” Carter said. “Chloe you take her pussy. I’m going to fuck her ass. We’re going to rock her world.”

I pushed my mouth into her now familiar folds without hesitation and licked.

Belinda moaned. “FUCK! That feels so good! Chloe, you’re forgiven.”

But that was all she could say before Carter’s dick pushed its way into her ass and she collapsed into a incorrigible torrent of shrieks and moans.

“She’s already passed out,” Carter moaned. “I didn’t even get to cum in her yet.”

We had just given Belinda what had probably been the most intense orgasm of her life. Her squirting had wet my entire face again, and nearly half the bed besides.

I spread open my pussy.

“Hey, this is always here for you,” I said, dipping a finger in and then lifting it to my lips seductively.

Carter smiled. “How could I ever forget about my little minx? But you know, I was rather hoping to shoot my jizz up someone’s ass tonight.”

I rolled over doggy style and pulled the two perfect globes of my ass apart.

“Who said I didn’t do that?”


“You better believe it.”

to be continued

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