Auntie Flo Ch. 02

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This story follows directly on from Chapter 1, so for context I suggest you read that first.

This is my first attempt at a pure sex story, no character or plot development, just pure filth.

I’m still self editing, if anyone can help please let me know. Otherwise all mistakes are mine.

As always enjoy, it’s just for fun.

All characters depicted engaging in sexual activity are over 18 years of age.


“Oh, you absolute rascal, oh how I hate you” she said with a huge smile, before curling my toes with another of those astonishing, tongue wrangling kisses.

“I need you to look at my shower first, then we’ll have a nice chat. Come on, up you get.”

Auntie Flo pulled me up and scampered off up the stairs. I made sure I was right behind her, watching my sperm fart and plop from her deepest, darkest depths before dribbling down her thighs. Man, this was living!

As I followed her into the master bathroom I realised I was sucking my right index finger, trying to locate the slightest residue of her fetid tunnel.

“Oh, you are a naughty boy” she said, “give that here, that’s mine.” She grabbed my hand and slurped the oily finger between her lips, the suction felt like the skin was going to peel right off.

“Mmh, I love that taste, but it’s even better off a big hard cock!” Who was this crazy vixen and what had she done with my auntie?

“Right, everything off and get in the shower, I’ll be with you in a sec darling!” she said, rummaging in one of the cupboards.

The hot water was glorious and shot out at near supersonic speed. This wasn’t a shower; it was a sand blaster.

A gust of cool air told me that Flo was getting in behind me, moments before my senses were assailed by the arrival of mountains of soft, slippery tit flesh sliding over my back. I could feel her wiry pubic hair grinding on my bum cheeks as she reached round to clasp my hardening cock. Her other hand was pinching my nipples and rubbing all over my chest and tummy.

“I found Roger’s old shower gel, let’s get you all spick and span darling.”

She must have used the whole bottle because the slippery, slimy suds were everywhere, just like her hands. She was crouched down now, washing my ball bag… with her tongue. Wait, fuck it’s in her mouth, the whole fucking thing is in her mouth. She’s sucking my balls and that tongue is all over them. Lick, swirl, prod, swipe, SUCK, she was relentless.

She rubbed my hairy tummy to build up more lather and very gently RAMMED a finger up my asshole. Her other hand which had been gently pulling on my knob went into overdrive, thrashing up and down my length. The suction on my balls, enhanced by a mouthful of hot, slimy saliva and her constantly, wriggling tongue was just too much. My balls were drawing up into my body and Flo knew exactly what that meant.

“I’d love to tease you a bit longer baby but I need that load, need it deep in my belly. Are you ready, is that spunk ready to shoot out, shoot down my throat?”

“Yes Flo, I want it in your mouth, I want to shoot my cum so hard it comes out your nose. I’ve got a huge load for you. I can’t wait. Please suck it out … please.”

She was already moving around my body towards the front. She released my cock from her pistoning hand and… just swallowed it. Whole. To the root. No hesitation, no gagging, just one-minute fresh air, the next, halfway to her stomach. And she stayed there, applying suction like I’d never dreamed of and swirling her tongue like a bag of eels.

I couldn’t help it, I started to move my hips, forcing my penis in and out, further into her gullet with every thrust.

The finger in my shit-pipe was gone, I was missing it already. Both her hands clasped my ass cheeks and pulled me into her face harder and harder.

I could take no more, it was time. I could feel it’s gathered mass accelerating up my tube. I screamed out:

“I love you Auntie Flo. Take my sperm, swallow all my spunk. It’s all for you, only for you, deep in your belly.”

She was humming now; the sensations were overwhelming and then I was cumming. Pulse after glorious pulse of my rich, creamy baby batter. Bathing her tonsils, bursa otele gelen eskort coating her tongue as she moved her head back, her lips keeping a tight seal around my mushroom head. I could feel her swallowing now, gulping down my goo as fast as I could pump it out for her.

And then I was done. Spent. Empty. Satisfied.

Fuck I was so far beyond satisfied I don’t have the words.

Flo was cleaning up now, making sure that no man sauce was left behind. Her tongue was burrowing into my pee hole just in case there was even a drop of spunk left in there. She was slurping up the sides of my penis, making sure she got it all.

As she sat back against the shower wall, I could see her fingers pushing any remaining cock cream on her face towards that hot, sucking mouth. Her tongue flashed out to lick her finger before it was jammed in between her lips for a thorough cleansing. Our eyes met and I knew she was smiling as she slowly, gracefully straightened up like a teenage ballet dancer.

She pecked me on the lips and said “let’s rinse off, my love.”

So we did. Ten minutes of slippery fumbling, interspersed with low giggles and high-pitched shrieks. We touched and fondled and grabbed and pinched and kissed every inch of each other’s bodies.

Finally, it was time to step out and I grabbed a towel, planning to sensuously dry her off. But that wasn’t right. This towering colossus of sexual energy and depravity wasn’t a china doll to be coddled and protected, she was a fuck machine that needed a firm hand.

So, I scrubbed the water off her. I sawed the towel back and forth, up and down, round and round in and out. No mercy, like I was drying the car. And she loved it.

I’ve tried writing down the sounds she made phonetically but I can’t do her justice.

Somewhere between a rumbling volcano and Chewbacca’s war cry is the best I can do.

She returned the favour, with interest, until we both stood there… naked, red, panting and smiling like utter loons.

She took my hand and led me to her bed, we both slipped under the soft, cool covers and sighed.

“I wanted to make your first time special” she said.

“I hate to disappoint you auntie, but that wasn’t my first time!” I replied.

“Your first time with me darling.”

“Oh. First time, meaning there’ll be a second and a…”

“There’ll be as many as you want baby. I’ve waited far too long for you, we’ve got so much lost time to make up for.”

“You’ve been waiting? For me?”

“I was already waiting when I married Roger but the poor thing just couldn’t keep up. He enjoyed his time with me but he was glad of the break when he left. He’s still a dear friend, paid off the mortgage on this place as a reward for the special memories I gave him.”

“Fuck, I’ll have to buy you Buckingham Palace as a reward for today!”

She laughed her delightful laugh and rolled towards me half straddling me with her left leg and arm. The heat of her pussy on my thigh was giving my tired penis ideas.

“I wouldn’t ask you for a single penny baby, I’ve wanted that for so long and I want to do it for you again and again.”

“I don’t understand. I don’t have any money. I’m not that handsome. I don’t have a giant horse cock, I…”

“You can say that again!” she cackled.

“Piss off, I didn’t hear you complaining.”

“And I never would. It’s the whole package I love, not just the bits and pieces. It’s your cock, it’s part of you. Big or small I love it completely because it’s you.”

Her eyes filled up, but I knew they were happy tears. She was kissing my chest and sliding her overheated pussy up and down my leg, smearing her oily juices on my hip, smiling all the while.

“Come on, I really have to get cracking on that window Flo. I charge by the hour you know.”

“I think I’ve built up a little credit this morning, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, there’s a much bigger problem with my back door.”

“Really? What’s wrong?”

“It’s not been smashed in for ages. Can you help?”

“Yes I can. I’ve got this great big pile driver here that will be perfect for the job, see?” I paused before continuing “I’d love to fix that for you more than just about bursa eve gelen escort bayan anything Flo, but it really would be my first time.”

“Ooh, virgin meat in my sloppy old bunghole, I can’t think of anything better!” With that she rolled to her left and opened a drawer in the little bureau beside her bed. Her hand rooted around for a second before she found what she was after. Rolling back to me she said “once we’ve had a bit more practice, we’ll not need this but it will make it easier for you today.”

Flo threw the cotton sheet back off the bed, leaving us naked and exposed. She was unscrewing the lid of the little bottle of lubricant when I placed my hand on her forearm saying “Wait, not yet. There’s something I need to do first.” I took the little vial and placed it on the table to my right.

I rolled back on top of Flo, leaving us nose to nose. I said quietly “you’ve been in the driving seat so far, it’s my turn now.” I kissed her full on the lips, firmly but tenderly. Closing my eyes, I pushed my hands under her head, raising her up towards me, before my tongue began exploring.

First, I ran it around the inside of her lips, dragging the tip along her teeth. Her own pink snake began to uncoil and made delightfully tentative contact with mine as she began humming contentedly. I think she sensed intuitively that I wanted to slow things down a little. Our earlier couplings had been filled with passion and steamy, erotic energy, but we’d both said the “L” word and it was time for those emotions to come to the fore.

I leaned back and placed more light, butterfly kisses along her jawline, up to her right ear where I was rewarded with a delightful cooing sound. I nibbled the fleshy lobe and swirled my tongue around its delicate flesh. Moving on I kissed across her forehead, nipped the tip of her nose and gave her a final peck on her lips.

Gazing into her eyes I said “I’m going exploring, I’ll see you later.”

I rotated my body and crawled towards her feet. They were delicate and beautifully formed. I knew she liked to pamper herself with manicures and pedicures and things because she kept inviting mum who always seemed to have more important work to keep her away.

The skin was soft and pink, the nails painted an iridescent blue. I’ve no foot fetish but her comments on my penis resonated with me. For me, loving a person means loving the whole package, you can’t pick and choose which bits you like. So, I leaned down and lightly bit her big toe, sucking it into my mouth. Flo moaned quietly but quickly got louder as I sucked harder. I swirled my tongue around the invading digit bathing it in my warm saliva. I ran my fingers over her foot, looking for a ticklish spot so that I could tease her. I found one on the sole, right in the middle and as I dragged my fingertips over it Flo flinched, saying “no, no, no, stop that you little shit.”

“Oh man was that the wrong thing to say,” I laughed, spitting out her toe and grabbing her foot tightly. I launched a full-on tickle attack on her vulnerable spot and she writhed and squirmed in giggling agony.

“Please John stop, please. Oh god stop you bastard. No, you can’t, oh god. I’ll pee if you don’t stop, I’ll pee on you. Fuck!”

I stopped, looking up over the sweep of her body, “is that a promise auntie?”

“Be careful what you wish for, you dirty git” she said laughing, the relief clear on her face. I filed that tidbit of information away along with the site of her tickle zone. Now I realised I had a tantalising view between her toned thighs, and that’s where I wanted to be.

With my hands under her knees I raised them up, letting them fall apart to open up her genitals to my hungry eyes. Her hair was neatly manicured, a large, triangular, crew cut bush sat above the bald, meaty lips of her vagina. Her substantial cheeks just hiding her twisted pucker from my view. “Magnificent,” I said without realising, leaning down to introduce myself.

I ran my fingers through her pubic hair, standing stiff because it was so short. I’d never seen it done like this before and it was fascinating. Her lips glistened with the wetness I’d felt on my leg earlier. As I came close I could see more of her rich nectar bayan eskort bursa bubbling up from her depths, I had to taste her.

Extending my tongue, I gave a long lick from her perineum right up to her hairy diamond. I nipped and tugged at the hair with my teeth, before worming my way back to her plump lips. They were a rich purple colour, plump with blood desperate for my attention. After a few exploratory licks I slurped them into my mouth and began licking and chewing the delectable meat. Flo began to react now, her hands coming to the back of my head. I was happy to be directed in this, I was doing it as much for her pleasure as my own. “Yes baby,” she said, “right there, eat me up, munch that muff. That’s a good boy.”

Her hands pulled me tighter to her centre, so I abandoned my meal and went digging with my tongue. Down into the murky depths of her precious hole, my tongue raking her tunnel walls, desperate for the pungent liquid seeping from them.

It’s flavour was transcendent. First a salty hit as the thick juices smeared my tongue, then a tangy, meaty richness, almost overpowering at the back of my mouth. Then, as I continued to lick, suck and probe the truth of her taste was revealed, a fruity sweetness like a vintage wine. I knew at that moment that as long as I lived I would never tire of this woman, of her tastes, her smells and her love.

Her thighs had gripped the sides of my head and as I moved I became aware of the loud, lewd noises she was making. Moans and grunts, panting and crying. “My clit, lick my clit baby, pleeeeeaaaaase!!!”

It registered that I had neglected her needs in my aimless wanderings, so I set to my task with a will. Her clit was small, hard to find even. I knew where to look, at the confluence of those magnificent lips but it took several firm licks to lift its hood and gain access to the tiny pearl underneath. It may have been small but it seemed to be connected to every cell in her body because as the tip of my tongue slid over it Flo screamed “cumming darling, cumming on your tongue! More, more, more … more again please.”

I fluttered the tip on her precious button, then alternated with slow circles around it. Catch and release, the ultimate tease. I wanted her to build to a real explosion, so I worked steadily to fan the flames. Two fingers slipped into her quivering quim, sliding along and tapping her molten interior, seeking out that magic spot that would set off the reaction I wanted.

I pushed my free hand under her writhing buttocks, trying to slip a finger along her crack to hit the bullseye of her anus. It was dry so I swapped hands, slipping my sopping explorers out, moving to her ass stabbing a greasy finger deep into her bowels. My other hand resumed the search and by chance hit pay dirt almost immediately. I sensed a slightly spongy mass on the wall of her inner sanctum and pushed my fingers on to it. Simultaneously I started pumping my finger in her ass and dropped my mouth to her clit, sucking as hard as I could.

Flo’s ass lurched up off the bed as she climaxed explosively, screaming incoherently as thick, clear cunt butter surged out around my invading fingers. I moved my mouth to capture as much of this delicious offering as I could, it’s complex flavours delighting my taste buds. I slowed my movements, relaxing my tongue and lips as she crested her peak and began to sag back down on to the bed. I moved slightly to kiss along her inner thighs, lapping up any stray juices that I could find.

Flo’s panting was giving way to deeper breaths, she was no longer labouring to speak. “What… the… actual… fuck… was… that? I have never cum like that, ever, from anything. Darling boy what have you done to me?” She was pulling at my head so I slid up across her chest to look down on her shining face, hair plastered across her forehead. She grabbed me and pulled me in for a gentle kiss, releasing me soon so we could talk.

“My plan was to ruin you for other partners, just as you’ve done for me,” I said, sliding around beside her and pulling her body into the spoon position. My left arm was under her head, elbow bent so I could stroke her hair. My right pulled her back towards me, trying to maximise our points of contact along the length of our bodies.

I stroked her belly, kissing her ear gently.

“Thanks for ending my wait Flo, I didn’t know this was missing from my life but I do know that I can’t live without you now,” I said, pulling her tightly with a possessiveness I’d never ever felt before.

“Me too baby. Me too,” she said sleepily, following up with a huge yawn, “grab the covers and we’ll just have a wee snooze before tea.”

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