Aunt Megan Ch. 05

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I woke up because something was tickling my stomach. It was a light tickling sensation that wasn’t completely unpleasant. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, still in that slightly awake but still mostly asleep state. I yawned widely as I wondered what it was that had woken me up. I then felt the tickling sensation again followed by a warm, wet sensation on my cock. That got my attention. I looked down and saw Megan’s eyes sparkling mischief at me. Her hair was brushing across my belly and her lips were wrapped around the head of my cock.

“Ooohh, that feels so good.”

She released me and grinned up at me.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Ready for some more fun?”

Before I could respond she pushed down and engulfed my cock into her wet mouth; sucking hard and flicking her tongue along the underside of my shaft.

“Oh god, yes.”

She released me again and jumped up off the bed with a cheeky grin on her face. She was completely naked and looked absolutely delicious.

“Then come and get it.”

She took off at a run. I’m not sure where the energy came from but I was up and chasing her in a flash. I ran out to the hallway and saw her disappear into the kitchen, giggling wildly as though she had lost her mind. I entered the kitchen just as she was leaving the back door. I crossed the kitchen and the door slammed shut just in front of me. I ripped the door open but didn’t see her straight away, I just had time to think she had gone to the garage when she burst from behind a bush to my left. I was instantly after her and she laughed like a lunatic as she ran naked across her back yard towards the trees. I hadn’t been this far down the yard yet and for a moment I felt a bit self-conscious being naked. I must have looked ridiculous as my cock bounced in front of me as I ran after Megan. My focus was almost entirely on her ass and when it disappeared into the scrub and tea tree I didn’t hesitate to follow. Within seconds the lawn had disappeared and abruptly I was running in soft sand. Megan was still giggling like a lunatic as I closed the distance between us. The moment I caught up with her we exited the scrub and I almost lost my balance as I realised we were on the top of a large sand dune that leads down to the beach below.

There were people in the distance but they were too far away to tell we were naked. I stood there panting with Megan in my arms. She was panting too and there was a sparkle in her eyes as well as a huge smile.

“I love being out here naked, it makes me feel so free.”

“I get that.”

I understood where she was coming from. The feeling of the breeze on my skin, the smell of the sea, the sand beneath my feet all made me feel connected to the earth. I felt a connection to Megan too that I hadn’t felt with anyone ever.

I felt bursa escort bayan Megan’s hand gently touching my cock and cradling my balls. We had caught our breath and she was looking up into my eyes with a tender look.



“I want you inside me, Nate.”

“That does sound nice.”

“I love being naked out here but I have never had anyone make love to me out here. I want you to do that, Nate. I want to feel your cock swelling inside me, filling me with your cum.”

The whole time she was saying this she was looking deep into my eyes and slowly stroking me with her soft fingers. I couldn’t have said no to her if I had wanted to, which I definitely didn’t. Megan slowly squatted down in front of me, never losing eye contact with me, and took my cock into her mouth again. She was doing things with her tongue that felt incredible. I lovingly ran my hands through her hair as she took my whole length into her mouth and throat. Her throat squeezed the head of my cock and dragged a moan out of me. I looked around and realised that the people down on the beach may not be able to make out details of us up on the dune but there was no denying what our silhouette would tell them. I found that it didn’t bother me in the slightest if anything it just turned me on even more that they would know I was naked in front of them and receiving what felt to me to be an outstanding blowjob. I had no real experience to compare it to but it sure felt outstanding to me.

Megan released me and the breeze felt quite cool on my damp cock. Still looking up at me Megan looked as though she was pleading with me.

“I need you inside me now, Nate.”


Megan turned around and presented her ass to me. I got down on my knees and began kissing her back and making my way down to her ass but she stopped me.

“No, Nate. Not this time. I need you now. I have to have you inside me.”

I raised up again and positioned myself between her knees. I took hold of my cock and lined it up with her pussy. I moved it up and down a few times, teasing her entrance. I began to slowly slide myself inside her but Megan was having none of the teasing. She tilted her hips forward just a little to better align and then pushed back until her ass was pressed hard against my stomach. She stopped there and I could feel her pussy pulsating around me as though trying to adjust to this new intrusion. The whole time she let out a low snarling growl. It was animalistic and pure lust. I was glad she stopped for a moment because the sensation of her pushing back onto me like that was intense and almost had me coming.

When she was ready she began rocking back and forth on her hands and knees and impaling herself over and over on me. All I had to do was hold onto her hips and gorukle escort keep my balance. After several minutes of this Megan began speeding up and I noticed she was getting wetter as her juices started to flow out around my cock. The sounds our bodies were making were

wet and crude and entirely erotic. she stopped quite abruptly and pushed down hard on me. I could feel her internal muscles fluttering as she grunted her way through an orgasm. I looked down and watched as her ass contracted in time with the sensations. She began to breathe normally again so I began to take over the thrusting. I was holding her by the hips and gliding in and out at a steady rhythm. I kept looking down at her ass and watching the way it puckered and released in time with my thrusting.

There was a lot of Megan’s fluids leaking from her now. It was dripping off my balls and making squelching sounds that I would have found comical in other circumstances. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I began to circle her puckered ass with my finger, smearing her cum all around it. Megan didn’t say anything but she did start pushing back against me herself again. I took this to be a sign that she wasn’t against the idea so I began to apply a little pressure with my finger. There was a little resistance at first but then my finger began to slip inside. I discovered that if I applied the pressure on the outstroke of my cock, then it slid in a little easier.

I don’t know whether it was because she relaxed or if there is just a natural barrier to get past but I discovered that once past that her ass almost sucked my finger in. The moment that happened Megan let out a deep guttural moan and we both stopped moving for a moment. I could feel her clenching rhythmically as though she was trying to adjust to this new intrusion. I slid my finger part way out then back in again. Megan moaned and her ass began clenching at my finger again. I waited for her to settle down, then did it again. Once again she moaned but this time when my finger bottomed out in her she pushed back against me.

“Keep going…don’t stop.”

Doing as I was told I began to build a rhythm and watched mesmerised as Megan’s back kept arching in response. I then began sliding my cock in and out of her in time with my finger but on the opposite stroke. Megan seemed to go wild and started bucking. Pushing back hard against me like she couldn’t get enough of being filled. I couldn’t control the timing anymore and I felt like I was hanging on for a wild ride now. Megan was grunting and making sounds like a wild animal and I could feel her clenching and spasming. Now, she was already very wet but I swear it was like she lost complete control of her self and

she flooded. My thighs were soaked and our bodies bursa merkez escort bayan were making incredibly wet sounds as they slapped together. Megan’s orgasm seemed to like a wild beast that took her over and her complete abandon spilled over into me. I could feel my balls pulling up tight against me and I came hard. I was grunting and calling out to her as each burst sprayed her full of my cum until it too was leaking out around my cock and still I kept pumping. Megan was almost screaming she was grunting so loud. I’m sure some of the people from the beach had moved closer and I had a distinct feeling they were looking in our direction but it just didn’t matter. If anything it made the moment even sexier.

Megan’s arms and legs seemed to let go as she slumped down in front of me. Her pussy was wide open and our combined cum was leaking out of her onto the sand beneath her. She was resting her forehead on her arm and it sounded like she was crying. I hoped I hadn’t hurt her.

“Oh shit, Megan, are you okay?”

There was a long pause but because she was still panting I gave her time but it was long enough for me to start imagining the worst.

“Megan? Are you okay?”

She rolled her head to the side and looked up at me.

“Oh my fucking god. No, you didn’t hurt me.”

“Are you alright?”

Megan gave a wry little laugh.

“Oh yeah. I think you may have broken me a bit but oh yeah, I’m very okay.”

I smiled as I felt the relief wash over me.



“I need your help. I don’t think my legs will hold me up.”

I stood up then helped Megan up until she was leaning on me for support. I could see her thighs shaking at the effort to just hold her up. I doubted she’d be able to walk so I reached down and swept her into my arms. She squealed in surprise then put her arms around my neck. I kissed her deeply then as I turned to walk back to the house with her we heard a cheer and the sound of applause from down on the beach.

We were both laughing now as we slowly made our way back. Megan smiled up at me.

“Well, it was quite a performance.”

For the first time all day, I felt myself blush with embarrassment.

We got back to the house and after a shared shower we were once again in the back yard making slow love. I kissed Megan everywhere. There wasn’t a single part of her body I didn’t explore that day and we made love so often that the moments are all blurred together in my memory now. One detail blends into the next into the next.

By the end of the day we were both exhausted, dehydrated and a little sore. Some of the pain was sunburn and some was friction burn. We were too exhausted to do anything but sit on the couch and eat the takeaway we ordered in. While we sat there in a comfortable silence a summer storm rolled along the coast. It was still warm and the smell of rain was refreshing. The lightning was a beautiful display of natures power and was all the entertainment we needed for the night. I don’t recall when we went to bed but I woke up the next morning feeling aches in muscles that I didn’t know I had.

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