Aunt Alex Undone Ch. 02

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Alex knelt in the darkened airport parking lot. In front of her slightly open mouth swayed her young nephew’s cock. It was red and swollen and pointed directly at her full, sumptuous lips. She leaned forward and took his hard penis into her mouth.

Until recently she had served as a surrogate parent and guide to this young man. Alex had helped her sister raise the boy and his brothers because their father’s work kept him away from home for long periods, and her sister was not able to manage the household and the three youngsters by herself. On Alex’s last visit with the boys her role had changed dramatically. She was suddenly no longer a stand-in parent, guiding the boys development into young men. She had instead become their sexual submissive catering to their youthful desires.

Earlier in the evening Alex had arrived at the airport where the boys met her. As usual, they would take her from the airport to her sister’s house. Once they had collected her baggage they set out through the parking lot toward the car. Along the way Nathan, the oldest, guided them into a dark area near an overflowing dumpster and demanded that Alex perform oral sex on them all. She hesitated at first but then, in spite of the cold rain that drifted down onto them, she dropped to her knees on the wet, debris littered pavement and did as he demanded…

Kneeling in the cold rain next to an airport dumpster, she clutched Nathan’s buttocks in her hands, hungrily inhaling his swollen manhood. Next to her stood Ethan the youngest nephew, stroking his erect penis which was still wet from her mouth. On her other side was Raymond, the middle nephew. He was the first to have finished in her mouth and now kept watch for anyone who might wander too close by. Nathan abruptly removed his cock from her mouth and, grasping her hair, pulled her forward and down.

“Get on your elbows, Auntie. Ethan, quit playing with yourself and put your dick back in her mouth.”

Ethan knelt in front of Alex with his hands on the back of her head and pushed her face onto his cock. Nathan moved behind his aunt and pulled up her skirt, exposing her ass. He slapped her ass-cheeks with his open hand, raising bright red palm prints. He pulled aside her panties and pressed his cock against her puckered anus, 1080 porno causing her to flinch in alarm. With a single long thrust he penetrated his aunt’s ass and held her pinioned on his shaft while she squirmed and cried out in distress.

Her cries and protests were stifled by her youngest nephew’s manhood throbbing in her throat. She knew that her choked cries vibrating through his cock-head fanned his excitement but she couldn’t stop her moans. And she realized with disgust that she wouldn’t even if she could.

She felt Nathan’s cock slowly retreating from her ass and thought for a moment that he might, mercifully, remove it completely. Instead, he paused with his cock-head just inside her tormented anus, then rammed his entire manhood back into her. He began furiously pumping in and out of her ass, drilling deeper with every stroke. Each of his thrusts caused involuntary contractions of her bowel muscles, massaging young Nathan’s swollen member and increasing his fervor. Alex tried to relax her muscles and realized with shame that she had begun to anticipate her nephew’s plunging rhythm and was instinctively rocking her pelvis upward to meet his thrusts and accept him deeper into her ravaged backside.

Raymond turned from his lookout duty and took in by the scene:

There was his Aunt Alex, his mother’s sister, impaled on his brothers’ cocks, taking one in her mouth and one in her ass. She was a petite woman with fine features and a gorgeous slim figure. His brothers were large young men, strong and athletic, and Raymond marvelled that his Aunt could take their swollen cocks so far inside her. As he watched his aunt seemed to be transformed from a reluctant participant to a willing, eager one. With every thrust of their cocks she moved closer to complete submission, closer to a place where all that mattered was fulfilling her nephews’ sexual desires.

Ethan and his brother Nathan were also aware of the change that had come over their aunt. Ethan’s cock still stifled Alex’s moans but they had clearly changed from sounds of distress to moans of primal arousal. She was no longer on her elbows but had raised herself up and clung to his buttocks for support. Ethan took his hands from her head and watched, excited, 2 k porno as his aunt continued to bob up and down on his engorged shaft. She engulfed the full length of his manhood and then pulled it out of her throat, pausing briefly to look up at him with her large hazel eyes as she ran her tongue around the tip of his penis.

Alex felt her nephew take his hands from her head but she kept her mouth wrapped around his shaft and maintained her up and down rhythm, working his cock in and out of her throat. She had overcome her initial shame and revulsion at how her nephews were using her for their pleasure and was now completely focused on bringing them to climax. She longed to satisfy them and was completely willing to submit fully to their most primal urges.

She gazed up at Ethan while she swabbed the head of his prick with her tongue. She could tell that he was about to come, so she took his cock back into her mouth and prepared to receive his load of sperm. At the same time she continued to accept Nathan’s relentless thrusts into her backside, waiting for him to shoot his semen into her bowels. Alex’s husband didn’t particularly like ass-fucking her and had never come up her butt so she didn’t know quite what to expect. She did know, however, that she wanted Nathan to achieve his climax inside her anus.

As Nathan thrust into her defenseless butt, he sensed his aunt’s increasing arousal. At each of his strokes, Alex squared her hips and raised her pelvis, welcoming his savage penetration. When he plunged his cock into her she enveloped it with her anus, eagerly taking all of his swollen meat deep in her ass.

Ethan climaxed without warning. Alex suddenly felt her mouth filling with the boy’s semen and began swallowing it ravenously, using her mouth to draw spurt after spurt of the precious juice out of him. Nearing the end of his ejaculation, he pulled his cock from her mouth and painted her face with his last copious blasts of sticky spunk.

As Ethan used the head of his prick to smear his cock-slime across her cheeks and over her lips Nathan erupted in her backside. Alex felt a growing pressure in her bowels as her nephew pumped load after load of his cock-juice into them. Filed with semen and tightly plugged by 3 k porno her nephew’s hard cock, the pressure in her bowels increased until it was almost irresistible and she feared that she would foul herself then and there. Nathan had stopped pistoning into her and held her by her hips with his loins clamped tightly against her ass-cheeks. Mercifully, the feeling of an impending bowel movement receded and was replaced by a more insistent feeling that began in the center of her pelvis and spread from there outward, overwhelming her with its power.

Alex realized that she was climaxing. An intense mix of shame, pleasure and carnal desire raged through her. She was confused about how she could be getting pleasure from this degrading use of her body by her nephews: all three of them taking her in turn, forcing her to her knees in the dark filth of this place next to a dumpster, two of them emptying their sperm loads into her mouth and the third in her ass. What kind of creature was she, who could find pleasure in such treatment? Alex bucked and moaned as alternating waves of shame and satisfaction convulsed her. Then, deep within her, shame and pleasure combined to sweep her over the edge and she orgasmed, spent and satisfied.

Nathan pulled his meat from her butt-hole, then rose and moved in front of Alex. She looked up and saw his penis, red and engorged swinging in front of her face. “Clean me off, Auntie,” he said.

Alex, still distracted by the intense orgasm she had just experienced, just looked at him. Her lips parted slightly, but she didn’t speak.

Nathan insisted; “Get to it Auntie, clean it up. I can’t put my cock away like this – it was just in your ass. Now clean it off.”

Alex looked around her for something to use and, finding nothing, stammered, “But I… don’t have… anything…”

“You’ve got two lips and a tongue, don’t you? Now get to it. Lick your filthy ass-juice off my cock. I’m not going to wait here all night.”

Revulsion and shame again welled up in Alex. How could she possibly submit to such degradation? To take her young nephew’s cock – which had just moments ago been buried in her backside – into her mouth? It was coated with her own butt-sap and smelled like an overflowed toilet.

Nathan slapped her across the face once, then again and Alex sensed the new, insistent feeling re-awaken between her legs and spread over her. She knew then that she must and would do as he demanded.

As she learned forward and took his dripping cock in her mouth another orgasm washed over her.

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