Au Pair

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Part One:

It was her first visit to North America or, more specifically Canada, and only her third au pair position. Her first two resulted in unwelcome advances from the men in the family and she asked the agency to quietly find her another placements far from her native Norway.

Elsa was a stereotypical Nordic beauty with long blonde hair cascading down her back, high cheekbones and startling blue eyes. She stood 5’5″ in bare feet and was slim of build with small breasts, a slim waist and a firm butt; in other words, at 25 years of age, a very striking woman.

She was registered with an online au pair agency and many requests from around the world landed in her lap due not only to her good looks but also her proficiency in six languages. However, it was her English that finally brought the offer she was looking for. A middle-aged affluent couple in Canada (in a place called Regina) were looking for a live in nanny to look after their two adopted young children. Several letters of introduction and references were passed back and forth and a telephone interview sealed the terms of the position.

A month later, Elsa landed in Regina International airport to meet her new family. As the plane crossed the barren western prairies – harvesting was complete and the first white splashes of snow were showing – she wondered at the relative isolation of this town. She was surprised as the plane descended into the airport to see the expansiveness of the city and the few high rises in the centre of the downtown. It reminded her of some of the smaller cities in her homeland and she experienced a moment of homesickness.

Passing through the arrivals lounge and customs, she saw Eric and Amanda Adams waving in her direction. She had seen their family picture in the folio during the interview process and they were a handsome couple. She judged them to be in their late thirties. Eric, a professor at the local university, was tall and fit with slightly greying hair and chiselled features. Amanda was a striking red head with a willowy figure that told of many trips to the local gym.

Passing into the arrivals lounge, Elsa found herself enfolded in a welcome embrace from both of her employers with a halting attempt by Eric to welcome her in her native Norwegian. She couldn’t help but laugh musically as Amanda joined in saying “He has been practising that for a week in the language labs at the university. I told him it sounded silly”

Thanking him for the effort but not correcting his pronunciation for fear of insulting him, they headed off to pick up Elsa’s three suitcases. Since she was on a 3 month trial probation, it was standard to bring only what she needed for that time and then, if all parties were happy, her parents would ship over a trunk with the rest of her belongings for the duration of the five year contract.

While waiting for her bags to come down to the carousel, Elsa watched her new employers from behind, as they stood hip-to-hip holding hands. She was pleased to see the open display of affection since that was, she knew, a sign of a happy stable family.

It wasn’t more than an hour’s drive to the affluent development with the sign Wascana Estates and soon the beautiful sculptured lawn fronting a magnificent mansion by Elsa’s standards. In her homeland, it was only the truly wealthy who lived in such richness. Eric saw her awed expression and laughed, saying ” We don’t own it; I do contract work on the side and my company bought it and leases it back to us as a tax deduction” She wasn’t sure what this meant but was impressed none the less.

As soon as the door opened, two small dynamos flew into their parents’ arms “Mummy, Daddy! Is this Elsa?”

Swinging the two beautiful children into their arms, Amanda did the introductions. “This is Simon; he is five and Korean. And this is Mary, she is four and from the Ukraine.”

Both kids wriggled free and threw their arms around Elsa’s legs in innocent hugs as only little children can do. She crouched down on the driveway and hugged them tightly until all three ended up in a giggling mass of humanity while the two proud parents gazed fondly at the instant bonding between their little ones and the new au pair.

Finally having settled into her own suite of rooms – very comfortable with her own private entrance and a small car for running errands and taking the kids out to the park – Elsa returned to the kitchen where she and Amanda worked together to prepare dinner. As explained to her, she would be primarily responsible to seeing to the children’s needs since both parents worked but there would be a little helping around the house as well but Elsa found the demands reasonable and light.

Part Two:

A month had passed and Elsa was well settled into the routine of the household. Each day, she would bundle up the youngsters and pull them on their sled to the nearby park where she would play with them until they tired and would go home for a warm bursa eskort bayan bath and a nap before their parents arrived home. Each evening, after the children had been once again bathed, read to and kissed good night by their parents, the three adults would sit in the family room before the fire and sip wine. Elsa was treated as a member of the family and a friend in short order – she had proven her worth almost immediately and won the hearts of the two little ones.

Almost every night, as she passed the door to the master bedroom on her way to her own suite of rooms, Elsa could hear the soft moans of love making from behind the sealed doors and many of those nights, she would lie in her lonely bed as she visualized this beautiful loving couple intertwined in passionate sex. She would lay there, her hands at her breasts as she pulled on her nipples until her pussy cried out for release and she would drive two fingers deep inside and thrum her clit until she came with muffled cries into her pillow. She was so frustrated since she had broken up with her only boyfriend more 5 months ago and hadn’t had sex since then.

Well, this wasn’t totally true. Her best friend Kristal, on the night of her break-up with Henrik, had come over to Elsa’s apartment in Oslo to comfort her and lend a sympathetic ear. Kristal was bi-sexual and all her friends knew it and were comfortable with the fact. What Elsa did not know was that Kris had carried a yearning for her best friend since they were teens and Kristal knew she was different from the others.

That night – it seemed so long ago but was still very fresh in Elsa’s mind – the two young women had sat around in their PJ’s and drunk several bottles of wine as they trashed the male species. As Elsa was starting to lose her inhibitions, her head rested on Kris’ shoulder and she started to cry. Kristal comforted her by stroking her long golden hair and kissing her tears away. Soon, the kisses brushed Elsa’s lips and she met the kiss with a warmth Kris never expected.

The rest of the night the two attractive young women spent making love passionately and then gently as they found new ways of pleasure. Elsa was still uncomfortable with what had happened even now months later but she would still occasionally lay in bed at night stroking her clit and nipples together as she remembered that night with Kristal. The problem was, Kris’ face started to become Amanda’s and whenever this happened, Elsa would explode in an orgasm like she had never experienced.

Part Three:

One night, after about six weeks of working with the Adams, Elsa remained in the family room before the dying fire after Eric and Amanda had retired for the night. She was remembering the night before when she had been fantasying about her employers and what they did several times a week behind their closed door. She had had several orgasms and had thoughally soaked her sheets with her cum as she masturbated madly with the mental picture.

After ensuring that the doors were secured and rinsing out her wineglass, she started up the stairs. In the dark of the hallway, she saw that the door to the master bedroom was slightly ajar and a beam of light slashed across the hall. She was about to pass to her own room when out of the corner of her eye, she saw Amanda standing nude in front of the cheval mirror examining her high small conical breasts with a critical eye. Her body was toned and slim and, in the reflection of the mirror, Elsa could she that Mandy (as she asked to be called) had a cleanly waxed pussy. Her labia were clearly visible and even her clit was poking its little head out.

Mandy spoke by turning her head towards the open bathroom door. A nude Eric stood there watching his wife. “Do you think I have a body as sexy as Elsa’s? She is so gorgeous, I just want to eat her up”

As Eric reassured his wife and scooped her laughing into his arms to carry her to their love bed, Elsa stood rooted to the spot in the hall. Her pussy was tingling with excitement with what she had just heard and she knew that she would have to do everything possible to find a way into Amanda’s bed. Just as she turned to hurry to her room to relieve herself, she saw Eric turn towards the door and, smiling in her direction to show that he knew she had heard, reached towards the bedside lamp to turn it off. However, it was not before he afforded her a look at his raging hard cock. It had to be about 7 ½” long and very thick and was streaming precum from its cut head. The room went dark.

That night, Elsa hardly slept at all. She was on her knees with her face buried in her pillow as she humped her fingers almost constantly all night and cried out in orgasmic delight over and over. She needed to feel a man’s cock – Eric’s cock – soon or she would go crazy and she could almost feel Mandy’s mouth and tongue as she feasted on her 25 year old pussy! But how could she bring that all about?

Part Four:

For the next bursa otele gelen eskort bayan several days, Elsa ensured that she wore only shorts or very short skirts around the house in the evenings and at breakfast as well as crop tops with no bra so that her nipples would show as they poked at the flimsy material. As she would bend to pick up one or another of the children, she tried to always position herself so that either Mandy and/or Eric could see her long slim legs and just a hint of her sexy panties she chose each morning. Between the top and the shorts or skirt, she always exhibited an expanse of flat tummy of toned back to the voyeurs. And it seemed to be working – whoever was in the room with her always seemed to be stealing glances in her directions.

Several times, she caught Eric trying to adjust his obviously aroused cock along his pant leg and one in a while, Mandy would be watching her and would be rubbing her crouch against the edge of the kitchen counter top.

After a few days of this teasing – and endless nights of masturbating her frustrations away – there came a night where Elsa couldn’t stand it any more. After she had tried to unsuccessfully cum, she burst into tears and sobbed uncontrollably into her pillow. She didn’t hear the door of her room open (she always kept it slightly ajar in case one of the children cried out in the night). She was unaware that someone was in her room until she felt the slight sag of the mattress beside her waist.

Elsa turned over, eyes blurred with tears, to see Amanda seated beside her. As she wiped the tears away, she could see that Mandy had obviously been drawn by the sound of her tears and had only thrown on a short silk robe. It barely covered her pussy and the loose sash allowed a glimpse of a firm breast – the object of Elsa’s dreams – to show.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Mandy asked as she bundled Elsa into her arms. “Why are you so unhappy? Is it something we’ve done?” she asked worriedly.

Trying valiantly to stifle her tears, Elsa tried to reassure Mandy that it was strictly a personal thing but Mandy, who could smell the results of Elsa’s recent orgasm, had a pretty good idea. As she stroked Elsa’s hair and cooed softly to her, her hands stoked the young girl’s back As she continued to comfort her ward, she felt Elsa’s head relax against her shoulder and her arms encircled Mandy’s back until they were hugging tightly.

Without a word, Mandy tilted Elsa’s face upward and gently swept her lips as soft as the kiss of a butterfly over Elsa’s full lips. With a moan deep in her throat, Elsa pulled Mandy closer and returned the kiss with passion. Shocked, she pulled back and stared horrified at her beautiful employer. “I’m so sorry and ashamed, Mandy! I don’t know why I did that! Oh God! What you must think of me!”

Mandy just smiled and, placing her hands on either side of Elsa’s face, pulled her into another kiss – this one initiated by herself. Knowing that the feelings were mutual, they continued to kiss as they ran their hands over each other’s bodies. After 15 minutes of passionate tongue-engaging kisses, Mandy stood and, opening her sash, let the gown fall to the floor. Her alabaster body glowed in the moonlight as it flooded through the window and Elsa gasped at the beauty before her. Her small breasts stood high and proud and the dark nipples were hard and long.

Elsa stood and quickly doffed her baby doll nightie and the women moved to embrace, their breasts rubbing erotically against each other as they crushed their bodies together kissing fervently. Mandy forced her leg between Elsa’s and the younger woman rubbed her pussy along the firm thigh leaving a slick trail of excitement to gleam in the moonlight.

Part Five:

“Oh God, Mandy! I have been so lonely and horny! I need you!”

As they held each other tightly, Mandy asked,”Have you overheard Eric and I, Sweetie?

Blushing, she confessed to not only hearing but also having seen both of them the other night. She admitted to be so turned on and lonesome that she was driven to try to ease her frustrations through masturbation every night. She also admitted to her teasing tactics to try and get attention but that no one seemed to really notice.

Mandy laughed as she hugged Elsa. “Baby, we have been so turned on by your showing off your body that our sex life has been hotter than ever as we have fantasized about having you in our bed! In fact, if you like, you can join us right now. Eric heard your crying and sent me in here to see if it was what we thought and if you were really in need, to invite you to join us”

It was a Friday evening and the weekend stretched ahead so neither Mandy nor Eric were going into work. It also just so happened that that evening, Eric had taken to two children to his mother’s for the weekend since she missed spending time with them and would keep them until Sunday evening. A whole bursa eve gelen escort weekend free to explore!

Hugging Mandy in gratitude, Elsa didn’t need any persuasion. The two women walked hand in hand down the hall to the master bedroom. Flickering candlelight illuminated the large room and was reflected in the tall cheval mirror. Sitting up in bed, Eric had the sheet drawn only to his hips and, as the two naked women entered, the sheet tented in obvious appreciation of the visions before him.

Elsa was trembling in abject terror now that she had actually taken the step. Mandy drew her into her arms to sooth her and kiss her dears away. “Darling, if you don’t want any thing to happen, we can just start off slowly and cuddle together in the bed”

Nodding, Elsa moved towards the bed where Eric had lifted the sheet for her to climb in. She crawled over his warm body, just brushing against his erect cock, and lay down in the middle of the king sized bed. Mandy walked around the other side and slipped under the sheet and drew Elsa into her arms. As they kissed tenderly, Elsa felt Eric’s hands caress her back and then slowly he moved his warm large hand around her to cup her firm-heaving breast. As Mandy’s tongue slid into her welcoming mouth, she moaned as she felt Eric’s fingers tweaking her nipples to bullet hardness.

Elsa thrust her bottom back into Eric’s crouch and felt his hard slippery shaft slip between her legs and along her aroused wet labia. As Mandy’s fingers slid down her belly towards her pussy – she was on fire now with desire – Eric moved his cock back and forth through her pussy opening. Mandy’s nimble fingers soon found her clitoris and while she wrapped her hand around her husband’s moving cock, she stroked Elsa’s clit gently. This was all it took to bring the young starving girl to her first orgasm of the night as she cried out their names!

After a short rest, Mandy freed herself from the tightly curled threesome and moved to sit at the headboard with her legs outstretched and spread. Elsa, now hungry for the taste of her new lover, quickly knelt between Mandy’s slim legs with her bum in the air and dove voraciously into her waiting hot cunt. Such a sweet taste! It was a feast that she had fantasized about almost from the first day she met her employers! And she wasn’t disappointed – either by the taste or smell of Mandy’s arousal or by her victim’s groans and cries of “Oh God yes! Please don’t stop! Yes, Baby; right there!” Mandy’s hands pulled Elsa blond hair hard into her pussy as she tried to spread even wider to get more satisfaction.

Elsa was so engrossed in her joy of finally tasting Mandy that she was oblivious for the moment to the feel of Eric’s tongue at her own upturned pussy. Suddenly, his tongue drove deep inside her as he ran his thumb over her clit and she squealed in delight although her sounds were largely muffled in Mandy’s pussy. As Eric replaced his tongue with two and then three fingers and proceeded to fuck her until his fingers curled to seek her g-spot.

When he found that magic sensitive pad and started to rub it while he sucked on her clit, Elsa exploded in an orgasm like she had never experienced and her mouth left Mandy’s cunt long enough for her to scream out as she sprayed Eric’s face and hand with her tasty cum!

Part Six:

As she lay there, her ass still high in the air and her head resting on Mandy’s thigh, She felt Eric’s cock at the soaking entrance to her pussy so she moved her mouth once again to Mandy’s clit and curled her own three fingers upwards to her boss’s special spot. She found it and played Mandy like a virtuoso just as Eric slid his cock fully into her until it bottomed at her cervix.

As Eric started to pound her pussy – so long starved for a man’s cock – she tried to focus on pleasuring Mandy as much as she was feeling the rise of yet another orgasm. Both Eric and Mandy were gazing lustfully into each other’s eyes as they shared the demanding sexy body of their au pair. Many a night since her arrival they had talked of their desire to share their bed with Elsa and both had dreamed of this night. Many of their most pleasurable nights of lovemaking had included fantasies of just this happening and now the time was finally here!

With renewed vigour, Eric drove his rock hard cock into Elsa’s steaming pussy; with each thrust, her forced her mouth and fingers deeper into Mandy until they were both on the brink of their own orgasms. As was their habit, they always waited for the other to cum which increased their mutual pleasure. This time, however, they were spurned on by the link they shared – Elsa’s now sweat covered body. She was so sexy as she moved in concert with her loving employers that she had been driven to a level of bliss she had never in her life experienced.

It had only been in her darkest fantasies that she had imagined making love with a couple, never mind one as vibrant and uninhibited as Eric and Mandy. And the high she was on as she continued to drown in Mandy’s cum and savage her clitoris was way off the map as far as her dreams went. It was so wonderful; she never wanted it to end.

She started to cum again – she had never cum this much before in her life and never with such a force! She was actually ejaculating she was so turned on!

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