Atlanta Underground Ch. 03

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“Okay, sister dear. Your son was generous enough to give me a fresh cream pie so get naked and dive in. It’s been a long time since you’ve eaten me out! And you are such a good pussy licker!”

“It’s been just a month, for God’s sake!”

“But, this time it’s covered with your son’s slimy semen… Oh, easy… I’ve just come a jillion times on that big cock… and his tongue! You should know that I’ve been giving him lessons just so he can please you… Here I go again. Damn, you’re good! You made me see flashes of light!”

“I think that was Bobby taking our picture. Hey, Son. Is that photo for the Internet or some kind of blackmail?”

“Both,” I said. “It’s just to make sure that Dad doesn’t learn about the three of us from Aunty Helen.”

Mom and her twin got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Mom called out, “You’d better get in here quick and DO NOT bring the camera or I’ll piss on IT!”

When I entered the bathroom, mother was squatting over her sister who was lying in the bottom of the bath tub. My Aunt was holding her own labia open so when Mom let loose with her pee, it splashed Helen’s clit and all over her pussy.

“Oh, that feels good! Let me do you now…” and they changed positions.

“Let her flow!” said Mom. Mom rapidly rubbed the urine into her pubic hair trying to masturbate before Helen emptied her bladder completely. “Save some for my face… Come up here… Aim for my mouth… Aarrgh.”

“Sorry, sis'” Helen panted. “I forgot you liked the taste of my pee. Bobby get over here. Give your mother what she needs… That’s it. Put your feet between her legs and point your cock at her pussy. Now start peeing. Good. Hazel! Hold your pussy open wide! Tilt that pelvis up so he can pee right up your hole! Hot damn! Now, Bobby, aim for her nipples… Uh huh! And give it all the rest in that little mouth of hers. Hazel, don’t swallow! Just let your son’s piss fill it up! Just fan-fucking-tastic! Now, close your mouth. Don’t swallow. Stand up. Bobby help her. Hold onto her. Now, kiss her and taste your own piss! I now pronounce you soul mates!”

“Someone turn on the shower. We’ve made a real mess in here…”


“Bobby wants to see us sixty-nine.”

“And görükle escort bayan what’s your son going to be doing? Taking our picture again?”

“I suppose so but if you let me be on the bottom and point your sweet ass toward the bottom of the bed, I’ll ask him to fuck you again — just to make sure that you’re pregnant… And I’ll make sure that he goes in the right hole this time! That was a joke…”

“An offer I can’t refuse. Okay, Bobby, watch this.”

“You two look exactly the same… except that Aunt Helen has a rose tattoo on her butt. I’ll call this shot ‘Stereo Sex’!”

“Get over here and fuck me, nephew!”

“Coming!” I said.

“So are WEEE,” they said in unison, “so now it’s your turn.”

As I entered my Aunt’s cunt, my mother licked the underside of my cock and then she kissed my balls. “After watching you two going at it and what my sweet mother just did to my cock, I’m about to shoot my wad! Here it comes, Helen! Forget twins! I just gave you enough for triplets!” I let my penis withdraw slowly from her very fucked vagina so as to keep as much semen in her as possible. “Chances for a baby are better if you don’t move for ten minutes.”

“Thank you, again, Bobby! Would you hand me the phone I need to talk to my gynecologist’s nurse. Would you dial her number, too, please? It’s 1-800-HAND-JOB. Noo, it’s not. Here put the phone down in front of me. Thanks. I’ll dial the number… Hello? Yes, this is Helen Back and I need you to do a favor for me. Add me to your patients list for today — say 2:30 — and mark that I did come in, please? If my husband checks up on me, tell him that I did come in and that you can’t give him any information. He thinks that I’m having artificial insemination but just between you and me, it’s the real thing. Thanks! ‘Bye!”

“Helen! You’d lie to Felix? He’s such a sweet old man…” Mom said.

“Yes, he is and yes I do lie to him. I don’t want to hurt his feelings,” she smiled. “He’s supposed to meet us downstairs for supper at 8:00 tonight so we have some more play time…”


“Hello, Uncle Felix,” I said as I met him in the lobby. “My Mother and your wife will join us in the restaurant. Seems altıparmak eskort that they had to find some captain in his boat… what ever that means.”

“Well, Bobby, I don’t understand women at all so don’t ask me. Probably the same thing as ‘see a man about a dog’.”

“Mom did tell me not to discuss politics or religion or sex but what else is there?”

“Let’s skip religion. Now that I’m 66, it’s too late to be saved. And let’s save the sex until the women get here. They get real uneasy when you start talking dirty and who knows, I might get horny myself — it’s only been four years since my last…”

“So, Uncle, are you a Democrat?”

“I used to be. I remember going to Wichita to see JFK at a rally in 1960. I voted for him. That’s when I lived in Russell, Kansas. My shop was right across the street from a grain elevator owned by Bob Dole’s father. Dole was a state senator then and he used to stop by and we’d walk down to Dawson Drug Store and have coffee. The whole town was Republican except for me. But, he is such a nice, decent, upstanding man that he changed my party.”

“Here’s Mom and Aunt Helen…” I said. Then I saw what they had done. They had dressed as much alike as possible. I couldn’t tell which one was which and I had had each of them several times that afternoon. “Well, this is interesting… and which one should I call ‘Mom’?”

They both giggled and sat down. The waiter came, took our drink order, and left.

“Uncle Felix and I have finished with the religion and politics discussions and now it’s time for sex.”

“Oh, Bobby, such a sweet, funny nephew,… or son, whatever the case may be.” my aunt or mother said.

“I think I know how we can tell who’s who. Uncle Felix, you kiss that one and I’ll kiss this one and we’ll compare notes.”

One sister said, “Oh, Felix, your French kisses always make me tingle.”

And the other one said, “Hot damn, Bobby, you sure can make a mother forget herself!”

Felix got very excited, “I know which one is which and seeing you tongue kiss your own mother has given me such a hard-on!”

“Well, if this is my own mother and she wants to kiss me like that, nilüfer escort plus you getting the first woody in four years, I think we should go back to the room for some serious sex! So sign for the drinks, ‘MOM’, and let’s head back upstairs.”


“Uncle Felix wants his cock sucked and so do I.” I announced once we were in the room.

“But I don’t do that,” said one sister and the other just shook her head no.

“Well, I guess I’ll teach you both on the fine points of cock sucking! Felix and I will strip and sit on the end of the bed. You two will strip to the waist and kneel in front of us on a pillow. What do you think, Uncle? Will seeing my own sweet mother with her mouth around my cock turn you on?”

“Damn right! Especially if you’re ordering her to do it! And be sure to order my wife to do me the same way!”

“Uncle! Your cock is as long as mine and twice as thick.”

“But it doesn’t get hard like yours, boy.”

“Okay, ladies, it’s time to kiss the end of the penis softly. Now, take your tongue and lick the bottom of the cock from the balls to the tip. Do it again two or three times. Now open your mouth wide and without touching the cock at all, go as far down the shaft as you can. Close your lips gently and just hold the penis. Hey, Felix, get a load of my mother with my cock halfway down her throat! No, ‘Aunt Helen’, you aren’t down far enough on his cock. Excuse me ‘mother’. I’ve got to show your sister how to do it.”

I moved over in front of Uncle Felix, knelt down and said, “This is how you do it. Open your mouth wide and go as far down the shaft as you can like this.” And I put my mouth on Felix’s cock about half way down. I close my lips and swirled my tongue around the head and into the slit. I looked up at Felix but his eyes were closed. His cock grew in my mouth but I managed to keep sucking and move my lips up and down his penis. The girls were in back of me watching. They started to kiss each other, fondle each other and kiss and nurse each other’s nipples. Felix saw the matching sisters erotically embrace and shot his load. This was the first time that I had ever sucked a cock and so I may have missed a drop or two of cum but tried to catch it all. I felt so elated! Both my aunt and mother kissed me, tasting the cum in my mouth and then I swallowed!

Felix was so excited now that he had cum again that he wanted to go home and do it some more! So he and his wife got dressed and left leaving me with my ‘Mother’ who had miraculously grown a rose tattoo on her rump!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32