At The Pool

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It was already pushing 100 on the thermometer and it was only after breakfast so Andy and Sara decided that a nice early morning down at the pool would be a nice idea. As they walked in Sara had to hide a grin as she did every time they came here remembering their first time together here when they finally allowed their feelings for each other to come out. She was wearing a rather sexy bikini under her shorts and t-shirt, nothing like her exhibition suit but certainly showy with a high cut to the bottoms.

It was still fairly early and sine it was the middle of the week there weren’t many at the pool yet and probably wouldn’t be until after lunch when the families would start to turn up so they had a few hours of peace and quiet to relax. They didn’t go to the main pool instead to the smaller pool which was basically designed for being able to just sit in and relax without people swimming past or diving in since when you sat down on one of the ledges around the edge the water comes only to just over the shoulder meaning you could sit and relax with your body almost floating.

They took off their clothes and put them in a pile before sliding into the cool water sitting next to each and just letting the water refresh them after coming in from the heat outside. “This is so nice and so quiet right now,” Andy says and looks at Sara with a gleam in his eyes “What are you thinking my handsome man?” Sara asks resting her head against his shoulder.

“Oh nothing gorgeous, I was just speaking out my thoughts and it is so relaxing without lots of kids running around,” Sara simply murmurs a reply as she closes her eyes and cuddles up to Andy a bit further.

As they relax and cool down Andy’s mind starts to wander back to that afternoon when he and Sara had that wild encounter here at the pool and just thinking about causes his penis to start to swell pressing against his bathers. His hand wanders to Sara’s thigh and just gently glides his fingers along from the edge of her bikini to her knee and back again. “Oh Andy,” Sara whispers “that feels so very nice.” Andy grabs her legs and turns her to place them across his own and starts gently caressing the full length of her legs.

“Well if you like it so much I will do the full length of your sexy legs then,” he smiles as he speaks and lets his hands run all over her legs from her toes to her hips.

Each time his hands get near the top of her legs his fingers drift closer towards her clit and she jumps a little “Andy, careful where your fingers are going,” she says trying to whisper but a touch louder then she wanted “there are people here you know.”

Andy chuckles “I know my love, it just means you had better not go shouting out to much,” and he suddenly brushes his fingers across her clit thru her bikini making Sara jump.

“Ohhh Ordu Escort …” she moans softly “I don’t want to be caught, but I don’t want you to stop,” she continues, her voice full of wanting. “Okay sexy,” he whispers back and slides his hand further between her legs allowing him better access to her clit and starts to really rub against it firmly.

As Andy starts rubbing her clit Sara wraps her arms around his shoulders and pulls herself further into his lap feeling his hard penis rubbing against her leg as she moves causing a small gasp to escape Andy’s lips and she allows herself a little giggle. “Don’t make too much noise my kitten or you may attract attention,” Andy has a huge grin on his face as he speaks.

“How am I going to stay quiet if you keep this up?” she whispers hoarsely as she rubs her thighs together with his hand still rubbing her clit. “I am not sure but just keep remembering what will happen if you scream and maybe that will help,” he chuckles.

He moves his hand from between her legs with a small disappointed moan from Sara before slipping it underneath her bringing his hand back up between her legs rubbing her clit from beneath and slowly pushing her bikini aside so his fingers are now rubbing her naked clit and Sara pulls herself tight against Andy pressing her head against his shoulder to try and not make a sound. As soon as his fingers touched her uncovered clit she knew her nipples were growing hard and was glad for the fact the water was high enough to cover her breasts so her nipples didn’t show to all walking past. Since she was sitting in Andy’s lap she couldn’t really reach down to touch his penis and settled on a slow gentle rubbing of her leg against him to get him worked up and she could tell it was working as she realised she could feel the smoothness of the head of his penis peaking out of his bathers.

“Andy, I think something is slipping,” she said as she continued rubbing her leg against his penis as he moans softly and suddenly shifts his fingers from rubbing her clit to slipping past her pussy lips and entering her. “Andy,” she squeals from between clenched teeth as his fingers enter her and he holds still for a moment leaving his fingers inside her pussy and it sounds like he is trying to hold back a chuckle. Sara can’t do anything at the moment as she is feeling such intense sensations due to the fact she is trying to hold it all inside and not being able to let it out which is something completely new to her. Andy starts to slowly thrust his fingers back and forth and moves his other hand between Sara’s legs to rub her clit increasing the sensations encompassing her body and she bites gently against his shoulder.

“Now my little kitten you are really going to have to hold on,” he says and she looks him in the eyes Ordu Escort Bayan as he pulls his fingers from inside her pussy and quickly pulls his bathers aside to fully release his penis then slides his hand under her bikini but this time it isn’t back to her pussy, this time his hand is rubbing her butt cheeks with the tips of his fingers running slowly across the opening of her anus.

Sara squirms in his lap as he feels her anus and can feel his penis moving between her legs from her motion and says “Are you planning what I think you are?” she manages to say, her voice breaking as she speaks.

“Oh yes I am,” and he starts to press his pinky against her anus and gently eases it in a little drawing forth another stifled moan from Sara as his other hand continues to rub firmly against her clit and he looks around to see if anyone is around at the moment.

When he can see no one is watching right now he swiftly takes his hand from her clit as he lifts her effortlessly due to being immersed in water and taking his penis in hand he lowers her down onto it sliding his head inside first and holding her still as she shudders when he enters and pushes her mouth hard against his neck to keep quiet. Andy then slowly pulls her down onto his penis until he is totally inside with her sitting firmly upon his lap, both Sara and Andy feel waves of pleasure wash over them as his penis is fully buried inside her pussy and his finger partly inside her anus. Neither of them move for a while as they get used to the feelings encompassing them and as Sara slowly regains a measure of composure she whispered in his ear “So my stud, now that you have me firmly impaled on your shaft, what do you plan to do to me?”

Andy replied “Well I had sort of thought this.” Andy lifted Sara slightly off his lap and thrust his finger further into her anus before beginning to slowly flex his hips, by holding Sara in place the fact he was moving could not really be noticed, his penis was moving less than an inch with each movement but the sensations it was causing inside Sara were so intense she was having trouble keeping herself quiet. He was trying to match his thrusting finger with his penis but couldn’t be to hurried in his movements or it would certainly begin to show what is happening. Sara knew there was no way she could last long feeling the way she did with all the new sensations she was enjoying and wanted to make sure Andy didn’t miss out, although by muted grunting coming from him she didn’t think he would be far away either. Sara began to grip his penis with her pussy each time he thrust into her as well as gripping his finger with her anus and she could tell it was certainly pushing Andy further along.

Andy rubbed her clit harder as his thrusting became slightly faster, he felt urged Escort Ordu on by her pussy gripping him and managed a stifled “Sara I …” but he can’t finish his words before his orgasm begins pumping his seed into her depths and he pulls her down hard upon his penis forcing himself deeply into her pussy as well as pushing his finger all the way into her anus. At the sudden impaling of both her pussy and anus she lets out a yelp, her pussy gripping him even tighter as her own orgasm begins washing over her in waves and she pulls herself hard against him, burying her head into his shoulder her body shuddering as one of the most intense orgasms she has had continues.

As Sara’s orgasm slowly subsides Andy hears footsteps behind him and turning to look he sees Andrew from the front counter moving quickly over to them and he thinks they are in serious trouble “Andy is Sara okay?” he asks “she looks like she suddenly started crying and I thought I should come and check on you.” Andy still has his penis in Sara’s pussy and his finger in her anus and knowing Andrew is standing so close but doesn’t realise what is going on rekindles his excitement but manages a reply.

“We got some bad news this morning Andrew,” he begins with his voice sounding broken as if from sadness “and we came down here to just try and relax but the whole emotion of it all finally caught up with her.”

Andrew looked suddenly mollified saying “Oh man I am sorry take your time, hope she is okay.”

“Thanks Andrew,” Andy says and turns his attention back to Sara.

In a very husky voice Sara whispers in his ear “You are a naughty man aren’t you sexy?” and she gripped his slightly softening penis tightly again with her pussy, “Oh going so soon my love, I think I might have to do something about that,” and she began a slow rhythm of squeezing and gripping him to try and tease his penis back to life.

“That does feel good my love,” and he begins slowly thrusting his finger in her anus again and lifts his hand to brush across her nipples eliciting a sudden gasp from Sara. “I think we may have to see if you are likely to have any more ’emotional episodes’ from our bad news.”

Sara giggled then caught herself “Oh I had better not laugh or Andrew might get some strange ideas if I am supposed to be so sad.”

“Yes that would be a good idea and since it is still a couple of hours until lunch I think you may have more than just a couple of ‘episodes’ between now and then,” Andy says and risks a sudden hard deep thrust into Sara’s pussy before going back to a slower, gentler rhythm.

Sara gasps and leans back into Andy’s shoulder “I think another ‘crying episode’ could be on its way soon lover, will you comfort me?” she asks in an almost girlish voice.

“Of course my little kitten I will give you all the ‘comfort’ you desire,” he says softly as he kisses cheek.

Andy ‘comforted’ Sara a number of times after that before they finally decided it was time to head home for some ‘comfort’ that would allow Sara to let her emotion out as loud as she wanted.

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