At the Hacienda

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I took one more drag on the Cuban cigar, which had marinated for three hours in my soaked cunt before we dried it out by the courtyard pool and smoked it together in bed.

My left arm was slung comfortably around Marian, both of us nude as we reclined against the pillows in the king-sized bed. The curtains were wide-open and there was a magnificent view of the sunset over our hacienda, the estate we’d rented for a week just south of Tijuana.

“Do you want some more?” I asked.

Marian shook her head and smiled devilishly. “I think you know what I want.”

I put out the cigar and kissed her full on the mouth, reaching around to cup her heavy, dark-nippled breasts, already hardening with excitement from what was to come.

Marian was the bisexual lover that I’d long desired. We’d met at a lesbian speed dating event in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, and the electricity was undeniable from the moment I reached across the table, nearly spilling her mojito, and clasped her hand. Like me, she was tall, confident, and unapologetic about her desires. It was easy to talk to her about everything: she’d come out years ago to friends, family, and business acquaintances. On this trip, we were celebrating her 45th birthday together.

She was an award-winning photographer who reminded me of Jennifer Tilly with her long, dark hair and direct gaze. Wherever we went together – dancing body-to-body in the front row of an Annie Lennox concert, or spreading satsuma-scented sun lotion on each other’s backs at Denny-Blaine Beach — we attracted keen attention from men and women Kadıköy Escort alike. Marian’s overwhelming desire for me, and her need to see my fantasies fulfilled one after another, kept us both in a constant state of arousal.

Being in Mexico together was a way for us to continue exploring sexually and shatter taboos. I’d done things down here that I’d never done before, and was proud of all of them. I felt my power growing, and Marian was cheering me on every step of the way.

“I’ll call her up now,” I said, reaching for the phone beside the bed.

It rang twice before Antonella answered. “Si?”

“I need you up here now,” I told her. I hung up.

Two minutes later, Antonella, our Mexican housekeeper, entered the room. Her hair was tied back in a bun, and her dark eyes twinkled with curiosity. She wore a white peasant dress with floral pattern and a revealing neckline. As per my orders, she also had a black leather collar studded with silver crucifixes. She was in her early 50’s and cared for all our cleaning and cooking, along with her daughter Bianca.

“Antonella, I have something I want to show you,” I said. Marian and I smiled at each other, and then Marian slowly pulled back the covers to reveal my beautiful, nude body. I made eye contact with Antonella, enjoying the shock factor of what I was doing.

My position artfully mimicked Courbet’s famous painting, The Origin of the World, with one significant difference: between my unshaven, thick cunt lips, five crisp new American $100 bills protruded obscenely.

“Would Kadıköy Escort Bayan you like to make some extra cash, honey?” I asked her. I’d also fantasized about what I’d do if she said no: it involved our two security guards restraining Antonella, Marian’s bondage rope, and the use of a gag.

Antonella gazed between my thighs and then looked up again. “Yes. I will do what you ask.” She wasn’t naive. We’d heard her sweeping up in the hallway outside our room yesterday while Marian fisted me, and my loud yells of pleasure could be heard right across the hacienda.

Marian reached for the bedside table and handed me the rest of the cash.

“There’s another two hundred in it for you if you bring in Bianca,” I told her, raising an eyebrow slightly. Marian kissed my shoulder and caressed my nipples, back and forth, as I spread my legs wider. Marian had been telling me since she arrived that she wanted to see me with both of them. After I felt Bianca’s breasts brushing against my back as she brought out our food to the table that first night, I wasn’t inclined to disagree as my hunger surged.

Antonella’s mouth opened wide. Marian and I looked at her expectantly.

How could Antonella pass up this opportunity? The answer was, she couldn’t.

Half an hour later, I lay gloriously stretched out in the middle of the bed as Antonella kissed me and sucked my breasts. Her daughter – long-limbed, slender, and uninhibited in her mid-20’s – spread coconut oil all over my body. Their husbands were out working in the fields and had no idea what Escort Kadıköy these two good Catholic women were up to.

Marian stood by the bed, smiling at me with pure joy as I got what I desired.

Bianca spoke no English, so I relayed my needs through Antonella. “Tell your daughter to focus more on touching my ass.”

As Bianca obediently reached down to caress my full cheeks, Marian reached for her Canon PowerShot camera and began snapping away. My body was on fire and my cunt was dripping as I felt the glory of being seen and desired in this kinky situation.

Antonella had her ass up in the air and I could see her anus half-spread open in the mirror on the far side of the room. That reminded me of what I wanted next.

“Tell Bianca to get underneath me now,” I said. I was getting ready to come.

I straddled over Bianca. As Bianca positioned her face underneath my full ass, I spread my cheeks and guided her to stick her tongue directly up my asshole. Marian captured it all with her camera. I grabbed Antonella by the hair and pulled her down between my thighs. With her stomach pressed up against her daughter’s hairy cunt, she began to eat me out.

“Oh yeah, I fuckin’ need this,” I gasped. Antonella was eating me so well, flicking circles around my soaked clit and then sucking it right into my mouth. I rode Bianca’s face without shame, using these Mexican women to get off the way I needed.

I reached down and flicked my own clit as Antonella tonguefucked my hole. Bianca thrust her tongue as deep up my anus as she could and then I had one of my largest orgasms ever, screaming and shuddering as Marian applauded for me.

By now, the scent of aroused pussy dominated over the remaining traces of cigar smoke in the room. Marian joined the others, holding me close against her body. And we still had another week to explore what we wanted at the hacienda.

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