At Last Ch. 03

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I get up to get a drink of water and offer you some, as you look like you could use some refreshment too.

“So,” I ask, “did I live up to my words? Or was it just that you had a long dry spell?”

“Ohhh,” you sigh, “you blew even your words out of the water! No pun intended,” you add with a wink.

I smile a big, satisfied smile. “Awesome,” I say. “Wanna watch a movie or something?”

I start to get up, but your response stops me.

“No,” you say. “No movie. I want you to do something for me.”

I look at you, wondering what more I could possibly do. “What?” I ask.

“Take me to your bedroom, let me undress you, and then lay down on your bed. I’ll tell you what comes next.”

“Um, ok.” I turn to comply when you stop me and turn me towards you for a kiss; gentle, but intense and probing. My blood begins to race again as I lead you down the hallway to my room. When we get there I turn around and you move closer to me, your eyes locking with mine.

“Let the undressing begin.” you say. Your hands are at my shoulders while you lean in to kiss my lips. You leave a trail along my jaw and nibble on my ears. I feel your hand slide over my breast and I hold my breath. My nipples harden, my whole body tenses with the ache to be touched. You rub your hand upwards, lifting my Mersin Escort pendulous globes and the friction against the nipple causes liquid heat to pool in my belly. Your hand travels down and you lift my shirt up and remove it. My stomach contracts when your fingers brush against skin as you undo my jeans and slide them down my legs. You pause on your way down to leave kisses where my panties meet skin.

I stand before you in my bra and lace panties, quivering with silent yearning. You reach around and undo the fastenings, effectively freeing my breasts. They spill into your hands and you take a few moments to suckle and caress them before you remove the last barrier of clothing and instruct me to lie down on my bed.

“Where are your toys?” you ask me.

“Under the mattress,” I say, “why?”

“Because I want to watch you play.”

I get out the three I have and you choose the eggs because you remember they are my favorites.

“Knees up!” you command, “Spread your thighs open.”

I do as you tell me because even though I am slightly embarrassed, every word you speak causes my vaginal walls to spasm and your eyes burning into mine make me very aware of my nakedness and the fact that my juices are seeping from between the puffy lips of my cunt. I lay there, Mersin Escort Bayan knees up as if in a doctors stirrups with my legs spread as far as they will go.

“Now,” you say, “I want to see your clit. I want to see you spread your cunt lips and finger your clit for me. Rub it, that’s it; up and down. You need lubricant? Feel your sopping hole; yes, now you’re all nice and wet. Just look at that hole, leaking your juices as I speak. Put your fingers inside; try two first. Now three; ohhh…so nice. Fuck yourself, pump them in and out. God they are covered in your honey; doesn’t that feel nice?”

I’m lost in my own world now; a world that consists of your voice, my fingers, my clit, and my hungry vagina. I’m pumping my fingers into my now gaping hole and with each thrust in I can feel my lips brushing against my clit; teasing with a maddeningly light touch. My clit is screaming for something harder to relieve this pressure that is building.

I feel your mouth tugging on my nipples and this sends a jolt directly to my pussy which contracts around my fingers. You lick my nipples and leave them shiny with your saliva. I feel the cool air as you blow lightly and then the intense heat as your mouth pulls the nipple in and licks it.

The cool air is back again and a Escort Mersin low buzzing sound penetrates the sensual fog around my brain. I jump when I feel the vibrations against my nipples alternating from one to the other. The other egg stops briefly on my clit and I let out a loud gasp; but it is not to end so soon. The egg is replaced by your thumb as you shove the egg into my gushing fuck hole.

My God! To feel someone else touching me has me going out of my mind. You keep your fingers inside me with one of the eggs, and place the other in my hand saying, “Let me see.” I look into your eyes as I place the toy on my clit. My eyes break the contact as they close in ecstasy but open just as quickly when I hear your command of “Look at me.”

The vibrations are excruciating; I need to come. I feel the release approaching; the waves beginning in small radiations from my core. I move the egg slightly, which sends me over the edge; the waves of ecstasy peaking and crashing against my mind. I buck my hips; riding your fingers. I don’t care about the egg-I just want your fingers thrusting inside me as I come.

Ah, ahh, ahhhhh; I moan, gasp, and scream; my hips unconsciously moving upwards in an effort to get your fingers as deep as they can go. Unnnhhhuhh!! My muscles clench around your fingers, sucking them further in as I come around them; releasing a flood of juices which leaks out to trickle down to my ass.

You lean over and kiss me and I return it passionately. As we break the kiss I grin sweetly and say “I hope you’re ready because you’ve just unleashed a monster.”

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