Assistant Druggist

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My firm had just been awarded a penthouse build out on Lido Beach at Saint Armand in Sarasota. These jobs are considered cake, with big money pay outs by owners who spare no expense to have them designed to their own specifications and built out accordingly. The only real downside to these projects is that they take forever to get because there’s only around sixteen such units and the work’s few and far between due to the horrendously slow turnover rate.

After the final on site meeting with the design architect and project owner (who informed us he had already attained authorization for us to begin the required demolition prior to starting the rebuild) we shook hands. I looked at my watch and told them that I would be at City Hall the following Monday with their sealed drawings to apply for the approved building permitting.

During the elevator ride to the lobby, I reminded the owner to petition the building Board of Directors to have a cargo elevator dedicated to this project, blanketed, coded and programmed as nonstop and we parted ways when we arrived at the lobby.

I remember being hungry, that evening was pleasantly warm and as I drove by all of the restaurants on Saint Armands Circle, I noticed that they were pounded full of Snowbirds. I really wanted to stop in at the Columbian, I was really in the mood for Mexican but after seeing their over full outdoor waiting area, I headed for my old haunt ‘The Ale House’ out off of Bee Ridge Road.

Not three feet inside the door to the bar area, I saw the back of my old friend Don my Pharmacist, sitting at the bar talking to Scotty the bartender: “Don, man good to see you, what brings you out this way?” I asked.

“Hey Peter! How are you doing?” He answered: “I’m here to interview a young lady assistant that I’m planning on hiring. Peter, business has been good and with the Snowbirds piling in, I really need the help.” he replied.

“You always did have a lot of class, interviewing perspective lady new hires in a bar!” I goaded him.

“Hey Peter, you’re stuck in the eighties, she picked the location.” He said: “Thanks Scotty, I’m going to grab that booth over there while it’s still available.” He motioned: “Peter, would you care to join me?”

“For the interview?” I asked with surprise.

“Sure.” Don answered: “This is one tough little chic and you will definitely get a kick out of her and it shouldn’t take long.” He said: “I’ve already decided to hire her anyway, have a seat and I’ll buy you a beer. Mr. Scott, two Eleven Point IPA’s.”

Scott was pulling the handle filling the second of the two glasses, when Don said: “There she is now, that’s her!” And when glanced over at the door, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

There was absolutely no way she measured over four feet eleven. She was wearing crisp pressed bright blue medical scrubs and the closer she got, the cuter she looked. Jet black hair just shorter than shoulder length, all clean and shiny like a Pantene Shampoo commercial, and those eyes … Deep blue, dark eyebrows with jet black liner that looked as if it were painted on by and artist and they came to a perfect point, just past the outside portion of each eye and she had the face of an Angel.

In a word: “Beautiful!” but in a young, cute, haunting and forbidden thirty something sort of way.

When Don said: “Stay put.” He stood to greet her and to my total surprise, he extended his left hand towards me and she slid in the booth between us, practically up against me and I remember that she smelled fantastic.

“Savannah, this is Peterswiftt, Peter this is Savannah Jordon.” Don introduced.

And all I could think to say was: “Nice meeting you, I’ll grab my barstool over there and let you two get down to business.”

As I attempted to side to my left in order to make my getaway, Don said: “Nonsense Peter, join us for dinner. Let me buy so I can take the deduction will you?”

“Please don’t leave on my account.” Savanna added and after hearing her soft voice for the first time, anyone would instantly know that the sound of it fit her beautiful little shape and frame to a ‘T’. And then I couldn’t leave.

The next thing that I remember was Scott sitting coasters and our beers in front of us with Stacey the cocktail server directly to his left, asking Savannah what she would like to drink.

“Long Island Tea please.'” Savannah answered, and Stacey looked over at me, raised her right brow and smirked as she handed each of us a menu.

“What’s good here?” Savannah asked, as she glanced over at Don.

“You might want to ask Pater that, her practically owns this place,” Don mocked.

When Savannah questioned: “Really?”

I answered: “No, Don’s just pulling your leg, but I do drink my share here to keep them in business.” And Don actually laughed out loud.

“Well, it seems to be working, I’m glad I got here when I did.” She responded and I looked over and saw the receptionist taking names of the waiting customers that antalya escort were lining up while servers began herding some of the overflow into the now standing room only bar area to order drinks.

“New York Strip steak. I always get the New York Strip and baked potato, sometimes with a side salad. They seem to do a good job with that.” I informed her, and then Stacey sat her tall Long Island Tea in front of her giving me a wink and I kind of gave her a stern look back, not being exactly sure on what she was attempting to convey to me.

“You ready to order?” Stacey asked.

“Your ‘Big Salads’. How are your big salads?” Savannah inquired.

“We’re known for our salads.” Stacey responded while pointing at Savannah’s menu with the top of her pen: “This is my personal favorite.” she offered.

“I’ll have that and another Long Island.” Savannah responded, and there was that look from Stacy again. Kind of a cheeky little smile I guess you would say, but I didn’t get it, so I ordered may steak and following my advice, Don did the same.

As she turned to submit our order, I excused myself to use the men’s room and Stacey caught me in the hall. “Peter, keep an eye on that one for your friend there.: She warned: “Another drink and shell be feeling him up under the table!”

Shocked at what Stacy had just shared with me: “What?” Was all that I could manage to say to that.

“I work part time at ‘Chilies’ next door and she was with a bunch that came in late last Wednesday night. Three long Islands and that one was ready to dance on the table, or crawl under it if you know what I mean!” Stacey explained.

“Are you serious.” I asked, though I’ve known Stacey long enough to know that I didn’t have to doubt her.

“It got so obvious, Charley the on duty manager finally had to tell them all to leave.” She responded

“Charley? Manager Charley from here? Our Charley?” I blurted out.

“No! his name is Charley too, I just thought you should know. I don’t know your friend there well enough to warn him, But you I trust Peter. You didn’t hear it from me.” She cautioned and as she turned to walk through the swinging double aluminum doors to the kitchen prep area, then she added: “I just didn’t think you wanted to call that kind of attention to yourself.”

I went in the men’s room, did my business, washed my hands and made my way back to our booth. After I slid back in, her left hand was on the inside of my right thigh. With her thumb still on top of it, her four fingers slid up the inside of my leg until her pinky was stopped by the head of my penis.

In reaction, I looked over at Don just in time to see him jerk, straighten up and his face take on a surprised and wicked grin, but as her four fingers came up under my shaft it stated to throb against the inside of my leg and I looked down in time to see her thumb start to caress my swelling head right at the tip.

When I looked back at Don, his head was raised and he was scouring the bar area. He looked me dead in the eye and said: “Let’s find that server and get this one another drink! … Then added: “One of your houses is near here, in Colonial Gables. Right? ”

“It is.” I quietly answered trying to cover my growing interest and keep this new situation from being too obvious to Scott and the other patrons: “But my housekeeper stays there until my winter tenants decide to come down from Boston.” I reasoned. Though my mind was reeling on all of the possibilities of where we could bed this total hottie, the thought had crossed my mind to cash in on having my housekeeper join us, but knowing her, I knew that could be a long shot.

To my surprise and out of nowhere, Savannah asked in a breathy pant: “You don’t think she’s there now do you?” And the second I detected alcohol induced lust filled desperation in her voice, I instantly re-evaluated the living arrangement that my housekeeper Amanda had made with me and I decided to push the envelope.

I looked to my left, bent down and softly answered directly into Savannah’s ear, just barely above a whisper: “In the event she is, would you mind if she joins us?”

Quickly, her hand firmly squeezed my shaft, her head darted over and she looked to her right at Don and exclaimed: “Sounds like that could be fun!”

I summoned Scottie, winked and told him to please bring Don our check and the second he nodded his approval, I saw Stacie standing behind him off to his left, grinning at me and shaking her head.

As we hurried to stand, Savannah started to sway and I felt my right hand slip up under her left armpit in a reaction to steady her and hopefully not call any unwanted attention to her condition: “Warm and moist!” I thought to myself and I couldn’t wait to slip the top of her scrubs up over her head and burry my nose in it.

Once in the parking lot it was quite evident that there was no way we could let her drive, let alone rely on her to be able to follow us in her tipsy, giggly, unstable lara escort condition, so without question I assisted her up into my Escalade while Don walked over and made sure that both of their cars were locked.


Author’s note: “Now before my critical readers go all ballistic claiming this is some form of sexual abuse, please go back to the beginning and reread up to this point so you will understand that neither Don nor I really initiated what is about to happen. Ok?” Back to the story.


Don came up, slid in next to her and as I pusher the console back to form the center front seat, I buckled her in between us: “I’ll grab a cab or Uber and see her to our cars when we’re done partying with this little lady.” He confidently said as he fastened his own seatbelt.

Two hundred yards down the road, her hands were gently petting and working on our junk through the fabric our pant covered crotches and her head was laid back with a pleasant glow of total ecstasy on her pretty face. Her shallow breathing and constant little moans of pleasure made it quite evident that she was not only into the moment, but totally enjoying the comparison of what she was fondling in each hand.

As her anticipation mounted for what was yet to come, her face flushed and she began to systematically rub her closed thighs together and I couldn’t wait to plunge my face between her legs to experience the scent of what she was obviously starting to produce.

I found my cell phone, hit Bluetooth and after my thumb speed dialed Amanda. The moment she answered, I briefly explaining the situation and told her that we should arrive in less than fifteen minutes and for her too please make sure that the master bedroom was ready, and after a brief pause, I told her that I expected her to join in on the fun with us.

Her immediate response was: “Peter, I’m all over that, but I’m just now leaving the fitness center after my Body-pump work out. I’m all sweaty and I need to rinse off first.”

Surprised and amused over the fact that she didn’t even question getting with me, Don and another woman, actually intrigued me. I instantly remembered my first time with her after her four mile walk to and from the grocery and the arousing effects that had on the scent of her young body. Then I heard myself tell her: “No! Don’t even bother changing, it will be more fun with you just the way you are.”

Don shot me his evil grin as Amanda replied: “Ok Peter, but you are SO nasty! I shouldn’t have told you … I should have just rushed home and showered first. “

And I answered with: “Just have everything ready on the bar to make some long island ice Tea. You wouldn’t have the time to shower anyway, we’ll probably arrive ahead or right behind you.” And I ended the call as she giggled.

“Jesus Peter, was that your housekeeper?” Don asked: “A cleaning lady? Wow, what are we in for?”

“She’s not some middle aged plumper like the stereotype you are thinking. I explained: “She just turned nineteen.” I emphasized her age so Savannah would know what I have intended: “She’s as cute as she is wild.” I added and Savannah rolled her eyes, took a quick breath through her nose and grinned a sheepish nervous grin.

“You ever been with another woman little lady?” Don over anxiously came right out asked.

The microsecond that Savannah heard his question, she answered: “No, never.”

Don insistently fired back: “Well I guess there has to be a first time for everything!” And I gave him my best ‘slow down and use some diplomacy before you ruin it for us’ look.

Within minutes we were in the driveway, Amanda had the front lights on and the inner door was open with the entrance foyer well lit. Don steadied Savannah as she giggled and piled out of the SUV and we managed to get her inside without issue. As I closed, locked and slipped the security chain on the front door behind us, Savannah didn’t so much as flinch, but to our surprise stated: “I could sure use another drink.”

I looked over and noticed that Amanda had bottles of white rum, vodka and gin sitting between four cans of coke and my ice bucket on the bar, and then I heard her come in from the indoor kitchen with a tray of cheese, snack crackers and some grapes.

She was still wearing her light grey skin tight form fitting yoga leggings and a short pink top that exposed her fit little chiseled tummy at the bottom and the top portion of her ample firm young breasts at the top of it. From the darker pink sweat marks still wet under her arms and between and under her breasts and the darker grey moisture right at the bottom tip of her little pubic mound where it imprinted in the prettiest hint of a camel toe, there could be no doubt that she had just completed a vigorous workout.

“Hey guys!” She greeted with her signature smile: muratpaşa escort “I’m Amanda.” She introduced: “Who wants a drink?”and I looked over at Don for his approval of her and watched his jaw literally drop from his first sight of her.

“Hey Mandy, the gentleman here with his mouth open is my good friend Don and this is our new found friend Savannah!” I explained in introduction. Then I decided to come out with it. I waded right in by adding: “We had a few drinks at dinner and this little lady is feeling a bit frisky in an real aroused, sexually charged sort of way. Do you think we can accommodate her?”

Though I directed that statement to Amanda, it was more for Savannah’s benefit because I wanted this to go off smooth and natural without resistance or phony surprises.

“She is a cute little thing!” Amanda immediately chimed in winking at me and obviously catching the drift of what Don and I were expecting from her.


You see readers, Amanda was homeless when I discovered her stowed away in my home that we were now visiting. She had just been laid off from her job at the housekeeping service that I employed at that time, her mother had recently been jailed for passing bad checks (and a myriad of other minor law infractions, including drug violations I’m sure) and their mobile home up in Saint Petersburg had just been repossessed.

So, I agreed to let her live in this house (during summer months when it wasn’t under seasonal lease) in exchange for me paying her a fair salary for her housekeeping services on my office, boat and the home that I live in, and an occasional sexual ‘Girl Friend Experience’ now and then, if you know what I mean. That part of the arrangement was her suggestion, I guess as her deal closer.

Now before you judge me as the one taking advantage here, please bear in mind that this house that I allow her to live in, is worth well over one point five million. I’m providing that roof over her head with full utilities and upkeep covered, the use of an Audi, at her discretion, and I am paying her a good salary on top of this to use as spending money or whatever else she decides to use it for. Please also bear in mind that this was her idea. Now, again, back to the story.


Savannah took on an appreciative but nervous grin and almost looked away as Amanda walked directly up to her saying: “Hey! It’s true … don’t be so shy, you are extremely cute!” And she gave her a big hug and surprisingly a friendly kiss directly on the mouth that turned into a hungry, heated, wet opened mouth passionate kiss that not only lasted, but it appeared as if they had been lesbian lovers for years.

I reached back behind the bar and grabbed my bottle of Booker’s and snagged two heavy rocks glasses and I iced them. When I looked over at Don for his approval, he never looked away from the girls. Using only what seemed to be his peripheral vision, he nodded at me that he would like one and I noticed that he never blinked out of fear that he might miss something between them.

As Mandy leaned in and worked her lips behind Savannah’s left ear and licked her way down the left side of Savannah’s neck, we noticed both of her hands slide slowly under the hem of Savannah’s scrub top. As she gently lifted it to expose her cute little belly button, Savannah instinctively raised both of her arms above her head and in a second the top was tossed onto the loveseat behind her.

Mandy looked back at me with a concerned expression on her face whispering, almost mouthing: “Peter, I really do need to shower first.”

“Amanda!” I answered in a firm demanding tone: “Let’s let her first experience with a girl be … let’s just say, ‘all natural,’ if you don’t mind.” And Amanda turned and really got into it.

“Don … Don?” I finally broke his concentration: “Wouldn’t you like to witness Savannah’s first taste of a woman with Amanda be right from her gym workout all raw, naturally sweaty like this?” And without so much as breaking his stare, Don surprisingly answered: “Hell Peter! … I would love to burry my face in that ripe ass my damn self! You were right man! Amanda, you are one FOX!”

Savannah’s arms were now around Mandy’s neck at the wrists and they were both openly licking and sucking on each other’s tongues, and I am here to tell you that what Don and I were witnessing was the hottest action I know I have ever seen between two women.

By this time, Don was fidgeting nervously and he kept shifting his body weight from one leg to the other and he’d continuously reach to his crotch and adjust himself through his slacks and I could tell from my own growing uncomfortable restrained erection that we would soon need to free our loins.

“Grab that easy chair there.” I said to Don as I handed him his Booker’s: “Let’s unbuckle, unzip and take some of the stress off our manhood as we enjoy the show.” I prompted, and I didn’t have to mention that twice.

As I took my armchair, I slid the coffee table off the end of the area rug to afford the girls more room to play and while we watched, Amanda ever so gently laid Savannah down on her back in the deep pile.

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