“Ask Anna Anything” Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Anna is used by six forum members in a hotel room.

ChocolateyGoodness: Great news for Anna’s friends and fans. You’ve seen her beautiful body and watched her fuck. Have you fantasised that it was your cock and not her husband’s plunging into her wet pussy? Now’s your chance to have her for real. Anna and I have Skyped and I am delighted to reveal that this hot slut has agreed to take on six of us in a hotel next month. Would you like to take part in this exciting event? PM me your location, age and sexual preferences and I will select the combination of men I think will make for the best show. You need to be able to get to the Midlands on the afternoon/evening of the 23rd. The judge’s decision is his alone and is final. If you don’t like the terms, don’t apply. By agreeing to take part you also agree that photos and video of you (masked so you cannot be identified) fucking Anna will be posted on this thread. Applications must be submitted by midnight (GMT) tomorrow.

Half an hour after posting, Raf PMed Anna: “Already received 243 applications, babe. It’s going to take a while to trawl through these. Some guys are saying they will fly in from Germany and the Netherlands!”

During the week that followed, Anna received numerous PMs featuring body shots of men of all shapes, sizes and races, begging her to choose them. She forwarded them all to Raf who sent a template response saying further canvassing would result in instant disqualification. Anna barely glanced at them. All she could think about was finally meeting and fucking Raf in the flesh.

Elliott was home for several days while Raf was deliberating over applications. She persuaded him to cuff her hands behind her back, blindfold her and then film her sucking his cock and balls. After he came in her mouth she opened wide for the camera, displaying a mouth full of semen, before swallowing it all down and then opening her empty mouth again for inspection. This video found its way onto the forum before he had even gone away with the caption, “Whose spunk will be filling my belly next month?” The only sure answer, Anna thought as she typed, was Raf’s.

ChocolateyGoodness: I have reached a decision. The winners, who will be joining Anna and me in a hotel room next month, are : Dirtyoldman, TItMan77, Pussylicker, Pheremonal and NorthCountryBoy. Congratulations, guys. Further instructions are on their way to your inbox.

The instructions consisted of directions to the hotel and access arrangements, time of arrival, reminders about use of photographic equipment and the final statement: “Pretty much anything goes, but ChocolateyGoodness is ringmaster. If he tells you to do something, you do it, and nobody fucks her arse before he has had it.”

. . .

Anna checked in to the hotel suite at 1pm. She was more nervous and more excited than at any time in her life.

Today she would be used by six strangers who already knew her name and every inch of her body and had watched her submit to half a dozen orgasms. Other than Raf, she knew neither what they looked like nor anything about them. In the preceding days she had received from five of them lengthy, graphic messages describing how they planned to fuck her. The sixth, and the one who mattered, had Skyped with her once, fully clothed in a work suit while she, on his instructions, knelt naked on a hardwood floor, forbidden to touch herself. He had brought her to a drooling, shuddering orgasm simply by instructing her on what she should do on arrival.

“After you check into the hotel room you will go to the bathroom, pee and administer an anal douche. You will shower very thoroughly, use the antiperspirant, body lotion and perfume supplied and apply your own make up. Smoky eye, glossy red lip. Laid out on the bed you will find the clothes you are to put on: strapless half cup bra, crotchless knickers, lace top hold ups and shoes. Once these are on you will tie the black satin blindfold around your eyes, position yourself on the bed and wait for me. If you do not do exactly as I say I will not touch you.”

. . .

Anna could imagine no worse fate and on the afternoon of the 23rd, terrified of making a mistake, followed his instructions to the letter. She arranged herself in a pretty sprawl on the bed and listened, trembling, for his arrival.

Around fifteen minutes later, highly attuned to the slightest sound, she almost jumped out of her skin as she heard the soft click of the hotel room door opening. Her pussy moistened instantly and her hands flew to her blindfold. “Don’t touch it!” Raf’s familiar voice snapped. She heard the soles of his shoes slapping the floor as he approached the bed. He leaned over her – she felt his breath against her face – and snapped metal cuffs around each wrist. Pulling and crying out softly, she discovered she had been handcuffed to the bedhead.

“Your body is even more beautiful in the flesh,” zonguldak escort he said in her ear.

The bed creaked slightly as he knelt between her legs. He lifted her upper body and reached behind her to unclip the strapless bra she wore. She could feel the fabric of his suit trousers brushing her thighs as he leaned over her and blew on her nipples. Her goose-bumped flesh rippled as a shudder ran through her, and her nipples puckered. He groaned very softly and licked her cheek with the flat of his tongue. Then he took her face in his hands and kissed her, long and sensuous, his tongue pushing between her lips and exploring the soft flesh inside her mouth. She murmured and wriggled, wrapping her long legs around him.

“Guys!” he said, and hands prised her legs apart and he was gone.

Bewildered, she whipped her head from side to side but could see nothing through the dense black fabric. She whimpered, “Raf?” but he didn’t reply.

Her legs were being held apart. A mouth was sucking on each of her hard nipples. She heard the snap of camera shutters and tried to visualise how she must look: naked and cuffed, different men holding each ankle, two more latched onto her breasts. She trembled in arousal and felt juices begin to ooze from her pussy as a tongue lightly touched her tingling clitoris. She cried out in ecstasy and a mouth closed on hers, stifling her cry. It was simply indescribable. The loss of vision heightened all her other senses and she came, bucking and thrashing, her ankles pulling against the hands holding them. The mouth on hers withdrew and the blindfold was pulled from her eyes. Raf, still fully clothed, stood over her while five other men manipulated her body with hands or tongues. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She was just thinking, not for the first time, how fucking gorgeous he was when he spoke, his words an echo of her thoughts.

“She is fucking gorgeous, isn’t she? I know this is the first time you’ve seen her unmasked. Her face is even more beautiful than her body, right?”

There were murmurs of assent from the men surrounding her, as mouths released her nipples and clit and they all stared at her.

“Take as many photos and videos as you wish. You can keep them and show them to friends, but remember when sharing to the forum or forwarding on you must block out her eyes so she can’t be easily identified.

“Anna, let me introduce you. On your left breast, TitMan77. Holding your left ankle, Dirtyoldman. Pussylicker, naturally, made a beeline for your clitoris. Your right ankle is being ably supported by NorthCountryBoy and last but not least, Pheremonal has been sucking your right nipple.”

Anna looked round at the men. She couldn’t help giggling at the sight. Raf had supplied them all with Batman masks so – while leaving their eyes and mouths uncovered – their identities too would be obscured on camera without the need for additional picture editing. It was a necessary precaution since all but the youngest (NorthCountryBoy, who she knew was only nineteen) were married or cohabiting, but it made for a comical tableau: five naked superheroes with jutting erections.

Once she’d got past her giggles, it was also intensely erotic not being able to see the faces of the men who would be fucking her while they could see hers. She could encounter them on the street at any time in the future and while they would recognise her she would have absolutely no idea that they had had her.

From their skin and physiques she judged that there was a good range of ages. Raf was apparently the only other who, at 29, was younger than she herself. The oldest was the aptly-named Dirtyoldman, who must have been pushing 70. She wondered how many times they would each cum inside her or over her before morning and her abdomen churned in anticipation.

“OK, boys. Introductions complete. As you were.”

“Thanks, CG,” Dirtyoldman said. “Can you uncuff her now?”

. . .

The events of the evening unfolded in real time in photographic form on the “Ask Anna Anything” thread.

ChocolateyGoodness: Are you all sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Dirtyoldman: Well, here we all are in Coventry. This photo shows TitMan77 preparing Anna for penetration – you can see her nipple swelling under his tongue.

NorthCountryBoy: Anna spit-roasted. That’s Pheremonal’s cock in her pussy. Pussylicker is throat-fucking her.

Pussylicker: My semen running down her beautiful face.

ChocolateyGoodness: Anna cumming on Pheremonal’s cock. She screamed so loud the occupant of the next room banged on the wall!

Pheremonal: Creampie. A close up for you. That’s my cum seeping from her pretty pussy. Her knickers are soaked and need to come off. I think I’ll keep them as a souvenir.

TitMan77: No break for Anna. Here she is riding Dirtyoldman fethiye escort like a bucking bronco.

TitMan77: . . . and swallowing his load.

Pheremonal: Anna has some recovery time on her back while NorthCountryBoy eats her pussy.

Dirtyoldman: Ah, look: she’s cumming again. Nice work, young man.

ChocolateyGoodness: Another close up. Look how swollen her clit is now.

TitMan77: Payback time. Anna rides NorthCountryBoy. The muscles in her thighs are certainly getting a good workout.

Dirtyoldman: Turns out TitMan77 is a bit kinky! Here, he and Anna are in a 69 position. He has no objection to sucking NorthCountryBoy’s spunk from her well-used pussy.

Pussylicker: Open wide, Anna. Her mouth is full of TitMan77’s goo. I love watching her swallow it down almost as much as she loves doing it.

Pheromonal: And Pussylicker’s cock was so hard after that little show he is now ramming it into our favourite slut from behind. Go easy on her, Pussylicker! The night is young!

TitMan77: Really no cause for concern, Pheremonal. Enjoy this audio clip, boys, in which Anna begs Pussylicker to “fuck me harder, make me cum.”

Dirtyoldman: How could he not when she asked so sweetly. Her mouth is open in this one because she’s screaming, “I’m cumming!” at the top of her lungs.

NorthCountryBoy: Need a comfort break? Take it now. CG’s taken her into the shower to clean her up a bit. She’s got a bit messy 😉

. . .

Raf removed Anna’s shredded hold ups and she stood beneath the shower as he himself undressed. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, gargling with the warm water. Her boyfriend joined her, soaping up her breasts and pussy and kissing her now-clean mouth with lots of tongue.

“How are you doing, sweetheart?”

“Good,” she said, closing her eyes as his hands cupped her tits again. “But you know I want you to fuck me.”

“I know,” he said, pushing two soapy fingers into her sloppy pussy.

. . .

She lay on a towel on the bed, her eyes closed, her hair streaming. Her make up had washed away under the shower water. The dressing table was strewn with empty beer bottles, consumed by the parched Batmen.

The forum thread updated repeatedly, with comments on Anna’s photos and masturbation photos from her fans. Raf hoped it wouldn’t crash the forum before they were through.

The next post from Coventry would be a video file.

Pussylicker and TitMan77 shared one couch, Pheremonal and Dirtyoldman the other. NorthCountryBoy perched on the dressing table stool. Despite their exertions, all sported semis as they watched Raf and Anna on the bed.

She lay on her back, her eyes following his every move. He dried her gently before pulling the damp towel from beneath her body and tossing it to Dirtyoldman who hung it over the radiator. He kissed her on the mouth again before shifting her as far up the bed as she could go, spreading and bending her knees and lapping at her sensitised clit. She squirmed and bucked beneath his tongue and as her juices flowed he judged her ready.

He took her hand, pulling her to her feet and steered her to the foot of the bed, bending her forward over the leather footboard. He reached behind him to the dresser drawer and withdrew from it first a ski mask, which he pulled over his face, and then a large syringe. He signalled to NorthCountryBoy who began filming.

“Since you told me you have never had anal sex, Anna, I’ve barely been able to think of anything else. I’ve been so distracted at work and at home both my boss and my wife have commented on my absent-mindedness. I have to fuck your arse.” He was running his hands all over her tight buttocks, making the hair on her back stand on end. She moaned softly.

He spat on his right middle finger and gently probed at her tight, pink anus, rotating his finger to open her up slightly. In his left hand he took the syringe from the dresser top and inserted the nozzle into her hole. She gasped as the cold lubricant flowed into her arsehole. Again, Raf spat into his palm and spread the saliva over his veiny, brown cock, mixing it with his abundant pre-cum.

“Try to relax, Anna. I’m going to take your pretty white arse.”

He pushed her ankles apart with his foot. He wasn’t a tall man and they were of a height. He didn’t have to strain much to position the tip of his cock inside her puckered anus. He began to push. Anna moaned softly and he dug his fingertips into her hips. She was tight and tense. “Relax,” repeated Raf. He pushed again and his glans was engulfed between her cheeks.

“Push back, babe,” he said. “Try to push me out.”

She did as she was told. He pushed into her and she pushed back until, with a pop, her sphincter gave and he was inside her. He continued to push until his balls were touching her soft white skin and then alanya escort stood still for a second or two, whispering, “I’m inside you, Anna. I’m in your arsehole.”

She looked at him over her shoulder then with glazed eyes, her lips parted, panting. She gave a tiny cry at the sight of the ski mask.

He rocked his hips, sliding his cock out of her until only the head remained inside, and then thrust back inside her again. “So hot and tight,” he hissed. “How does it feel, Anna?”

“Amazing,” she said. “Dirty, wrong, incredible.” She ground her pelvis back against him.

He parted her cheeks for the camera, savouring the view of his dark cock sliding between her creamy-pale buttocks.

“Filthy, white slut,” he said under his breath, not intending her to hear.

“Yes,” she repeated. “I’m your filthy white slut.”

He began to fuck her then in earnest, pounding into her so hard that the bed shook and the men watching could feel the floor reverberate. She urged him on: “Fuck me, babe. Fuck me harder!” and he responded with brutally deep thrusts, grunting, pounding. At last she cried, “Oh God, I’m cumming!” and, unable to hold back in the face of her climax, he unloaded into her rectum and collapsed, panting, on top of her.

“Fucking hell!” exclaimed Pheremonal. “That might be the hottest porn I have ever seen.” His thighs and belly were sticky with his own semen. NorthCountryBoy and Dirtyoldman had also cum into their hands and awkwardly hobbled to the bathroom.

With difficulty, Raf levered himself to his feet and helped Anna up. She staggered round to sit on the edge of the mattress.

“Uh-uh,” said Pussylicker, who was sporting a huge erection. “You’re far from done.”

He pushed her aside and lay on the bed, pulling her astride him and lowering her wet, post-orgasmic pussy onto his pole. Anna began automatically to rise and fall, rhythmically.

TitMan77 licked his lips and looked to Raf, now sprawled on the stool NorthCountryBoy had vacated. “Now you’ve opened her arse, can I have a go?”

Raf gave him a thumbs up and he hastily climbed between Anna and Pussylicker’s legs, feeding his own throbbing cock into her ravaged anus.

Pheremonal: Fuck, that was hot. What a lot of firsts for Anna tonight. Enjoy this: her first DP.

Raf had still only cum once and despite his exhaustion his cock was already regaining its rigidity. He watched TitMan77 grab a handful of Anna’s still-damp hair and wrench back her head as he ploughed into her no-longer-virgin arsehole and could not hold back. He moved to her head and fed his hard-on into her mouth.

Pheremonal: Fucking hell. That’s all her holes stuffed – and Anna does ATM. What a trooper.

Her pussy was raw now but the lubricant in her arsehole, supplemented by Raf’s plentiful semen, was doing its job and TitMan77 found her slick and welcoming. Her cunt should have been stretched and loose after taking four cocks already, but the cock in her arsehole tightened it around Pussylicker’s penis and he felt the spunk being sucked from his balls up his shaft and into her womb. She moaned as the soothing goo coated her sore passage and it pulsed, triggering TitMan77’s orgasm. He climbed off her and was replaced by NorthCountryBoy, whose teenaged stamina impressed the others. Pussylicker’s limp dick slithered from her but he lay sated beneath her as NorthCountryBoy thrust into her sloppy rectum. Despite his youth, NorthCountryBoy’s recent orgasm had numbed his dick and her wet, stretched hole offered little friction. It took him a long time to achieve a further climax. He pounded into her hard and fast for long minutes. Meanwhile, Raf shot another load down her throat and pulled out of her mouth and her upper body collapsed onto the man below her as NorthCountryBoy’s young cock continued to plunder her bowel. At last he bellowed in hard-earned satisfaction and his sperm, with nowhere left to go, overflowed around his shaft and dripped down her legs to soak the undersheet.

. . .

The party was over.

Raf had thanked his guests and shaken their hands as they departed but made no commitment to a repeat performance. He helped Anna to the bathroom and ran a hot bath for her as she sat on the toilet, peed and allowed some of the bodily fluids and lubricant to drain from her holes. As she soaked in the steaming water he brought her a cup of tea.

She slept wrapped in his muscular arms. When they woke he asked if she was too sore for him to fuck her pussy. She shook her head and he took her in the missionary position. She gazed into his dark eyes, her pupils dilated with lust, her fingers in his black hair. He kissed her long and hard and when they both came his mouth was still locked on hers. When he called her his little white slut it was with a tenderness the words had lacked the previous night. They went down to breakfast hand in hand.

Check-out was at noon. They eked out their time together for as long as possible, unable to keep their hands off each other. Finally, he kissed her bruised lips one more time. “Skype tonight, babe. I’m going to miss you so much.”

She grinned and slammed the boot of her car. “I miss you already.”

Waving, Anna drove away.

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