Ashley’s Big Surprise

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Ashley boarded the plane with barely contained excitement. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She had a long time to think about it, as the flight was thirteen hours.

“Has it really been almost six months since I’ve seen him?” she thought. Her mind was racing from one thought to the next, she stowed her carry-on under the seat and sat down. So far so good, the flight was leaving on time. She should arrive and make it to his office right after he got to work. She knew he only had to work a few hours this morning, since it was his birthday; he was taking half a day off. Over the last six months they made plans to get together three or four times, the first time, it was Ashley’s work. The second time it was Jared’s work, the third Ashley got the flu and was in bed for a week (alone!). The last time, he got sent on a business trip and flew out just as she would have been getting on the plane.

This time Ashley had decided to take matters into her own hands. So she told Jared nothing, she just found out everything that was going on and planned accordingly. She was only staying 36 hours. “This is crazy, I hope he’s not mad, this is very risky.” She thought. She just wanted to give him a birthday surprise. She had it all figured out, just keep it simple, she was going to walk right in, and ask to see him. No one had ever seen her before. No one should be suspicious. Her heart started beating faster as she thought of him, seeing him and touching him. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts she hadn’t even noticed take off. The flight attendant came by with the beverage cart and Ashley wanted nothing. She propped a pillow against the window and lay down her head and gazed out at the dark sky. Her eyes slowly closed as she fell asleep.

Ashley slowly opened her eyes and stretched her legs. She sat up and looked at her watch, startled to realize she had slept almost the entire flight. She reached under the seat for her overnight bag and got up from her seat and went to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, she washed up and changed into a long black skirt and a copper colored blouse. She had on her stockings and such underneath her jeans. She knew there was no way for her to change into them in the tiny airplane bathroom. She stashed her jeans, t-shirt and shoes in her overnight bag. She left the bathroom and returned to her seat. She put on her heels and sat pulled out her makeup bag. She opened her mirror and made a few quick touchups. She ran the brush through her hair, and stowed everything away.

She wanted to scream she was so excited. The pilot came on to announce their final approach. It seemed to take forever for them to land and get to the gate. Ashley was the first off the plane. Custom’s was quicker than she expected and she got a locker for her suitcases and rushed to find a taxi.

She grabbed a cab and gave the address for Jared’s work. He pulled up outside the building; she opened her purse and pulled out some cash. She wasn’t even sure how much she had. She gave the driver some and grabbed her purse and laptop and got out of the car. She walked up to the building and took a deep breath then walked inside. She walked right to the receptionists desk and said, “I have an appointment with, um, lets see, I know I have his card somewhere.” She reached into her purse and pulled out Jared’s card. She handed it to the woman and waited.

“And your name is?” she asked

Ashley was taken back, if she gave it, it would ruin the surprise.

“He’s expecting me, if you could just direct me?” she asked.

“Sure, that’s ok.” She pointed down the hall and said, “It’s the third door on the left.” Ashley took a deep breath and walked down the hall. She stopped outside the third door and stood there for a moment. She crossed her finger’s hoping to find him alone. She slowly opened the door and walked in, there was no one in the outer office. She knew Jared had given his secretary the day off, and should be finishing up some paperwork before he left. She walked up to the door to his office, she reached out and tapped gently on the door.

“Come in.” she heard from within.

Her heart swelled, she could not believe all she had to do was open the door and he’d be there. She turned the knob and entered the office, with a big smile on her face. He didn’t even look up from his work; she stood there just drinking him in. She felt weak, dizzy, excited and incredibly hot, and just a bit nervous too. Just as she was about to say something, he looked up.

Disbelief crossed his face. “Ash?”

She shut the door behind her and looked to him and said, “Happy Birthday, Sexy, Surprise.”

He got up from the desk and in an instant she was in his arms. He held her so tight she could barely breathe. He pulled away and cupped her face in his hands, and leaned in to kiss her lips, so softly, so tenderly and then with a demand. She pulled away.

“You’re not mad?” she asked

“Mad?” he laughed, “about you maybe”

She kissed him her hands going behind his neck and ruffling through his hair. She stoked his neck and back as Maraş Escort the kiss went on and on. His hands were everywhere at once. She was on fire, she reached down and undid his zipper and freed his cock. He was hard and ready. She leaned back against his desk and spread her legs. He needed no other invitation, he steeped closer hiked up her skirt and plunged inside her hot wet pussy. Ashley bit her lip to keep from crying out. It had been so long since she felt him inside her, they were both rushing. He thrust harder; she wrapped her legs around his waist and urged him on. Things were falling off the desk onto the floor, but neither of them cared. She could feel her orgasm building; he sensed it and increased his pace.

“Harder, sexy, fuck me harder.” She moaned

He slammed into her again and again; she could feel him filling her everywhere at once. “Oh, Jared, I’m going to cum.” She breathed

“I’m right here with you babe.”

He felt her muscles contract and grip him like a vice, it was too much for him and he exploded inside her. He slowed and then stilled and laid his head on her shoulder as they both caught their breath. Ashley pushed him off of her and pulled down her shirt quickly. Jared looked at her with a question in his eyes.

“You don’t want someone walking in and seeing that.” she said with a laugh.

He looked at her and laughed, “Everyone knocks, babe.”

“Besides, I’m not even supposed to be here today, remember?” He asked

“I know it was probably stupid to come here like this but I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to see you.” She said

“Stupid? No. Risky, yeah, but we can work it out.” He replied

He picked up the phone and dialed a number, she heard him ask a cab to pick her up outside his office. He grabbed a pen and paper and quickly wrote something down. He handed the paper to Ashley and said, “I’ll meet you here in about an hour or so. I’ll finish up here and see you soon.”

“Oh that’s great, gives me plenty of time to get my bags and recuperate. ” she laughed. She kissed him goodbye and sailed out the door. She turned around and sees Jared watching her with a huge smile and shaking his head. Ashley laughed and kept going, she strode past the receptionists desk.

“Do you find him?” she asked

Ashley looked over her shoulder and smiled, “He gave me just what I needed” and she walked out the door. She got into the waiting cab and told the driver to take her to the airport. Once there she told him to wait and then rushed inside to retrieve her bags. She hurried back to the cab and handed the driver the piece of paper with the name of the hotel.

The drive passed quickly. They pulled up in front of the hotel and the bellman opened her door and took her luggage. She went inside the door and her long legs carried her to the check in desk. Ashley arranged her room and asked that a key be left for a friend who would be stopping by, leaving Jared’s name. She followed the bellman to the lift and then to her room. Once alone, she swiftly unpacked and went into the bathroom to shower. She stood under the hot spray and let the water pound into her skin. Ashley reached for the shampoo and began to lather her hair. She felt a hand over hers as Jared stepped into the shower and began to wash her hair. His hands caressed her head and began to roam over her back and her ass. Ashley moaned as he slipped his hand between her thighs. She leaned her head back and Jared’s hands washed the lather from her hair. His hands continued to roam all over her body and his mouth leaned down and began to lick and suck her nipples. The ache between her thighs increased as his tongue continued its assault on her tender nipples. His tongue began a trail down her chest and her navel to stop between her thighs. His tongue teased her hot flesh, she cried out. He began to lick her faster, teasing that hot, throbbing little button. He slipped his fingers inside her and she instantly clenched around him and he felt her juices flowing over his fingers. He licked her sweet nectar from her and Ashley could not take anymore.

She got to her knees in front of him and took his hard cock into her lovely mouth. The hot wetness that greeted him there sent sensations coursing though his body. Her tongue circled his cock and she took him fully inside. He filled her hot mouth completely.

“Oh Ash.” He said.

She increased the pressure of her mouth and let one roam down to caress his balls. She stroked them gently, and increased the pace of her mouth, sucking him, up and down faster and faster. She took him completely out of her mouth and began to suck him gently on just the head of his cock. She ran her tongue all around him and lightly grazed him with her teeth. He shivered and his balls tightened in her hand, she pulled away not wanting to make him cum yet.

She got up from her knees and reached down to turn off the water. She stepped out of the water and Jared followed her out. Ashley looked at the countertop and looked at Jared, she spread her legs apart and leaned her elbows down Maraş Escort Bayan onto the countertop.

“Fuck me now, like this.” He could see the excitement in her eyes and he stepped forward and slid into her hot wet hole. “Mmm, you feel ssooo good, sexy.” She purred.

“So do you babe,” he said as he drove into her again. Ashley looked up at them in the mirror; she could see the expressions that played over his face as he thrust into her. They fit together perfectly, like they were made from a mold.

“Harder, baby, please.” She cried.”

He obliged her and quickened the pace of his cock sliding in and out of her. “

“Oh, Jared, ohh god, Jared” she moaned. He felt her pussy quiver and throb, tightening around him, as her orgasm swept over her. A slow smile spread across her face as the waves of pleasure swept over her. She laughed and Jared pulled himself almost completely out of her and just let the head of his cock slide slowly in and out of her. “Ohhh.” He teased her with it, only giving her a little, her hips were moving to bring him further inside her, but he backed away. Then he suddenly drove himself all the way inside her and she cried out. He pulled away again and teased her a little more then he buried himself in her. . He felt her coming closer and closer again, and he began to tease her again. “Oh, now, baby, please,” she begged. He obliged her and fucked her hard and fast his hands caressing her ass.

“Oh yes, mmm, harder, yes, ohhh” she cried out. The expressions that came over her beautiful face as she came were too much for him; he looked at her in the mirror and asked, “Where do you want it babe?”

She looked at him and said, “Oh, cum all over my ass.”

He pulled out of her and she looked to see him stroking himself, and then she felt his hot cum shoot all over her ass. Ashley could feel his cum dripping down her ass to her pussy, where it mingled with hers. Her knees were shaking, she could barely stand up. Jared reached for her and wrapped her up in a hug; they walked back into the bedroom arm in arm. They went over to the bed and Ashley collapsed on it. Jared lay down next to her and pulled her to him. Ashley laid her head on his chest and looked up at him, then fell asleep.

He watched her then, so beautiful, smiling in her sleep. He didn’t notice the time pass, as he gazed upon her. She had a glow about her and her eyes shined. He leaned in and placed a kiss on her forehead. She stirred and her eyes popped open. She was surprised to still be in his arms.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I can’t believe I fell asleep.” She said.

“You had a long day, babe, you needed it. ” he replied.

“What time is it?” she asked

He looked at his watch, and was surprised it was after five. He had watched her for over an hour, lost in his thoughts. “Only a little after five, Ash.” He answered

“Did you sleep too?” she asked


“What have you been doing, sexy?”

“Watching you sleep.” He said huskily.

She smiled and leaned to kiss him, she got up from the bed and said, “I’m going to grab a shower quick, you better stay here, or it won’t be quick.” She disappeared into o the bathroom and made it back out a mere ten minutes later, time was precious.

She went to the closet and selected a short black skirt, a fire engine red blouse and a red and black bustier. She crossed to the dresser and pulled out a pair of sheer nude stockings. Jared came up behind her and kissed her neck, she turned to him and he kissed her than ran a finger down her nose. “My turn, babe” he said, and went into the bathroom.

Ashley sat down at the dressing table and quickly applied just a touch of make-up. She picked up her stockings and smoothed them onto her long legs. She put on the bustier and fastened the garters. Her skirt and shirt completed the look. She dug out her high heels, and slipped them on. A quick brush of her hair and she was finished before Jared made it out of the shower. She sat at the table by the window, looking out at the darkening sky.

Jared came out of the bathroom and just watched her for a time. She looked so beautiful, sitting there, staring out into the distance. He knew without a doubt what she was thinking, he knew better than to say anything. She’d just flash him a smile and say it was nothing. He walked up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder, Ashley startled, she had been so wrapped up in her thoughts she had not heard his approach. She turned her face up to him and smiled.

“Well, sexy, now it’s up to you, we’re in your territory now. Or we could got to the of the restaurants downstairs.”

“Let’s go see, eh?” he asked, holding out his hand. Ashley took it and stood, they walked out the door, hand in hand. As soon as they were downstairs, Ashley pulled away. She walked near him as they went to find a place to eat. They found a restaurant and they hurried through the meal, each wanting to get back to each other. They sat at the table, close but not too close. If they thought they were fooling anyone, all Escort Maraş it would take is a small look to see how they looked at one another.

They had wine with dinner and as soon as they finished, they got up to leave. Jared turned back and picked up the cork from the wine bottle and slipped it into his pocket.

They walked slowly back to the lift and went up to the room. Ashley threw her purse on the table and sat down on the bed. Jared came and sat next to her and pulled her into his arms.

They sat there just holding onto one another, it felt so good to finally be in each other’s arms again. Jared began to kiss her slowly; he rained kisses all over her face and neck. He reached for the buttons on her shirt and began to slowly undo them. He pulled it down over her shoulders and looked at her hungrily. He ran a single finger from the hollow of her throat to the valley between her breasts. He leaned in to kiss them. He got up from the bed and pulled her to her feet. He unzipped her skirt and slid it slowly over her hips.

She lay back on the bed and he ran his hands all over her legs, he slipped off her shoes. He reached up to unhook her garters and slowly pulled her stockings off one by one. He pulled the straps off her shoulders and took off the bustier. She was before him, naked in all her glory. He ran his hands all over her body making her shiver. His lips followed his hands, and he worshipped her with his mouth. Kissing and licking her all over her body. Her breasts, her stomach, and her thighs, she could feel his hot breath on her pussy, she waited in anticipation. She could feel herself getting wet, and he flicked out his tongue at her clit and she moaned, “Mmmm” Jared began to lick her and kiss her sweet pussy, making love to her with his tongue. He inserted a finger inside of her, she was so wet, and he slipped another finger inside and began to move them around inside her. He increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit and without much warning she came, the hot, sweet nectar poured out of her, and he licked up every last drop.

Ashley expected him to stop and make love to her but he kept going, trying to make her orgasm last and last. He removed his finger and reached out towards the nightstand and pulled out a small vibrator. He returned to her and went down and began to lick her ass, he stuck his tongue inside that tight hole. He licked all the way back up her pussy to her clit, he switched on the vibrator and began to slide it slowly into her ass. He put his fingers back inside her and began to lick her pussy faster and faster.

Ashley was moaning and moving her hips against him trying to bring him closer, she exploded again and the waves of pleasure washed over her again and again.

Jared moved away but left the vibrator inside her ass. He moved above her and entered her slowly, his cock filling her inch-by-inch. He moved with sure even strokes, he knew just what to do to make her wild. His breath was coming in faster bursts and he moved faster. She felt him coming closer and closer to his release. At just that moment he drove himself fully into her and she burst, the pleasure exploded inside her, and washed over her in a wave. Then he tensed and filled her with his hot cum. He collapsed on top of her and they lay there together, still joined.

Jared moved off of her and pulled her to him. They lay there and talked for a while, trying to say everything at once. Jared didn’t know she was leaving in the morning. It was all the time she could manage right now, she gave herself to him completely, and he to her. She decides not to tell him she was leaving, she’d tell him in eh morning.

“How about a little nap, sexy?” she asked

“Recharge the batteries?” he asked with a laugh.

They settled in, she lay on her side and he curled his body around hers. They fit together like they were made from a mold. They fell asleep and woke a few hours later, it was four in the morning. Ashley got up from the bed and staggered to the bathroom. She switched on the shower and climbed in. She let the hot water wash over her, she stood under the spray the water cascading over her body.

Jared stepped into the shower; he picked up the shampoo and squeezed some into his hand. He rubbed it into her hair, and began to massage her scalp. His hands felt so good; he gently prodded her under the water and washed the suds from her hair. He picked up the washcloth and lathered it with the soap. He trailed it over her body, washing her, not missing an inch. She returned the favor and washed him as well. They rinsed off and she turned off the taps. He stepped out and reached for a towel, he turned to her and patted her gently dry. He reached for another towel and dried himself.

She pulled on her robe and wrapped her hair in a towel and left the bathroom. She went over to the phone and dialed room service and ordered them coffee.

Jared sat back in the recliner and switched on the news. A knock on the door signaled the arrival of room service. Ashley let them in, and then went to pour them each a cup of coffee. She brought one over to Jared and he held out his arms and pulled her into his lap. They didn’t speak; they sat there in each other’s arms, watching the news. The minutes ticked slowly by and Ashley became anxious. She was leaving in a few hours.

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