Armitage Family Loving Ch. 04

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Peter Graham had an erection! He had had it all morning, ever since Sue had arrived for work. She was dressed in the shop uniform of white blouse and navy blue skirt as usual but she seemed different somehow. She had given him a big smile and came to stand in front of him.

“I’m feeling on top form today Peter,” she glowed.

Peter gasped. His eyes popped out of his head. Sue had two buttons of the blouse undone, one more than was allowed by his father. She was wearing a very flimsy bra and he could see her brown nipples peeking over the top of the lace as she pushed her chest out towards him. He gulped.

“That’s great Sue. I’ll, er, see you later but you’ll have to cover up a little. If my dad sees you like that he’ll sack you on the spot!”

“I don’t think he will Peter. He likes the view too much. I only did it for your benefit!”

Peter watched spellbound as Sue openly reached into the blouse and pulled up the bra to cover her modesty; that’s when his cock had really risen! Sue didn’t know it yet but she was going to be very happy when she finally saw the size of his member. In the meantime Peter was fighting hard to keep from being too prominent! June Watson had noticed.

“Keep an eye on Peter this morning,” she said under her breath to Sue. “He’s got a hard on fit to burst this morning!”

“I know; I’ll handle it!” replied Sue with a suppressed giggle. June’s mouth dropped open.


Mandy had called Janine to her office before coffee break.

“Bring your coffee up here Jan and check me out. Mummy called me earlier and said that Frank wanted to see us both on our way home this evening so I need to be in tip-top condition, if you know what I mean!”

Now Janine was on her knees between Mandy’s thighs as she wiped her friend’s pussy clean of shaving materials.

“There, that’s done,” she said. “Did your mother say why Frank wanted to see you?”

“No, I gather he didn’t say except to hint rather mysteriously that he might have a surprise or two for us both. Then she said something about sniffing your scent on him! What time are you going to the gym?”

“About one thirty I think. Can you somehow let your grandfather know the time?”

“I’ll fix it,” said Mandy as she took Janine’s head between her hands and kissed her before pressing her down to her pussy. “Ohhhhh yessss darling Jan; lick me out!”


At the jewellers Sue was taking her break in the staff room on the first floor. She didn’t have long to wait; Peter came into the room just as she had her coffee in her hands. She tried not to notice the tent at the front of his trousers.

“Sue!” he exclaimed as he took her by the shoulders. “I’ve just been told by my dad that he’s going out soon and will be out for the rest of the day. Will you have your lunch with me in the flat on the top floor? Please say you will!”

Sue carefully put down her cup of coffee. Now was time for the next step! She stepped very close to Peter, almost but not quite touching him. His hands were still on her shoulders; he pulled her to him and their lips met.

Sue snuggled in to him as his tongue gained access to her mouth. She pressed her breasts to his chest and her pussy to his groin. He felt huge! She ground her pubic mound against his clearly felt shaft. God, it was like last night with Frank all over again!

They broke apart for a breath, both chests heaving. Peter groaned and reached for her breasts; Sue cupped his groin with both of her little hands, her long fingers tracing his length.

“Don’t you go shooting off in your pants now,” she said, removing her fingers. She did however stand firm as Peter’s hands found their target inside her blouse and bra. He began to pull and squeeze her big firm nipples. Sue closed her eyes with pure joy.

“Oh Christ Sue, if you only knew how I’ve wanted to see and feel your tits. They are wonderful, so warm, firm but soft! I must kiss them!”

“No not now Peter! You can see all of me at lunchtime, I promise. I want to be somewhere very private with you so that we can love each other properly. Just wait a little longer my darling.”

Peter managed to contain himself and soon the pair made their way downstairs to take over from June.


Harry Graham paused in the shop on his way out.

“Right lass,” he grinned. “I’m off out of your way. Have a good time with my boy now! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Outside he quickly got into his car and drove off. He didn’t see Frank Armitage parked across the road, talking on his mobile.

“I’ve got to go Mandy darling,” he said. “My target has just come in sight. See you later my darling!”

He followed Harry Graham carefully without giving himself away. Although he didn’t think that his quarry would be looking out for him he was taking no chances.

It soon became obvious that Harry was not heading for home. He was bursa bayan eskort heading to the outskirts of town in the opposite direction to where he lived with his wife and Peter. Soon he pulled up outside a nice looking small, detached house on a modern housing estate. He got out of his car but instead of approaching the house he set off along the pavement. He turned a corner and then went up the path to a similar house to the one that he had parked outside.

He rang the bell, the door opened a fraction and he disappeared inside.

“Well, well, well!” said Frank to himself. “The randy old bugger!”

He looked at his watch. Mandy had said about one thirty so he didn’t have much time. He took out his notebook and wrote on a page. He tore it out and went over to Harry Graham’s car. He tucked the note under the windscreen wiper on the driver’s side. Then he drove away.


It was a busy lunchtime in Bledworth today. At one o’clock Sue made her way up to the flat on the top floor of the jewellers. She had her lunch in her hand but she didn’t think that she was going to be able to eat it. She hoped not anyway!

Peter was already there. He had made some coffee and had raided his father’s drinks cabinet. He stood there in the middle of the room with a silly grin on his face. His tent stood out once more. Sue stopped about two paces from him.

“Take it out and let me see it Peter darling. I know that you’re dying to, aren’t you?”

Peter nodded and grabbed at his trousers, scrabbling for his zip.

“Slowly Peter, slowly; there’s plenty of time now. That’s better; just pull him out and let go so that I can see. Ohhhh yesss! Isn’t he big and beautiful!”

Peter’s penis pointed proudly at her. She estimated him to be about nine inches long, not as thick as Frank but magnificent nevertheless. A fleeting thought crossed her mind of how it would feel stuck into her arse.

“Peter darling, please strip off for me now. I’ve imagined for so long what you would be like naked that I can’t wait any longer. Then I’ll undress too!”

Peter literally threw everything off in about five seconds. He was quite tall, about six feet with quite long muscular legs covered in dark short hair. As she quickly undressed Sue also took in his firm stomach and broad hairy chest. She began to feel damp between her thighs.

“You are beautiful Peter,” she said quietly.

“So are you Sue my darling,” he said. “God my cock wants to shoot a load! I don’t think that I can hold it!”

“Have you ever made love or even fucked a girl before?”

“No!” he groaned.

“I’m not very experienced either,” she smiled. “I think I know enough for today though. Come here and kiss me! If you come it doesn’t matter. There will be loads more times, probably in about ten minutes after you unload!”

The new lovers entwined, kissing and feeling. Sue felt her pussy dribbling love juice down her thighs and rubbed harder against Peter’s erection. He moaned deeply and erupted, covering her belly with his hot sticky jism. Sue looked down and watched as spurt after spurt of Peter’s semen covered her soft rounded belly. She was thoroughly coated. She kissed him again, rubbing their sticky patches together.

In fact, Peter’s erection didn’t subside one bit. He rubbed and rubbed it over her belly, grinding his chest into her ample breasts. The he lifted her, his hands slipping into her soaking groin and touching her two holes.

“I’m sorry Sue darling, my hand slipped!”

“It doesn’t matter,” giggled Sue. “I’m very slippery. Just keep still now and I’ll ease my cunny down on to your gorgeous cock!”

In about two seconds Sue was firmly and totally speared on Peter’s cock. She gasped with pleasure at his size and he in turn wondered at her depth and heat. He knew that he was going to come again, and soon. He almost tearfully apologised to her.

“Don’t worry my darling,” she said with her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. “I want you to fill me with your hot spunk. When you’ve done that I’ll see if I can get you ready to do it again!”

Peter moaned with abject pleasure, tears streaming down his face as his seed poured into his love. Sue hadn’t come yet but she knew she would soon. After last night she could wait; Frank had taught her so much!

As she lifted herself off Peter’s still firm cock she whispered in his ear.

“Take me to the fucking bed, Peter darling! I’m going to suck you ’til you’re hard and then you’re going to fuck me ’til I die!”


At one thirty Frank padded into the gym at the house. He carried a towel and he wore only a robe.

He listened carefully; he heard water splashing from the pool area. He peeked through the door. A coffee coloured body was swimming away from him, going quite fast, doing the crawl stroke. As it turned he saw that it was naked and female! He could bursa evi olan escort even see water cascading from her breasts.

Frank stepped back into the gymnasium and dropped his towel and robe. When he judged that Janine was at about halfway towards him he opened the door, walked to the edge of the pool and then dived in, heading directly towards her.

Janine had seen Frank as he approached the edge of the pool. When he dived in she stopped swimming and waited. He surfaced in front of her and without greeting her he kissed her firmly on the mouth.

“Hello stranger,” he grinned. “You are the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever met in this pool. I’m already in love with you.”

“No you’re not! You just want to fuck me! I bet you tell all the girls you meet in here that you love them!”

“Of course! It’s because I do love them all! Come here and let me kiss you again.”

Jan obeyed. As Frank kissed her again she allowed his tongue to invade her mouth as her hand crept into his groin to find that wonderful cock. Even in the cool water of the pool he was growing under her touch!

“Wonderful,” she gasped. “I have to have this in me Frank. Do you want to fuck me underwater? I don’t mind.”

Frank laughed. “Not this first time Janine. I want to watch you as I fuck you. Do you want to come up to the apartment or will our first fuck be down here in the gym?”

“I’m glad that you said first, inferring that there will be other times,” smiled Janine. “Your cock feels ready now so if it’s not to be underwater let’s do it in the gym.”

Frank picked her up, noticing for the first time how petite she was. Jan put her arms around his neck and pressed her lovely breasts up into Frank’s face. In this fashion they mounted the pool stairs, pushed open the gym doors and laid down on one of the gym’s weight racks. Jan could feel a hot bar of flesh between her thighs.

“That feels lovely Frank, fucking lovely!” she purred. “Now knock on my door with that gorgeous rod and when I open up you come right on in!”

Frank lined his tool up, all the time looking down Janine’s flawless body to her naked cunt. He pushed and made contact in the right place first time.

“Oooo yessss Frank! That’s the spot push on in me now. Get all the way inside me!”

He slid easily all the way inside her. Despite her only just coming out of the pool she was wet and hot inside. He felt his cock expand with acute pleasure as he started to shaft in and out of her cunt. Janine began to move in time with his thrusts.

“Oh yes Frank. I just knew that you would be a good lover. I love that, keep on fucking me like that! God, your cock is so big and hot. It’s making me get ready to come all over it. I can feel it coming!”

Frank stopped pushing for a moment.

“I thought that you have had only one lover before. Can you tell that my cock is making you come?”

“You mean my brother? Mandy told you about me. I don’t mind; he’s back home in Barbados. Our affair is over but I remember his fantastic cock. It’s not as big as yours Frank but he knows how to use it. I think he must have fucked nearly every girl on the island. He’s got four children already. Ohhhh yessss Frank do me harder and faster now. I’m coming soooon!”

She did too! Frank felt her hot juices flow around his staff as he plunged his ramrod into her. He pulled out before he came and she sucked herself off his shaft.

“Come on,” he said, picking her up. “Let’s go upstairs and start my photo album of you.”

“Frank, we’ve got no clothes on! Somebody might see us!”

“So what, it’s only family in this building unless invited, apart from Marj in the top floor flat of course. You and she are the only non family members with keys.”

They made it without being seen and Frank carried Jan straight into the spare bedroom photo studio. As he described what he wanted her to do he kissed and fondled her body all over, except for her groin. His cock was growing again after the climb upstairs and she took him in hand.

“No more fucking for a while, Jan my darling. It’s time for serious work now. I shall have an erection the whole time because your body is so beautiful I cannot help myself.”

“I’m yours to command, Frank darling. Can I see some of your other albums, especially Mandy’s.”

“Of course, she hasn’t banned anyone from seeing it yet. Now, let’s get your full length shots done and then we can move to my bedroom for the close ups.”

“Close ups?”

“You’ll see. Fucking Hell Jan, you’re so gorgeous. I never fucked a coloured girl before.”

“We’ve only got the same bits and pieces,” giggled Jan. “God I’m sorry Frank but I need to piss.”

“I love girls who say piss rather than pee,” said Frank. “I haven’t done Helen’s album yet, that’s for tomorrow, but I did take some of her pissing outside. Do you want to see them first?”

“Alright, but you’ll have to be quick; I’m dying to go now!”

The bursa rus escort sight of Helen’s water display kept Jan dry. She was mesmerised as she watched her friend perform for the camera. Frank’s piss was still on that batch so she watched that too.

“I’ll do that for you now Frank,” she giggled. “Where is that patio area?”

Soon those pictures were ‘in the can’ and Jan was back on the bed in Frank’s room. As Frank was concentrating on her face and breast shots she reached down and pouched his big hairy balls. His cock was, of course, still erect. She caressed his spunk factories.

“I brought my kit with me Frank, as I promised. Do you still want me to depilate your scrotum?”

Frank looked down at her brown fingers and pink palms playing with his balls.

“I’d like that. I’ll probably shoot my load all over your hands while you’re doing it. It will also be a good excuse for you to come back regularly and repeat the dose!”

“Don’t worry about your sperm; I like the taste. Anyway, Mandy says I’m going to do your whole family from now on. She’s putting me on contract!”

“Rob’s going to love that!” laughed Frank.


‘Suck him ’til he was hard’? Peter was almost hard before Sue’s lips had even touched his big tender knob end.

She had taken charge in the bedroom. It crossed her mind that he enjoyed that and also that she did too.

She laid him on his back and straddled him, facing forward. She thought that she would do it the other way round next time so that he could learn to suck her pussy. She took his cock between her hands, wrapping her long fingers around his shaft. She lowered her head; Peter’s hips bucked.

“Oh Christ Sue, that’s feels fucking wonderful! Oh my God, I’m going to come again!”

“Hold it as long as you can this time darling,” she instructed. “I want to come this time too!”

Sue quickly aimed Peter’s cock at her cunt and inserted him again. She gripped the base of his rod and squeezed as she bottomed out with his whole nine inches or so buried deep inside her. Almost immediately she began to orgasm.

“Oh Peter, oh Peter darling, I’m going to come all over your gorgeous prick. I love you; I want you to do this every day, lots of times every day! Here I come my darling; feel my come!”

Sue released her pent up emotions and a gusher flowed from her cunt, soaking Peter’s already wet tool. She released her grip on his shaft and it swelled immediately. He thrust upwards several times before shooting a gusher deep inside her, spraying her cervix with his juice. They were soaked; Harry’s bed would need an overhaul!

Sue fell off his thighs and lay beside him. She held his now shrinking cock and then licked her fingers, offering him a taste too. After a moments hesitation he sucked on her finger. Sue sat up and sucked his cock clean.

“I love you Sue,” he said after a while. “I want to be with you for ever.”

“You don’t love me yet,” smiled Sue, kissing him. “You just had your first real sex with a girl and you don’t want me to stop doing it with you. I won’t stop but we’ll decide if we’re in love in a few months time. In the meantime I’ll tell some of my friends of your dimensions in the penis department and they might want to try you too. What do you think of that?”

“Wow, you’d do that for me? Which girls do you mean? How do you know that they’ll want me?”

Sue took his growing cock in her hands again.

“They’ll be interested because they like big cocks and yours sure is a beauty. It almost the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

Peter was silent for a few minutes although his cock was now fully grown again.

“You, er, you’ve seen a lot of cocks then?” he asked tentatively.

“Enough to know what I like and yours is fantastic! Come on, do I have to do all the work? It’s your turn to be on top now! Come on and fuck me; we have to go back to work in ten minutes!”

Sue spread her legs and Peter rose above her, his cock fully extended. Sue took possession of it and inserted his tip in her fanny.

“Will you come back up here with me after work so that we can do this again,” he said. “Dad won’t be here until tomorrow morning.”

“Of course I will! You don’t think that I’ve been to all this trouble for one quick lunchtime fuck do you?”

“Great!” said Peter and rammed his tool deep into Sue’s cunt.


Janine was concentrating hard. She was on Frank’s big bed with his naked body laid out before her. He was hard, very hard.

Janine was spreading her cream all over Frank’s genitals and up his long thick shaft. It was her own special formula that she had concocted from various similar products. Some of the creams on the market had bad re-actions on some of her clients so she had experimented until she found one that seemed to suit everyone. Not that she worried about Frank; he was her first male client but she suspected that men would have tougher skins. She idly wondered what her brother’s equipment would look like completely bald!

“My God Jan,” groaned Frank, “I warned you that you’d make me come like this didn’t I? It’s going to happen so if you want to stop now’s the time!”

“Don’t be silly Frank; I’m having a great time! Just fire away when you’re ready!”

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