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Roger would never forget that night. April looked absolutely gorgeous that evening. They’d been married over 20 years and she still took his breath away every time she walked into the room. She was the kind of woman that didn’t need makeup, with a natural beauty that was stunning. She came into the living room with 2 wine glasses and a bottle of Muscato. Roger sat on the couch and watched as she walked in. He loved the way April’s hips moved and her body swayed so gracefully when she walked. She smiled at him as she bent over to set the glasses down and poured some wine. He could smell her essence and it was intoxicating. She wore a loose shirt and no bra. He could see her voluptuous 36D breasts as she poured the wine. She gave him a sideways glance and grinned knowing he was enjoying the view. She’d always been such a tease, and he loved it. That night she was driving him crazy and she knew it.

April finished pouring the wine and set the bottle down. Before she could walk away, he grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his lap as she laughed. He loved her laugh so much. She threw her arms around his neck as she plopped onto his lap. He gazed deep into her sultry brown eyes and then kissed her softly, at first, then hard. Their tongues wrestled for dominance as they tasted each other. Just then, the doorbell rang. “Shit!” he said.

She laughed and said, “I guess we’re gonna have to wait on THAT!” as she stood up and pointed at the bulge in his shorts.

“Damn…” he said.

She went to the door and opened it. It was their good friend, Mark. Mark and Roger had been buddies since high school. April smiled real big and said, “Well hey, Mark! It’s always good to see you!” She always did like Mark and felt comfortable around him. “Come on in! You want a glass of wine?”

Mark said, “Sure…I could use a glass!” She went to the kitchen and got another glass and then sat down on the couch next to Roger. Mark sat down on the other side of her as she poured him a glass. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a huge blunt. He said, “You know I never come over empty handed! Hope you guys don’t have plans tonight! This is good shit!” and he lit it up.

Roger nodded, “Nope…me and April are just chillin’ tonight!”

April said, “It’s always a pleasure having you over! And, you always bring good weed!” She laughed as Mark choked and coughed on his hit. Then he passed it to April and she took a big draw on it.

After the blunt got passed around a few times and they finished off that bottle of wine, the three of them were feeling pretty buzzed! April placed her hands on Roger and Marks legs and asked, “Anybody wanna watch some porn?” and then giggled.

Mark and Roger looked at each other and laughed. “Hell yeah!” they both said. She got up, stumbled and giggled and looked through the collection of DVD’s. Roger noticed that Mark was watching her every move. Roger knew that not so secretly, Mark always had a crush on April. Maybe it was the weed, maybe it was the idea of watching porn together, but that’s when Roger got the idea of a friendly threesome.

Roger leaned over to Mark and said, “You know, if April is game for it, you want to join us in some real fun like a threesome?” as Roger looked at April. Roger had thought a lot lately about a threesome with April, and had even talked to her about it.

She had said, “Do you really think you could handle seeing me having sex with another man?”

Roger had thought for a moment and said, “Yes…I think it would be very erotic.” But they hadn’t talked any more about it. Here they were with Mark, having fun, getting high and it hit Roger; Mark would be the only one he could trust to do this. Roger has always been very secure and comfortable in their relationship. If she was going to leave him for Mark she would’ve done it a long time ago! Roger knew she would never fall in love with anyone else and leave him just like he would never leave her. Besides…they’d never done a threesome before and he had to admit it sounded pretty hot!

Mark raised his eyebrows at Roger and said, “Wow! Didn’t see that coming! But wouldn’t that be kind of weird between us?”

At that moment, Roger feared that having said something, he might have damaged his friendship with Mark. He said, “Not at all…unless you don’t think she’s hot!”

Mark laughed, “Dude… I think she’s hot as fuck and often wondered how your sorry ass ever got her!” They both laughed and April turned giving them a curious look. She turned back around and kept looking through the DVD’s. Her beautiful round ass was pointed at them and both were staring at it through her short shorts.

Roger pointed at April’s butt and said, “Come on! You know you can’t resist that! Seriously, I’m good with this!”

“She does have such a nice ass. I always thought it the perfect ass for pounding. Okay, I’m in if she’s game! You think she would want to?” Mark said. April came back after putting in a DVD and plopped onto the couch between escort şişli Roger and Mark. Grabbing the remote, Roger hit play. The DVD she selected happened to be a threesome of two men ravishing a woman together! Coincidence? Roger looked at Mark and they both snickered like a couple of high school kids.

Roger then leaned over and nibbled on April’s ear and whispered, “How would you feel about having a threesome with Mark?”

April’s eyes got real big and she whispered back, “I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous. I know we talked about a threesome before, but with Mark? Aren’t you afraid it might hurt the friendship? Do you think he would want to? Do you think you could handle that?”

Roger said, “Oh, I’m sure he would want to! He thinks you’re superhot! Yes, I’m sure I could handle this. I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and Mark would be the only one I could trust to do this with.”

“He thinks I’m superhot? Well, okay,” April giggled, “I could do that but only if you’re absolutely positive you’re okay with it. I don’t want one night of fun hurting our relationship.”

Roger whispered, “Babe, I’m more than okay with it if you are.” She giggled and nodded then kissed him hard.

Mark said, “Get a room you two!” And they all laughed! Copying the porn movie, April reached out with both hands resting them on Roger and Marks thighs. The two men on screen were undressing and molesting the woman. One holding her down while the other started fucking her. April watched them as they ravished her body and felt herself getting moist. It seemed to be arousing her. Roger watched her as one of the actors took the woman from behind, April’s favorite position. April bit her lower lip. She always did like it when he took her hard from behind and she always bit her lower lip when she was getting horny. Roger could tell she was starting to feel comfortable and willing towards the idea. She gripped their thighs tight the harder they fucked on the screen. Roger felt she was ready, and wanted him and Mark to emulate what was happening on the screen to her. Roger reached over and started caressing her thigh below her short shorts. Mark, following his lead, also reached over and began caressing the inside of her other thigh. She spread her legs slightly and leaned her head back on the couch, closed her eyes and let out a low soft barely audible moan. Both of them caressed the inside of her thighs from her knees all the way up between her legs.

Gently Roger used his other hand and went up under her shirt and cupped her succulent 36D breast. He squeezed it and then pinched her big nipple. She liked it rough, and loved being touched, especially when she was high. Mark noted her reaction and subsequently did the same on the other side. She moaned a little louder and Roger could feel her nipple starting to stand erect in his fingers. Her nipples loved getting lots of attention. Her hands moved up their thighs and started rubbing their hard throbbing shafts through their jeans. Roger pulled her shirt up, then he and Mark started sucking on her exquisite nipples. She spread her legs wide and their hands moved up from her thighs, rubbing her hard between her legs. Roger and Mark both felt her wetness through her shorts. Roger’s fingers pushed her shorts and panties aside.

Both of their fingers explored inside her wet panties. Roger reached up, flicking and teasing her clit while he rubbed downward finding the source of her wetness. His fingers circled the rim of her moist opening as he played with her clit and made it stand out erect. At the same time, both Roger and Mark leaned over and clamped their mouths over her taut attention seeking nipples. They whirled their tongues around them and sucked hard, pulled them out away from her breasts and let them pop back when they released. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts skyward forcing the two men to suck harder. One at a time she grabbed their zippers and opened up their jeans. Reaching in with both hands and she pulled out their stiff cocks teasing, and enticing them to continue mauling her. She arched her back even further as they fucked her with their fingers. Roger could not believe how erotic it was for both of them to have two fingers each inside of her.

At this point their moans were mingling with those from the porn flick. The two men stopped sucking on her nipples and they stood up. Roger grabbed her shorts and peeled them off her along with her panties. Mark pulled her shirt up over her head. They let their jeans fall to the floor and kicked them off. April leaned forward and grabbed both of their cocks. She started stroking both of them…looking up with those seductive brown eyes. Roger loved it when she looked up at him while giving him a blow job. Roger could tell Mark loved it too as he heard Mark gasp. Her brown eyes were so big, so inviting; like they were begging them to do naughty things to her. Roger put one hand on the back of her head and gently guided it towards Mark’s cock. Her eyes got şişli escort bayan big when she realized that Mark was much bigger than Roger.

She opened her mouth and he slid easily past her full moist lips. April had such luscious lips, perfect for kissing and oral sex. Mark leaned his head back and moaned loudly. Back and forth, slowly, she bobbed her head. Roger took his hand off her head and Mark grabbed it with both hands. He was getting extremely aroused as she swirled her tongue around his shaft and took him all the way in, then backed off popped her mouth off his tip, and sucked it back in again. He pushed forward and buried himself into her mouth so he could feel his balls on her chin. April wasn’t quite used to that size and she gagged a little, drool oozing from around his shaft as he tightened his grip and literally fucked her mouth. Watching Mark’s pleasure, Roger felt so impassioned he thought he was going to cum just from her stroking him.

Suddenly she pulled away from Mark, looked up at Roger and said, “Now it’s your turn” and she shoved his stiff throbbing cock into her mouth and started sucking hard on it while stroking Mark. Roger grabbed her hair tightly with both hands and bobbed her head back and forth as he fucked her mouth. Roger wanted to cum down her throat, explode into her mouth so she could swallow his creamy love for her but he held back. They just got started and he wanted it to last a while. Besides, Mark and Roger wanted to make her cum and squirt many times before they finished.

Roger pulled her head off of him, and nodding to Mark, they both lifted her to her feet. Roger grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom like a Viking with Mark right behind them. He tossed her onto the bed and watched her big curvaceous breasts bounce. She laughed and giggled as she bounced. He held her arms down from one side of the bed, and leaning over her, sucked on one of her nipples while Mark went to the other side, spreading her legs and planting his face between them. April was already pretty wet and he licked up all of her sweetness. His tongue traveled up and down from her clit to her wet pussy. She thrashed, wiggled and squirmed as Roger held her down and sucked diligently on her nipple, causing more wetness for Mark to play in.

Mark raised his head up and looked at Roger as if asking permission and Roger nodded. Mark climbed up on the bed, between her legs and rubbed her clit with the tip of his pulsing cock. She arched her back and moaned loudly. She thrust her hips upwards and Mark’s cock sank deep inside her. He feverishly plunged himself into her pussy as Roger held her down and sucked on her nipples. Then Roger crawled up on the bed, grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs back toward her head, so Mark could get deeper penetration. He pumped her harder and harder. Roger sunk his throbbing cock into her mouth. The harder Mark fucked her, the harder she sucked his cock. She tried to moan and cry out but it was muffled as the sound escaped from around Roger’s stiff shaft. He was so turned on when her whole body shuddered as she had one orgasm after another. Her sweet, creamy juices flowed out around Marks thick cock.

Roger was exceedingly turned on and wanted to fuck his wife, after watching Mark pound her pussy hard and listening to her crying out, “YESSSS…FUCK ME FUCK ME!!”

Roger looked up at Mark and said, “Let’s switch.” They switched positions but Roger grabbed her legs and flipped her over on her stomach. She raised up on her hands and knees as Roger grabbed her hips and plunged his hard cock deep into her creamy wet pussy. Mark knelt in front of her and she swallowed his cock. This was called a spit roast in the porn movies, and Roger was ecstatic to see her in this position between him and Mark. Roger banged April vigorously, reached up with one hand, grabbing a handful of hair and bobbed her head on Marks cock in rhythm with his powerful thrusts. He fucked her so strenuously her whole body bounced back and forth, her breasts bouncing wildly underneath her. Roger could see Mark was feeling just as frenzied as he was. It was so erotic, like he was actually participating in a porn movie.

She climaxed, and then squirted so many times. It wasn’t just one climax after another, but one long continuous orgasm and they didn’t let up in between. Her pussy was so wet it was running down her thighs. Roger felt his rigid pulsing cock plunge deep inside her over and over and over nonstop while Mark slammed her mouth with his rock-hard shaft. Roger could tell Mark loved fucking her mouth. The sight of the three of them engaged in rough sex was too much and Roger couldn’t hold back. He exploded inside her, and like it was coordinated, Mark exploded down her throat at the same time. Mark and Roger both growled and cried out in ecstasy as their bodies shuddered and drained into her. She swallowed his creamy fluid and continued sucking. Roger continued slamming himself into her, delivering every dribble şişli eskort of cum into her sweet pussy then felt it ooze down his cock onto her legs.

April glistened from the beads of sweat on her body. She collapsed on her stomach as they pulled out. Both men were breathing heavily; sweat pouring down their chests like a faucet. Mark found his jeans and pulled out another blunt and fired it up. April slowly rolled onto her back and mumbled, “Fuck…that was amazing!”

Mark passed the blunt around and asked Roger, “You still got those neckties you used to wear to the office?”

“Yeah, why?” Roger replied.

He said, “I’ve got an idea. Wanna try something interesting? I need 7 of them.”

Roger got the ties and Mark tied 3 of them together twice giving them 2 long ones. Mark said, “Now help me put one under the head of the mattress and one under the foot so that ties are hanging out of both sides at both ends. These are under mattress restraints. We’re going to tie your ass up, April!”

April laid there, grinning real big and said, “Mmmmm…sounds interesting and kinky!”

“But first”, he said, “we’re going to finish this smoke and then you’re getting a full body massage. This way we you can relax a little before round 2!” April looked up at Roger and smiled.

He leaned down and kissed her soft neck and she whispered, “I love this so much, babe. I never would’ve thought this could be so exhilarating! And using Mark was a good idea! I think this is actually gonna make our friendship stronger! Are you doing okay? I know this is a lot for you to process.”

Roger smiled and responded, “Babe, this is an incredible experience! I am so excited and turned on right now! I am definitely okay with this as long as you are!”

The two men flipped her over on her stomach and Roger worked her muscles in her upper back, shoulders, neck and all the way down her arms to her hands, including each individual finger, then back up. When Roger massaged her scalp she moaned very loudly, feeling the tingle from the buzz. At the same time, Mark worked her lower back, her butt, her thighs, calves, ankles, feet even each individual toe. April groaned in ecstasy as 4 strong hands worked every one of her muscles. She was in heaven. After about 20 minutes, they flipped her over and started on the front. Roger massaged her neck, cheeks, jaw, ears, down to the other side of her arms and, saving the best for last, her amazing breasts and nipples. Mark started on your stomach, hips, down the front of her legs to her feet. He then lightly caressed the inside of her thighs all the way up between her legs. She moaned loudly again from the stimulation she was feeling.

April lay across the bed. Her body was limp. She was so very relaxed after the full body massage. Roger tied one of her wrists with the tie hanging out from the head of the bed and tied her other wrist from the one hanging out of the foot of the bed. Mark tied her ankles the same way. Her head was hanging off the edge of the bed as she was tied down on her back. Roger handed Mark the last tie which he tied around her eyes like a blindfold.

She giggled, and said, “I think I’m going to like this!!” She could feel their presence and she knew they were going to take her, dominate her…but she didn’t know when or how. She was utterly at their mercy…for them to do as they pleased. Her heart rate increased, her nipples became erect and taut, and her pussy started getting very wet in anticipation of the endless possibilities of erotic pleasures to come. Mark reached up by the window where a dreamcatcher was hanging. He pulled out 2 feathers.

Roger looked quizzically at him, and he whispered, “Trust me” as he handed one to Roger. Roger watched, holding the feather, as Mark slowly, gently, ran the feather up one of her legs and down the other. Then slowly up the inside of her thigh to her wet pussy. Roger followed suit and gently ran the feather across her face then around her neck. He ran the feather up and down her arms, moving sensually across her ripe luscious breasts and nipples. She arched her back, moaning emphatically.

Her arms and legs pulled on the restraints as she wiggled and squirmed in agonizing ecstasy, begging for the two men to violate her. Mark lowered his face between her legs and very lightly flicked his tongue on her sweet shaved pussy while he used the feather to tease her clit. Roger stepped closer and the tip of his cock touched her full succulent lips as her head hung upside down over the edge of the bed. Roger continuously teased her nipples with the feather. He pushed forward and his stiff cock penetrated her mouth and touched her throat. He continued to tease her nipples with the feather as he reached with his other hand on her throat.

Roger’s pulsating shaft glided easily in and out of her warm moist mouth as she yanked on the restraints. Putting slight pressure with his thumb on one side of her neck and his fingers on the other side, April’s pulse began to quicken. She moaned as loud as she could around his thick cock in her mouth. Drool trickled from the corners of her mouth as his cock went further down her throat with each plunge. He could feel his cock under his hand as he fucked her mouth and throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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