Anything for My Mother-in-law

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“Six years is a long time.” I said it matter-of-factly, but inside I as stirred. Six years ago, my father-in-law had passed away after a short battle with cancer. He left behind two daughters, both married and in their early-twenties at the time, and a wife who was 42 at the time. My wife, Jessica, had that perky, slightly upturned nose that her mom and grandmother both had. I remember the first time I saw her in a bathing suit…it was actually a photograph that I’ve kept ever since. The Klement woman were blessed with elegance. They had no single outstanding feature, but they were perfectly proportioned and had and air of elegance without the haughty air of sophistication.

My wife, Jessica, and I had been married for nearly two years when her father died, and we had been married 8 at the time of this story. I worshipped her body. Her hips were not slim, but they were not wide. They were well portioned and rounded. I often would sit at work and long for the feel of pulling her hips toward me as I entered her from behind. I was also taken by the curve of the small of her back, the delicate line of her jaw, the perfect size of her 38 C breasts in my hands and the musty aroma that aroused me whenever I had the pleasure of treating her to oral sex. When I first met her, my wife’s sister was a bit more trim and a bit more delicate than Jessie; however, over these years, my wife had become progressively more refined, slender and appealing to the eye. My sister-in-law had done the opposite. She had let herself go.

My wife looked up from the papers she was grading for her 4th grade class and with a dreamy look on her face said, “I can’t imagine going that long without you.” I knew what she meant. Her sexual drive was unbelievable. I remember the first time she made love to me orally (you can’t call it oral sex…it was lovely). She had just surprised me in the family room of my parents house while everyone else was in the living room. We had sex almost anyplace you can possibly image over those 10 years. I remember the sensation of looking down at her on a Sunday afternoon in a closed, used car lot as she sucked on my penis from her knees…right there for anyone to see. My wife was a driven woman when it came to sex, and I suspected that her mother was as well. I had heard rumors about her sister and even her grandmother.

Jessie’s mom, Cheryl looked like Jessies older sister. She was still elegant just filled out a little more. Her curves had really taken shape, and Cheryl knew how to handle herself. I had often wondered what it was like in Jessie’s parent’s bedroom when things really heated up. She had told me about coming home a little early from church one Sunday and hearing “wrestling” noises coming from the bedroom. “Elegant tigresses”…that described the Klement women.

Jessie looked at me from across the room, and said, “I wonder why mom hasn’t been able to date since dad. Do you think she has some kind of mental block or misgivings about it?”

“No way. Your mom is too self-confident and successful with her own business. She frightens men off because she’s substantial. You know all the hints she’s dropped over the years about being almost desperate for sex…and yes! I mean sex…not love! She went on one date with a loser, divorcee burnout, and no other bites.”

“Does she need to change her appearance? Workout? Diet?”

“Jessie, your mom is beautiful. If I weren’t married to you, and if I were 10 years older, I’d be doing everything I could to get in your mom’s pants. Shoot, I’d do it at my age… Remember, when you told me that you thought my dad was hot, and you looked forward to me at his age?”


“Well, I think your mom is hot. She reminds me of you, and I have always thought that both of you were women of extraordinary sexual essence. You both overpower me.”

Jessie just stared at me.

“I’m sorry for being so crude just now.” I felt slightly self-conscious as a man of the cloth. I had been an ordained minister for about 5 years in a large, successful church, and if my parishioners had heard this conversation… Well, who knows what!

Jessie continued to stare. “Wow, you really think I’m all that?”

“And your mother too.”

Jessie said, “Yah know. I’d really like to help mom out. I’d like to find a man for her…even if he isn’t a keeper, maybe she could release some tension with a decent guy.”

“Yeah…find a guy like that! Hah.” I went back to my reading, and Jessie back to her grading papers. After a while she murmured something about the right guy for the job, and I absently said, “I’d do it…If I were available.” Without looking up or really even realizing what I had said. I finished my chapter and glanced bayan esmer escort bursa at Jessie, and she was looking intently at me.

She quietly said, “What exactly constitutes adultery?”

Two weeks later we were sitting in her mother’s living room on Christmas Eve: Jessie and I, Robert and Krystal (Jessie’s sister), and Cheryl. We were playing board games and watching television as we celebrated the Holiday. At about 9:00 Krystal and Robert went home, right next door, because she was pregnant and he was tired. Jessie and I had decided to stay the night with her mom in one of the three spare bedrooms. Jessie kinda has this thing about having sex at her mom’s house. There seems to be just a little bit of thrill attached that she can’t get anywhere else. This is especially true if we are making love in a communal room like the living room where her mom could walk in at any time. So, we tend to stay over whenever we get a chance.

Cheryl got up and went to change into some night clothes, and that’s when Jessie sprung it on me. “I feel sorry for my mom. I want to help her out.”

“Whatcha mean?”

“What if I offered you to her?” She was talking super fast as she continued, “You already said you’d like it. I know you’d want to. I know she reminds you of me. I know she is sex starved. It wouldn’t mean anything but release. I wouldn’t be jealous. I just want to help my mom…” She trailed off, and watched me closely.

I had sensed this was coming, and I was prepared. I looked up at her very slowly. Watched her intently or a minute. Then, “Ok. I’ll do what you want, but only because you want it.” I saw the joy of victory in her eyes followed immediately by a fear. She was terrified to tell her mother. I swiftly took my leave and retired to our bedroom. I figured she’d do better on her own.

Thirty minutes later, Jessie opened the door and stepped into the dark room. She slipped silently under the blankets next to me and draped an arm over my chest as she snuggled up against me. She whispered into my ear, “I love you so much. You are more than I deserve.” I rolled my head toward her, and looked at her inquisitively. “Mom’s waiting for you in her bed.” She whispered.

I laid still looking at Jessie for a minute, and then sat up. As I swung my feet off the edge of the bed and said, “I’ll be back in a while.”

She caught my arm, and our eyes met. “Mom hasn’t had the pleasure of waking up next to a man in six years. Stay all night. I’ll be OK for one night.” I searched her face for any sign of anxiety, but there was only charity. I bent and kissed her on the cheek, and nodded, my cheek touching hers.

“Ok, baby. See you tomorrow.”

I silently left our room and walked through the front room and the dining room. I stood outside my mother-in-law’s bedroom door staring at it. I wasn’t sure how to handle this. Should I burst in with a blaze or glory? Should I swagger in like a Don Juan? Finally, I just opened the door and walked in. It was dark. She was lying on her side under the covers, and Cheryl didn’t look up. I thought that she was probably as scared and awkward about this as I was as I walked around to the other side of the bed. I slipped in under the covers as delicately as I could, and I moved very close to her without touching her. “Mom,” I said, “I love you, and I respect you. I want you to be happy. If you want me to leave, I will, but if you want this, I want it too.” I waited in silence. As a reply, she slowly shifted her body back towards me and we spooned.

I stroked her arm and the few curls of her hair as I told her all about how beautiful she was and how she and her daughter both captivate me. She pressed harder against me, and my erection pressed against her anus pressed between her cheeks and wrapped in the silky material of her nighty. It felt just like Jessie. I was barely in control. I rolled Cheryl over and kept her legs together as I sat astride her pelvis. My legs held her hips tight. I leaned over so my chest rubbed slightly on her perked nipples, and my lips were inches from her. I kissed her on the cheek. I nuzzled her neck. I nipped at her ear with my teeth. I felt her breasts fully as my hands roamed up and down her abdomen. I felt her from the curve of her hips to the curve of her shoulders. I was just like I had imagined.

As I loved her, I talked to her. “Mom, when was the last time you were truly loved? Does this feel good, mom? Mom, I love the feel of you breasts in my hands. Mom, your curved hips make me feel like you were born solely to have sex with me tonight…is it our destiny?” I had never called her “mom” until tonight. Tonight I wanted it to bursa ucuz eskort be more intimate and more tantalizing that anything she or I had ever experienced. Her movements became more exaggerated and desperate. She raked my back with her nails, and she pulled at my nipples. Jessie must have talked to her I thought. No one knows that I love to have my nipples sucked and pulled…that’s kinda kinky for a guy, but Jessie, and now her mom, is really into it.

Cheryl tried more than once to spread her legs, but I’d have none of it and held her with my legs outside hers as I continued to sit astride her. I worshipped every inch of her upper body, and then I turned her over and worshipped her back. Somewhere along the way, I realized that she had lost her nighty and was as naked as me. My wife’s back muscles are a bit more pronounced than Cheryl’s, but Cheryl still had great form and poise. That curve of the small of her back was there just like Jessie’s. I moved down and lightly explored her buttocks and sphincter with both hands. She had obviously showered before going to bed, so I decided to lick her anus. She jolted as my tongue made contact deep between her cheeks as I held them apart. She thrust up at me as I pressed in.

“Ohmygod! I’ve never… Please don’t stop.”

I guess this was a first for her. I pulled her up to her knees, and her head was still buried in a pillow. I guided her hands to her butt cheeks and had her hold them apart for me. I explored her crack from end to end with my tongue, but I took great care not to touch her vulva. She pressed back at me every time I forced my tongue into her anus. I pressed hard to get about one inch into her. In no time, I had two and sometimes three fingers working her anus, and I could feel her trembling and sweating. Finally, I left her perfect backside and laid her prone again as I explored every part of her legs, ankles, feet and toes. I went down the back, turned her over and went up the front. As I approached the trimmed bush, anticipation was overwhelming her. She thrust up violently time and time again. As I lay next to her, she tried over and over to pull me onto her. She wanted to be taken and taken now!

I kneeled next to her and guided her to bend her knees. As she lay on her back, arms stretched out eagle fashion and knees bent up, I put a hand on each knee and leaned down to look her in the eyes. “Mom, I really want to open you now, but I want to have to persuade you. I want to coax your legs open. I don’t want you to give it or to take me. Mom, I want to take you. I want you to feel taken.”

Her eyes sparkled, as she refused to open her legs as I pressed outward on her knees. I moved to a kneeling position at her feet. I kissed her legs all over, and gently ran my hands over her legs and hips. I touched her just above the tempting velvet triangle and pressed my hands as far down her inner thighs as her closed legs would allow. As I gently loved her, she relaxed little by little until I was fully exploring her inner thighs and all around the vulva. I savored her skin with my hands and fingers, and I tasted her with my lips and tongue. Slowly, I kept moving her knees outward until she was completely spread wide open.

Now, for the first time I touched just the curly hair around her vulva. I was careful not to touch her actual core until I was ready. I worked a hand up each inner thigh until I was just touching the outer labia. I gently pulled back and opened up her vestibule. I don’t think I had ever seen a woman so wide open…so wanton. She was ready and willing with total abandonment. She desperately tried to get me inside herself. I leaned forward and began to gently explore every minute trace of her vulva. I explored her outer labia and her inner labia. I thrust my tongue as deeply as I could into her vagina, and I explored the walls as best I could. Finally, my tongue and lips found her clitoris. She bucked against me, and tried to pull me upon her as to get my swollen member inside.

I held her hands to her sides with my arms slid under her still bent knees, and when I felt like she couldn’t take it any more, I rolled to the side and pressed my body along side of her. She clawed at me, trying to force me to enter her outstretched legs, but I pulled her knees together just slightly. I put my left hand gently under her head and held her face toward mine. I pressed my chest against her side as I slid my right hand down to her distended vulva. I whispered into her ear very tenderly, but assuredly, “Mom, I know what you want, but I also know what you need. Trust me, mom. I’ll take care of you. Trust me. Mom, I know best….”

She eyes had a bursa anal yapan escort wild look about them, and I could see the fire building as my hand massaged her vulva. I inserted two fingers into her vagina and arched them upward searching for that one special location. When I found her spot, I rubbed ever so gently with my fingers until the texture changed and her body reacted. She no longer had any will of her own. She completely belonged to me, and her body served my purposes. I rubbed faster and harder. Faster and harder. Faster and harder. Her arms clung around me as she climbed…higher and higher. Her stomach just above her vulva began to become red and splotched. She threw her head back and gyrated her body to the motion of my hand. With two fingers I had built her a new world. The red blotches on her skin spread over her body and her face even turned red. Her breathing was labored, and she forced her legs completely open. I had to wrap my legs around her right leg just to hang on.

She tensed. She flung herself. She tensed. She flung her hips upward. She arched her back and lifted her body on her shoulders and feet. She flung her head back and let out a bone chilling scream like nothing I had ever heard. The scream didn’t stop; rather it trailed off slowly like a dying animal. I found it eerie…and I found it exciting. I wondered what Jessie was thinking when she heard her mother scream in uncontrolled ecstasy knowing that it was her own husband ravishing mom. My wife had experienced female ejaculation twice with me, but I’ve never seen what her mom did. It was as if she lost all bladder control. She soaked the bed.

Cheryl flopped, down on the bed and kicked back up three times before she settled. She grabbed my head in her hands and pulled my face over hers. “Now!” She looked me wild in the eyes. “Now!”

I maneuvered myself on my knees between her outstretched legs, and pulled her knees up to the bent position again. Her skin flinched at every touch. When my fingers touched her stomach she arched her back and strained her neck. I positioned my hands on the bed on each side of her waist just above the curve of her hips as I placed my weight on them. I pulled myself to her I level and looked directly into her eyes. I bent low and kissed her lightly on the lips, and with my lips still touching hers I said, “This is it mom. Are you sure you want to fuck me?”

“I want you more than I ever wanted any man.” She responded to my vulgar talk by arching her pelvis toward me and pressing my face into her breasts. I rested on my elbows and softly kneaded her breasts with my now free hands. As I pressed forward I felt the heat and the moisture of her most intimate. As I easily pressed fully into her, I watched her eyes and she watched mine. We were together, alone, two and yet one as I full submerged my throbbing member into my mother-in-law.

The feeling inside a woman who has climaxed like Cheryl had just climaxed is unlike anything in the world. The vagina and vulva are already swollen beyond her experience, and the slippery, slimy lubricant is replaced with a less viscous, drenching flow. The friction is greater. The tightness is greater, and every nerve ending is enhanced. I drove into her again and again leaving her completely and then returning with force. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms about my shoulders as I felt a tension building in her again. She rocked back and forth a few inches as she chanted softly in my ear, “ More. More. More. More…”

As she started to shake and her fingernails dug into my shoulders, I thrust as far into her as I could and held it. I distinctly felt each vaginal muscle contract as her orgasm started at the core, and I felt as each muscle in her body contracted with the fierce shudder of indulgence. Her head dropped. Her arms fell away. Her legs swung away. She lay completely satiated beneath me. Her eyes were closed as she tried to catch her breath. My seed seeped out of my mother-in-law as I lay next to her, I on my stomach and her on her back.

I was watching her face when she opened her eyes. She gazed at me for what seemed like an eternity. Her hand lightly brushed through my hair and she looked at the ceiling as she said, “Anything. I will do anything for you. You own me. Any time, any place, anything you want…I’m yours.” She looked at me. She yawned. “What can I do for you. Anything. I want to please you.”

I reached out and cupped her breast in my hand. “Mom, I’ve always dreamed of being woken up in the morning by you sucking on my penis and letting me finish in your mouth. Jessie does that for me sometimes, but I find the thought of you doing that to be irresistible.”

“I love fellatio…I would be honored.” She flashed me the eyes again and turned over so that I could spoon her as we went to sleep. When I did, my slightly erect penis pressed between her cheeks again, and I felt her hand reach back and stroke my thigh. “I’ve never been taken there, but I’d sure let you be the first.”

“I’d be honored to have your ass…mom.”

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