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Tony burned the pasta sauce. Not a lot, but enough that one could smell the tomatoes were getting racked and pinioned. He put too much salt in the pizza sauce, I knew, I was having two slices of neopolitan with pepperoni. The Italian was clanging pots, and cursing, I think, as he poured the fried sausage and beef into a steel pot.

Antonio was not a happy camper. I’d heard him say in months past that the customers were happy to eat for less than eighteen dollars(a couple), and leave some paper dollars plus a little change. No one ever ordered the house specialties. The customers thought they were in a chain pizza restaurant, and that’s what I thought, too. I was not any different. I did not have the bread. I did not have the bread for authentic chicken recipes in Tony’s Italian restaurant. Bill, I believe this is killing me. No, shoot me if I was the piano player. Or were. The way people spend money in this place the piano player would certainly have to get by on tips. And you know what that means. Things are okay with me these days, and the family is fine. I hope they send me money again soon. In this town, the piano player would be an egret, like me.

I don’t eat at Antonio’s a lot. I gotta save up for software that enables me to copy Billy Joel or some tarantellas or John Coltrane without buying any of that from The Holding Company. Aside from corporate pot-shots, I don’t actually have much Janis. I decided to quit my little piracy, for a little while. If I want music, Italian or The Rolling Stones, I’ll buy if I have the deniro.. For what I spent on the last Stones CD I could come in here and get sausage lasagna and Peroni. Yet the last time I was in Tony’s I did like I always do. I got the side salad and ordered some pepperoni slices.

Tony was talking to an employee in a low voice. Tony is not in the mob. The mob I know of eats down the street at a place that gets frozen sauce and frozen bread from somewhere in Indiana. All I’m saying is, Tony is not the violent type, I don’t think. Now if one was to look up “dating drama” with a Kuşadası Escort popular search engine, Antonio would be somewhere in the images. If he was not married to Bella. Because Antonio gets pissed. And that’s about all, but that’s enough. He needs to change his name to Luigi and open a another business in the Greek Isles. Where he can see new sights, and mellow out. At least during the slow season.


It was about two. I was on my second slice of pizza from the Dead Sea. Actually, it was not bad. Later, I would be watching one of my mob flicks and then enthusiastically pour tap water into a plastic cup and drain it dry. So about two o’clock I asked a freshman with a nice butt to bring me a glass of wine. Red, it didn’t matter. She was dark brunette and about 21, and I was not inclined to speak to her. She knows everyone who works at the small venue. Everyone, including the owner, chef, and manager who hired her. The girl brought me a glass and I smiled. She rolled her brown eyes and started to walk away.


She turned and looked back at me. “What’s your boss so mad about?

She fidgeted. Then she told me. She was not exactly clueless, she’d seen me in here before and I trusted her. Trusted her to open her mouth.

“This guy left here about 20 minutes before you got here. He and his girlfriend or his woman or his ex ordered chef salads and some shrooms. So the man says the croutons are not fresh. I had to go to the bathroom so I don’t remember what happened next.”

“Thanks.” I took a sip of wine.

Not long after I ordered the wine I saw Tony’s wife come in. Tony and her immediately started talking. I don’t know Italian. It seemed that Tony’s wife was trying to smooth things over. I’m not sure what Tony’s emotions were. I was discreetly watching and listen to this medley of Italian and America. The couple talked in the kitchen while I sipped my wine. Tony said something to his old lady and she didn’t say anything. He was clinking the pot(of pasta) with his spoon, and still talking. Kuşadası Escort Bayan Then Bella said something to Tony. He hit the pot hard with his spoon. He said something to her. It did not sound too nice. Bella spoke to Tony again. I heard Antonio mutter something, then he spoke to an employee and walked out of the kitchen. I saw the door to the back swing open. Then Bella and one of the employees started talking in English, what about I don’t know.

After a minute I heard Bella say she’d be right back, or was what I interpreted. I saw the back door of the kitchen swing open again. That was when I decided to go to the bathroom. I noticed the restaurant was nearly empty. One of the employees, a guy who helps in the kitchen, was sitting at the front of the restaurant, drinking a drink and reading a paper.

I don’t know what made me go to the bathroom. I didn’t really need to. I debated about turning the light switch off, decided against it. It was coming back to me, why I was here in the bathroom. Tony and his wife went into the ladies room some times to talk for privacy. I remembereed a few months ago in the ladies’ bathroom a customer was on her cel arguing with someone. It was her husband or one of the servants. I could hear everything the woman said. The ladies’ bathroom was on the other side of the wall of the men’s room. There was a place in the wall where the wall had been gouged out and there was only a thin piece of plywood about a foot wide between the two bathrooms. I thought tonight there would be some patching up in the rest room —-but not the wall.

I heard the ladies’ room door open and someone walked in. The person walked to the sink and started to wash their hands. I heard the door open again. It was Tony who walked in, right behind his wife.

“I wondered what happened to you.”

Antonio’s wife sounded sympathetic, a little worried also. I thought we should have some privacy, I heard Bella say. Then: “Are you going to lock the door?”

Antonio jingled his keys and Escort Kuşadası locked the door behind him.

Bella said “Tony you were so mad when I got back. Think about your heart. You need to relax”.

I heard the two kiss, and I heard Tony’s belt buckle being undone.

“Sit down, Tony”. There must have been a bench in the ladies’ room. I heard the belt buckle hit the floor. I heard Tony exhale.

“Are we going to the lake Monday?”

Rose said “Si.The lago”.

“You know what for.” Antonio chuckled and I heard him chuckle and say something in Italian.

I could hear Bella going through her purse and then she brought something out. She said something to Tony in Italian.

Tony asked Bella a question in Italian that sounded like a request. Sounded like Antonio wanted oral stimulation.

She said something about the “lago”. And “attendere”. She was telling him to wait.

I could hear Antonio’s wife take the little bottle of lotion and run hot water over it. Then Tony was going through various levels of foreplay with Bella, and I could hear the woman moaning and shouting out into Tony’s shoulder. The entrepeneurs knew they could only make a certain amount of noise because of the guy drinking his drink at the front of the store. I glanced at my watch and realized that Antonio’s was closed. I had to figure out how to get out of the place and I did NOT want Tony or Bella to see me. Then I realized that I was near a door the employees use sometimes. Maybe nobody shut it yet, with Tony’s tantrum and Bella probably forgot too.

I could hear Bella’s hand splash down in the sink and pick up the small bottle of lotion. Then I think Bella bent over and gave Tony a little head anyway. It was pretty easy to tell Bella was going down on Tony with all the vocalizing going on. While Tony and Bella were going at it, I had my hands down my pants and I was stiff. But I decided, wisely I might add, to wait until I got home to take care of myself.

I could hear everything through the plywood. Tony’s wife was jerking off Tony with the warm hand lotion. When I heard Antonio start to climax I quietly opened the door. I looked quickly around the ristorante and did not see the employee. When I tried the outside door I found it was unlocked, and I was in the car and gone before you could say “holy cannoli”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32