Another One Night Stand Ch. 01

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Group Sex

Elliot’s friend Ch.1

I checked my email one night and was surprised to see a new one. A name I was not familiar with. The subject line said, “I saw you in the motel lobby.” I was curious so I opened it.

It went like this.

Hello, my name is Eric.

I noticed you a few weeks ago while you were meeting a business associate of mine. I couldn’t help but notice how attractive you were and have found it hard to not think about you often. You were on a business meeting with Elliot. I found out some information about you without his knowing. It has taken me several weeks to find your email address and website.

I am writing to you in the hopes that I may have the pleasure of your company for a special evening. I am not sure of the arrangement that you have with my friend Elliot and I do not want to interfere. After viewing you site, I was under the impression that you might enjoy an evening out with a single gentleman.

Please get back to me as soon as possible. I have two tickets for a fantastic show and would rather see it with a date as opposed to going alone. The event is two weeks from today and I will be awaiting your reply.



I was very curious. I had remembered Elliot entering the bar with another man. I wasn’t sure that either of them was the one I had been waiting for, so didn’t pay too much attention to them. I did however want to here what he had to say.

I emailed him back. I thanked him for his reply and let him know that I would enjoy speaking with him about his plans. I asked that he respond back with more details or his telephone number.

He must have been online, as soon as I sent the message, I was immediately answered. He supplied me his cell phone number and wanted me to call him back now.

I began to get a little nervous as I contemplated giving him a call. I decided what the hell, it couldn’t hurt.

I dialed his number. “Hello?” he answered in a very deep, sexy voice. I felt goose bumps pop up on my arms and the hair on the back of my neck tingle.

“Hello, this is Kinki.” I told him “How are you this evening?”

“Oh I am much better now,” he said with a little laugh. “So, can I interest you in an amazing evening of entertainment and fine dining?” He asked

“Well,” I said, “I am curious and would love to hear more.”

“I have two tickets to see David Copperfield in a couple of weeks. They were a gift from a business associate.” He replied, “I don’t know how you feel about magic, but I thought it might be interesting. What’ya say? Sound like fun?” he asked.

Little did he know that I love David Copperfield! I am a big fan of guys with dark hair and big noses! I don’t know why. I just like that look. I think Jeff Goldblum is so sexy, so are Tommy Lee and David Duchovny! As well as David Copperfield! I have seen his shows on TV and would love to see him in person.


“I would love to join you,” I told him “anything in particular you would like for me to wear?”

“Perfect!” he exclaimed, “Just dress however you would feel comfortable. It will be pretty formal, but don’t go out of your way. I am sure whatever you decide will be great.” He continued, “I will be anticipating the night anxiously.”

I thanked him and he refused to accept my thanks and instead insisted that the pleasure was all his. I laughed a bit and said goodbye. I once again started to feel apprehensive. I felt anxious and excited. I decided to not worry about it for the time being and just think about getting to see David Copperfield!

A week later I thought that I should try to decide what I was going to wear the night of the show. I began going through my wardrobe. Of course I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR! As is the case for just about every woman everywhere who was getting ready for a nice evening out! So…we all know what that means…I have to go shopping! I slid on a comfortable pair of jeans, threw my hair up in one of those “just fucked” hairdos, and grabbed my big, baggy hoodie. I went without a bra or panties; it is just easier to try on dresses without them. If warranted, I would purchase new undies for the evening. I slipped on my flip-flops and headed out.

I am not the typical shopper. I am not one of those women who spend hours, roaming from store to store just looking. I had an idea of what I was looking for and would know it as soon as I saw it. I never shop with girlfriends, I don’t have very many for one thing, and I just prefer to get in and get out.

I parked and went into the mall. I headed for the anchor store, which was a relatively high-end department store. I walked directly to the “Formal Wear”, it was mid May and very warm. My tan was perfect and I had planned on picking out something that would emphasize that.

There was quite a selection. They had extremely long, glittery cocktail type dresses, there were shorter, too frou-frou dresses as well. I proceeded towards a display of soft, flowing dresses Konya Escort towards the back. They had gorgeous colors and styles. The fabrics were whispery and sexy; I knew I had to have one of them. I looked through a wide selection and decided to try a few on.

“Hi, can I help you with anything?” I heard a voice from behind me. “I’m Angelina, can I help you?”

“Sure” I said, “I would like to try a few of these on.”

“Let me take those for you and put them in one of the fitting rooms” she said.

I handed them to her and she walked away. I continued looking. A few moments later she returned. I noticed how cute she was. She was in her thirties, but very petite and young looking. She had long dark hair; almost as dark as an Asian, but I thought she must have some Native American in her. The entire staff of the store wore black bottoms, either slacks or skirts and white, button down shirts and blouses, with black shoes. I noticed that she was wearing a cute pair of stiletto heels, a pair I wouldn’t mind having myself. She was wearing a short, tight black skirt and an almost sheer white blouse. The sleeves were full with ruffled gathers at the cuffs with a plunging ruffled neckline. You could see the lace cami she wore underneath. The large ruffle of the collar, covered the darkness of her nipples, but when she moved, you could catch a glimpse of her tiny tits from under the collar. I did notice that she was wearing a thong and no hose.

“So, what’s the occasion?” she asked. “An anniversary, a hot date?” she giggled. She was trying to act professional but playful as well.

I explained to her that it was a blind date and a formal night out to see David Copperfield. She informed me that she had always wanted to see his show and proceeded to ask questions.

“Are you going for something alluring, tempting, sexy or something a little less captivating?” She asked, “Since it is a blind date, I was just wondering what type of first impression you were trying to make.”

“I hadn’t really thought about it, I just thought I would look around until something jumped out at me” I told her “but now that you mention it, sexy is good!”

We both giggled. “I’m glad you said that” she replied, “I’m sure we can find the perfect dress and I can tell you will be able to pull off sexy.”

She started looking through the dresses and found a few more. We chatted a bit about fashion and style. She commented on my skin tone and coloring and what colors would set it off. “Well let’s do it!” she said “let’s try on some dresses.”

We walked towards the dressing rooms and I had suddenly wished I had dressed better. I looked as if I was headed for a ball game or something. Oh well, too late to worry about that now. At least I had showered and shaved my legs, as well as my pussy. I like having a clean, smooth shaved pussy. Not only is it just easier to maintain, I love the feeling of my bare skin under my clothes. She led me into the dressing room where she had earlier placed the other dresses.

It was a large open room. There was a large upholstered chair in one corner, a 3 sided mirror and lots of hooks to hang clothing on. Angelina hung the other dresses on hooks. She asked me what size shoe I wore, and I told her. “Let me take another quick look at your choices of dresses,” she said. “I will be right back.” And off she went.

I slipped off my flip-flops and slid my jeans off. I heard a light tap on the door. “Are you decent?” It was Angelina.

I opened the door slightly and stood behind it. “Um, sort of.” I said.

“Well I just have to show you these, can I come in?” she asked.

“Sure, come on in.” I told her. She walked in carrying several boxes of shoes and some other things. I closed the door behind her. There I stood, naked ass, wearing only a big, baggy hoodie that barely covered me. But what the hell, we were all in girl’s gym class before right?

“Which one were you thinking of trying first?” she asked.

I turned my back to her and started searching through the dresses. As I reached and moved them around, I knew that my sweatshirt had risen above my ass, exposing the whole thing! I just didn’t think about it. I grabbed on of the dresses and held it up in front of me…”This one, I think.” I told her

“Oh yeah, nice choice.” She replied.

I handed the dress to Angelina as I thought that she would hang on to it as I finished undressing. Instead she hung the dress on one of the hooks. Then she turned to me and said, “Turn around.” “It’s my job to help dress you.”

I turned away from her as she grabbed the end of my hoodie and began to raise it up, over my head. I stood there with my arms up as she slid it up and over my hair. I couldn’t help but feel the goose bumps start to rise on my neck and down my arms. As soon as she had removed the sweatshirt she put both of her arms on my shoulders and turned me around to face her. She suddenly reached up and brushed the hair from Konya Escort Bayan my eyes, gently touching my face. I was starting to feel a bit aroused and wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it. I didn’t, I just stood there, waiting.

She then took the dress from the hanger and said, “Up, up.” And made a motion for me to hold my arms up above my head. She then slid the dress over my head placing my arms, one at a time through the sleeves. As she did this she smoothed the material as it gently moved down my body. She once again, took me by the shoulders and turned me around. This time she rubbed the back of my neck and her hands lightly rubbed my spine as she touched just above the crack of my ass for the end of the zipper. She slowly zipped it straight up the back and fastened the top around my neck. She did this very slowly and sensually. She continued dressing me, sliding her hands down the back of the dress and smoothing it against my ass.

“Ok” she said, “now sit down, I have the perfect shoes for this one.”

I sat on the chair that was in the corner. Angelina kneeled down in front of me and opened one of the boxes. She had picked a very sexy stiletto heeled pump. They had about 3 inch heels on them. She picked up my right foot and slid it into the shoe, as her fingers tickled the instep of my foot. I once again got goose bumps, this time reaching all the way up my leg and I felt my pussy start to get moist. She then grabbed my other foot, this time it was more deliberate as she caressed my foot and slid it into the shoe. My foot was between her legs as she placed it back on the floor. She then started to stand up and as she did, she rubbed her thighs up my leg.

When she was fully standing, she held out her hand and I gave her mine. She helped me to my feet and led me to the mirrors. It was a great dress. It was a flirty, spaghetti strap, silk tank dress. The neckline was a deep v that went almost to my belly button. The print looked as if it was hand painted watercolors, pale blues and purples and yellows on an off white background. The waist was gathered and the skirt flared a bit. It was short but not mini. The shoes were nice as well. They were a pale blue with a touch of yellow washed through them; they had a silver tip on each heel and a small silver ornamental clip on the sides. They were adorable.

I twirled around, looking at myself from all angles. My nipples were hard, from the wonderful feel of the silk sliding across my tits. As I moved around, the dress slid around and one of my breasts had slid out from under the dress. “Well, I think that would make for an interesting evening!” “Don’t you think?” I said to her as I turned around quickly, making my tit bounce around freely. We both started to laugh.

She walked over to me and from behind, tucked my breast back into the dress. She then slid both of her hands over my tits and gave them a gentle massage. “We have something for that” she said, “We have some two sided tape like they use for the award shows.” “That will help keep those puppies in place.” She laughed again and grabbed them firmly pushing them up. We both started giggling at that.

She then said, “Ok, let’s try another, this time I will pick.”

“Ok, let’s” I told her.

Once again she reached for me, now unzipping the dress. This time she slid the dress down over my arms and let it fall at my feet. She then raised one of my feet, then the other as I stepped out of the dress that was rumpled on the floor. I started to stumble and grabbed her shoulder for support and she wrapped her arm around my waist. Once I had steadied myself she knelt down to pick up the dress.

As she lowered herself she had stopped with her face directly in front of my pussy. Angelina then placed both of her hands on the backs of my calves and began to slide them up my legs. She slowly slid them up my calves and up to my thighs, finally rubbing my ass. I looked down at her and our eyes met. She had the most amazing, childlike look of mischief on her face. She then hugged my legs, placing her head on my crotch. I then felt her begin to kiss my inner thigh as she massaged my ass. I felt her warm mouth on my mound and her sweet breath on my skin.

She began to push me towards the chair gently leading me backwards, crawling in front of me. When I felt the chair I sat down. With the heels still on, my legs were bent at the knees and raised up from the chair. Angelina crawled over and with her hands on my knees, spread my legs apart and moved between them. She grabbed one of my ankles and lifted my foot up, placing it on her shoulder. With her hard, wet tongue she began to lick my ankle as she rubbed her fingers all over my foot. I was getting so hot. Her small soft hands felt amazing on my body.

She then licked up my leg, continuing to massage my foot with her fingers. She then slid her hand up the back of my thigh and cupped it under my ass cheek. As she did I could feel her thumb gently Escort Konya rub my wet pussy lips. I slid my ass down towards the end of the chair, causing her thumb to slide deeper between my lips. She looked up at me as she slid her tongue up the inside of my thigh, smiling.

She then lifted my other leg flinging it up over the arm of the chair. She looked right down into my cunt. She was sliding her hand up and down my inner thigh as she fondled my ass and pussy lips with the other. As her hand reached my pussy, she gently opened my pussy lips with her fingers. She rubbed it lightly for a few moments as she admired my smooth cunt. She then moved her other hand from my ass cheek moving my other leg over the opposite arm of the chair. There I was, legs spread wide open and with both hands, she spread my pussy open. Once again, she looked up at me with that cute little smile. We hadn’t said a thing. I was caught up in the moment and her touch was just delightful.

She flicked her hard little tongue on my clit and I almost jumped out of the chair. I could feel her breath on my pussy as she laughed at my reaction. I too laughed a little. Then she started to lick my wet cunt. It was so good. She was fondling my lips, sucking them in one at a time, tasting them. As her tongue darted in and out of my cunt. Then she began to eat me. Plunging her tongue deep inside me, sucking my clit hard into her mouth. I felt her ram her two index fingers into me, spreading me open so that she could get as deep as possible. I grabbed her head. I was rubbing her smooth dark hair with my fingers running them through it as I pushed her face into me. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to cum. But I wanted to taste her sweet little pussy.

I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her towards me. I bent down to her face and kissed her mouth, holding the back of her head firmly as I rammed my tongue into her mouth. The taste of my own juices on her sweet mouth was intoxicating. I placed my feet on the floor, grabbed her under both arms and laid her back on the floor. I quickly slid her little black skirt up to her waist, exposing her little thong. I crawled down on the floor next to her. I was on my knees, almost in the 69 position, but not sitting over her. Instead I was next to her, my ass high in the air looking down at her sweet little body. I slid my finger down between the lips of her pussy and down the crack of her tiny ass. I teased her pussy, still covered by the thin black spandex thong. I then slid the thong over, exposing her little pussy. She had a small tuft of hair just at the top of her lips; the rest of her cunt was clean-shaven.

I moved her legs far apart. I then ran my finger between her pussy lips, she was very wet. I slid my finger up and down several times before using both hands to open her tight little pussy wide. I pinched her pussy lips firmly as I flicked her little clity with my tongue. I then noticed her jump at the feel of my tongue on her and laughed, as did she.

As I started licking her sweetness I felt her rub my ass with her hands. She was kneading my ass cheeks with both hands and spreading them open. I dived into her wet little pussy. I plunged my tongue into her cunt and sucked her juices. She was rubbing her fingers up and down the crack of my ass, teasing my asshole. I climbed over her, my knees on either side of her head as I placed myself directly over her. She licked at my ankles as she continued to fondle my ass. I stuck two of my fingers into her pussy and was fingering her as I licked and sucked her little clit.

She grabbed my ass and slammed my pussy down on her face. “Mmmmmmm” I mumbled into her wet cunt and slammed my face into her. I was pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy, fucking it with my face as I felt her suck my clit into her mouth. I was moving my hips up and down on her face, loving the feeling of her as she ate my pussy. I reached down under her and squeezed her ass. I parted her cheeks and slid down as far as I could go in an attempt to reach her little asshole with my tongue.

I jumped up on my knees and crawled around to her feet. I flipped her over and pulled her hips up, forcing her onto her knees. I then leaned over her, my naked body brushing against her. I moved her arms straight out in front of her and rubbed my hands down the length of them. I stopped at her armpits and worked my way around to her small titties. I cupped them in each of my hands, pinching her hard little nipples.

I moved farther down her back, I reached for the waistband of her skirt and slid it down and off each foot, then her thong, sliding it off, exposing her round, tanned tight little ass. I couldn’t help but give it a good whack! What a perfect little ass! I was on my knees, raising her ass as high as I could manage and licked her pussy. She squirmed and wiggled her ass in front of my face. I licked her little cunt again; from the little mound of hair all the way back to her tight asshole, flicking it with my tongue.

“UMMM, ohh yes” she was moaning, her voice muffled as she buried it into the carpet. She moved her hands from in front of her to back by her ass. She used her own hands to spread her little ass cheeks far apart and was wriggling her body in my face.

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