Another Interlude

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She was getting ready to go to bed. She had just stepped out of the shower, and after drying off, she slipped into a purple lace baby-doll nightie. She quietly walked into her bedroom. She was lucky in the fact that she had a bathroom adjoined to her bedroom. Her brother and his friend must have already been asleep. Her little sister was definitely asleep. The house was silent.

She crossed the floor and crawled into her bed. She had pulled back her blankets and was just lying on the sheet. It was a warm night. Not being able to fall asleep, she listened to the sound of the house and the noises of the night. Suddenly a naughty thought flitted through her mind. Rising quickly she dashed over to her dresser and opening the second drawer from the bottom, she pulled out the small bag that was there. Padding quickly back to her bed, she excitedly pulled the Adam and Eve crystal teaser glass dildo out of the bag.

Closing her eyes, she lowered the dildo to her lips. In her mind, she was seeing the mystery man that often visited her dreams, there with her. Her mouth was watering. She began to lick the dildo and then sucked the tip into her mouth. She moaned as her saliva coated the smooth glass. Sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth as if her face was being fucked. She was actually able to get the tip of it into her throat. A slight gag accompanied that little trick, but she had done it.

Reaching down, she flicked her left nipple through the material of the nightie. She began to move the dildo slowly down her body, across her neck, down the valley of her tits. Her saliva was dripping off the glass shaft and leaving a trail across her skin. She circled each nipple with the dildo. Then she raised the dildo back up to her mouth and began to work on it again. She was determined to take the whole thing into her mouth. While she was doing that, her other hand snaked its way down to her now very wet pussy. Her finger traced its way through the soft Bayan Escort Gaziantep folds of her pussy lips. Her nether lips tried in vain to hold onto the invading finger. A soft slurping sound could be heard as the digit broke free of the fleshy bond.

The smell of her nectar was filling the room. She was becoming intoxicated on the scent. Now the dildo was once again coated and as she pulled it from her mouth a trail of saliva clung to the glass and finally broke free as she lowered the toy to her wet cunt. As the tip pressed against her clitoris she jumped as the pleasurable sensations spread like lightning through her body, all of her nerves firing at once. Slowly she pushed the glass shaft into her most intimate spot. As it filled her, she couldn’t help but imagine it was a real cock filling her up. Her first orgasm surprised her as the phallic device pushed into her.

The man in her dreams filled her mind, but all she could see was his cock and his piercing blue eyes. She could see him looking at her as his cock pushed in and out. Soft slurping sounds filled the room. Her pussy juices covered his cock and ran down the crack of her ass. The lips of her pussy would cling to the shaft. Wet squishing sounds fill the air as she continues to couple with the anonymous man.

In her mind, she saw the man lower his head to her chest. Gently he bites down on the inside of her left tit. He bites the inside area of the right boob and then moves his tongue and teeth to her nipple. Alternating between biting, sucking and licking her nipple. Lifting his head, he kisses her at the hollow of her neck. Then he began his assault on the other tit.

While he was covering her tits with kisses and bites, he was plunging his cock in and out of her pussy. Where they continued to couple was coated in her nectar. The slick sound of their fucking filled the air. The smell of her arousal is thick in the air. The man kisses her forcibly on the lips the power of the kiss steals her breath away. He moves to her neck and ears. All the while continuing to fuck her harder and harder. His mouth closes on her nipple, and he begins to suck on the protruding hard nub. He continues to fuck her. Alternating between using just the tip and then on every fourth or fifth thrust he would plunge all the way into her. He raises her legs up and puts them on his shoulders, putting his full weight on her and forcing the forcing the air from her lungs on each plunge.

She suddenly feels a hand wrapping itself in her hair and pulling her head back. Her neck is fully exposed he nips at her throat. As he kisses her lips, she opens her eyes and looks closely at him. Close cropped hair, deep blue eyes and a feral smell that makes her desire him more. Raw passion and desire fill her as well as his cock.

She feels his other hand as it reaches down and grabs her ass. Massaging and grasping her, his fingers push towards the crack of her ass. A sudden pressure is felt at her virgin hole and due to all the cunt cream that she has been secreting makes the penetration easy. Now the finger is alternating with the cock. Ripples of excitement flow as she enjoys the new sensation. He pulls the digit from her ass and then his dick is pulled from her.

Then comes a pressure at her back entrance again. She wants it, she needs it. The head of his cock pushes past her sphincter. Feeling so much fuller than what his finger had made her feel, she moans in out loud. Deeper it pushes in the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom wells up in her. But as he pulls out and rests, with the tip in her, the feeling has eased. Slowly pushing back in, he begins a seesaw motion. Building up speed and pushing as deep as he can she feels the wave of another orgasm building faster, deeper, her breath coming in jagged succession of grunts.

Another item begins to press against her hot, wet pussy. The glass dildo finds its way in and alternates its in and out movement with the cock in her ass. Her eyes fly open, how can this be a dream if the dildo and cock are both in her. Her imagination had made the dildo his dick in her dream but feeling both of them makes her begin to doubt herself. But suddenly her body convulses in a mind-numbing series of contractions as she cums. His eyes stare into hers.

He doesn’t let up. The dildo, the cock, dildo, cock. Her pussy her ass, pussy, ass. Dildo pussy, cock ass, over and over she can see that his orgasm is imminent. The perfect rhythm of in and out is driving her higher and higher. He slams into her one final time. Leaving his cock and the dildo buried inside her his cock is pulsing. His cum is flooding her no longer virgin ass. She passes out as she cums again.

She opened her eyes, and she was alone. There was a delicious ache in her muscles as if she really was sandwiched between the bed and his firm body. She pulled the dildo out of her well-used pussy and after seeing the frothy white cream that was coating it she licked it off. While she savored her own taste, she felt how wet she was between her legs. Pushing her finger over her clit, she shudders again as it slides through her cunt lips and down to her ass. She feels with her finger that the normally tight pucker is not there her asshole slightly gaping open. There is a sticky fluid oozing out of her back hole. She presses three fingers together and scrapes them against her back hole and scoops up the fluid. She has managed to gather a tablespoon size glob.

Raising her fingers to her face and she eyes the glob of fluid. It’s not hers; it was a man’s cum. How did it get there? Was the man real? Would he come back? She wanted him again. She knew it was irrational, but she still desired him. How did this happen? As her eyes started to close she noticed a bruise on her right breast, wait, it’s a hickey, slightly tender; she couldn’t wrap her mind around what happened Sleep eventually overtook her. A satisfied smile was on her lips as she replayed the encounter in her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32