Annual Meeting

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Laura and I go back many years. It’s a long story that I’ll tell sometime, but that’s not my purpose today. For now, all you need to know is that over the course of 20 years or so, through various husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and jobs in many different cities, we have been friends and lovers. We don’t get to see each other often, once or twice a year at most. Sometimes we just meet for a drink, or dinner, and catch up on each other’s lives. Other times, we’ll steal a day or two away from the world just to have sex. Originally, we would simply work out a time and place, then meet and go at it until we had to leave. Sometimes, it is still that way. Occasionally, however, one or the other of us comes up with a kind of plan, a little game to play. We’re all kids at heart, don’t you think? This story is about one of those times, one where she made up the rules.

I checked the number on the door of the room twice. It would be most embarrassing to knock on the wrong one. 703, that was the same number on the note I had picked up at the front desk. I looked up and down the hall. Good, no one there. I took off my t-shirt and put it in my bag. Now, I became much more nervous. Checked the hall again, listened for elevator noises, or the sound of a door opening. Nothing. I felt a bit queasy, but told myself that a deal is a deal. Took a deep breath, pulled off my running shorts, and knocked on the door. My heart was pounding. Were those footsteps at the other end of the hall?

In reality, I stood there naked for only ten seconds or so before I heard her voice through the door. It seemed like ten hours though. “Are you ready?” she said. “Stand back so I can see”.

I took a couple of steps back, so that she could see through the peephole that I was in fact, naked. Damn, I was anxious! My heart was pounding like a big sledge hammer. I was getting a little light headed. But I tried to move slowly, as if it was the most common event in my life to be standing naked in the hall of a downtown hotel, and that I could care less if an entire school group were to appear from the elevator lobby and head this way.

She took her time at the peephole, then the door opened slowly. She didn’t check the hall. After all, she was fully clothed. I took one step forward. She grabbed my penis (which was semi-erect. I was fearful, but also aroused), and pulled me into the room. She closed the door, then pushed my back against it. She pulled my head down to her with her left hand, and abruptly put her tongue into my mouth. Her right hand stayed where it was, stroking me a bit. Then she stepped back, bent down slightly and just touched the tip of her tongue to the tip of my penis. She straightened up and said “Glad you made it”. She turned and walked into the room and I followed.

My heart was still pounding, but my penis was no longer confused. The fear of being seen by some stranger in the hall was gone. And she was certainly no stranger to my penis. It was hard, and warm, and practically purple with anticipation.

She sat in a chair, and I sat down on the bed to face her.

“Well, I can see that someone certainly enjoyed our little knock-knock game” she said. That would have been impossible to deny, as the evidence was pointing straight at her.

“Aw, he’s just glad to see you” I said.

She was wearing a skirt, and blouse and a jacket, with stockings and high heeled shoes. My guess was that she didn’t have anything on underneath, but I couldn’t be sure. Her hair was perfectly arranged. She had on makeup and (bright red) lipstick. She could have walked into a courtroom or a boardroom and blended right in. Sitting across Kayseri Escort from her, I was as naked as the day I was born, and as obviously aroused as a man can be. The contrast was delicious. It felt vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

She pointed to a cooler in the corner, and asked me to get her a beer. I stood up, walking past her to get to the cooler. As I went by, she lightly slapped my right buttock with her fingers. It sent an electric charge up my spine and into my crotch. I took my time bending over to pull a couple of bottles from the ice. I just hoped she enjoyed the show.

I opened the beers, came back and handed one to her. She put her right hand on my penis and pulled me toward her.

“My goodness, he’s very warm, isn’t he?” she said. She put down the bottle and put her cold left hand on my balls. It felt wonderful, but I didn’t know how much more I could take.

She bent her head slightly, then put my penis into her mouth. I could feel her tongue; her red lipstick smeared onto me. She was very good at this, and, by that time my whole body was about to explode from lust. As a result, it was only a short time before she achieved her result: my knees almost buckled when my orgasm started. She held the head of my cock just inside her lips as my semen shot into her mouth. When I opened my eyes, I could see her smile as she licked me off.

“There, maybe now he’ll behave” she said.

“Not for very long, I think” I said, then I bent down to put my lips on hers, and my tongue into her mouth, for just a while.

I stepped back and then sat down on the bed. I found the bottle of beer I had set down a few moments before and drank from it. “It’s your show, what’s next?” I asked.

She had some beer, looked at my penis, which was in a more, um, relaxed state than before, and said “It doesn’t like he’s ready to go again yet”.

“Jeez, I’m not twenty five anymore. Hell, I’m not even thirty five anymore. It’ll be a few minutes” I said.

“Well, then, you really need to think of something to do about this, and soon” she said.

With that, she slid forward in her chair, her skirt riding up past the tops of her stockings. The tops of her legs were white and smooth. I was right, she didn’t have anything on underneath her business suit. She glistened between her legs.

“That is something I can handle”, I said. I knelt in front of her, and placed her legs over my shoulders. I savored her musty scent. I put a finger on her lower lips, felt the dampness. Then I put my tongue on her, licking slowly, enjoying the sweet, salty taste of her. I made a point of avoiding her clitoris, teasing her, licking around it, pushed a finger gently into her, then out, kissing her inner thighs, until she finally grabbed the back of my head with both hands, and pushed my mouth onto her. My whole being then focused on that little mound of flesh, licking it, sucking it, moaning on it. We were outside of time, and stayed outside, until she quivered a little, and moaned.

I stayed on my knees, head between her legs a few minutes. She moved her legs off my shoulders, I pulled away and sat on the floor, my back against the bed. She stood and straightened her skirt. She kicked off her shoes, walked over to the cooler, and grabbed a couple more beers. She sat down on the floor next to me and handed me one. We talked for a little while about the usual things: work, kids, the world. When we had finished the beer, she reached over and gently put her hand on my penis. It responded immediately. She said “It looks like you’re ready to go”. I was very sure she was right, and said so. She stood up, Kayseri Escort Bayan began taking her clothes off. “I won’t be needing these for awhile”. Her “rules” for the weekend included that, once our clothes were off, they would stay off, until it was time to leave.

When she was completely undressed, we stood up. She sat down on the edge of the bed. I stood directly in front of her and lifted her feet into the air. When she was on her back, I kissed the bottoms of her feet. Her hair was a little mussed now, and her lipstick smudged. The businesswoman of an hour ago was replaced by a smiling pink naked woman. She was still quite wet. She guided me into her. I slid in as far as I could, then back, not quite all the way out. She lifted her bottom, just a bit, and I pushed into her again. We were both relaxed, and so took our time, building up, more quickly and forcefully, until the room was filled with the sound of skin slapping on skin, and our moans and grunts, until I came into her, standing by the side of the bed. I stayed in her for a time, then my penis slipped out of her. We lay quietly for some time.

I put my hand between her legs. Two fingers eased into her slowly. I began to rub her clitoris with my thumb. I changed position, sitting down between her open legs, facing her. I kept working on her pussy with my hand, occasionally taking time to sniff my fingers; there is no sweeter aroma in the world than the pussy of a woman you’ve just had sex with.

Two fingers were still inside her, my thumb still worked on her clit. My other hand ran along her thighs. I kissed the inside of her knees. She pulled her legs back, and I licked her toes, one by one. She was moving her bottom up and down against my hand then. I had become quite erect. With some effort, I slid forward, still in a sitting position, until my penis was just outside her pussy. My fingers were working overtime on her clitoris. I grabbed one of her hands, and replaced my fingers with hers. With both arms around her thighs, I pulled her onto my cock, still on her back.

I returned my hand to her button, and worked until she shivered. As her orgasm faded, I took hold of her arms and pulled her into a sitting position as I lay back. She was fully on top of me. Her breasts hung in front of me. I began to fondle them, with both hands. I fondled her nipples until she leaned over, so that I could suck them. She moaned. Her eyes were closed. By then she was riding me pretty hard. I told her I was going to come. She sped up until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grunted as I emptied myself into her. She slowed, then stopped. She remained on top of me until I became soft, then she gently rolled aside. I lay my head on her thigh, to inhale the scent of her (and me), and idly played with her breasts, until we both fell asleep.

I awakened to the wonderful smell of Laura’s well-used pussy, as she pushed it onto my face from above. Without opening my eyes, I explored it with my tongue. The wispy hairs around her lips were stiff with dried semen. They softened as my tongue ran over them. I licked her lips, slowly working my way around her vagina. A light kiss to her asshole, then I moved back to her pussy, and plunged my tongue in as far as it would go. She pushed down so I could penetrate her further. It became a little difficult to breathe, but I continued to tongue-fuck her as long as I could. Then I shifted my attention to her clitoris. I licked it, rubbed it with my nose, and sucked on it as if my life depended on it. She moved her hips forward and back, covering my face with her wetness. She began to say “C’mon, c’mon” over and over, like Escort Kayseri a manta, building in intensity until she finally climaxed with a very long “Ahhhhh”.

After just a moment, she practically jumped off the bed, then hurried to the bathroom. She peed for a long time, then came back into the room. “You don’t know how close you came to getting a mouthful of something you didn’t want”. As I am definitely not into that particular fetish, I thanked her. I also thanked her for the delightful wake-up. She smiled and said “It was very nice from where I was sitting, too. I’d like to give you a reward”.

With that, she turned around and bent over with her arms on the bed. Her buttocks were soft and white and beautiful; I kissed each lightly. Her pussy was wet, pink and swollen.

“See anything that interests you?” she said.

“Let me check just a little closer,” I answered.

I pushed my penis straight into her, as far as I could go. I grabbed her hips and began to push and pull her, gliding into and out of her. Our bodies made a slapping sound at the end of each stroke. Her buttocks jiggled slightly. For some reason, that sight drove me wild. I pounded into her until I felt my balls tighten. I pulled her hips tight to me and held on as my semen flowed into her. After a moment, while I was still inside her, I said “you’re welcome!”. She laughed and I slipped out.

We ordered brunch from room service. I wrapped a towel around myself and answered the waiter’s knock. L stayed naked, however, sitting in a chair across the room. The waiter kept looking over my shoulder at her, then quickly down at his cart. “Looks good, eh?” I said to him. “I’ll tell you something. She screws even better.” I gave him a substantial tip and sent him on his way.

After we had a bit to eat, I asked her to lay on the bed and close her eyes. I poured maple syrup onto her breasts and stomach, and slowly licked it off. When I had gotten the last of it, she smiled and said “time for a bath, don’t you think?”

She started the shower, and stepped in. I soaped her, beginning with her toes, and very slowly working my way up to her chin. I did linger for some time between her legs, and on her breasts. When she was rinsed off, she did the same for me, except that she more than “lingered” on my cock. Soon she was stroking me with determination. She laughed as I came on her. It splattered across her breasts and legs. “You’ll just have to clean me off again” she said.

I cleaned her again, and toweled her dry, again paying careful attention to her pussy and the cleft between her buttocks. I couldn’t resist another kiss on her anus.

It was nearing check-out time. She got dressed in the same clothes that she had been wearing when she met me at the door. “Just put on your shoes for now” she said. I complied, found may bag and sat down on the bed.

After she had finished dressing, and had put her lipstick on, she walked over and stood a few feet in front of me. She pulled up her skirt, said “last look, sailor”. She showed me her pussy, then turned around so I could have a nice view of her rear.

“It’s a beautiful sight,” I said. “Hope to see it again soon.”

“If you, and he behave,” she said, reaching for my arms, and gently pulling me up. She dropped to her knees, and licked me just enough to make me really hard. Then she stood up, picked up my bag, grabbed my penis and pulled me to the door. A peck on the lips, then she opened the door and pushed me, naked, into the hall, my bag following. As she closed the door, I could hear her laughing.

This time, the hall wasn’t empty. Two elderly women were at the far end, walking in my direction. I pulled my shorts from my bag, and jumped into them. I grabbed a shirt, pulled it on, and headed for the elevator. My hard on poked my shorts straight out. It was, no doubt, visible from a distance. The ladies chose not to ride down with me for some reason.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32