Anna from Amsterdam

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She was a nicely-built brunette, early 20s, glasses, eye makeup; she was wearing pushup bra, tartan micro skirt and heels and smoking a cigarette every time I passed.

I looked at her for three days; she started to wave after a while, then she opened the door and I told her I was just looking. She replied “yeah, for three days…”

I was with a work colleague so I waited ’til we’d agreed mutually on an early night. When it was safe I went out again, this time with my black stockings & suspenders and my red lace french knickers on under my jeans.

I’d planned to find the gay equivalent of the window girls; I was hoping to find a black guy in a window and ask ‘how much for you to fuck me, then I suck you off with no condom, and you cum in my mouth?’ Just imagining saying the words had me dripping precum.

I walked around where I was told the gay area was but it was very low key; I asked two pretty blonde girls outside a bar where the gay area was (that was nice, I felt like a right sissy boy! They were probably thinking ‘he’s desperate to suck a cock,’ and they’d have been right…) and they pointed me in a certain direction, but I didn’t find any action. God knows what I would have done if I had; probably run a mile!

I decided to wander back and see if I could negotiate something with the T-girl or the one of the other girls that had caught my eye previously.

The T-girl wasn’t there, and neither was the specky girl described above; there was a lovely, tall blonde with fantastic boobs with her nipples just hidden by a halter top. She had 1/2 shaven hair which looked hot, and a slightly arrogant looking mouth. I’d seen her smoking so I gave her a knock. I first asked Kastamonu Escort if she’d kiss, expecting a ‘no,’ but she almost slammed the door on me! What a perv, asking to kiss a girl.

I was resigned to trying again or looking on craigslist (which frightens me, tbh) then I saw Anna. She must have been working when I passed the first time.

She opened the door for me and smiled, shaking hands and telling me her name was Anna. She told me 50euro for fuck and suck; I asked her if she’d like to earn some easy money.

“I like you smoking… You don’t kiss, do you?”

“No. Body, not mouth.”

“Would you blow smoke in my face while I play with myself? No condom, I make a mess on your floor then clean it up?”

“Yes, that’s OK,” she smiled.

I started to ask how much and she cut me off. “50euro, it’s always 50euro. Not a penny less…”

I told her I really needed a piss and asked if I could use her toilet. She told me I could use the sink. I tried but for some reason I couldn’t!

Before I undressed I said “I’m wearing lingerie… Is that OK?” Again, the lovely smile as she told me it was fine. I stripped off and she told me I looked cute, she liked it. What a lovely young woman. She asked if I wanted her topless but I told her to keep everything on because she looked so hot. To be honest, I love being naked and vulnerable with a dressed woman. She lit a cigarette and exhaled some pretty heavy drags into my face; she even played with my nipple and slapped my arse a couple of times.

We were chatting the whole time, it was great. She laid down on her bed and I kneeled between her legs and started to play with myself. I told her I was Kastamonu Escort Bayan out earlier looking for cock, that I wanted to be fucked by a black guy, and what I’d done the night before with the T.

“Did she let you suck her with no condom?”


“That’s good…”

“I wanted her to cum in my mouth, though, but she wouldn’t…”


I asked her if she liked black guys and she said no, she’d never had one, her choice. I told her I’d love to see her with a black man.

She started to play with herself and I went down on her. I asked if it was OK and she said yes. She had the most gorgeous little shaven cunt. I asked her if she was enjoying smoking while I licked her and she answered really enthusiastically (and genuinely, I felt) that it was nice.

“I like having my tongue in you, knowing other guys have fucked you today. Do you ever allow guys to fuck you bareback?”




“That’s a shame. I’d like to go down on you after you’d been fucked. When you had cum in you.”

“Would you like to cum on my pussy, then lick your cum off me?”

I gasped. “Yes! Can I?”

She laughed at this. “No! Still fantasizing…”

I asked her if I could kiss her boobs; she spilled herself out so I could have a little suck of her nipples. Really gentle, because she was such a sweetie. She kept having little bites of her bottom lip, and little pouts. I could have fallen in love with her so easily.

I asked her if she had a dildo and she said she could go and find one, but I had to finish really, so it’d be another 50. I heard myself saying OK. She couldn’t find one, Escort Kastamonu though, so I said I’d just finish and go. She said I didn’t have time to finish so we negotiated another 20mins for the 50!

She said she could put a condom on her hand, “like this…” She made the classic four-finger insertion hand. I nodded vigorously. She lit another cigarette; I got on my knees and she lubed up her hand and started fisting me, asking me to push back against her. I told her I absolutely loved being in that submissive position with a woman. I asked her if I was loose.

“Yes, actually!”

I told her I’d bought a huge Butt Plug earlier, from one of the sex shops, and spent an hour stretching myself with it (It’s probably 2″ in diameter at its thickest point; I think another 10 minutes stretching and I would have had it fully in me).

I wanted to watch her smoke so I turned over; she continued to fist me as I got myself nearer. I asked her if it was OK if I messed myself and she said it was fine. I said could she take her fingers out of me, and explained that it was because I’d spunk further if she stopped.

So I brought myself off as she blew smoke in my face, just as I wanted. I think I got some of my spunk on her as well, which was a bonus.

She washed her hands and passed me some towels; I told her I felt a bit silly now, dressed in girls panties and she laughed. I told her if I was a millionaire I’d pay her to sit around in my apartment smoking all day. I got dressed, still chatting; she was texting by now, maybe telling someone she was safe. As I went out she gave me a lovely smile and presented her cheek for a kiss. She opened the door for me, and playfully said, in a really loud voice:

“Good luck with finding a really big, black…” and she held her hands up, about 18″ apart and mouthed the word ‘cock.’

What a lovely girl. If there were more girls like her (I don’t mean if there were more prostitutes like her), the world would be a better place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32