Anjali Ch. 04

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My wife Prerna begins it, her sister Anjali finishes it.

It’s the fourth story in Anjali series. As I went about my stay in Mumbai, I got to see different sexual faces of Anjali, the beautiful best friend of my wife Prerna.

Anjali was squatting on my face. I was blindfolded and couldn’t see the sight in front of me. Her sweet and juicy pussy lips touched my lips and I sucked hard.

“Ohh Viren,” Anjali cried as I pushed my rough tongue deep in her pussy.

“Yes baby, say my name as I tongue fuck your sweet sex,” I said.

“Lick my pussy Viren.”

“Yssss baby.”

“Ohhh Viren, just like that baby.”

“You like it, Anjali?”

“Ohhh yes, Viren. Viren Viren…” she kept on repeating. Suddenly my bed began to shake and I opened my eyes.

“Fuck! I was dreaming,” I woke up.

Anjali was standing near the foot of the bed and was shaking my legs to wake me up. She was just out of bathroom and was smelling of soap and shampoo. Her hair were wet and she looked so fresh. I crossed my arms behind my head and began to soak in the beauty in front of me. She looked flawless. She was wearing a very loose top over her water drenched body which was clinging to her at all the right places. Water from her hair was dripping on the top making it wet and transparent. I could see her milky white skin underneath. The top was reaching her mid thighs and her sexy long legs were a sight.

“Get up Viren and clean up. I’ll change the sheets. Your dried cum has made it filthy,” she opened her closet and pulled out new sheets.

“My cum? What about cum of the princess. Last I remember, there was more of it than I could possibly suck,” I laughed.

“Do you complain?”

“I complain the wastage, ma’am,” I winked at her, “it is precious.”

“Come on Viren! Get up. You stink.”

“Stink? I am covered in your fragrance baby,” I smelled my armpits jokingly.

She pulled the sheets from me and my hard boner came in her sight.

“And for God’s sake, teach this naughty thing to rest ever,” she pointed towards my cock.

I took it in my palm and rubbed it gently. It was throbbing. I was totally worked up because of my wet dream and the sight in front of me.

“You can put it to rest for time being. It’s a crime to waste such a gorgeous boner,” I said rubbing my cock.

I extended my hand towards Anjali. She gave me a stern look and I smiled.

“Please baby,” I gave her a flying kiss.

“You are an asshole, Viren. And this crazy cock of yours is so bad,” she put the sheets aside and began walking towards me. My heart was racing. I was lying on the bed and my hard cock was pointed towards the roof. She moved slowly, swaying her sexy frame as she moved. She lifted her shirt seductively and teased me with her toned tummy. Her pussy mound was visible from her baby pink panty. She twirled on her heels and pushed her sexy ass towards me. Her ass was stretching her panty to the limit. As she bent down to show me her ass, I could hear the fabric stretching even more. She lifted her shirt and tied it’s ends just below her boobs revealing her perfectly smooth midriff. She looked like a professional swimmer with her overly sexy figure. She again turned her ass towards me and bent forward. She put her thumbs in her panty elastic and wiggled her ass, teasing me.

“You are such a tease, Anjali,” I said rubbing my precum over my cock. My cock was oozing that in gallons.

” Don’t like what you see?” she teased.

“Why don’t you climb the bed and let me tell you that in person?” I growled.

She laughed at my misery. She kept pulling her panty down. She was wiggling her ass to assist her pulling. She pulled it to her knees and looked back at me. Her gaping pussy was looking at me. She dipped a finger in her lips and pushed it in her pussy. Bitch was playing with me. I groaned again. A massive orgasm was building up in my balls. I removed my hand from my cock or I would have cum right there. She fingered her pussy for a while. Then she pulled her finger out and sucked it clean of her juice. She turned around, stepped out of her panty and climbed the bed. She rammed her pussy on my cock in one move and supported herself on my chest. I Hatay Escort moaned from immense pleasure. That was raw. U swallowed hard and controlled myself.

She leaned on my face, took my earlobe in her teeth and whispered, “lets see if you can hold for ten strokes.”

She raised her ass up until my tip was touching her lips. She clenched her pussy lips tight and lowered her body weight ramming her pussy on my cock. Her pussy was tight as a vice and slippery as velvet. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed then hard. She pulled her shirt off, unclasped her bra and threw it away. She challenged me for ten strokes, I was unsure of even four. She placed her perky boobs on my chest and pressed them with her body weight. I groaned like a person in immense pain as she rubbed her hard nipples on my skin. Her boobs were doing wonders and suddenly she repeated the vicious actions of her pussy. My control was not that strong in front of that goddess of sex. I grabbed her ass, rolled on the bed taking her with me and began pumping my seed in her pussy. I held her by her neck and pushed my cock deep in her pussy. She screamed. I was fucking her with violent strokes and filling her pussy with my hot lava. I fell on her spent when I stopped cumming. She was caressing my hair and my back with her hands.

“Did you cross four?” she laughed in my ear.

“With a lot of effort. You are so hot, I would have cum in one,” I raised myself on my elbows and looked at her face, “you are so beautiful, Anjali.”

She kept looking at me as if she was struggling for words. She looked innocent and lovely. Then she smiled big and pulled my face towards her. She gave a lingering kiss on my lips.

“Guess I need to clean up again!” she said breaking the kiss.

“I can help you if u want,” I adjusted her hair with my hands.

“That’s a never ending cycle, Viren. We may not come out of the washroom if we go in together. Your cock is irresistible for me.”

“You have that effect on my cock baby. Been fucking for two days and it gets bigger every time and shoots more.”

“Stop flattering me mister and get off me,” she tickled my loins.

I was caught off guard this time. Being an excessively ticklish person, I fell on the bed laughing. She gasped and caught the bedsheet as my cock left her pussy suddenly. She was very sensitive down there.

“Joker!” she slapped me on my arm while getting up from bed.

“I can help. Last chance,” I shouted as she entered the washroom.

“Fuck you, Viren!” she shouted laughing.

“Never enough. It’s a dream come true,” I said to myself and fell back on the bed.

When I came out of the bathroom Anjali was in kitchen. I could hear her and could smell coffee. I went in looking for her. She was wearing a loose top and hotpants. Her perfect form looked beautiful from behind. I could see her shining long legs and supple calves. Her bare foot always looked sexy to me, though I have no foot fetish. She wore an anklet in her left ankle which looked hot on her bare legs.

“Hey there!” she saw me as she turned around, “You look clean.”

I hugged her from behind and inhaled deep, filling my brain with her intoxicating fragrance. I kissed her neck and dove my nose in her hair. My cock began to get hard again. I rubbed my cock on her ass from behind and she placed her palms flat on the counter.

“Does it ever get enough?” she said trying to turn around.

“Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?” I asked her, loosening my grip on her and helping her turn around.

“You find me that pretty Viren?”

“Let’s go to bed and I’ll show you again,” I pulled her in and kissed her.

“Yeah, you been showing me enough and I am still sore at places. But tell me seriously, am I that pretty?”

“Yes, you are. I don’t know what all you cover when you say ‘that’, but you ARE that pretty,” I caressed her cheek with my fingers. I was moving my hand on her bare back under her top. She was leaning on me with her head supported on my shoulder. She was lost in her thoughts.

“You said you are sore at places? Is it back here?” I put my hand in her hotpants over her high globes.

“Hmmm,” she exhaled on my neck.

“I Hatay Escort Bayan am sorry baby, let me make up to that,” I brought my hand on her button, opened it and pulled her zipper down. Her hotpants were just hanging on her round ass. I pulled it down with her panties and turned her around. She was naked waist down and I rubbed my body on her.

“Viren…” she wanted to say something.

“Shhh! Just feel, don’t say anything. Open your legs,” I put my palm between her ass cheeks and pressed. She leaned forward on the kitchen counter. She opened her smooth long legs and I roamed my fingers around her back hole. She was smooth as a baby. I sat behind her between her legs and opened her cheeks with my hands. She was breathing heavy in anticipation. I brought my face near her hole and inhaled, she was magical. I pressed my rough tongue on her tender hole and licked it hard.

“Ohhh Viren,” she moaned loud and fell on the counter. Her knees gave up and I could feel her weight on my face.

“Relax Anjali, just hold on,” I grabbed her thighs and pressed them, indicating her to stand firm. She did and I licked her ass again. She moaned even louder this time. I dug her hole with the tip of my tongue and she squeezed it. I massaged her butt with my hand and she relaxed. I pushed my tongue in her ass and she began to shudder. Her legs were trembling and she was beating her hands on the counter. I was licking and sucking her hole with complete devotion, covering every millimetre of it. Her loud moans and her shaking body was indication that she was on the verge of an orgasm. Anal pleasure was a new thing for her and me going down on her ass was completely new experience. She was about to explode. I slipped two fingers in her pussy as she was rocking it back and forth. This double assault was too much for her.

“Ohhhh Viren!” she shouted and her pussy exploded. Stream of sweet juice began to flow from her pussy onto my chin. I pasted my lips on her oozing pussy and began to suck. She kept on cumming and feeding me more juice with every squirt. She was delicious. I licked her pussy and thighs dry. She was lying on the counter, spent and exhausted. I got up, carried her in my arms and laid her on the sofa.

As I was climbing the sofa between her legs, my phone rang. This was my wife, Prerna. Timing couldn’t be worse, I cursed. Anjali also opened her eyes and gave me a meaningful smile. I smirked and managed my breathing. Anjali pulled her legs to her and I sat on the sofa next to her.

“Hey baby,” I answered the call.

“How are you?” she asked me.

“I am good. How are you? You sound tired!”

“No, I am good. It’s just… I am in the bed and I am missing you.”

I looked at Anjali, she did hear Prerna. She was grinning ear to ear. She covered her mouth with her hand and began laughing. Now the situation was; that my wife was hot in her bed, playing with her pussy and talking to me AND I had her best friend, naked waist down with her legs wide open in front of me. I got up and moved away.

“You miss me love?” I said in a hushed voice.

“A lot Viren.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Anjali. She took the phone from my hand and put it on mute. I was looking at her with big eyes and bigger open mouth.

“Ask her to hold for a moment, just ask her,” she unmuted the phone. I did as told and she muted the phone again.

“You gave me too much pleasure Viren, now it’s my turn,” she grabbed my hand, pulled me behind her and made me sit on the sofa. She put the phone on speaker and put it next to me, “just go with the flow.”

She kissed me and unmuted the phone.

Prerna- “Where are you?”

Me-“Just settling down babe. So tell me how you feel?”

My eyes were fixed on Anjali as she held my shorts and pulled them away from my body. My hard cock was standing in full glory. I was excited and clueless about what was going to happen next.

Prerna-“I feel you next to me Viren, in our bed. I feel your cock pressed behind me.”

Anjali frowned playfully and turned around, showing her beautiful ass to me. She sucked a finger and put it on her hole. She looked back at me and I grabbed my Escort Hatay cock. The action was too much for me. Anjali walked over to me and slapped hard on my hand.

“No hands,” Anjali whispered in my ear. She pressed her ass on my face and I kissed her hole.

Me- “I miss your big ass baby.”

Prerna-“It misses your cock Viren. My lips miss it too. I want to suck your cock baby.”

Anjali turned around and I looked her in her eyes.

Me- “Get naked.”

Anjali and Prerna both moaned together. Anjali pulled her top above her head and threw on me. Her bra followed it as she unclasped it and stood in front of me naked as a newborn.

Prerna- “Yes Viren, I am nude.”

Me- “Come to me and take it in your mouth.”

I pointed my finger towards my cock. Anjali walked to me and sat between my spread legs. She held my cock and opened her mouth big. She showed me her tongue and began to lower her face on my cock, maintaining eye contact with me. Her mouth engulfed my mushroom head and my cock began to slip in her mouth.

Me- “Yes baby, I can feel you taking my cock in your sweet mouth. Suck it now.”

Prerna- “I am sucking it Viren. It’s so big everytime I put my lips around it. Mmmmm it’s delicious.”

I was hearing the sound Prerna was making on the phone and on this end, Anjali’s lips were around my cock and she was sucking it with her full heart. She grabbed my cock with her hand and began to lick the under side of it. She kissed the head again and put it back in her mouth. She was using her tongue to massage my cock in her mouth and was trying to take more and more of it with each suck.

Me- “Ohh baby, you suck my cock so good. I am pumping my cock in your mouth. I want you to rub your pussy with your fingers.”

Prerna- “Yes Viren, I am fingering myself. Ohhh baby.”

Anjali rubbed her pussy with her fingers and shoved two in her pussy. She moaned on my cock.

Me- “Play with my balls baby.”

Anjali took my balls in her hand and began to massage with them. She sucked my balls one by one while pumping my rod with her soft hand and then she replaced her hand with her eager mouth. She was new in giving blowjob but she was a fast learner. Now my almost entire cock was in her mouth and she was sucking like a pro. Anjali’s body was shivering although she had an orgasm some moments back and I could feel Prerna’s rugged voice indicating her reaching her moment. I began to pump hard in Anjali’s mouth, grabbing her head with my hand. She was gagging and breathing hard. Prerna was moaning loud on the call as she pushed three of her fingers in her hungry pussy. It was like having a threesome with two most beautiful girls I saw in my entire life. It was like a dream. I was on the verge of cumming. I picked Anjali up in my arms and threw her on the sofa. She opened her ever inviting legs. I put my palm on her lips and shoved my entire cock in one go. She screamed but it was muffled under my palm.

Me- “Ohh baby I don’t wanna cum in your mouth. I want to fuck your pussy and fill it with my seed.”

Prerna- “O Viren, fuck my pussy baby. Fuck it so hard that it’s satisfied.”

I closed Anjali’s mouth with one hand and with other I began to maul her boobs. I began to fuck her with violent strokes. Prerna could hear my loud moans and animalistic grunts as I pounded her sister’s pussy and she was fingering her pussy on the sound of it. This was too fucking hot.

Me- “Cum for me baby.”

I shouted on phone and slapped Anjali’s boob. She squirmed under me, I slapped her other boob. She tried to free her mouth and scream of pain but I was overpowering her.

“O Viren, I am cumming,” Prerna shouted on the phone.

“Ohh fuck, I am cumming,” I cried as I began to unload my seed in Anjali’s pussy. Anjali’s body got tense. She wanted to cry and shout as her orgasm hit her again but my hand was pressed on her lips. Her pussy began to convulse and her floodgate opened. All three of us came at once and there was too much heavy breathing in the room. I released Anjali’s mouth and she gasped and sucked air. She pulled me in her embrace and hugged me tight.

“I love you Viren,” Prerna said on phone.

“I love you Prerna,” I said raising my head from Anjali’s embrace.

“I love you Viren,” Anjali whispered in my ear as she pulled me close again.

“I love you Anjali,” I whispered back and kissed her open lips.

More to cum…

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