Anja Enjoys

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It was the occasion of my thirty-sixth birthday, just over nine months after my becoming widowed.

My daughter Sarah who is nineteen had been going out with Phil her boyfriend for about three months. Phil is thirty years old and at first I was a little dubious about the relationship given their age difference. As I got to know him however Phil showed himself to be a very kind and considerate friend to my daughter. I enjoyed his company and he flirted and joked around me, which made me feel good and comfortable also. He also kept Sarah more than satisfied in bed, if the sounds emanating from her bedroom at night were anything to go by on the occasions when he slept over.

This was one such occasion. Sarah and Phil had been out on the Friday night and he had stayed over, as he often did, especially at weekends. It was Saturday morning, my birthday. Sarah had gone out early horse riding with friends leaving Phil in bed.

I was in the kitchen making coffee and starting to get breakfast ready when I heard him coming down the stairs.

“Good morning Anja and a very happy birthday” came Phil’s voice from the door as he entered the kitchen.

“Thank you” I said, “Are you ready for breakfast?”

“What are you cooking?” enquired Chris.

“Sausages” I replied, “Want some?”

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Phil had always joked and flirted around me but his reply really threw me.

“Funny you should say that but I’ve got my own personal long meaty sausage and it is in need of some special cooking.”

“First of all it needs to be marinated in a warm very wet dish with special attention paid to the end.”

“Following this it should be placed in a soft warm oven where it can be kept nice and moist for some slow cooking.”

“When this stage is complete it should be transferred to a smaller oven, ensuring its well basted before entry, where a shorter roasting can take place.”

“Finally it should be returned to the marinating dish in order to produce a creamy sauce”

“Unlike most meat this sausage increases in size as you cook it.”

“As you already seem ready, would you like to cook it for me Anja?”

I knew what he was suggesting. My head was spinning. I hadn’t been alone with a man for over a year, since my late husbands illness had been diagnosed in fact, and had had no thoughts of doing what was being suggested. Here was my daughter’s boyfriend propositioning me. It was wrong, but it felt good to know that Phil wanted me in this way. I was speechless.

Phil realised and spoke up “Would you like me to check the state of the ovens.”

A very quiet “Uhhm” escaped my lips.

With that Phil stood behind me and gently began squeezing my buttocks through my robe, one in each hand. Slowly and effortlessly he worked the hem of the robe up higher, with no resistance from me. I then felt his hands on the flesh of my lower buttocks and the fabric covered area further up as he squeezed them through the material of my panties.

“The ovens are definitely available and the marinating dish is empty, I think we should proceed to cooking” said Phil adding “The cookers are extremely portable and cooking can take place anywhere, would you like to choose a location Anja.”

I was still in quite a daze as Phil placed his hand in mine and I led him into the living room.

“Remember we must start with the marinating” said Phil as I sat down on an armchair with him standing in front of me. I knew it was wrong but I reached out my hands and started lowering Phil’s jogging bottoms. They reached his knees and then I could see he wasn’t wearing any pants. I could also now admire what had been keeping Sarah sexed up at night. It was incredible, long and fat, even in its flaccid state, a real ‘sausage’ indeed. The jogging bottoms continued to the floor, Phil stepped out of them whilst removing his t-shirt. I was then confronted by the sight of my daughter’s boyfriend standing completely naked in front of me.

“Do you think its time for the marinating?” I said nervously.

“Yes, I think the sausage needs a long slow treatment,” said Phil.

I reached out in front of me and gingerly took hold of Phil’s large balls, one in each hand and caressed them gently squeezing them as if trying to measure them and judge their weight. I leant my head forward, stuck out my tongue and carefully licked the tip of that magnificent circumcised cock. That first taste, it was so good, and it brought back the memory of the many times I had tasted my husband in the same way and many others besides. I knew I shouldn’t be enjoying this but I was, it was exciting and I began to get that tingling sensation in my pussy and a nervous energy in my stomach. I parted my lips and allowed the large purple head to enter my moist wet accommodating mouth. I used my tongue all over and around that wonderful head, tasting its flavour and getting it good and wet with my saliva.

“I knew the marinating dish would be perfect and you’ve remembered that the end requires plenty bursa eskort of attention.” said Phil “But remember all the sausage needs marinating well.”

Phil was beginning to harden in my mouth as I continued my attention on the head. I removed my hands from caressing his balls and transferred them to the ever fattening and lengthening shaft of his cock. I placed both palms either side of this gorgeous piece of meat and pressing them together began sliding them up and down the length whilst continuing to suck on the head. It had the desired effect and soon Phil was almost fully erect. In this state it was not possible for me to close even my average size hands around his girth and with one hand circling it at its base and the other circling above it his head still emerged from the top of my uppermost hand. I later found out that he has a girth of seven inches and a length of nine when fully hard. I continued to play with this magnificent specimen of manhood, getting it as wet as possible and sucking in as much of its length as I could manage, but sadly not all.

“You seem to be struggling with marinating the whole of the sausages length Anja,” observed Phil “Perhaps the marinating dish is too small or is not located in the best position for ease of use.”

Phil removed his cock from my mouth and taking my hands stood me up in front of him. He released the belt holding my robe closed and allowed it to fall open. This revealed my small-uncovered breasts and green panties to Phil’s gaze. He spent a little time just looking at me before teasing the robe off my shoulders and on to the floor. He stood facing me, placed his arms around me and with both hands grasping my buttocks lifted me up. He carried me like this behind the armchair and sat me on top of the backrest. Holding my legs he pushed me backwards allowing my back to slide down the back of the chair until it was lying on the seat with my head falling back over the edge of the seat cushion.

“The dish is in a far better location now. Do you want to marinate the sausage some more Anja? I think it needs it.”

“I’d love to,” I replied, “I don’t think its had long enough in the marinade.”

Phil moved round to the front of the chair. He stood facing the back with his legs straddling my head. I could see his semi hard cock and large balls as he stood over me. Taking his right hand he guided and lowered his meat towards my mouth. I willingly opened up to give him access and gently closed it around his shaft. I licked him with my tongue as before and savoured the unmistakeable taste of pre-cum; my previous endeavours had obviously born fruit. I continued to lick and suck as Phil slowly fed more of his cock into my mouth. It was obvious that he wanted me to take him into my throat so as to accommodate the whole of his length. Phil began slowly pulling his cock out of my mouth, stopping before the head exited, before pushing it back in. He started to repeat this action over and over, every time ensuring that he went a little deeper. He was now beginning to make my eyes water as I gagged on his large cock. I concentrated on relaxing, but it was difficult with all the confusing thoughts racing through my mind. Then slowly, with a little effort, Phil was there. My lips were snug against his large balls; his cock was fully in my mouth with the head well into my throat. It had been a long time since a cock had been in my mouth and even longer since one had pushed that deep into my throat. I thought it would never happen with Phil, given his size, but I had done it and it felt good, although a little awkward. From the sighs coming from Phil’s lips he was fully enjoying the experience also. Phil pulled out and put it fully back in a few times before setting up a steady in and out rhythm not going quite as deep.

“The sausage is being marinated to perfection,” said Ron “You obviously enjoy marinating so carry on whilst I check on the ovens and get them pre-heated”

Phil removed his cock from my mouth leant forward slightly and grasped hold of both my small breasts, one in each hand. He slowly kneaded them with his fingers and palms and gently squeezed and pinched my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He continued this for several minutes before moving his hands lower down my torso gently massaging my stomach. He continued his movement down the sides towards my hips cleverly hooking his thumbs into the waist of my panties. He didn’t stop until he had gone the full length of my legs and my little green pants were flicked over the back of the chair and on to the floor. I was now in the same state as Phil, completely naked. He took hold of my legs, one hand gripping each ankle, spread them apart and pulled them towards him forcing each of my knees either side of my head. Being like this my pussy and bum-hole were clearly visible to Phil and completely open for him to access and use as he would wish. I was conscious that he was seeing my pussy for the first time and was glad that I had trimmed it only the night before. Phil lowered himself to his bursa bayan escort knees, leant forward and gently used his fingers to pull my pussy lips apart and began giving me a long licking and teasing with his tongue. He licked along the length of my slit and also the area between my pussy and bum-hole, a particularly sensitive and erotic area in my case. He pushed his tongue deep into my cunt and gave superb attention to my by now aching clit. He licked, sucked and chewed on my hard button and showed overall that he was a well-practiced oral operator who knows how to please a woman with his skills. All this attention was having a real effect on me. Phil kept making the feelings in my pussy and stomach rise and fall but just keeping me continually on the edge. He then proceeded to give my clit an extended period of attention and I could not hold back any longer and I’m sure he didn’t want me to. The feeling built up to a crescendo as Phil pushed me over the edge generating a long shuddering climax that released my months of pent up cum which Phil eagerly lapped up from my now very wet pussy.

“I think the oven is good and ready,” said Phil after a period of recuperation “I think its time for the sausage to have its initial cooking. Are you ready to cook Anja?”

“Oh! Yes,” I replied. I was fully into being fucked by my daughter’s boyfriend by now and nothing was going to stop me having my first sex in a long time.

Phil stood me up and led me over to the sofa; he sat down in the middle. “A last marinating perhaps,” said Phil. I knew what was wanted and knelt in front of him taking his cock once again into my mouth and it was not long before he was at full attention. “I think you should cook it now Anja, you can put it in the oven” I stood up and facing Phil I positioned myself kneeling either side of his legs on the sofa. I caught hold of his fully erect cock and positioned the large head at the entrance to my cunt. I slowly lowered myself on to his love meat, allowing his head to enter and fill my entrance before sliding my tight little cunt slowly down the full length of his manhood. God it felt good to be completely filled and stretched by such a large cock and after such a long time. I savoured the feeling resting my pussy on his large balls before beginning to slide rhythmically up and down the length and give Phil a good fucking as well as giving myself extreme pleasure. Phil was obviously enjoying the experience as he quietly moaned with pleasure and pushed up to meet my every downward stroke.

I was really enjoying the full feeling I was experiencing as well as the licking and sucking that my tits and nipples were receiving from Phil. Phil however had other ideas and he slowly manoeuvred me, without removing his cock, to face away from with my feet on the floor. Movements up and down his meat were more controlled like this and Phil was able to fondle my breasts and play with my clit in this position. Slowly the feelings in my pussy and stomach intensified and once again Phil was making me cum, this time wetting his cock with my love juice. “Mmmmmm, the oven is obviously self basting,” said Phil before pushing me off his cock. Phil stood up and taking my hand we crossed the room. Phil had me facing the wall about two feet from it. He worked my legs apart and placed my hands on the wall. He stood behind me and slowly eased his cock once again into my cunt. He slid easily into the very wet moist hole and was soon fully up inside me. It was his turn now to do the fucking and I was looking forward to being well-done, standing doggie having been one of my husband’s favourite ways of fucking me and one I get a lot of enjoyment from. Phil was a skilful and consummate fucker varying both the pace and depth of his actions and combining them with extremely erotic manipulation of my tits, nipples and clit. He kept fucking for what seemed like ages generating immense pleasure until he began a very hard, fast deep fucking which produced another long protracted orgasm and inevitable quantity of cum. My legs had gone weak with the force of my cumming and Phil had to support me.

After recovering Phil said “The cooking has been excellent but the sausage needs some time in the upper oven for completion. Do you agree Anja?”

“Yes it needs to be completed properly,” I replied.

Once again Phil took my hand and this time directed me towards the stairs. He led me to my daughters bedroom and positioned me kneeling on the end of the bed my buttocks and pussy in the air and my face and boobs down into the bed. “The upper oven isn’t self basting so we will need to prepare it and ensure the sausage is well basted before it is put in,” said Phil.

Phil then went to a drawer, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but later found out he was getting some lube. He returned and stood behind me at the foot of the bed and the next feeling I had was Phil’s hands on my buttocks pulling them apart and the warm soft feel of his tongue encircling my bum hole. I now knew that it was bursa ucuz escort Phil’s intention to fuck me anally, something I hadn’t done for very many years, as my husband was not a practitioner of this avenue of sex. I was a little afraid of Phil’s size for this task but I was enjoying myself and Phil had proved to be a considerate and expert fuck, so far, so I trusted him to prepare and fuck my bum in the same way. He spat saliva into my pink ring and I felt something beginning to enter my hole. It seemed too small to be a finger and felt as though it was going quite deep. It then felt as if someone had cum deep inside me, it was strange. I could then feel whatever it was being slowly pulled out of my hole. It later transpired that Phil had put a narrow tube attached to a bottle into my arse. The bottle contained lube and when squeezed it deposited lube deep inside me and continued to do so along my whole length as the tube was withdrawn. I had been right; Phil was going to prepare my tight little hole very well for a good fucking. He played around my tight little rose before pushing a finger deep into my hole. He moved it around and in and out before putting a second finger inside. Continuing the process a third finger found its way inside and I must say it felt good. Soon Phil had two fingers of each hand inside me pulling my hole open and as wide as possible. He continued to finger me whilst applying lube to his fat meat, ensuring it was fully hard. He then placed the head at my bum hole and began easing his large cock into my little hole. It was quite painful at first but as previously Phil was slow and caring and in time he had worked the whole of his length inside me. He gave me time to adjust to having a big cock filling me before he set up an in and out motion which built up in pace into a lengthy anal fucking with no pain now just pure pleasure. During this fucking I didn’t cum, but I never have done when being done anally.

Eventually Phil removed his cock, I had been fully stretched, and I must have been gaping wide. He left me on the bed and exited the room. I could hear water running in the bathroom and I was sure Phil was cleaning himself up. On his return he said “The upper oven door is closed, the cooking is over all that’s left now is for the sausage to be returned to the marinating dish so that a thick creamy sauce can be made, that should complete today’s meal.” With that he had me sitting on the bed with him facing me, I knew what was required and was soon licking and sucking on his gorgeous cock. I could taste none of myself on him; he had been very caring and respectful once again. He was enjoying the attention my mouth was giving him and it wasn’t long before my ministering and the earlier fucking that he had given me resulted in the stiffening of his cock and a long series of twitches as copious amounts of hot thick sperm filled up my mouth. His quantity matched his size; it felt and tasted good as I played with it in my mouth showing Phil what he had given me before ensuring that every drop was swallowed to fill up my stomach.

Phil lifted me up, laid me on the bed, and cuddled up beside me saying “Anja you’ve been an extremely busy cook today, I think you are a master chef.” He stroked my hair and lightly ran his fingers up and down my back; he was so considerate and caring. It gave me time to reflect. I had just been fucked or more like being made love to by my daughter’s boyfriend. I had allowed him to and had enjoyed it enormously. How would I deal with Sarah on her return? Phil’s attention and our exertions must have resulted in my falling to sleep. The next thing I remember was slowly awakening to a wonderful feeling between my legs. Phil was slowly working a small gold vibrator up and down my pussy and over my clit. “Your back with us then ‘Delia Smith’, I thought I’d clean up the oven whilst I was waiting,” said Phil as he proceeded to make me cum again as a climax ripped through my body. “I think there’s some creamy sauce left, do you want to see?” I leant over and started to give him some oral attention. “I think we should serve it in a ‘sauce boat’,” said Phil and proceeded to get hold of a small shot glass from the bedside table. When he was ready to cum he made me jack his cock so that his load filled the glass. “Eat, drink and be merry, happy birthday Anja,” said Phil as he passed me the cum filled glass. I put it to my lips and poured it all into my eager mouth licking the inside of the glass before once again swallowing it all.

Phil eventually got up, got himself dressed and said “See you this evening,” before descending the stairs and letting himself out of the house. I had forgotten that Phil and Sarah were taking me out that night for a meal to celebrate my birthday. How awkward was that going to be? ……………………………………………

Sarah had returned from horse riding and the rest of the day went as normal. She knew that Phil was going home before joining us at the restaurant that evening. We showered early evening, got dressed and caught a cab to the restaurant. Phil was already there. It was very difficult looking at Phil and knowing what we had done that morning. The meal and wine were excellent and we retired to the lounge for coffee. We had a quiet table in a secluded corner and it was lucky we had with what transpired next.

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