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This story is pretty true. Apart from changing names. And some minor details.

We recently became friends on social media after years and years apart. Which got me started on this story.

When I was younger, still living at home. I studied hard so I could go to Uni. I missed out on a lot of things. Especially with girlfriends. At eighteen I was still a virgin. It didn’t really bother me. I was hoping that the rumours were true about Uni and how easy it was to get laid. Plenty of time to catch up.

My best mate Vic, already had a job and a girlfriend, Angie. They would often be at mine. My parents worked full time and on most nights were out in the local. So I had the place to myself a lot.

That meant Vic and Angie would use my bedroom to fuck.

Angie tried to get me to date a few of her friends. But all of them were not for me. Eventually I begged her to stop trying to set me up.

A pattern developed with them two. Only on a Saturday, just before lunchtime they would turn up. Instead of disappearing upstairs, they would sit in the lounge with me. Angie on his knee, kissing him.

Then Vic got Angie to walk around with her top off, just her bra on. Bottom half covered. Then that progressed to her being topless.

I never looked directly at her when she walked around. She seemed that she didn’t really want to do it. But it pleased him. And Angie did have a wonderful pair of tits, and a nice slim body. Then they would fuck off upstairs. I would hear my bed creaking as he fucked her. But it was only for a minute or two.

This went on for a couple of weeks. Then Angie was just in her knickers. Walking around in front of me. Again they went up to my room for a quick fuck.

The very next week, Vic had Angie in her panties again. As they kissed I did hear Vic asking her to take off her knickers so we could both see her in all her glory. Angie won that week. And as normal they fucked.

Vic won the battle the next week. Angie was naked pretty quickly. I caught a glimpse of her neatly trimmed dark pubes, and her sexy ass.

Then as they kissed, on the sofa opposite I watched Angie part her legs, and had a good look at her pussy. How her labia looked, her clit even her little tight ring. I would have loved to taste her there and then.

Same as usual, they went upstairs a quick fuck and she was dressed.

I suffered that for about a month. Waiting for them to go so I could have a wank, thinking of Angie’s sweet pussy. They were over and done too quick, to do it when they were upstairs.

Then one day as they kissed I heard Vic asking her to do something, I couldn’t make out what. But Angie didn’t want to. Then, ok do it for me for my birthday. Angie agreed to doing whatever for one of his birthday treats.

The following Tuesday they didn’t turn up at mine. Strange. But it was nice for a change. Then on the Wednesday morning, Angie visited. “Vic wants me to give you a blow job. A present from me to him, and him to you. Do you want me to?”

“What about you. Do you want to?”

“I’m up for it. I wouldn’t do it with him watching though.”

“So you come here, expect me to get my dick out. You do it and go? No thanks. Not like that I would want a little more, like a bit kissing, and to be totally honest a feel of you too.”

“Ok upstairs then. But do not tell him this bit if he asks. I will tell him that you said yes and I sucked you in the kitchen and left. Okay?”

We sat on the edge of my bed. I was already hard, but really nervous. It felt like I was betraying my mate, but I reasoned to myself that he had sent her here.

Angie moved in and kissed me. Little gentle kisses at first. Then I felt a spark as our lips touched again. We fell onto the bed kissing more and more passionately. I felt her tongue in my mouth searching for mine. I pulled her closer to me. I could hear Angie moaning as we kissed.

“Fuck. I’m with the wrong one.” In a whisper.


“Nothing shhh.”

We kissed some more. Angie took my hand and placed it on her breast. I squeezed and groped her for a bit, then got my hand under her top, and moved to undo her bra strap. Now I could feel her titty flesh and play with her nipples. This had Angie squirming. She took my hand away and placed it over her mound. I only rubbed her through her trousers a couple of times when she undid the button and zipper. I slid my fingers under the elastic of her knickers, over her very soft and short pubic hair, and then her puffy lips were at my fingertips. Angie’s pussy was really wet. I slid a finger into her, she gasped.


I thought that we had gone too far. “Are you ok?”

“Take your clothes off, and get into bed.”

Angie did the same.

Now I was in new territory. I had never been naked in bed with a woman. I had felt plenty of tits, and fingered a few pussies before. I was so turned on.

“Are you still a virgin?”


“Would you want to lose it with me? Our secret.”

“Are you sure?”

“We have already stepped over the line. Vic won’t Bayan Eskort find out off me.”

I was too turned on to care. I took Angie in my arms and felt her naked body pressing into mine.

Angie was the best kisser I had been with. The way she pressed her lips on mine, the way she excited me just with her tongue. She had it all.

It was even better when she went down on me. That is after she finished complimenting me on having a bigger and better looking cock than Vic. Angie’s mouth was so wet and she was so willing to give me so much pleasure just by sucking on my cock. Eventually I had to stop her before I cum.

She moved back up the bed and kissed me more. “Vic won’t kiss me straight after I suck him.”

“I would kiss you anytime you wanted.”

“Your so sweet.” Another long kiss. “Would you go down on me? I would understand if you don’t want to.”

“I want to. But I have never had the chance to do that before. All the girls that I have been with, think that it’s disgusting.”

“It’s not disgusting it is wonderful. I love having it done to me.”

So after more kisses. I sucked on her nipples. I have played with bigger. But Angie seemed to get more turned on when I sucked on them.

I started playing with her pussy. Angie helped me a little so she could enjoy it more. Perhaps she was enjoying being the teacher, or getting off on breaking me in.

Then I took the plunge. I was there between her legs looking at her beautiful cunt. “Just start kissing me there. Imagine that we are kissing each others lips.” I was a porn veteran. I had seen it done loads. But what porn doesn’t teach you was the fantastic taste of that tangy juice, the aroma I was in heaven. So too was Angie. I could have carried on for a lot longer. But she stopped me.

After a lot more kissing. “Are you sure your a virgin? I mean you lasted ages when I sucked you. Then you go down on me and I get the best oral that I’ve ever had.”

Angie straddled me. She held my cock so close to her pussy. “Are you sure you want me to do this?”


I felt her tight wet pussy envelop my cock. That was the best feeling that I had ever experienced. “Wait. Should I not be wearing a condom?”

“Don’t worry I’m on the pill. Just relax and enjoy.” Then another kiss, before she sat up and rode me.

I watched her and took in all of her gorgeous body, how slim she was, how her tits moved as she fucked me. Her short little pubes. Soon enough my cum was flowing into her.

I was over the moon and Angie looked happy. She kept my cock in her and lay flat on top of me. Then some kisses. “You know what?”


“You lasted a lot longer than Vic’s first time with me. In fact I think you lasted longer than he usually does now.”

At that moment. I wanted to learn how to fuck. I wanted Angie to teach me and forget Vic.

“If I came back here so we could have more fun. Would you do it? Would you tell Vic?”

“I was just thinking the same thing. We could carry on doing this for a while.”

“What day is the best?”

“Any time would be good. What are we going to say about today?”

“I am going to tell him that you didn’t want me to at first. But you gave in and I sucked you off in the kitchen. And that you cum in my mouth and I spat it out in the sink and left.”

“How long did I last?”

“Not long maybe a minute or two.”

“If I cum in your mouth would you spit it out?”

“I would swallow the lot. In fact the next time that is what I am going to do for you.”

“I liked doing it in you.”

“I did too. But I want to do that for you. And when I’m on my period I can do that for you. No point in the both of us losing out. He won’t touch me when I’m on.”

Time was getting on. Angie got off me, dribbling my cum over me. She nipped to the toilet, cleaned herself and brought me some tissues. I took my time cleaning my cum off me so I could watch Angie getting ready. Her body was not what I would usually be interested in because she was so slim, while I like some meat on my women. But I was hooked.

Some more kisses. “So if Vic asks you?”

“I know I wasn’t interested, and didn’t want to at first but I gave in. You spat my cum in the sink and then fucked off.”

“Great. We will more than likely be back later.”

I shut the door after her. Ran to my bedroom and had a wank while Angie was still fresh in my mind.

Sure enough Vic and Angie turned up at their usual time. I managed to grab her arse as she followed Vic past me.

I had some beers in the fridge. The three of us stood in the kitchen and had a few drinks. The atmosphere was a bit tense at first. The alcohol soon had us in a happier mood. It certainly helped me relax around Vic.

Then they were away upstairs. Shortly followed with my bed creaking away.

There was silence. I heard somebody coming downstairs. It was Angie, stark naked. “Vic and I do too want you to join us. He wants to fuck me while I’m sucking you.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Go on I want Anadolu Yakası Escort you to too. It is a massive turn on for me. Don’t get undressed if you don’t want to. It’s just your cock that I want.” Then she leaned in closer. “If you take your time then he will cum before you. Then I will want you to fuck me. If that happens put on a good performance. Come on for me.”

“If he cums in you then I am not putting it in there afterwards.”

“Ok. I will try. Leave it with me. You coming?”

I wanted to kiss and hold her sexy naked body so much.

As I followed her to my room. I never even had a feel of her ass on the way.

Vic lay on my bed naked, the quilt covering his modesty.

Angie climbed onto the bed and got on all fours. Vic got behind her, and started fucking her straight away. I never even seen his cock.

I stood in front of Angie, and unzipped my jeans. She had her hand in there and fished my semi hard cock out. It wasn’t much of a semi for long. Angie sucked on my cock for a bit, then she would stop to gasp and moan, just holding onto it. Then she would suck for a little more.

Vic said that he was going to cum. Angie told him that she wanted both of us to cum in her mouth. She let go of me and swung herself around, to take Vic’s load. Now she had her behind in front of me. I thought it would have been a waste not to fill her hole up with my cock anyway. I glided into her as Vic cum. Angie made some sort of sound when I entered her cunt, but guessed that she would have been swallowing at the same time.

I held her hips and fucked her. If I had not cum in her earlier, and had a wank too then I would have been cumming there and then.

I could see that she was trying her best to revive Vic’s cock in her mouth, and that he was trying to get it away from her.

I fucked Angie as fast and hard as I could. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and tighter. That was enough. “I’m going to cum.”

Angie swung back round and took my cock straight in her mouth. She gave it a little bit of a wank before I shot my load in her mouth. Angie made sure she had the last drop out of me before releasing my cock from her sweet mouth.

Then I noticed that Vic had watched the whole thing. If he suspected anything then it didn’t show. But I felt that I should make a quick exit. “That was great. I’ll leave you both to it and go downstairs.”

They were not that long after me. And they seemed happy enough, staying close together.

Vic. “I’m just nipping to the shop. Anybody want anything? I can trust leaving you two alone?”

I gave him some money for some more beer. Then he was out the door.

“Fuck I enjoyed that. Do you think that makes me a slut taking you both on?”

“No I don’t think that. I have to admit that I did enjoy it. I just wish that I had more cum to give you.”

“That was enough thank you. When can we see each other? There is something that I want to give you next time.”

“Anytime from Monday morning. What would that be?”

“I’ll tell you then. Kiss me before he gets back.”

I kissed her but she wanted to be more passionate. But Vic would be back any minute. I cut it short.

Just as well. Vic come back with the goodies.

There was no funny feelings while we sat talking and we had a laugh. Then Vic asked if we should do that on a regular basis. I looked at Angie. The ball was in her court.

“Not every week no. Once a month maybe, or special occasions like birthdays.”

I went along with that. I couldn’t say no while still fucking her like I hoped to be doing.

The night went well and they were away by the time my folks come home.

On Monday, Angie turned up nice and early.

“I made sure everyone was gone. Nobody saw me. It seems ages since I was alone with you.”

She threw her arms around me and we kissed, and we could be as passionate as we wanted. I led Angie upstairs.

Her clothes seemed to fall off her, just before she climbed into bed with me. I only had on shorts and a t shirt, and they were off in an instant.

It felt a lot better to be beside her naked, than just with my cock hanging out of my jeans. I had a little feel of her pussy, it was wet already. We had only kissed for a few minutes. “What was it that you wanted to give me?”

“Since I took your virginity, I have decided that you can be the first to have my bum.”

“What? I thought that you had been fucking for a while, not just with Vic.”

“That means nothing. I have never wanted to do it there until the other day. And Vic said he wanted to do me there. He goes on about it all the time.”

“Well let him be first.”

“No I want you to be first. I am offering you my cherry, well my bum one. I brought some condoms, and some cream that I hear you can use as a lubricant. But first I have to feel your tongue on me.”

I was not going to pass up the chance of licking her pussy. She was soaking wet already, and delicious. It didn’t take long for her to tell me to fuck her. This time I was on Pendik Escort top. Angie had her legs wide apart as I gently fucked her. I was starting to wish that I had started fucking women earlier on in my life. The sensations that my cock was feeling blew my mind. I had to pause, my mind wouldn’t be the only thing that was going to blow.

“What’s wrong?”

“I needed to stop a second. I don’t think you would want me to cum just yet. Would you?”

“That’s nice of you. Vic would have just shot his load. So long as he is happy then that’s all. Could you handle me sucking you?”

“I’ll give it a go. I am not going to refuse am I?”

Angie waited till I lay back down and took a hold of my cock. She licked all her pussy juice off it before really sucking me. She paused. “Vic comes when I lick his cock like that. He thinks it’s the most horny thing that I do. I do it ‘cos I like to taste me.”

“It turns me on too. But I am waiting to do something else to you. The next time though, once you have cleaned it all then I would like a kiss to see if I can taste it too.” That seemed to excite Angie.

“Ok. But what if you cum in my mouth could I kiss you then?”

“I suppose if you had swallowed it. Yes.”

“What if you cum in my fanny, would you lick that?”

“I would lick your clit. I don’t know about all the cum. I might one day.”

“Do you know how to do bum sex?”

“Plenty of lube is what I’ve read, do it gently and slowly. But if you watch porn then hard and fast. I imagine that they have already lubed themselves.”

“Just be careful please.”

Angie moved so she was on her hands and knees. “I put everything on the floor.”

I took the lube which turned out to be a type of moisturiser. I squeezed some on her arsehole and some on my finger. Rubbing it around her bum hole and slowly into it. my finger was soon enough in her. No complaints from Angie.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes. Do me now before I lose my nerve.”

“Ok just relax, and can you open this packet please.” The lube had made it almost impossible to keep a grip of the condom sachet.

The condom slipped on and I gave that some lube and some more for luck.

With the tip of my cock against her ring I eased my way into her. She was tight there, but the lube helped lots. Then I was fully in her ass. “Does that feel alright?”

“It feels massive there. But it s nice in a strange sort of way.”

With that, I gently fucked Angie’s arsehole. The tightness slowly became less and less. Angie began to gently moan. I speeded up a little. Angie moaned a little louder. Then I started to almost pull out of her, before sliding right back in her in one thrust. She liked that the most. A little while after I changed to just fucking her she said. “That should be enough for now. I want to be on top and fuck you for a little bit.”

Sliding out of her as slow as I could. I then took off the condom, and gave myself a little wipe with some tissue. Then lay down ready to feel her pussy wrap itself around my dick.

Angie was nice and wet as usual. She slowly fucked me. “Did you like that? Are you happy that it is your cock that is the first to be in me there? Do you think that I should let Vic do that to me or should I make him wait a bit longer?”

“I was great. I loved the feeling, and knowing that it was me who was first. I think we need a few more tries before he rams his dick in you. I doubt that he would be as gentle with your delicate and precious little bum.”

“Ok he can wait. I will have to tell him that he is the first though.”

She then got off me, and went to start sucking me again. “If you cum in my mouth can I kiss you? Please.”

“So long as you swallow the cum first.”

Angie licked and sucked. Then stopped, she got me to sit up so she could kiss me. There was a faint taste of pussy on her tongue. “do you like that taste? It’s delicious isn’t it?”

“I could taste it. But it is even better tasting it from the source.”

“I think it would be. But I cannot lick myself can I?”

“You might be bi.”

“No woman has made me think about doing that.. Yet.”

“So you would?”

“Would you suck a cock or let a man fuck you?”

“Not really. I think a naked man looks ridiculous, never mind when he is hard. But I have to admit that I have thought about sucking one.”

Angie started sucking me again. This time wanking me as she sucked. I could feel the cum rising. I wasn’t telling her that I was going to start spurting in her mouth. When it started, she stopped sucking and let my cum collect in her mouth. When I finished spurting, Angie looked at me and swallowed, then leant in for a kiss. She never swallowed it all. I knew that taste anywhere. But I kept on kissing her. Letting her have her fun.

“Did that not bother you?”

“I knew that there would be a chance of a little bit being there. I thought you would have swallowed it all though.”

“But you carried on kissing me.”

“That wasn’t going to stop me. Especially since you are the best kisser. Ever.”

“Nobody has ever said that to me before. Thank you.” Another kiss.

“When do you have to go?”

“Are you trying to get rid of me so soon?”

“No. If you had plenty of time then we could stay like this and maybe we could do something in a while.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32