Angela and Bruiser 5

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Sure enough, mid morning Karen arrived. Not just Karen but a Karen clone, her sister Kim, small, same blonde curly hair and baby doll looks, as innocent in the face as could possibly be. “Hi, I didn’t think you were going to be home yet” Karen said, seemingly a little disappointed, “Oh this sis my younger sister Kim, she twelve” she added for some reason telling me her sisters age. Kim was wide eyed, she seemed to search the room and then saw Bruiser. “Oh this is the dog” she said as she knelt and beckoned Bruiser to her. I gave Karen a questioning glance.
“It’s alright” Karen assured me “She’s O.K.” as she gave me a reassuring wink. “So how do you make his thingy come out” asked Kim as she looked under Bruiser, at his cock sheath, the biggest smile on her face and eyes glistening. “What on earth have you been telling her?” I asked Karen, glaring at her. “Don’t worry” replied a calm Karen “She can keep a secret”. Baffled I glared again at her, “You mean she knows?” Karen calmly and maturely replied “Yes, I’ve told her all about Bruiser and if you hadn’t been here, well you know”. I didn’t, at first but then realised what the girls had got planned, “Well don’t let me stop you, just pretend I’m not here” I said with a grin. Kim looked at me then her sister and the biggest grin appeared on her face as well.

The three of us walked through to the lounge, I sat in my arm chair and the girls sat on the sofa. Bruiser, pleased with female company, quickly put his head between Karen’s parted legs. She widened them even further and he pushed his snout up her short skirt.
“Oooh Bruiser” she squealed as his cold wet snout touched her privates. She lay further back on the sofa and it became instantly apparent that she had no panties on. Bruiser quickly went into licking mode, much to the delight of Karen. Kim, who sat beside her sister, nervously but excitedly asked, “Can he do me?”
Reluctantly Karen pushed Bruiser away, reached over to her sister and pulled her short skirt up and pushed her sister’s knees apart. She too wore no underwear and revealed an almost hairless pussy. Bruiser, not particular who’s pussy was up for attention, saw his new target and dove straight in. His wet nose making contact with her warm smooth skin made Kim jump and giggled when he stuck out his tongue she gargled, shut her eyes tight and slipped down the sofa with a long soft moan of pleasure. Bruiser now having even better access buried his tongue deep into the young girls snatch. Kim’s eyes opened, rolled back, a huge grin on her face, turned to her sister and said, “You’re right his tongue is a lot bigger and longer than yours”.
Karen looked at me, realised I had sussed what Kim was talking about and grinned herself. Seeing the ever growing bulge in my pants she made her way Sex hikayeleri over to me. “Looks like someone else needs some attention” she said as she delicately took hold of my cock through my joggy bottoms.

She rubbed me gently and then pulled my bottoms down, then my boxers, releasing my now rampant hard on and took hold of me again. She slowly stroked her hand up and down my shaft, then placed the tip of her tongue on my sensitive knob end. She delicately rolled her tongue around the bulbous head of my cock and then engulfed me inside her mouth. Kim let out a sudden shout, shook about, opened her eyes wide and said “Wowsa”. Obviously having had an orgasm. She then looked over to see what her older sister was doing, her curly haired head bobbing up and down on me. “What you doing?” she asked as she too made her way over to me. As she got closer her eyes nearly popped out her head, “Oh my, it’s huge” she said as she clasped eyes on my cock, licking her lips, unconsciously. She knelt by her sister to get a better view. Karen looked out the side of her eyes at her sibling, she pointed my cock towards her little sister and said “Come on you have a lick”. Kim placed her hand around my cock shaft, a delicate little hand, she paused, “It’s so hard and hot and” she didn’t finish her sentence as she glared at my swollen member. Karen released her grip, move to the side a bit and instructed, “Just think of it as a popsicle and lick it and suck it” then adding “And then put it in your mouth”. Expert instruction, no one on the receiving end would have ever known this was the first cock Kim had seen, let alone touched. Her tongue danced around my cock as she licked up and down, at first tentatively then with gusto, her lips sent me to heaven as she clasped the end of my cock between them and when she slid them down the shaft I thought I was going to die, willingly!

Bruiser made his way to Karen, her ass in the air as she watched her little sisters’ performance on me. Assured that her sibling was doing o.k. she concentrated on Bruiser as he stuck his tongue up between her pussy lips. Long slow laps at Karen’s pussy, making sure he reached up to her anus. I reached down to Kim’s head, placed my hand on her curls and asked “Enjoying yourself?”. She gazed up at me, mouth full of cock and mumbled “Aha”. No amount of money could buy the look, no fantasy image could be better than the face of this 12 year old relishing her first taste of cock. “Will you let your dog fuck me?” she asked as she took a breath, almost pleading. Jokingly I replied, “Ass or pussy?” Kim squeezed my cock with her hand, raised her head to mine, gave me a delicate little peck on the lips and replied “Both please”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, pressing my luck I asked, “What Sikiş hikayeleri about me, do I get to do both as well?” Kim looked me in the eye, looked at my cock, looked me back in the eye and replied, “You’re a bit big”. Cursing her thoughts I responded, “Well after Bruiser has been inside you I might fit”. Kim looked over at Bruiser, who was now fucking her big sister with all the speed and effort he could muster, she looked back at me then said “O.K we’ll see”.
The thought of fucking this little minx almost made me cum, she was hot she was horny she was willing and if my dog was going to fuck her then so was I!

I somehow managed to pull Bruiser off Karen, he wasn’t very happy, as you can imagine but he was obedient. His long pink doggy cock hanging out his sheath. “Can I lick it?” Kim asked. Now I’ve never seen a dog raise it’s eyebrows and smile but I am sure that Bruiser must have done just that as he, seemingly knowing what the little girl wanted, raised is hind leg. Kim lay on the floor beside him and enveloped his cock with her mouth. Bruiser craned his neck to see what was happening and nature took its’ course as he started to face fuck her, bucking his hind quarters as he thrust his cock down her throat. I sat back on the sofa to watch, Karen made her way over to me, turned her back to me and started to sit on my lap, I positioned my cock towards to approaching pussy as she lowered herself onto me, it slid in like a precision fitting, her juices lubricating the entrance to her tight teenage pussy. Her hands on her knees she raised herself up and down as she watched her kid sister sucking doggy cock. Gasping as my full length penetrated her she managed to say “Don’t suck him too much or he’ll cum I you mouth and won’t be able to fuck you” to her sister. Kim pulled off Bruiser, disappointed but aware of what her sister meant. “How do I get him to fuck me?” she asked. Karen laughed, her tight little body quivering around my cock as she did so. “Just kneel on all fours and wait” she instructed. Kim did as she was told, frowned as she didn’t get the instant penetration she was expecting and then looked back at Bruiser. He pounced on her back as she did so and rammed his cock into her. “Oh fuck” she screamed after expecting and not getting cock inside her and then having her pussy filled with pink meat. Bruiser gripped her waist with his front paws and rammed into her, I could hear the squelching as her juices squirted from her virginal body. “Oh fuck..oh fuck..oh fuck” she said as Bruiser drilled her, Kim’s pert firm boobs, with pencil eraser nipples,hardly moving below her, as Bruiser drilled her tight little body Kim shot forward, splaying herself flat on the floor. “Oh fuck, he made me cum in seconds” she said in wonderment.

Bruiser Porno Hikayeleri wasn’t going to let her get away with that, he crept forward, lowered his hind quarters, felt the end of his cock between her butt cheeks and dry humped her buttocks.
Kim began to giggle at his effort before her mouth dropped wide open in astonishment, letting out a deep “O” that seemed to come from the base of her feet. Bruiser, whilst dry humping his victim had somehow managed to locate the rear orifice and penetrated her. Karen seeing what had happened dropped onto me hard, forcing my cock right up inside her. She turned her head, gave me an “Ooooo” look which I immediately understood. I coated my finger with saliva and managed to squeeze it between my stomach and her derriere, located her sphincter and lubricated it, circling her anal ring with my wet finger. Karen’s pussy flooded my cock with her juices. I placed my hand under her buttock and lifted her slightly, pointed my cock at her anus and released the pressure on my hand, holding her up, she plopped down, my bulbous purple cock head slipping past her tight anal muscle ring and my cock slipping up her tremendously tight poop shute. I tried to reach around to give her clit some attention, only to find Karen’s hand, three fingers buried in her pussy, already there. Both girls now had their respective anal tubes filled with cock, enjoying every second. Karen started to buck hard onto me, my balls tightened with the inevitable consequences and I shot wads of spunk up into her. I shook with pleasure, Karen shook and our bodies relaxed in the after orgasmic pleasure.

Karen suddenly shot up off me, cum squirting a foot into the air, from her rear passage as she shot over to her sister and Bruiser. “Don’t let him lock inside you” she squeeled as she saw Bruiser give one last long push. It was too late, his cock knot had swollen inside the little girls ass, Kim screaming in pain as her anal ring was spread wider than it had ever been. Bruiser turned, leaving poor Kim unable to move, tears streaming down her face. Karen comforted her, stroking her hair and telling her to try to relax. Kim turned her head towards her sister, managed a small smile, grabbed her older sisters’ hair and kissed her passionately. The two girls enjoyed their embrace, in truth I enjoyed watching it and Bruiser, with only himself in mind, slipped quietly from the little girl. I could see her whole body relax as he slipped his cock from her. She twisted, pulling her sister on top of her as they both embraced. Karen looked deep into her sisters eyes, they both grinned like Cheshire cats as she said “Told you you’d like it”. Kim giggled her little girly laugh as she hugged her sister tightly. “Any chance of me having that sweet little pussy and ass of yours’” I asked Kim. She frowned, looked over to me and replied. “Not today, I’m too sore”. Disappointedly I asked, “Tomorrow then?” She once again gave her big sister a big hug and replied “Most definitely!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32