Andrea goes to college Chapter 1

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Andrea simply adored her father, it had been a very emotional and stressful time for them both after losing her mom in an horrendous auto accident when she was just 16 years old.Andrea Goes To College Ch. 01

But they learnt to cope and they grew so much closer as the months and years passed. Once she had finished school at eighteen she devoted herself to her father and looked after his every need including those of a sexual nature.

They didn’t look alike whatsoever, her dad’s skin was white and he was tall with dark hair, Andrea was a brown skinned beauty with jet-black hair that enhanced her stunning figure and she stood close to five feet six inches tall. I should explain that Andrea’s late mom had been as black as the ace of spades and a former beauty queen in her younger years, even at forty three years old when she died, she had still turned heads on the street as she walked by.

Now that Andrea had turned 20 years old she had been looking for a satisfactory college to continue her education and had finally agreed on one near Toronto, Canada.

The college of her choice offered everything in the area of subjects that she wanted to pursue. It also seemed to be the best choice that she could find that satisfied both her and daddy, as he would be footing the entire expense.

With the college being about a five-hour drive from her home in Michigan she would have to find suitable accommodations near the college, as commuting was totally out of the question. So once she had been accepted and her start date got very close then both her and daddy drove there again in his SUV. But this time loaded with Andrea’s things as they spent the weekend looking around again for the second time this year, but this time for a small apartment for Andrea.

Daddy grabbed newspapers and they checked out rental apartments, they made numerous calls but were either put off with the quality of the accommodation or the distance from the college.

“Look daddy instead of just taking me home and bringing me back again next weekend why don’t you check me into a motel near the college, you can stay the night and I can give you a good time. Don’t forget, once I get into college after next weekend then I won’t be there to give you head every time you need it or to look after any other needs. I have my bicycle in the back with all my things that I need and I can checkout places to rent. I’ll try to find ones that are very close to the college and well within your budget. Maybe there’s basement apartments or ones that’s not advertised in the bigger newspapers, maybe they have advertisements in the college.”

“Well that maybe a good idea honey, you know what budget I’ve set and I’ll give you a blank cheque or two, just in case, plus you have a credit card for emergencies. Then I’ll be able to work overtime next Saturday if you’ve found a place and drive out here Sunday to see what you found.” He said as they drove back towards the college.

“This Motel looks okay daddy, lets check it out, I’m feeling horny already.”

They checked into the motel and her daddy paid for the week then they unloaded Andrea’s things and her bicycle. When the last thing was unloaded and daddy had locked up the SUV she closed the motel unit door and pinned him against the wall. “What’s your preference daddy, on the bed or up against the wall. I favor the wall right now daddy.” She said as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Then moments later she fumbled with his belt and zipper until she had his pants and shorts around his ankles. Daddy lifted her short skirt and eased down her skimpy panties until they fell on the floor then the experience showed as they both kicked away their undies from their ankles in unison.

His hands cupped her gorgeous brown ass cheeks and lifted her while her hand directed his hard cock between her wet pussy lips and into her warm and wet pink tunnel. He lifted her a little more and her legs wrapped around him as he pressed her firmly against the wall and drove his hard white cock as deep as he could into her wet and waiting pussy. “Oh daddy… that’s so nice, I’m going to miss your loving so much.”

“Don’t worry honey, we’ll have a good time on holidays and the odd weekend.”

“Mmmm, push daddy, make me cum… oooooo… you feel so good inside me.”

He gripped her ass cheeks tighter and dragged her into him faster and faster until he knew that he was about to erupt. “Almost sugar… almost… oh shit… mmmm… oh yesss sugar… yesss.”… … … He cried as he continued to pound into her.

“Me too daddy… oooooo… shoot all your sperm inside me daddy… oooooo god… its too nice… I’m cummin… daddy.” She cried out loudly then apart from a few little thrusts they both stayed almost perfectly still, as they caught their breath.

“Nobody can love Hatay Escort me like you do daddy.” Andrea said as she clung to him and just gave a little push into daddy every now and then.

“No one has ever loved me before with such intensity sugar. You must have inherited all your moms sex genes and then doubled them because she was wonderful but you are like a sex tiger.”

“You better let me down on the floor daddy or I’ll have your fingerprints permanently etched in my ass cheeks.” Andrea said and they both chuckled as she had said the exact same thing numerous times before when they had had standup sex.

“Shall we go out and eat then we can come back here and call it a night?” He asked.

“When we comeback here daddy, it will be the start of the night. This maybe our last fling together for quite a while so I want to make sure you are serviced good for several months.”

Later they went out to eat and when they came back they had the most glorious night of sex that they had ever had before. They made love as if they would never see each other again for years.

Andrea was sad in a way when daddy left next day, she knew that she wouldn’t see him very often for the next few years apart from the holidays.

Her first night alone was terrible, she hadn’t been used to sleeping alone for quite a few years. She missed daddy already and was almost ready to chuck the whole idea of college.

The next morning she biked to the college and checked out the notice board for potential rentals. She gathered a few from there and also picked up a local paper instead of the nationals. The rest of the day she spent checking out the ad’s that she had found and by nightfall she was very depressed at the junky places that she had seen. She really missed daddy again that night, as she had to once again sleep alone.

The next morning she decided to bicycle back to college and checkout the notice boards but then she saw a 711 convenience store and went in to put up a pack of gum and to check out their selection of newspapers. She spotted a notice on the board “Furnished Apartment for Rent, would suit college student.” There were strips of paper with the phone number and one strip had already been torn off so she looked around to see if anyone was watching and then removed the notice from the board.

She went outside and used the payphone to call the number on the notice and a man answered. He asked where she had got the number so she told him the 711 store and after a brief chat she made an appointment to see the apartment.


He had everything ready for when the young lady came by to check out his little apartment that he had advertised for rent.

This wasn’t the first time he had rented it, it had been an ongoing thing for the last 10 years and he never went much more than a week before it was rented again for the entire next semester.

Of course he had an excellent location being just one block away from the college and the rent he received was mainly tax-free pocket money. This added nicely to his small company pension that he received after being a casualty of downsizing at one of the largest Hi Tech. Companies in the city.

He heard the doorbell and shuffled off to the door. “Hello, I’m Andrea. I called about the apartment.” She said quite eloquently and he opened the door wider. “I’m Jay Potter, please come inside and just go up the few steps then to the right Andrea, and I’ll show you around.”

Andrea thought that this is very interesting and what she had seen of the outside and the entrance to the place looks very clean so far.

His eyes followed her beautiful shapely bare legs up the few steps and he thought that the girls seemed to get prettier each year, even more so since his wife had passed away almost 3 years ago. But this was the first dark skinned girl that had ever applied and he was definitely interested in having her as a tenant. “This way to the apartment Andrea.” He said as he reached the small landing and then led the way before he opened the apartment door.

“It consists of a combined fully furnished living/dining room and kitchen with fairly new built-in appliances and a large window off the small kitchen that looks into the fully fenced backyard and flower gardens. There is cable to the TV in the living room, which gets about 70 channels, and there is a telephone for local calls in the kitchen. The tenant is welcome to use the patio for sunbathing and also the backyard. Come this way for the bedroom, which is 12 feet by 10 feet and has a double bed. The upstairs bathroom is just down the hall and is shared but I rarely use it as I have one downstairs.”

“It’s plenty big enough for one.” Andrea said.

“Yes, that’s right, come with me down the hall and I’ll show you the bathroom, then I’ll take you Hatay Escort Bayan downstairs and show you the laundry area. Oh by the way, there is parking for one car on the driveway.”

“Well I don’t have a car, I use a bicycle to get around right now, or I walk.”

“The college is only one block away, so it’s not that far. In winter they clean the sidewalks.” Mr. Potter said as he took quick glances at her beautiful brown skin.

“Yes, it’s the closest to the college and the cleanest place that I’ve seen so far, believe me there is some real trashy places out there. I like what I see and I’d be happy to take it.” She said after viewing the bathroom.

“Well I’ll need you to fill out an application form and sign the list of rules, I have several appointments booked already for people to look at the apartment. This weekend will be really busy. You must have spotted the sign on the notice board at one of the convenience stores, right? Oh I remember now, you said you were at the 711.” He said.

“Yes, I did see it there, was it advertised in many stores?” She asked as they went downstairs.

“Just in the 711 down the block and the Esso convenience store, its amazing how many calls I have gotten in the last two days. Anyway here is the laundry facilities.”

“I really like what I see, its perfect Mr. Potter, I can fill out the app’ right now if you wish and I’d be willing to pay in advance for the entire semester.”

“I owe it to the others to see them as well Andrea.” He said as they went back upstairs.

“I see, its nothing to do with the color of my skin, is it Mr. Potter?”

“Your color, absolutely not, I’ve had colored girls rent here before, Andrea.” He lied.

“Do you live alone here Mr. Potter?”

“Yes, since my wife passed away 3 years ago, but we’ve rented the apartment out for the last 10 years to students and we’ve always been blessed with good tenants. Each year I do upgrades to the place or change appliances as needed.” He told her and Andrea got to thinking how he kind of looked similar to her father in build.

“You must find it lonely, I know my dad did after mom passed away. My dads white and my mom was black if you’re wondering, that’s why I’m more of a light brown than black, haha. He would have liked to be here to go apartment hunting with me but he has a full time job and he lives almost 5 hours away.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, when did your mom pass away?”

“When I was 16 so that’s just over 4 years ago now.”

“Well my kids are much older and married plus they’re spread out all across the country.”

“So what can I do to secure the apartment, Mr. Potter? I’m not against giving a little head now and then. I can also do a little cleaning and other things.”

“Head, what’s that?”


“Oh my goodness, Andrea. Are you that desperate for the apartment?”

“Yes after seeing all the junky places out there and yours is priced well within the budget that daddy allowed me. If it works out well I could secure the place on a yearly basis; I’ll be in this college you know for the next 3 years. If I can fill out the app’ now, I’ll sign your list of rules, give you 4 months rent and then give you the ‘special’ installment.”

“Wow, you drive a hard bargain, I guess you must have experience with giving ‘head’ as you call it.”

“Yes, and I’ve never had a complaint yet from my daddy.”

“Oh wow, you did things with your Dad?”

“Yes, I love him very much and he was so lonely and needed a woman. I just couldn’t see him getting so depressed. Plus it was much better for me than running around with some of the young studs and catching who knows what diseases. Anyway I don’t need that kind of distraction from my studies, it’s costing daddy a lotta money to send me here to this college.”

“Here’s the application form and the rules Andrea, please read them carefully. I’ll leave you alone, while you fill it out.” Mr. Potter said as he walked away and then looked back and watched her, as she was busy filling out the form. My god she has a beautiful body, he thought and wondered what delicious treasures she may be hiding under the few clothes that she was wearing. He noticed that as she bent over the table her skirt rose up and showed off her wonderful brown skinned thighs and the bottom edge of her white lacy panties.

Andrea thought as she was filling out the app’ form that this was by far the best place that she had seen and she must do whatever is necessary to secure this place so she leaned forward a little so as to show off her thighs.


“Everything looks in order, did you read the rules before you signed?”

“Yes, I did Mr. Potter and I have no problems with any of that. But I can understand why you have those rules and I want you to know that Escort Hatay I’m not like that at all. There won’t be any wild parties but I may have the odd friend over to study and you can rest assured that they won’t be staying over or using your facilities. I wish that I’d brought pictures of my home and you would see that it’s kept immaculate. So do I get the place?”

“I’ll really have to give it some thought, Andrea.”

“I’d like to help your thought processes along, Mr. Potter, can you follow me to the bathroom, please?”

He put down the application form on the table and followed her to the bathroom where she pulled up her short skirt around her waist and slowly lowered her skimpy panties to the floor and kicked them aside then stood over the toilet, lifted the seat and peed. Then she gently wiped with some tissue while he gazed at her magnificent brown skinned ass.

She turned and caught the shocked look on his face as she smiled then told him that that was just for show, normally she sits to pee like any normal girl. Her hands reached for his belt and she had it unbuckled and his zipper down before he even had time to get over the shock of seeing her pee stood up. Moments later she was knelt as she removed his pants and undershorts.

“Mr. Potter, did you shower today?”

“No, I didn’t. I usually do that at night.”

“Well would you like me to help, I know it can be difficult bending and twisting as you try to get to the parts that’s hard to reach.”

“I, err, I don’t know.” He said as she removed his shirt and then he was stood there naked apart from his socks, which she was already working on removing. After she had removed the last sock she stood then she unfastened her skirt and dropped it on the floor moments before her blouse did the same thing and then they were both naked.

He was in awe of her beautiful firm light brown breasts with the large dark brown nipples that seemed to be yelling out to him, ‘suck me, suck me’. Then he looked down at her firm toned tummy then at the thin jet-black line of pubic hair that stopped before the start of the largest fleshy labia lips he had ever seen. They looked moist and were splayed widely apart as they displayed a subtle hint of pink on the inner side. She truly looked magnificent he thought and the idea of having her around for a few years seemed to him like he had won some huge lottery prize probably sent to him from heaven.

Mr. Potter’s six-inch cock was more than just hard, it was straining and stretching every square inch of his penile skin as she stepped into the shower and reached out for his hand. Everything was moving so fast that it was like some kind of a daydream and he thought that soon he would wake up and she would be gone or turned into some old hag.

She washed every nook and cranny on his body and then offered the liquid soap lotion to him so that he could wash down her body. His hands were shaking as he touched her but he persevered and later reveled in gently stroking her beautiful smooth ass cheeks much longer than necessary with his lathered hands. She turned to face him then grabbed the flexible showerhead and rinsed then both off before she knelt in front of him and gently cupped his balls.

“Lift one leg and put your foot on the side of the tub, Mr. Potter.”

He looked down as her head went underneath him and her grinning mouth with the pearly white teeth opened wide then she gently kissed and licked his balls as she looked upward and watched his face. Slowly she sucked on one then the other before she took each one in her mouth and gently massaged them with her tongue. Poor Mr. Potter’s cock was leaking so badly that he thought he would explode any second if she hadn’t been nipping the base of his penis.

Suddenly she stopped, then she looked up at his face and asked if he had given it enough thought and decided yet. Only a mad man would have said no, he thought, so he nodded and said that she was very welcome as his new tenant.

Her hand cupped his balls while her lips closed around his swollen cockhead and then her tongue did magical things as it swirled around and excited the swollen skin. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!” He murmured.

In an instant her lips opened a fraction then she took the entire length of his cock in her mouth and sucked and twirled as she bobbed her head up and down while he spurted his entire load of warm gooey cum in rapid pulsating shots into her mouth. She never wavered as she continued sucking and swallowing until he was completely drained. Then she looked upward and said. “Did you enjoy?”

“Oh my god, did I ever, Andrea.” He said as she went back to sucking his oozing cock for a few more minutes.

“Then that’s what you have to look forward to in the future Mr. Potter and if you can get it up again later, then I might just give you another treat. Now how would you like to get dressed and drive me to my motel so that I can checkout and move in here.”

“That sounds like a wonderful plan, Andrea.” Mr. Potter said as he quickly stepped out of the shower and dried off.


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