Anal Epic Ch. 01

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“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

Ch. 01 C’est la gare

I am not sure where to begin, so let me start with my best friend, my ‘big’ Sis.

As far back as I can remember, I always looked up to Sis. Sis is smart, kind, and very personable. Even when I did not necessarily need her opinion, I sought it out. I enjoyed the attention and her perspective on life.

Please keep reading because the eulogy is concluded. I realize you get the picture.

If you had seen Sis’s physical attributes before reading this, you probably wouldn’t have believed a word I’ve written, so far. I can understand that.

For starters, Sis has an energetic, slightly freckled face, adorned with short, reddish brown hair, lively green eyes, and a luscious wide mouth.

Sis is not heavyset, on the contrary. At 5′ 2¨, Sis is only 105 pounds or so. She has an hourglass waist with hips that barely flare out.

Sis’s physique does not lend itself to a female, who wears a 32D cup, but she does. What’s more, Sis really doesn’t need a bra to shape her breasts into a nice forward, round, full shape. She’s all natural.

Sis’s best asset is behind her. She has a perfectly proportioned ass with a deep, smoothly sculptured crack dividing her round, firm cheeks.

During my late teens, I would long for summer so that I get endless opportunities to see Sis’s curvy ass when she sunbathed. Sis had a fine collection of thong bottoms and was never bashful about showing some skin or butt.

Yes, I knew I shouldn’t be lusting after my own sister, but I dreaded the thought of being without her. My cock heartily agreed.

By HS, Sis soon became the only girl I could focus on. All I could think about and all I wanted was her.

Knowing my feelings about my Sis, you could probably understand why my teenage mind conjured up endless fantasies about her and why I had so many wet dreams about Sis, when I went through puberty.

One of my favorite dreams that guaranteed me waking up splattered was dreaming about crawling into Sis’s warm bed, when it was thundering and lightening outside.

Sis was a little scaredy-cat when came to summer storms. She never got out of the habit of curling up in bed, in the fetal position, and pulling the covers over her head.

When I crawled into Sis’s bed, Sis would be wearing a tight white t-shirt, which bulged with the weight of her naked breasts, and a pair of black nylon panties. These panties were so sheer that when her round cheeks separated, you could not only see the deep furrow between them, but her pink, rectal pigment.

I would snuggle up to Sis, wrap my arm around her waist, and pull her ass right up against my bare genitals. Eventually, the heat from our loins and my lust would become too much and my naked cock would begin to slowly stiffen.

Even though Sis was sleeping, she would involuntarily react to the expanding erection lying between her ass cheeks. She would gently begin humping my hard shaft.

Soon,the stimulation from the silky, nylon panties massaging the sensitive skin under my cockhead would cause my precum to ooze out. As the wet spot on Sis’s panties grew, so would my burning desire for her ass.

I never worried about Sis’s reaction as I would, unhesitatingly, ease her over onto her flat stomach and shamelessly pull her panties down over her smooth cheeks. Somehow, Sis knew it was me and would reach back and spread her cheeks taut.

Moments later, I would mount Sis’s warm ass. Her nipples would instantly harden as I eased my thick and rigid cock into her snug hole.

Sis would just sigh and pleasingly squeeze her sphincters around my throbbing, still cock, when it was deep inside her. Our anal tranquility never lasted long.

As her g-spot swelled and balls began to ache, we would begin the slightest rocking movements, until – there was no stopping us. I would relentlessly ravish her gorgeous, bucking ass, causing her bed to shake and make loud squeaking sounds.

Fully awake now, Sis would glance back at me and mutter, “Oh yeah! That’s right! Fuck my ass! Cum in me! Show me how much you love me…”

Right before I would cum, I would grab Sis’s ass cheeks, and pull her ass into my groin in last frenzied thrust. I wanted to be as deep in her ass as possible. bursa otele gelen escort I wanted her buttery bowels to feel my hot seed spurting into them, before I inundated her intestines with my cum.

As I came, I would be saying, “Oh, god! Your ass is so hot… I love cumming in your ass… Do you feel me cumming in you…”

Right before I finished cumming in Sis, I would hear the bedroom door, quietly open. I would look back at the door and see our Stepmom staring at us.

“I know what you two are doing! I’ve been standing outside this door listening…”

I would immediately yank my cock out of Sis’s spunked ass and quickly cover it with one of Sis’s pillows, as the last of my sperm dribbled out of it. For some reason, I would envision the pillowcase in the morning light. It would be stained a pale yellow.

Most often, I would wake-up at this very moment. I did not even have to touch my groin to figure out why it was warm and wet.

Sometimes, my cock would remain hard after I came. If it did, I would continue dreaming about Sis.

I would fantasize about dropping to my knees and eating her juicy pussy out as she sat on a lounge chair, legs spread, by the pool. I would eat her out ’til she begged for mercy. Her girlfriends would always watch.

It would never take me long to orgasm, even the second time. I would then immediately go back to sleep.

After a couple of years of countless wet dreams, almost daily masturbation, and endless heartache, everything changed in my life. All my fantasies about Sis became a reality. No longer would I be resigned to the harsh truth that fantasies never come true.

During a family, Christmas holiday, which I entitled ‘Meet the Stepmom’s Parents’, I discovered Sis in thee act. I had unexpectedly returned to the tennis courts of Stepmom’s super rich parents for my racquet, which I had accidently left behind.

When I saw the tennis instructor’s car, still parked at the courts, I automatically became teenage inquisitive. No one was on the courts and there was no one in the car.

Curious, I decided to walk down a small path that led into a wooded area. I had only walked about fifty feet, when I heard moaning. I quickly ducked behind a tree and then cautiously peaked around it.

Standing behind Sis, the instructor had one hand on her naked back and with the other, was holding his stiff cock. I could hardly breathe. Sis was completely naked.

Sis grabbed his shaft and rubbed it across her pussy lips to get it slick. When she was satisfied, she bent over, pushed her ass back, and slowly impaled herself on the entire length of the instructor’s hard cock.

After they paused to adjust themselves, Sis began rocking back and forth and pushing her ass back against the instructor, forcing his cock all the way up her. Although Sis’s eyes were shut tight, she smiled every time her pussy was stuffed.

Sis’s braless breasts started bobbing and swinging wildly, when the instructor took control and began to hammer her from behind. I would have given anything to have one of those voluptuous titties in my mouth.

Feeling an overwhelming, urgent need for gratification, I yanked my shorts down to my knees. My cockhead was completely wet from precum.

As I shifted my eyes back to Sis’s sexy, white ass cheeks rippling from the thrusting and jolting of the glistening hard cock between her cheeks, I subconsciously wrapped my hand around my swollen scrotum and slowly began to milk my balls. The visual and physical stimulation had my head swimming.

At some point, Sis looked over her shoulder and said something to the instructor. I sort of thought she said something about “ass”, but wasn’t sure. The instructor just nodded and grinned.

Sis and the instructor then moved around to grassy area, where Sis got down on all fours. The instructor moved behind her and pressed his cock directly into Sis’s pink-circled anus.

Grunting with effort, the instructor pushed his slick, helmet-headed cock into Sis’s anus. Sis yelped in sudden pain as her sphincter fought to adjust to the large intruder.

However, Sis’s wiggling bottom only encouraged the instructor’s lust to override any concerns he may have had for her tight ass. He just kept pushing his stiff cock into Sis’s rectum, until it was completely buried.

I could only imagine the burning and straining sensations Sis was feeling. The instructor had bursa eve gelen eskort not stopped to let her rectum adjust.

With my own penchant for anal – I had never, yet, found a women’s ass I didn’t want to explore with my hard cock – in my ‘fuck’ magazines. Yet, it was not in me to force my hard cock up a squealing woman’s butt hole. Nevertheless, I was jealous watching Sis’s heavy breasts roll back and forth as the instructor squatted over her smooth, white haunches and butt-fucked her.

Suddenly, the instructor shuddered and jerked. I guess Sis’s tight ass would make any man cum long before he wanted, too.

As the instructor’s balls were emptying into Sis’s poop chute, his cell went off. Startled, I jumped. As Sis’s head began to turn toward my location, I ducked back behind the tree.

The instructor, with his cock still in Sis’s ass, cursed and then answered the phone. Hopefully, he had distracted Sis. She certainly didn’t say anything – if she had seen me.

After the instructor hung-up, he pulled out of Sis’s soaked ass with a grunt, walked to her front, gripped her by the hair, and then forced his gooey cock into her mouth. I was shocked to see Sis suck it clean. To my further amazement, Sis peeled back his foreskin, exposing the stained plum head and licked and cleaned it, too!

The instructor said something to Sis and then zipped up. I panicked. He couldn’t help but walk right past me, but he didn’t. He took the alternate path back to his car.

“What a guy,” I thought as I peeked back around the tree. Sis was sitting on the ground, naked, with her ass full of his cum.

After a couple of minutes, Sis reclined, drew her knees up to her breasts, and reached down to her spread cheeks. Sis then inserted her thumb into her freshly fucked ass and placed her forefinger, on her clit! Apparently, she hadn’t gotten off.

I knew the feeling. Sometimes after sex with a date, I couldn’t wait to get home, look at porn, and masturbate. I usually came a couple of more times, before I was satisfied. Cumming was so enjoyable!

All of a sudden, our eyes met. I heard Sis’s ass make an audible slurp from the quick withdrawal of her thumb as my hand tried to cover my cock.

An instant later, I decided to stop the charade. It knew it was now or never.

I unabashedly walked over to Sis and stood in front of her, gripping my hard cock. I smiled down at Sis and said, “I am sorry. I couldn’t help but watch the woman who gave me my first erection… I have never stopped fantasizing about you…”

After an eternity, Sis’s eyes softened and slowly dropped to my hard cock. Seconds later, her nipples hardened, again. Although I did promise myself never to forget this moment, it was not necessary.

My thoughts were interrupted, when I heard a voice from far away say, “Me, too.”

I refocused my eyes. Sis’s right hand, perhaps, subconsciously, was pulling on one of her erect nipples. Neither one of us had anything more to say at that moment.

I kneeled down in front of Sis and began to mount her, as she willingly leaned back and grabbed my cock. Sis’s hand guided me into the first hole she encountered. Neither Sis nor I cared which hole.

After pausing to allow Sis to accommodate me in her wet, tight hole, I began slowly stroking my cock in and out and back and forth. Soon, Sis was basking in the pleasure of being thoroughly sodomized.

When Sis began to lift her hips in response, I cupped her breasts with my hands to steady myself. Although the weight of her boobs surprised me, I began to accelerate my thrusting.

Suddenly, Sis sobbed and thrust her bottom down the entire length of my rigid cock, impaling herself. I felt her pussy contract hard and her rectum squeeze my cock like it was a fist.

Sis was cumming! Her face contorted and her sexy mouth widened into a perfect ‘O’ right before she began moaning, “Ooohhh. Ooohhh. Ooohhh.”

Moments later, as Sis’s petite body heaved and as

her pussy juice splashed against our thighs, a warm glow passed through me. I had just made Sis cum!

After Sis’s orgasms subsided, I freed my throbbing cock from her sucking rectum, and stroked it for a minute, as I stared at her glistening, slightly open, button-shaped anal ring. It was tantalizing – gaping open a half inch or so.

Having seen and paused long enough, I slowly pushed my swollen erection back into her. When I was in all the bayan escort bursa way, I began pumping away in her ass. It was mine now.

Sis’s eyes were barely open. She looked so vulnerable. I wondered if Dad and Stepmom had any idea how much of a slut their beautiful daughter was when they looked at her graduation picture. Knowing that Sis could act like a whore only turned me on more.

The only sounds Sis made now were short grunts as I butt-fucked her. When my lengthened thrusts bottomed out in her loosened rectum, I would pull my cock so far out of her that I would nearly pull it free of her gripping anal sphincter, before ramming it back in. It was glorious fun.

However, after a few more thrusts, it was my turn to start uncontrollable grunting. I adjusted my angle one last time and pushed my aching cock all the way up Sis’s relaxed rectum. I then grinded it hard into her a couple of times, before I hollered, “I’m cumming! Aaahhh. Aaahhh.”

I counted one, two, three spurts, before euphoria swept over me. My orgasm was mind-blowing.

When Sis felt my hot cum shooting into her rectum, she pushed her entire weight against my groin and wiggled her ass, encouraging my sperm to run deep into her bowels. I did not want that moment to ever end.

After I had finished unloading a week’s worth of stress deep inside my Sis’s rectum, she reached up and lovingly kissed my mouth. It felt good to be kissed like that, especially, after the ass-fucking I just gave her.

“Jeez! That was a huge fucking load! You gave a sperm enema little brother,” Sis murmured. I smiled in appreciation.

Being a woman of the world, Sis followed up her pronouncement by asking if I had completely emptied my balls. I just smiled and said, “Wait ’til dark.”

Sis then closed her eyes tight and grunted as her sphincter forced my gooey cockhead out of her dilated anus. When it popped out, I kissed Sis on the cheek and then started to help her up. However, when she saw my semi-hard cock leaking a little cum, she opened her mouth.

The way Sis’s full lips wrapped around my soiled, swollen cockhead almost made me sorry, I had ejaculated all my sperm into her hot ass. As it was, Sis did nurse a couple of drops out as she greedily sucked my cock clean.

When Sis finally let go of my cock, I wistfully pulled my shorts back up and I looked over at her. She had not moved.

Sis gave me a pained look and then rubbed her tummy. I walked away to give her a little privacy.

Although Sis tried lady-like, there was no graceful way to shit all of the cum out of her bowels. Finally, she just closed her eyes and with her face fixed in concentration, grunted hard and loud, forcing the conglomeration of sperm out her ass.

As squishy fart sounds erupted out of Sis’s beautiful ass; the ass that I lusted after and had just fucked, I tried to think about the weather. That didn’t work.

After Sis was through, she remained in her squat. She had the, “Whoops, I just ate the canary,” look on her face.

This time it took me a couple of seconds to figure her look out. When I did, I walked up to her, and handed her some old tissues that I had in my pocket.

Despite our attempts to clean-up, we both smelled like sex – anal sex. Sis’s breath wasn’t that great either.

Before heading back up the road and to our grandparent’s house, Sis and I leaned against each other, kissing and whispering about how great it would be if we could go to bed together every night and have each other all night long – forever. Yes, Sis and I had officially fallen for each other.

Sis also confided that when she knew I was up late, she would get down on all fours, crawl to my bedroom door, and look through the key hole.

Sis laughed, saying her mission was to catch me lying on my side, jerking off as I watched porn.

I learned many more things about Sis that day. For example, Sis could cum from breast stimulation alone! Sis also confided that that was the first time she enjoyed anal sex.

I reciprocated and described her role in my wet dreams. Boy, did she ask questions about that!

The rest of the holiday passed in a blur. Sis and I fucked each other silly whenever we could get away or be alone in the house.

Our favorite place was on the deserted beach, at night. We loved to hear the breaking waves as we made love.

Sis liked to stretch out on a beach towel, naked from the waist down, with her legs hoisted over my shoulders. She loved having me eat her delicious pussy and lick her sweet anus as she stared into the night sky, observing the twinkling stars.

After Sis was satiated, she would get into my favorite position – prone. I liked it when she spread her cheeks, so that I could slowly work my hard cock into whatever hole she had chosen, inch by beautiful inch.

Sis is all I ever wanted.

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