An Unlikely Encounter Ch. 02

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Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without the express consent of the author (me!).

Author’s note: This story is a sequel to an earlier submission I wrote, “An Unlikely Encounter”. I’m not particularly confident how much sense it will make if read by itself, as it is a direct continuation of the last story. It assumes the reader already knows the previous events and has already had a chance to have the character introduced. Read alone at your own risk!

I would like to express a special thanks to CalifornianBLonde, who convinced me this story was worth continuing and offered incredible encouragement, feedback, and inspiration.

Synopsis: In the previous story, a high school English teacher (the protagonist) finds himself being pursued by Autumn, one of his students. Autumn found herself in numerous ‘unlikely situations’ with her teacher outside of the classroom, and tried her best to take advantage of him during those meetings. She expressed her seduction through a series of writing assignments that she turned in to him. His reluctant attraction to her continued to grow, despite his resistance to her for both personal and professional reasons. Ultimately, his will crumbled at the end of the story, and they consummated their affair. This story picks up right where the last one leaves off, with the couple still in his girlfriend’s home.


It’s really hard to explain how I felt at this point. It was almost like, I dunno, an out of body experience. I knew my heart was beating hard, in all sorts of nervousness and excitement and everything… But I felt it outside my skin… Maybe that makes no sense. Hell, I guess what I’m saying is, all the apprehension, the nerves, everything was pushed just beyond my senses. I knew they were there, but they hardly touched me.

So I was, in at least some fashion, calm as I walked into my girlfriend’s room. Autumn was almost completely naked; she only had those long socks on now. She was walking along the side of the bed, letting the fingers on one hand trace along the sheets. Her back was still mostly to me, but her body turned to the side as she reached the headboard. I felt the corners my lips curl up, coming to a sort of surreal realization that I had never actually seen her breasts. Bare, anyway.

I let my eyes rest on them as she turned, and she noticed where my attention went. Her head tilted down slightly as she understood the significance of it. I could tell her body tensed a little bit; a brief display of insecurity, like she wasn’t sure what to do. But just as quickly she relaxed and let her head cock to the side, giving me a little smirk. I didn’t even try to hide it. Seeing those fresh, firm tits sitting high, leading down to that impossibly delicious stomach, her slender legs pressed close together in sort of a shy pose…

It looked like she was about to open her mouth to say something, but she second-guessed herself. She spun around, almost giggling, and let herself to fall backwards onto the bed, her arms sprawling out. My cock continued to grow as I stared at her young body. She just seemed so goddamn flawless. I mean, it had to just be because of her age… She was just coming into this gorgeous body, but she was too young for it to have imperfection yet… She’s so pristine…

I moved to the bed, closer to her, and reached out to place my palm on her thigh. She jumped a little, but let out a soft, ‘mmm…’ For a split second I wondered if I should say something, but really, I didn’t have shit to say. So I just enjoyed her skin, running my hand down, all the way to her knee. I was now standing in front of her legs and she looked up expectantly at me from the bed. I luxuriated in her long, flat stomach leading up to her perky breasts. She was smiling, but it was a smile of anticipation. For once, I felt she didn’t know what was going to happen. Well, not exactly anyway.

She pressed her hands into the bed and began to push herself up towards me. “So…” she finally broke the silence. “How do you…” a brief pause… “…want me?” I smiled. She’s coming onto me! I wondered if she thought all I wanted to do was fuck her. God, all I wanted to do was indulge her! She looked at me hopefully, chewing on the corner of her lip.

Her legs parted a little bit to accommodate letting me closer to her on the edge of the bed. She scooted towards me, bringing her hands up to my forearms to encourage me to lean down near her. I ignored her and brought my own hands to her sides, feeling her body and letting my thumbs wrap over her stomach, pushing up to her chest. She arched her back a little bit to give me better access, and I allowed my hands up further. She stifled a little laugh as my fingers pressed into the soft skin Eskişehir Escort at the edge of her breasts, and I let my thumbs glide over her nipples.

Her hold left my arms and reached down to my, now completely full, erection. My eyes reflexively shut as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, sending tingles through my body. She brought the palm of her other hand up to the head and, using her grip to keep me still, softly moved her open hand around in little circles. My knees buckled at the pleasure and I let out a little groan. I opened my eyes and looked at her; she was staring intently between my legs.

I moved my hands up to her shoulders and squeezed a bit. She softened her grip and looked up at my eyes. With a quiet intake of breath, I gently started pushing her back. She let her body slide away, her fingers trailing off of me. As she leaned against her elbows, she began to push herself backwards on the bed, trying to get her legs up on it.

Oh no you don’t… I moved my hands down above her knees and held her there. She made a cute little scoff, “Hey…!” I answered with a smile; not on purpose, but just because I was really fuckin’ happy about what I was about to do. Still holding her knees, I gently pushed them apart as I knelt by the side of the bed. Autumn’s eyes widened as soon as she realized what I wanted.

Maybe I was a little dizzy as I leaned in between her legs. After all, here I was, about to willingly go down on my own student that I had been deliriously trying to resist for weeks. I just didn’t care anymore. Not right then. I wanted to pour myself into her. All that pent up… lust. Her perfect little body. God! I need to have her. To taste her.

I could practically feel her radiating anticipation. I breathed softly on her slit and she shivered a little. She was still so wet… I wonder if anybody has ever done this for her… I really hoped I would be her first right then. For everything she’d done to me, against my will or not, I wanted to give her something back. And so… slowly, tentatively, I let my tongue out and allowed the tip of it to drag along her.

“Oh!” she squeaked, like it was still a surprise to her. It was music to my fuckin’ ears. I continued tracing my tongue up and down, teasing her a little bit. I let my hands slide up her legs to her hips and held her in place. I watched her own hands slide over the sheets and finally clutch into the bed. She doesn’t know where to put them… The thrill turned me on even more and I pressed my face closer to her in excitement.

I continued to let my tongue dance over her. It slid inside of her, focused along the top of her slit, licked the inside of her thighs to let her relax. I pressed my lips against her and kissed, then sucked, then dove my tongue back in. Her hips began to rock against my face, rolling on the bed. One of her hands fluttered to her body, across her breast and down to press into her stomach. Her other arm reached down to me, her fingers grasping my hair, unsure whether to pull at it or push me in further.

She was panting now; little moans whispering out of her breath. “Ah- ah… G-god… ohhh…” I looked up along her body as I ate her out, watching her chest rise with each ragged breath. Sometimes she lifted her head to look down at me, her eyes wild. Then she’d drop back into the sheets as I sucked on her clit. “I- I… hmmmm…”

God, I think I can make her come again! I tried to pace myself, not to over-stimulate her in my own exhilaration. But it was hard. I don’t know if I had ever wanted to get a girl off so badly in my life. Why do I want this so bad? I didn’t give a shit. I kept at her.

“I th-think- ah – I’m uh- uh- close…” she was practically talking to herself. Hearing her moan that made my cock twitch. It felt like a fucking gust of wind down there probably would’ve made me come. My body was abuzz as I listened to the sounds coming out of her. She rolled her head to the side and was practically pushing herself into the sheets, her eyes clenched shut hard. Suddenly her mouth opened wide and she clamped her teeth over her bottom lip; sharp exhales of air coming out of her nose. Oh… fuck yes… I had her now.

“Hmmph!” escaped through her teeth as I felt a surge of wetness wash in my mouth. I closed my own eyes in blissful triumph, keeping my lips wrapped around her as she bucked her pussy against me. I was so excited right then, I swear I would’ve blown my load had I not come just awhile before.

Her body relaxed and shrugged away from me as her voice cracked a little sigh. I continued to softly lick along her, slowly bringing myself to a stop. I then pulled away from her and leaned back, taking a deep breath. Her chest rose and fell sharply with each Eskişehir Escort Bayan breath. She looked at me and managed a smile. “Um… Wow…” she murmured. I smiled… almost shyly?

Suddenly I began to feel awkward. I stood up and the feeling got worse. Her eyebrows immediately rose as soon as she saw my throbbing dick. “Oh wow!” she repeated. A flutter went through my stomach. I mean, come on! No man is immune to being complimented like that. And by this fuckin’ little goddess who has had me wrapped around her finger? It was a new experience.

Now I’ll be honest. I’m not entirely sure what was going through my head anymore. I mean, I was still in a state of bliss over the situation… Like, I wasn’t thinking about having broken every code of ethics of a teacher fucking his high school student. Or about the fact that I was fucking her while my girlfriend was out. In her own fucking bed! But I can say at least this: I actually didn’t think I was going to get anymore action. I don’t know, I just assumed she would have had enough…

But she was looking at me, her hands sliding back up her body in this very ‘come hither’ sort of way. And she said, and I won’t forget this anytime soon, “Well? What are you waiting for?” God, is she serious? My face must have betrayed my thoughts, because she answered in sliding her entire body onto the bed, bringing her head up to the pillows. She kept her eyes trained on me the whole time; pulling me toward her with just a stare. Fuck me, but I could not resist.

I climbed onto the bed, moving to lie next to her. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock; I grimaced immediately in tortured pleasure. It was sensitive as hell. Before I could lower myself to her side, she gently pulled at me to guide me on top of her. I somehow managed to refuse her and slip out of her fingers. She seemed to follow my lead and rolled onto her side, facing away from me.

Her ass pushed into my crotch and I hissed a quick intake of breath. She took the queue and began to roll her body against me, pressing against my erection and causing my entire body to tense. I put my hand on her hip to slow her down and reached my face up to her neck.

“You’ve really wanted this…” she murmured as I moved closer to her. It was a statement.

“You made me want this,” is all I could reply, in a low voice. I inhaled and could still faintly smell her perfume. I was stricken again about how… inexperienced this all seemed. The aroma of a high school girl and sex… and me… I closed my eyes and kissed her neck.

She sighed softly. “You… ah- looked at me…” I continued to kiss along her neck, allowing my tongue to press into her skin, feeling the need to keep on tasting her. And she sighed out again, “…first…”

The image of staring at her body in the gym came surging into my mind. The secret admiration I had that day, the awkward attraction since then… the suppressed lust until now. I felt a rush of adrenaline pour over me as I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into me, marveling in the amazing sensation of her body pressed against mine.

Before I even knew it, she was on her back and I was over her; her legs already spreading for me. I don’t recall wasting any time. My pelvis was dropping down towards her, desperate to enter her again; not even thinking about it. It was just happening. I don’t even remember if I guided myself into her, or if she took hold and helped me… I just remember barely stifling a “Jesus!” as I slid all the way down. She was tight. She was wet. She was… heaven.

The blur continued. I saw her staring into my eyes, looking mischievous and pleased. I remember her hands grabbing onto my ass and her trying to thrust into me with some force and speed. I knew instinctively that she was doing it for me, trying to bring me off quickly, thinking that’s what I wanted. But I used my strength to slow her down and compel her to pace herself.

She looked almost confused as we reduced the tempo… I think I might have even whispered, “Relax…” at some point. We fell into slow rhythm, first guided by me, but then slowly she got into her own groove and took over. It was this subtle transition that almost got me off; I was actively holding back at this point. She is starting to please *herself* again…

Her eyes were mostly fluttered closed. Her mouth hung open, her chin rising a tiny bit with each steady thrust as her body arched up into mine. For a little while, there was kind of a tiny smile on her lips. But it faded and became more and more concentrated. Her fingers were digging into my skin now, and little ‘ah!’s were slipping from her throat.

As her face became more contorted, her struggle became more obvious. I clenched Escort Eskişehir my own eyes shut. It was too fucking hot. She wants to again! Her body was not thrusting against mine anymore, but rather in a steady push, grinding in little circles.

Then her moans started. “God- God… I’m so- fuck! I- I didn’… God!”

She began to shake. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer; but I was counting on the same for her. Hoping for the same. The familiar surge of an orgasm was building up inside of me, and I was biting the back of my tongue to hold it at bay. If I could’ve thought straight, I would’ve probably been surprised at how big a come I was about to have considering I had already done so not twenty minutes ago.

“Fuck!!” she cried out, her voice cracking in a whine. And then her pelvis erratically shook against mine as she trailed off in a surprised moan. My eyes flew open and I saw her staring at me, a look of bewildered lust as she came. Any control I had over my own body vanished and I just stared back at her, my own cum coursing through me and into her.

My arms quavered and gave out, and my body slid down completely onto hers as I lost myself in orgasm. Her arms pulled up around my back and she held me emphatically… hugging me. One of her legs wrapped around mine as we enjoyed each other and finished from our high.

I’m not sure exactly how much time passed after that. I think it was probably only a few minutes. But for at least a little while, my body slid mostly off of hers, to her side. We laid there on the bed, covered in sweat, breathing hard, no words spoken between us. What the hell was there to say? It was fucking amazing, and I allowed myself, for those few moments, to bask in it.

The subtle and subconscious smile on my face fell right off as my head rolled to the side. I looked at the table next to the bed and saw a picture of me and Heather. Oh- what the fuck did I just do…?


I jolted upright and pushed myself away from her, my calm reverie completely shattered. My heart went into overdrive instantly.

“Mmm… Now I’m thirsty!” Autumn hummed nonchalantly from behind me.

“God… You- I… Fuck! Autumn… You got to, got to… I’m- I’m um… sorry. Uh- you need to leave…”

“Aww!” she pouted.

I got up from the bed, looking around for some clothes but realizing they were all still in the living room. I turned and faced her, swallowing hard. Her eyes smiled as they looked up and down my naked body in this relaxed sort of way.

“I- I’m serious… This was- I mean, shit!”

“Was what?” she asked, starting to lean up.

“A- a…” I wanted to say ‘a mistake’, but I stuttered and she interjected.

“Amazing?” Her smile was simultaneously sweet and coy.

Christ. Yes. I ran a hand through my hair in exacerbation. God, she looked so effortlessly sexy. Beautiful even. What the fuck. Beautiful?? “Really. You need to, uh- go. I’m serious.”

She sighed. “Fine… I get it.” There was a twinge of annoyance in her voice, but also understanding. Thankfully. She rose up from the bed and raised her arms in a stretch, her breasts and stomach going taut as she did so. I couldn’t help but to stare at every little curve and indent in her body, despite myself.

At first I assumed she did it to show off, but she noticed my gawking and her cheeks actually turned a little pink. She brought her arms back down and crossed them over her chest, covering herself up. I couldn’t tell if it was out of shyness, or if she was teasing me, or denying me…

She walked past me back to the other room. I stood there and blew out a shaky sigh, putting my face in my hands. What the fuck. What the fuck. I needed to calm down; to get the situation under control. I followed her out there… The first thing I saw was her bending over, sliding those little shorts up her legs and then shimmying them up to her waist. The way her legs and ass shook a little bit from side to side was so fucking cute. God, get a hold of yourself!

I began to grab my own clothes and get dressed. What the hell do I say right now? I felt like I had to say something.

“Autumn… I…”

“Where’s my hat?” she interrupted.

My jaw snapped shut. Huh? “Oh- uhh… Here, it’s in the- uh- hall.” I walked over and grabbed it for her. She was fixing her hair back in a little ponytail as I brought it over.

“Thanks,” she said flatly.

Is she pissed off at me? I felt very apprehensive about it. What if she tries to take it out on me? And then there was another, quieter part of my mind that… frankly, just didn’t want her to be unhappy. What the hell. She did this- she brought this on…

“Sure. Um- so, Autumn…”

She pulled her hair through the back of the hat as she put it on. “I know. You don’t want me to tell anybody.” Her eyes turned away as she said it.

I sighed, “Well- I mean, it would be bad…”

“Don’t worry. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Another sigh, this time of relief. “That’s good. I mean, for both of us. We uh- this shouldn’t have…”

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