An Unexpected Weekend

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For forty-seven-year old Alison Beckett this was shaping up to be the worst weekend of her life. Her planned date for Saturday night had decided that he would be seeing somebody else, somebody closer to his age group (closer to twenty) and closer to home.

To make matters worse, a good friend of hers had asked if she would mind babysitting her daughter Mandy over at her place for the weekend. Mandy would be starting with a new company and moving into her first apartment on Monday which happened to be in the same town where Alison lived. Just how she was going to entertain a twenty-two-year old whom she didn’t know very well – she had no idea. Alison held a position on the board of the hospital she worked for and she’d done alright for herself. It was a rainy Friday evening and had just turned five PM by the time she climbed into her car. She drove out of Park Hill Hospitals underground parking lot onto the rainswept main street and headed for home.

Twenty minutes later she arrived at her modest town house and stepped through her front door. She hung her damp coat and umbrella in the hallway and headed upstairs. Mandy should arrive by seven PM giving her time ample time to shower and cook dinner. She had decided a simple pasta dish would be easiest served with some salad and a decent red wine. Alison went to her bedroom, dumped her purse on the bed and then stepped into the bathroom.

Stripping out of her work clothes which she dropped in a pile on the floor, she paused in front of the mirror. Alison gave herself a long self-appraising stare, she was an extremely attractive woman. Her body was slim at the waist yet curvaceous around her hips, her breasts were large and still perky with the light pink tight little nipples of a woman who had not borne a child. Alison turned to the side and grabbed her backside, lifting it a little higher. Not that it sagged, she was in good shape and the muscles on her thighs and calves of her long legs attested to that. She had honey blonde hair which she kept short and pale blue eyes. Slightly taller than average, she could be a little intimidating to some, though her personality soon put most people at ease. This was possibly part of the reason why Ron, her failed attempt at a date, had backed out.

She turned away from the mirror, stepped into shower and opened the taps and stood under the warm spray. As she lathered herself, her thoughts strayed back to the man she had hoped to be seeing the following night. She was disappointed but couldn’t help thinking about what could possibly have happened after their outing… Her hand strayed down over her soapy belly and rubbed a lazy circle over her pubic thatch. She cupped herself dreamily and felt a warm glow spreading through her intimate regions along with a slight moistening. Frowning she snapped out of her revere and shut the taps off and stepped out of the shower. Alison hastily dried herself, brushed her teeth and went to dress so that she could start preparing dinner.

The buzzer sounded at a quarter to seven, Mandy had arrived and was standing outside in the foyer. Getting up from the couch, Alison strode briskly down the hall to the door and opened it. She gave Mandy a warm smile.

“Mandy! Hi! It’s been a while, good to see you, young lady.” Her young guest stepped inside beaming broadly.

“It’s good to see you again too, Ms Beckett!” Mandy replied as she hung her umbrella next to Alison’s, “Thank you ever so much for having me over!”.

Mandy was about a head shorter than Alison with a form to match, long wavy ash-blonde hair and soft brown eyes. She was wearing Kadıköy Escort a pair of loose fitting slacks and a woollen long sleeved pullover. She had always been strongly attracted to Alison which made her a little bit nervous about being there.

“Please just call me Alison! Come on through to the lounge and make yourself comfortable, I’ve made dinner.” Mandy put down her bag and took a seat on a couch while Alison went through to the kitchen. She brought their dinner through and a bottle of spicy red wine with two thin stemmed glasses.

“Hope it’s to your liking, I’ve just done a bologna is, I’ll show you your room and the bathroom after we’ve eaten, just make yourself at home Mandy”. They sat together eating and quietly discussing things that happened over the past few months and then Alison lead her upstairs. After she’d shown her guest where everything was, she said “After you’ve settled in you can come downstairs for some wine and some company, if you’d like.” Heading back down stairs, she was starting to feel better about having Mandy over. Her company was quite a welcome change, and she was a very pleasant young woman.

While Alison sat in the lounge sipping on wine and going through a hospital report, Mandy stepped into the bathroom. She undressed, brushed her teeth and started towards the shower when she noticed Alison’s uniform and underwear lying on the tiles. Mandy stood staring at them for a moment, feeling the temptation to pick them up and press them against her nude body. Ignoring it, she showered, dried, dressed and found her attention drifting back to the clothing. She stooped, picked up Alison’s blouse which she then pressed to her face, followed by her silk petticoat. Erotic thoughts of Alison flooded her mind, blushing slightly, she dropped the items and went downstairs.

The pair of them sat sipping glasses of the spicy red wine and talking, Alison doing most of the talking. They had become a little tipsy, Alison slumped in her armchair and Mandy perched on a couch. Alison had become rather relaxed, her legs parted slightly giving Mandy a clear view of her panties. Eventually Alison noticed that she was receiving glances which were becoming longer and more pronounced. Feeling slightly uncomfortable she started to wonder, what exactly, was going through the young woman’s mind. Alison had never thought about other women in that way before and she wasn’t sure how it made her feel. With no Saturday night romance to look forward to and a fair bit of wine in her system, her own thoughts started drifting in that direction. She caught herself appraising Mandy’s form and a pang of guilt hit her for entertaining such a notion, not to mention the considerable age difference between the two of them. Alison stood up.

“Can I get you a coffee Mandy?” She asked as she made her way through to the kitchen.

“Oh yes please, I’d love a cup.” Came the dreamy response.

While Alison stood waiting for the kettle, her thoughts turned back to her young guest’s apparent interest in her. She really should ignore it and simply pretend it hadn’t been happening, but her curiosity had become aroused. This warranted some research which would be done on her laptop after bedtime. Alison brought their mugs through and they both sat quietly and finished their coffees. She gave Mandy a warm smile.

“I shall make my way to bed now, hope you’ve had a pleasant evening and I’ll see you in the morning.” Mandy smiled back, they said their good nights and then made their way to their rooms.

Alone in her room Alison slipped into bed Kadıköy Escort Bayan with her laptop and began idly searching online for lesbian forums and blog sites. She was now interested in finding out what it was all about and wanted to read the thoughts and feelings of others. Sure, she had seen many attractive women throughout the course of her life but she wasn’t certain that she would enjoy intimacy with any of them. During her visits to several sites she noticed that porn websites occasionally come up. Out of a deepening curiosity, she decided to have a look and she picked one. Alison watched a few random videos in the lesbian category and found herself becoming mildly aroused by them. What truly held her attention was a seduction video of a female teacher and her student and she found herself watching it repeatedly. The teacher subtly and persuasively dominated her student into performing oral sex on her and this made Alison hot. She slipped her panties came off and began slowly pleasuring herself as she watched the clip, it was almost two AM by the time Alison shut down and slept.

Mandy had undressed and gotten into bed, she lay there thinking about Alison. She began fantasizing about what she looked like naked and what it would be like to have sex with her. A range of different scenarios ran through her vivid imagination and her hand found its way down between her legs. Once she was satisfied she lay there thinking for a while longer before falling asleep.

The following morning both women got on with the things they needed to do. After a quick breakfast Alison started going through hospital reports and Mandy went to set up her new apartment. As the day progressed, Alison sat thinking about the previous night and by the time afternoon had arrived she knew that she wanted Mandy sexually. She was now convinced that the young woman felt the same as she’d noticed how her clothing on the bathroom floor had been moved. That; coupled with the stares she had received last night could hardly be coincidental. Mandy appeared to be quite shy which would most likely make things rather awkward at first. Alison didn’t want a permanent relationship, for now this was purely about satisfying a desire she had neither felt nor experienced before.

At five PM that evening Mandy walked in looking pleased with her days progress.

“Hi Alison. How was your day?” She strode into the lounge and sat down giving Alison a warm smile. Alison returned her smile and replied “I just sat around doing a bit of work. Your day go okay?”

Mandy nodded and told her all about the new apartment, she was so excited. Later after dinner Alison poured drinks for each of them. Stooping to give Mandy hers, she gave her an eye full of her ample breasts which were plainly visible in her low-cut top. She also wore tight fitting slacks and hovered around Mandy while she chattered away. After a few more drinks Alison moved towards the stairs. “Want to come up and sit with me in my bedroom?” Mandy looked a little surprised but got up and followed her upstairs.

Once they got there Alison put some soft music on, “Why don’t you have a seat on the bed?” she suggested to Mandy. Mandy perched on the corner of the bed while Alison slowly paced the carpet finishing her drink. She put down her glass and came to a stop next to Mand, putting and arm around her shoulders. Her next actions were quite spontaneous came as somewhat of a surprise.

Facing Mandy she moved her hand to her neck and gently pushed her cheek onto her groin.

“Young lady; last night you gave the Escort Kadıköy distinct impression that you were interested in more than just my company… ” She purred softly. Mandy blushed instantly and sat there trying to think of some way to deny it.

Alison began stroking her hair and continued speaking, “I spent half the night thinking and I did a little online researching, I found it all to be rather fascinating”

By now Mandy’s heart was racing, she trembled slightly as nervous excitement filled her. Alison loosened her button, tugged down her zipper and opened the front of her slacks. Mandy broke out in a light sweat, Alison had no panties on under the slacks, she could feel the hairy mound against her cheek. Alison lowered her slacks a little while keeping a hand on Mandy’s cheek and let them drop. Then she teased open her petals, slid a finger all the way up her vagina and began moving it in and out. The strong scent of her arousal and fleece gave Mandy a rush, she was overwhelmed by the plethora of delicious scents coming from the older woman.

Alison took Mandy in her arms and lay her down on the bed, giving her a wicked smile she rolled her over onto her stomach and reached under her skirt. She tugged off her panties.

“Knees in and bum up, I’m going to give you a check-up.” She said huskily. Mandy was delirious with excitement as she pulled in her knees and raised her bottom, she felt her skirt being lifted over her hips, exposing her. Alison sat staring at her buttocks and her sex enjoying the view before pressing a palm to Mandy’s petals and rubbing her up. She could hear the younger woman’s excited gasping as she spread her and slipped a finger into her. Mandy was very wet, Alison toyed with her for a bit before pulling out her finger and sniffing it. The scent aroused Alison even more and she sucked her finger, the taste was surprisingly good.

She rolled Mandy over onto her back and squatted over her face.

“Here’s a nice up-close and personal view for you dear.”

She told her as she lowered herself, pressing her vagina down on Mandy’s lips. She began swaying her hips and rubbing herself all over Mandy’s face, she felt deliciously dirty and was now extremely aroused. Then she spread her petals.

“Let’s see how far up me your tongue can go.” Alison felt a warm, wet tongue pressing against her as she moved. Then the tongue licked open her petals and penetrated her, Mandy sucked and Alison’s taste filled her mouth. Alison writhed as Mandy tongued her clit, circling, licking and sucking. Then Mandy came out from under her and started tonguing her from behind while she rubbed both of her buttocks. She was incensed with Alison’s taste and scent and worked greedily at her soaking wet opening and clit. Alison rolled onto her back and Mandy continued sucking her clit, this time she used a finger to rub her g-spot and it wasn’t long before Alison climaxed.

She lay there panting while Mandy rested her head on her thigh and started fingering herself. Then she became aware of Alison watching her and she blushed a little.

“I loved doing that with you.” She said shyly. Alison smiled softly and lay next to her, she moved Mandy’s hand and slipped her own finger into her sex.

“I loved it too.” Alison pressed her tongue into Mandy’s mouth while her finger stroked her clit and she sucked her tongue. Mandy sucked back and worked her hips in rhythm with the probing finger. They lay there kissing deeply for some time, Mandy’s mouth tasted good and her tongue felt good. Alison spread Mandy’s legs wide and began licking her petals, she licked her thighs and buttocks too before starting on the clit. It took Mandy longer to have her orgasm but Alison did a good job of teasing it out of her. Finally spent they both crept under the covers and fell asleep together, neither of them knowing whether this would be their only time or one of many.

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