An Unexpected Love Ch. 01

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All characters depicted are over 18. Please give me feedback and critique, I really appreciate it.

Jeff Sanders ran his fingers through his wavy chestnut hair as he awaited the last class of the day, his advanced senior English class. He taught at Riverwood Prep, a rich private school that claimed to “prepare their student for college.” Unfortunately, most of the students were either unmotivated; planning on inheritance to guide them through life, or extremely overachieving; feeling the need to dedicate their whole lives to school to please their parents. At the sound of a light knock on his door, he glanced up to see the principal, Mr. Burns, waiting at the door.

“Jeff. I would just like to inform you that in your next class we have a new student. Her family just moved from New York. I would like you to keep an eye on her, her old school reported that although academically gifted, she has a knack for getting in trouble.” Jeff translated that easily enough: I’m counting on you to keep her in line to preserve Antep Bayan Escort the school’s representation. Jeff was a very young teacher, 23, and his senior students were very close in age to him. He was very careful around them, which made him come off as a tough teacher, not to mess with.

“Alright. Anything else?” Mr. Burns shook his head, handing Jeff a stack of papers.

“Here are her transcripts from her past school. Let me know if you need anything.” Jeff nodded, flipping through the pages as he left. He read the name at the top. Shelby Long. He glanced over her grades. They were nearly perfect. The first of his students filed through the door, wearing the standard uniform. Boys wore khaki pants, a white collared shirt. Girls wore a red pleated skirt, white polo. They were allowed to accessorize, and most bent the rules as much as possible. The girls rolled their skirts as short as they could without revealing too much. A gaggle of girls giggled as they walked in, staring at Jeff, who was, for the most part, oblivious. Sure, he knew he was attractive. He was tall, at 6’2″, and in excellent shape, with chestnut hair and bright blue eyes. However, the kids at this school mostly just annoyed him, what with their spoiled attitudes. Suddenly, the room was strangely quiet. Jeff looked up in time to see her entrance.

It was quite obvious that this was Shelby, since she was a new face. Her shocking green eyes surveyed the room, her red cherry lips in a pout. She flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder. Not wanting to call any more attention to her, Jeff quickly pointed her to an empty seat. He couldn’t help but watch as she sat down. She had a thin, petite body, her polo hugging her small waist and round B cups. Her red skirt wasn’t the shortest Jeff had seen, but it flaunted her tight ass and toned legs. She sat down and crossed her legs, then began chatting idly with the girls near her.

Jeff cleared his throat and began class, every once in a while glancing at Shelby. She took no notes, merely doodling on notepad. Once class was over, Jeff called her over to his desk.

“Hello Ms. Long. Mr. Burns has asked me to make sure that you are comfortable these first days. Please don’t hesitate to come to me with any problems. How was your first day?” He couldn’t help but stare at her emerald eyes.

“Fine, thank you. I’m sure I will be very comfortable.” She smiled a dazzling, yet sarcastic smile, then sauntered out of the classroom. Jeff watched her tight ass sway out, clenching his fists as his cock twitched. She definitely wasn’t like his other students.

He drove home in a hurry, needing to relieve himself from his throbbing manhood. As soon as he walked into his bachelor pad, he sunk into the couch and massaged his cock. Closing his eyes, he pictured Shelby and her hot body. He imagined her wrapping her lips around his dick, and then he would thrust it in to her on his desk. He exploded, moaning deeply as he came.

“Fuck.” He cleaned himself off, realizing what he had just done, knowing it was wrong, but not feeling as guilty as he should…

Chapter Two to come soon =]

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