An Unexpected Encounter

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I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to hit the gym nearly as often as I’d like. Deciding that it couldn’t hurt to lose a little sleep I leave work, run my errands, and hit a 24 hour gym near my house just as the sun sets. It is Monday and there is only one other vehicle in the parking lot, a bronze colored Jeep Cherokee. I park a few spots over and quickly gather up my small gym bag and purse. Locking my little f-150, I quickly stride into the building. In the foyer, I swipe my membership card and step through the door into the main gym area. There are a bunch of weight machines, stationary bikes, and other equipment. Doors off to the left lead to rooms set up for dance and aerobics. On the other side the doors lead to the locker rooms and the pool. That is my ultimate goal so I head for the women’s locker room to change into my bathing suit. Stashing my clothes and other things in a locker and dropping the key on its beaded chain over my head.

The pool room is warm and steamy. I can feel my hair curling in the humidity so I quickly weave it into a thick coppery braid hanging down to my hips. I ease into the tepid water and begin my laps. I vary the strokes every few laps in order to work different groups of muscles. The first few laps are slow and easy, just warming up, and then I push hard and go as fast as I can for as long as I can handle. Rolling to my back, I swim a few slow laps while my heart rate gets back to normal. I watch the panels in the ceiling go by using them to keep my direction. Finally, deciding that I have been in the pool long enough, I reach the ladder and climb out, enjoying the slightly fatigued feeling in my muscles. I grab a towel and head back to the locker room, intent on rinsing the chlorine out of my hair. I don’t see the large man watching me through the window into the main room.

I reach the lockers and grab my shampoo and conditioner, knowing that I will never get a brush through my hair again if I don’t wash the chlorine out now. I strip off my suit and leave it draped over the bench by my locker, padding quickly to the showers wearing nothing but my locker key. Choosing a shower head in the far corner, I quickly lather, rinse, and condition my hair. While the conditioner soaks in I wash my body with a creamy scented body wash, lingering on my hard, slippery nipples and lower. I shake my head and quickly rinse both my hair and body knowing that it will do me no good to get all excited since I am going home to an empty house. I grab the towel and dry off, wrapping it around myself and heading back to the lockers.

Stashing Bayan Escort Gaziantep my things in the locker, I grab my cocoa butter and sit down on the bench. It is cool against my naked skin where the towel doesn’t quite cover. I unscrew the lid and dip out some of the creamy cocoa butter. I start with my toes and work my way up, my fingers sliding against smooth pale skin. Somewhere in a distant part of my mind I hear myself moan almost silently as my hands move higher. I massage the butter into every inch of skin below my neck, dropping the towel when it gets in my way. My nipples are hard and my skin gleams from the slightly greasy moisturizer. Closing my eyes, I slip my hand between my soft thighs and part the folds of my already wet pussy.

Shaking my head to clear the fog from my mind, I stand up and drop the towel entirely. I hear a step and my eyes widen in shock. I have seen him around the gym before but I didn’t expect to find him in the ladies locker room so I am understandably frightened. He slowly steps forward, stripping the tight black tee off of his massive chest. I gasp and quickly back up, bumping into the cold steel of the lockers behind me.

“Need some help getting your….back?” His voice sends a thrill up my spine and before I can react, he steps close enough to reach out and stroke my shoulder. I shudder and press myself further back against the lockers. He is so big and violent looking that I am afraid he might hurt me but his hand on my shoulder is gentle. One of his large hands reaches down to the jar of cocoa butter sitting on the bench. He takes out a dab and gently pulls me up against his hard chest. His large warm hands stroke the muscles of my back, digging in to unknot the tense spots while the hard tips of my breasts brush maddeningly against his thickly muscled abdomen.

His touch feels so good that I moan softly and melt into his body despite my fears. My hands reach up and shyly trace the contours of his lower belly. He strokes lower and gently cups my ass with both of his large hands, leaning down to drop soft moist kisses against the side of my neck. He smells so good, all soap and clean sweat and man. I know I can’t stop him but I don’t really want to anyway. He is so tall that my lips just barely reach the center of his chest. Seemingly of their own accord, my lips press against his sternum. I run my hands farther up his abdomen and then on to his gorgeous chest. I can’t get enough of him and suddenly I desperately need to kiss him; to be kissed. I tilt my head up, rising up on my toes so I can reach; I kiss the side of his jaw. There is a shadow of stubble and it feels prickly and exciting against my lips.

“Oh!” The surprised little squeak escapes me as he drops down to straddle the bench and gathers me close to sit across his lap. My ass is tucked close into the wide vee of his strong thighs and I can feel the thickness of his impressive erection digging insistently into my hip. My legs are draped over one of his powerful thighs and his hand strokes slowly from my knee to my hip and back, making me shiver. His other arm wraps around my body, drawing me in close to capture my lips in a searing kiss. He nibbles gently at my lower lip, tongue dipping in for a taste but keeping me wanting more. I whimper and press in closer thrilling at the sound and feel of his low rumbling chuckle against my mouth. Our tongues tangle in a slow sensual dance while the hand on my thigh slides higher to cup my plump breast. The pad of his thumb rasps slowly over my nipple making it even harder.

“You are so beautiful.” His words are barely a whisper against my lips but they go straight to my core. He turns me around, pressing my body down to the narrow bench with my thighs spread wide and draped over his. My back arches as he runs his big hands over my sides and shoulders, back down the center of my chest to my belly. He fills his hands with the pillowy mounds of my breasts and teases the tips to frantic hardness. When he leans forward to lap gently at the valley between them I moan softly. I reach for him and my hands find the buckle of his belt. I want him naked, to feel his skin on mine. He chuckles again and helps me to undo the fastenings of his pants. He scoots back a little and rises from the bench to quickly shuck his pants, shorts and shoes. His cock springs free, seemingly glad to be released from the confining garments and my mouth waters at the sight. Before he can drop back onto the bench, I sit up and reach out, drawing him close to me.

“Mmmmmmm.” I look up at him and make sure he watches me wet my plump pink lips before running them down the sensitive underside of his incredible cock. I suck gently at the velvety skin where his shaft meets his scrotum, lapping him with my tongue. I lick a path down the seam that runs between his testicles and draw first one and then the other into my warm welcoming mouth. I suckle softly, drawing a groan from him. He guides me slowly back to the broad head of his cock and watches intently as I lick all over, making him wet and slick before sliding the first few inches into my eager mouth. His hands tangle in my hair as he pulls me closer, giving me more until I feel him bump into the back of my mouth and the opening of my throat. He is so big that I don’t know if I will be able to take him all the way into my throat without choking. I decide to try because despite the aggressive feel of his hands in my hair, he is letting me set my own pace and not pushing me. I push forward, making a swallowing motion with my throat, deliberately forcing back my gag reflex. He is so thick I can feel my lips stretch around his shaft as he slides deep into my throat. With my hands, I guide him to take slow thrusts and my throat muscles ripple up and down his length. I can feel his big body tremble and it thrills me to have such power over this beast of a man.

He pulls back and roughly pushes me back down to the bench, still breathing hard and shaking a little. My thrilled little giggle makes him growl and he drops down to straddle the bench, spreading my thighs as wide as they will go. He kisses and nibbles the insides of my thighs and lower belly, driving me insane with need before he finally licks me from asshole to clit, making me writhe with the intense pleasure. I feel so helpless and exposed but I desperately want more. I am so wet already that I can feel it dripping down between the cheeks of my ass to pool on the bench. When he laps hard at my clit like he is turning a light switch on and off I squeal loudly and when he slides one thick finger deep into my ass I start coming immediately. He presses his huge cock against my drenched little pussy, pushing hard to enter the tight sheath. I can feel him slowly filling up my pussy while his finger continues to slide in and out of my ass.

Suddenly he lifts me up to a sitting position with my widespread thighs wrapped around his narrow hips. He plunges so deep and my clit rubs roughly against his groin with every stroke. I can feel another climax approaching and when he returns to my ass, with two fingers this time, I shatter. Time ceases to exist and one orgasm blends into the next as he pounds harder into my eager body. Hot fluid floods over his belly and thighs and my vision goes gray at the edges. I am coming again, so hard. I need to feel him cum inside me so I grab his shoulders for leverage and throw myself onto his cock, harder and faster, taking him as much as I am being taken. I can feel his cock swell to an even more impossible thickness and he roars loudly as the first hot jet of his seed touches off yet another powerful orgasm.

Slowly, our bodies come to a stop and his fingers slip from my ass. He wraps both arms around me and holds me very close. This was the last thing I would have expected to happen at the gym but I can see many more late night workouts on my future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32