An Unexpected Cruise Trip – Day 05

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Bobbi Starr

Something mysterious had stopped Irene and me to become a full loving couple that night. As a result I was very well rested and revived next morning as dawn woke me up. Our ship was quiet and didn’t vibrate anymore, a clear sign that we already had reached our next target on Sicily’s east coast, the city of Syrakrus. Irene was still in deep sleep, but a quick view onto her bed was rather amusing. She was sleeping on her side, had her duvet rolled between her legs and had wrapped both arms around it. It looked like holding a giant white dildo in her arms and between her thights.

I took my morning gown and sneaked quietly out of our cabin onto the deck. Light fog covered the Sicilian coastline, so I wasn’t able to watch Mount Etna, the volcano north of the city. I had chosen the day expedition to Messina and onto Europe’s most active volcano and was looking forward to this visit with real excitement, like a small, curious boy. Although working as a more boring lawyer and legal expert volcanoes, lava and fire had always been fascinating for me.

Because of the early morning hour I hadn’t expected to find any company, but few minutes later one of the four gentlemen, who we had observed several evenings at the bar, came up and placed himself beside me at the rails. He smoked an early cigarillo, a light brown and very thin one, not larger than a cigarette.

“Do you enjoy such early morning smoke?” was my curious question.

“I am Michael Harz”, introduced the approximately forty years old gentleman himself. “Oh yes. The secret is that you have to connect the right tobacco and the right size to the right time of the day.” He showed me the slow burning cigarillo. “As you can see, this is very bright, light Virginia tobacco. Without any perfume or additions. It is like tea, were you have very nice light tasting leaves for early morning tea and heavier one for more refreshing afternoon teas. So I vary my tobacco over the day in a similar way, light in the morning and heavy and aromatic in the evening. Unfortunately the smoking restrictions under EU law, which are valid on board of this ship too, have restricted the pleasure of smoking in company almost entirely.”

As an active sportsman and long-distance biker and walker I myself was a passionate non-smoker. But I had heard rather often that cigar- and cigarillo-smokers had a special passion for smoking pleasure. “I have heard several times that because of the legal pressure for open-air-smoking the areas in front of or behind pubs and restaurants have created a new type of social connectivity and communication. Is this true?”

Michael Harz smiled and laughed. A friendly, warm laugh, even his eyes and his entire face laughed honestly. “I think, you are right. As you can experience yourself now. We got company although you are even a non-smoker. Or can I offer you one of my cigarillos?” He put his hand into the side pocket of his morning gown, retrieved a brilliant looking, shiny silver case, opened it and offered me one of his cigarillos.

Spreading both hands in defence I smiled to him. “Very Büyükesat Escort kind, thank you. But it is more than half of my life ago that I smoked anything.”

My early morning partner at the rails felt sorry, apologized and put the case back into his pocket. During our ongoing conversation I learned that the four gentlemen had been indeed two gay couples, who booked exactly this ship once per year for a common cruise trip, just to enjoy the ship’s luxury and upper-class environment. He explained me – without any question from my side – that he was a wanderer between both sexual worlds. To avoid being too curious I kept my question, if these four men had a similar arrangement between them as our sextet, for myself. I thought it would be inappropriate.

Our daily excursion fulfilled my expectations entirely. We had enough time to explore Mount Etna under the guidance of a very entertaining and knowledgeable guide. To be honest, it is really strange nature around an active volcano. I was the sole participant from our sextet, our other group members participated in tours to more comfortable destinations in Eastern Sicily. On the other hand Michael Harz and his husband had joined me, so we had a lot of fun together. Sweating, full of dust and guaranteed horribly stinking because of the volcano’s sulphur and other hellish emissions we reached our ship at the harbour again in late afternoon.

I had to hurry up to reach our dinner fresh, fit and formally dressed right in time. So it was unavoidable to use the shower when Irene needed our small bathroom too. She scrutinized me several times from head to toe and murmured something to herself which was so muted that I wasn’t able to understand it. As I asked her, I got a typical female answer: “Nothing, my dear.”

After five days I enjoyed our usual cruise trip rhythm. A daily excursion, followed by our formal evening dinner, some entertainment program, finishing at the ship’s bar. And then, as our highlight every evening, our sex-workout in several combinations and challenges. I was really curious, what would happen tonight.

We had reached already after-dinner-coffee, added by some night Cognac, Armagnac or liquor, as Kati quietly took word. “I have a new idea for tonight.” She smiled to all of us with her diabolic but in the same moment teasing smile. “Over the years we have become very familiar with each other, even our new young friend has integrated himself in a most wonderful manner.” This time her smile to me was just pure and friendly. It was a honest compliment. “I know from my own experience that my senses get a dramatic push when you take away one essential sense, for example to take away the ability to watch by pulling a mask over your eyes. For tonight my idea is to create a real dark room in our cabin and to close your eyes additional by masks which I have bought in Syrakrus this afternoon. So we all have only four senses left: feeling, tasting, smelling and hearing.” Kati’s announcement of this dark experiment was received with Elvankent Escort real excitement by all of us.

Angela reported silently that she had experienced a three-men-gangbang some years ago, having covered her eyes with a silk scarf. “It was one of my most horny experiences”, she confessed. “I hope, it will become similar exciting tonight.

Tonight’s official show program wasn’t attractive for us, so we went straight to the ship’s casino, again splitting into a male Black-Jack duo and a female Roulette quartet. By incident Michael Harz and his husband joined us at the Black-Jack table and we four played against the bank’s croupier. I was the lucky winner, again and again, all evening long. So I hosted my five partners as well as the four gay gentlemen at the bar and paid the entire bill. A little bit later than usual we took the elevator to our floor to start Kati’s experimental dark night. Kati was especially pre-heated because she had been in the centre of interest for the four gentlemen who circled around her like satellites. In the end all contacts stopped just before they became inappropriate in public, but Kati really tested whether these gentlemen had been pure gay or open to some hetero sex too.

Bruno’s and Kati’s cabin had been prepared for the evening. Only two candles illuminated their suite’s living room, window blinds had been closed, supported by the pitch-black night over the Mediterranean Sea. To start with Kati ordered that all couples stripped their cabin partners naked. Consequently I worked on Irene for the very first time, she enjoyed this striptease very much. I assumed that she had agreed with Kati on this starting ceremony before. Having finished Kati handed everybody a mask and extinguished the candles. It became really dark for all six of us.

“Do whatever you want to do”, was Kati’s last command, then it became surprisingly silent.

I was still thinking what I shall do as one, then very fast four hands touched me and started to explore my body. I had no idea to whom these four hands belonged but answering their exploring and teasing body massage with my own hands I found a full-sized lady with proper boobs and arse as well as a well-trained slim lady. I was a little bit relaxed; I hadn’t found Bruno in the first instant.

It was indeed a fascinating experience, first groping and feeling, than using my mouth and nose tasting and smelling and increasing my hearing senses was the basis for a nice game: who had been the two ladies who work on and with me. Regarding the sportive lady I assumed to be Kati, but the full-sized lady could be either Geraldine or Irene. The idea that I hugged, caressed and treated my aunt in the most intimidate way was stimulating me even more. My hardening penis was treated from both ladies in a synchronised way. Then my calves touched some sofa and I was pushed onto it. I had the feeling that my ladies had a non-verbal agreement how to tease and treat me, the full-sized lady started to kiss me rather wildly while the more Beşevler Escort sportive one straddled over me and took my now rock-hard best friend with one push deep into her pussy. There was still no word between us, but our breathing became heavier and our body temperature increased consistently. We started to become sweaty, something I like very much because it is highly erotic. Additionally I became animated by noises from the other side of the cabin, where another threesome has started the erotic infight.

I got comfortable with my position and my doings as both ladies stopped and redirected me with their hands and arms in front of the sofa. Now my arse was positioned on the floor and my neck bent back over the sofa’s edge. What had been their intentions? The next moment the full-sized lady placed her unbelievable wet pussy in cowgirl position on my cock, the other one bent my head backwards and positioned her soaking wet pussy on my mouth. I was convinced now that this lover was Kati. I knew her taste from the evenings before and I was excited because I loved it. But who was the cowgirl with this wonderful swinging tits which I was able to grab and to squeeze?

Very fast we found our common rhythm. Really good. My brain’s thinking part started to shut down, I became more and more a pure sex connoisseur. First climax was Kati’s — I was now sure that it had been her — because she showered me with her love juices and squirted without scruples into my mouth and over my face. But that wasn’t the end of the oral sex show. After her thighs stopped shaking from her orgasm she rubbed my tongue, mouth and nose along the entire distance between her clit and her back entrance and pushed herself forward a second time. Knowing her special wishes I used my flexible fingers of both hands to treat, squeeze and rub her lovely erected clit. As wonderful as this workout on my face and mouth had been, my back started to hurt from the wild riding cowgirl. But this full-sized lover recognized it by my moans herself, turned around by 180 degrees and continued her ride in backwards cowgirl position. This positional change has a second effect. The pressure on her pussy’s back wall increased, stimulating her and me further. I had the feeling that my cock had never been so large. Then in between few seconds only all three of us exploded together in a very wet and heavy climax.

Really exhausted, total covered with our sweat and a wild tasting and smelling blend of our body juices we three cuddled together, holding us tight and kissing each other, biting into our earlobes, pulling on the nipples etc. We could hear that the other group had finished their threesome workout too.

After a long while Kati stood up and announced to ignite the candles. The flickering candlelight showed that my left arm was wrapped around Irene, she had placed her head on my breast. Finally I knew for sure that she was my full-sized lover. Irene looked totally satisfied and happy like a young girl. And I had to confess to myself that over the last hour I had experienced one of best sex acts of my entire life together with my twenty-three years older godmother. I pulled her up to me, took her head in both hands and kissed her with all fervour. As she moved her face backwards and disengaged from our soft and warm kiss, I could see that some tears flew out of the corners of her eyes. But she looked unbelievable happy.

To be continued

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