An Offer He Can’t Refuse Ch. 09

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features incest and anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


As he pulled into his aunt’s driveway and parked in front of the garage door, Mike felt a thrill of excitement running down his spine and jolting his already chubby boner into a stiffer state of semi-hardness. At the same time, a wave of pure heartwarming affection also washed over him to complement his horniness. While he got out of the car, adjusting the growing tent in his pants and trying to get a grip on himself, Mike smiled broadly as he realized that both his emotional fluffiness and his physical arousal stemmed from one single source: the awareness that he was about to be reunited with his amazing mother.

While driving to Jennifer’s house, Mike had been unable to stop grinning to himself as he enjoyed the lingering satisfaction of having spent the early afternoon plowing his sister’s plump ass and pumping three big loads of cum into her, one deep inside her sweet butthole and two more down her talented, sperm-chugging throat.

Once their impromptu fuckfest was over, he had wisely taken Lyla’s advice when she had suggested that he should rest and rehydrate while he waited to go pick up their mom at their aunt’s place. Giggling and winking at him behind her cute nerdy glasses, Lyla had given Mike a big tit-squashing hug before pushing him back to lie flat on his bed, meanwhile jokingly wagging her finger at him and demanding that he gather his strength so that he could give their mom a proper fucking later. As they both laughed at that weird yet very realistic prospect, Lyla had run her tongue over her gorgeous seed-glossy lips one last time, waved Mike goodbye and then left him there while she retired to Lori’s room where her twin sister waited for her, still tied to her own bed.

Unavoidably, as he spent the following hour or so chilling and snacking and watching TV while waiting for his mother to let him know that she was ready to be picked up, Mike had wondered about what his sisters might be up to in Lori’s bedroom. Even as he conjured up sexy scenarios of all sorts though, Mike had dutifully followed another one of Lyla’s suggestions and accordingly refrained from peaking in on his big sisters and from generally getting involved just yet, agreeing with Lyla that it was better to let her handle Lori for the time being.

Intriguing and titillating as they were though, all of Mike’s fantasies about the twins’ lesbian activities had been wiped out of his mind the moment Julia had texted him, simply stating: ‘Come and get me, baby. Mommy missed you so much!’ followed by a winking emoji.

Although his relationship with his amazing mother had taught him a lot about being in touch with his own feelings, Mike had been surprised by the deep, immediate emotional reaction that her short yet suggestive text inspired in him. Instantly, all he wanted to do was touch and hug his gorgeous mom, to feel her voluptuous body pressed against his own and let his hands roam all over her beautiful curves. At the same time, he hungered to just be near her, to let the warmth of her unconditional love envelop him completely as it always did.

Even though his head was still full of scorching hot memories of his recent sexcapades with Lyla, as Mike drove to Jennifer’s house he had felt his lust for his sister gradually be replaced by a familiar, naturally powerful longing to be one with his awesome mom again. The mental image of Julia and all that she meant for him had soon overcome Mike’s senses completely, making him more and more impatient to see her again. It had been an actual strain for him not to hit the gas and rush full speed ahead, but he had managed to rationalize that it was better to arrive there a couple of minutes later in one piece rather than to crash the car and not get there at all.

Now, as he walked up to his aunt Jennifer’s door, a smile on his face and a big bulge in his crotch, Mike chuckled to himself as he realized that he was kind of acting like he was picking up a girlfriend at her parents’ house for a first date or something. Still, that was exactly how he felt, and it really was a great feeling!

Snickering and exhaling, pulling his Fugazi T-shirt down on the front a bit in an attempt to disguise the tent in his pants and possibly not freak out his aunt, Mike rang the doorbell and waited.


As soon as she heard the doorbell ringing, announcing her nephew’s arrival, Jennifer immediately stirred in the deck lounger where she was suntanning naked.

“Finally, our young stud is here!” she chirped, springing up to her feet, the sudden movement making her massive tits wobble juicily as her big round booty jiggled away in turn. Turning to the pool where her little sister was lazily swimming and letting the Giresun Escort late afternoon sun kiss her naked water-slick body, Jennifer went on with a mischievous wink: “You know, I was starting to get really antsy, Jules… Five more minutes and you would have had to take care of me yourself!”

“Again?!” Julia chuckled as she stood in the shallow end of the pool and arched her eyebrows at her incorrigible sister. “We were sixty-nining just ten minutes ago! Jeez, Jenny, you’re so terrible!”

Laughing along with Julia, Jennifer just shrugged and made her way across the deck and toward the glass doors leading into the house. Noticing that her big sister wasn’t putting her bikini back on, Julia tentatively asked: “Are you going to let Mike see you like that?”

“Sure, why not? No point beating around the bush,” Jennifer replied with as shrug. Noticing a shadow of doubt darken Julia’s beautiful face for a moment, Jennifer stopped in her tracks and locked gazes with her little sister. “You’re not having second thoughts about this, are you? Just tell me now, Jules…”

As the two naked MILFs locked gazes, the doorbell rang again. Julia looked intently into Jennifer’s eyes, while Jennifer waited as patiently as her horniness allowed. As much as she longed to be allowed a role in Julia and Mike’s scorching hot sexual affair and have a taste of her massively hung nephew’s cock, Jennifer was nonetheless genuinely ready to put on her bikini, give Julia time to dress too and then let her go home with Mike as if nothing was out of the ordinary, keeping her knowledge of the truth a secret. After all, Julia had already showed a lot of love and trust in her by revealing that she was having sex with Mike, not to mention accepting to have a threesome involving her too, which Jennifer was dying to see happen. Still, if Julia should decide to call it all off, Jennifer would understand. Unhappily, sure, but without protest.

As the silence between the curvaceous MILFs extended and the doorbell rang a third time, Julia’s furrowed brow relaxed and the corners of her mouth turned up into a smile. A soft laugh escaped Julia’s lips as she nodded to her big sis and said: “Go on, Jenny. My baby is waiting at the door.”

Grinning from ear to ear, delighted by the positive result of Julia’s final moment of soul-searching, Jennifer blew a kiss to her little sister and jumped in place like a giddy schoolgirl before darting into the house, her gorgeous matronly curves jiggling away all the while.

Wading through the cool water toward the pool stairs, Julia bit her lips in anticipation as she felt her heart racing faster and her pussy getting all tingly with arousal at the thought that she was mere moments from being reunited with her beloved son.


Despite the whirl of unprecedented, amazing things that had happened in his life recently and no matter how comfortable he had become with all sorts of sexual matters, Mike was completely unprepared when the door opened to reveal his aunt Jennifer standing there, totally naked, smiling nonchalantly at him as she distractedly twirled her blonde ponytail around her forefinger.

“Whoa! A-a-aunt Jenny…”

“Oh look, it’s my favorite nephew! What a pleasant surprise!” Jennifer exclaimed with a playful theatrical flourish, silently delighted by the hungry, magnetized stares that her matronly hourglass figure inspired in Mike. At the same time, her hazel eyes were glinting with mischief as she in turn took a good lingering look at the big, very promising bulge tenting her handsome nephew’s pants.

After enjoying a few more sexually charged moments of silence, during which Jennifer cocked her juicy hip to accentuate the curvy roundness of her large booty and pushed her buxom chest forward to make her mammoth jugs jiggle some more before her speechless, bug-eyed nephew, the gorgeous MILF finally went on: “So, Mike, do you wanna come inside or should we let the whole neighborhood have a look at my big titties?”

Still blinking in stunned amazement, unable to stop ogling his aunt’s smooth pussy, her pillowy bubble-butt and her humongous boobs, Mike nodded in assent as he stepped inside, allowing her to close the door behind him. As Jennifer just kept grinning teasingly and looking at him with her head tilted slightly to the side while she bit her succulent lips, Mike collected himself and finally spoke.

“Sorry, Auntie, but… Well, I didn’t expect to find you naked!” Mike chuckled, managing to tap into his new-found confidence around women, which he had learned mostly thanks to his awesome mom. Brazenly keeping his eyes trained on Jennifer’s generous curves, intrigued by the way she had cranked up her usual directness to a whole new level of undisguised sexual provocation, Mike added: “And let me just say this, aunt Jenny: you’re so fucking hot! Like, for real.”

“Aw thanks, honey!” Jennifer purred, loving how swiftly Mike had recovered from his initial Giresun Escort Bayan shock and actually managed to roll with the unexpected naughtiness of the situation she had presented him with. Eager to continue teasing him nonetheless, Jennifer ran her perfectly manicured finger along Mike’s toned arm as she inched closer to him, until her bulging rack was brushing against his T-shirt. Locking eyes with her yummy nephew, the busty aunt cooed: “I always end up taking my bikini off when I tan by the pool, and I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing me like this. I mean, you’re a big boy now, I’m sure you’ve seen a naked woman before. And I don’t mean just in porn… Maybe I’m not even the first MILF you lay eyes on… Am I right, Mike?”

Nodding and snickering back at his saucy aunt’s sexy language, catching the slightest hint of a deeper meaning to her words yet not sure how to interpret it, Mike candidly replied: “Actually, yeah, you’re right… I’ve seen a naked MILF in person before, many times.”

“Oh, so what I’ve heard about my favorite nephew is true, then! It’s so good to know that you’re into older women, Mike…” Jennifer cooed, smiling coquettishly as she pressed her curvaceous nakedness tighter against her nephew’s toned body, making sure to rub her smooth slit on the huge bulge in his crotch. As Mike exhaled deeply and reeled a bit at her suggestive words and unashamedly explicit moves, Jennifer went on in a mock-innocent tone that only made his boner stiffen even more inside his pants.

“Tell me, Mike: based on what you’re seeing, would you say that your old aunt is hot enough to qualify as a legit MILF? Like the ones in porn and stuff like that?”

“Oh, yeah definitely! You’re a top notch MILF, for sure. And you’re not really that old, either, aunt Jenny, not at all…” Mike vehemently said, feeling his caged erection throb desperately against the clothes that separated it from Jennifer’s smooth pussy. And yet, even through the horniness clouding his mind and despite the surprising seductive approach of his naked aunt’s words and demeanor, one thought still remained clear in Mike’s head, compelling him to ask: “Uhm, anyway, aunt Jenny… I was here to pick up Mom, so…”

At those words, seeing the spark of pure undiluted love brightening Mike’s gaze at the mere mention of his mother, a genuine smile of approval and affection replaced Jennifer’s teasing grin. Nodding slowly and bringing her hand to his face, Jennifer gently stroked her nephew’s cheek as she softly said: “Your mom… Yes, of course honey. You’re really a good boy, Mike. Julia is very lucky to have you… Alright then,” Jennifer concluded with a bright laugh followed by a wink, “let’s go, stud. She’s waiting for you outside.”

Grabbing her nephew’s hand in hers and leading him behind her as she crossed the house headed for the backyard, Jennifer made sure to add an extra sway to her strutting steps, eagerly granting Mike a nice view of her ample booty jiggling in time with her movements while her massive jugs swayed heavily side to side too. As he walked after Jennifer with his eyes always glued to her bouncy bubble-butt, Mike was surprised to realize that the acceleration of his heartbeat wasn’t just due to the cock-hardening nearness of his sexy aunt’s naked, beautiful figure. In truth, the prospect of seeing his mother again was even more exciting to him than the spectacular view of Jennifer’s voluptuous curves bouncing away for his visual pleasure.

Once they stepped out of the living room glass doors and into the backyard, Jennifer let go of Mike’s hand and grinned at him before turning toward the pool and yelling out: “Hey Jules, look who’s here!”

Her sister’s words caught Julia right while she was climbing out of the pool, making her turn her head toward Jennifer and Mike. A big heartfelt smile spread on the busty mother’s lips at the sight of her beloved boy. Julia’s hazel eyes locked with Mike’s as her gorgeous body emerged from the pool and she stepped onto the deck, her shapely legs immediately springing into motion, eager to close the short distance between them.

Walking toward him in all her naked glory, with strands of her long blonde hair clinging wetly to the upper slopes of her huge mommy-boobs, her plump asscheeks wiggling gently at her every step while beads of water trickled down her amazing curves and made her skin shimmer and shine in the warm afternoon light, Julia had never looked so radiantly beautiful and utterly irresistible to Mike. Awestruck and lovestruck and totally captivated with the smiling, swiftly approaching vision of his goddess of a mother, Mike could barely mumble one single word out of the myriad of things he wanted to say to her right there and then: “M-m-mh… Mom!”

“Oh baby! I’m so happy to see you!” Julia replied, her beaming smile getting even wider as she noticed the massive bulge in her beloved son’s pants.

Within moments, Julia was standing Escort Giresun so close to Mike that her jutting rack was pressed against his chest and her radiant face was all he could see. Resting a hand on his cheek and delicately stroking his handsome face, Julia let out a whimpering purr as she drank in the potent mixture of love, lust and intimacy radiating back and forth between her own naked body and Mike’s sculpted frame, binding the two of them tightly together even more than their physical nearness did.

Overwhelmed with emotion, oblivious to all else, mother and son let their mouths draw closer and closer, until their labored breaths fused together and their lips were joined in a deep, passionate soulkiss. While their tongues danced flawlessly and they each savored the warmth of the other’s smooching mouth, Mike instinctively locked his arms around Julia’s curvy body and ran his hands down her smooth back until his palms were filled to overflowing with the plump, round perfection of her fleshy asscheeks. Meanwhile, as she lewdly sucked her boy’s tongue within the liquid heat of her mouth, Julia couldn’t help but hump her groin forward, rubbing her smooth needy pussy on his massively tenting crotch.

Caught in a sort of blissful mother-centric trance, focused solely on trading more scorching kisses with his awesome mom while kneading and grabbing and squeezing her fantastic booty like he never wanted to let go of her anymore, Mike was suddenly brought back to reality when his ears registered a voice that at first seemed to come from miles away but was in fact right beside him.

“Wow, talk about Hollywood kisses!” Jennifer giggled as she avidly drank in the sight of her sister and nephew making out like there was no tomorrow. “You guys are so fucking hot together!”

His aunt’s voice and her bright, playful laughter sounded to Mike like the loudest, most annoying alarm clock in the world suddenly blaring in the midst of a beautiful dream. Violently snapped out of his lovestruck state, Mike pulled back from his mother’s soft lips and let go of her juicy bubble-butt as his eyes opened wide, a sense of paralyzing confusion and chilling dread washing over him at the thought of having let his desire for his mom get the better of him to the point of actually revealing their secret love.

“Oh shit! Aunt Jenny… I… We…” Mike mumbled, his mind so blank and in such a stated of full blown panic that he wasn’t even able to take in the complicit smirking expression on Jennifer’s face and the bright smile on his mother’s lips.

“She knows, baby,” Julia placidly murmured, running her fingers through her befuddled boy’s hair, her lips brushing against his slack-jawed mouth to plant tender kisses all over it. “I told aunt Jenny everything about us. She understands, honey, and she’ll keep our secret. It’s okay, really.”

“I’m very good at keeping secret, alright,” Jennifer snickered knowingly, “especially naughty ones. Your mom and I have shared quite a few of those over the years…”

Blinking in surprise at Jennifer’s suggestive words yet soothed by Julia’s gentle touch and motherly kisses and absolutely calm demeanor, Mike looked at his aunt then at his mother then back again at his aunt before incredulously mumbling: “So, you know that we… That Mom and I are… Uhm, I mean, you know…”

“Well, duh! If I hadn’t known already I’d sure be having my suspicions now, after seeing you two sucking face like that!” Jennifer quipped, drawing closer to the two of them as Julia tightened her maternal embrace around Mike and he exhaled deeply in relief, the reality of the situation starting to sink in.

“But… How? Why? I mean…” the stunned teenager asked, his head turning back and forth between his mom and his aunt, making both busty MILFs giggle at his cute boyish shock.

“You see, Mike, your mom and I have always been very, very close…” Jennifer explained in a husky purr as she pressed her naked body against Mike’s side, brushing her massive tits against Julia’s bulging boobs. “Heck, I’m surprised she managed to keep this secret from me so long! Ever since we were girls, we’ve always shared everything, you know…” Jennifer went on, rubbing her voluptuous body against her sister and her nephew, making Julia laugh softly while Mike moaned in awe. “It’s kinda logical, in a way. Your mom and I used to share guys, then we shared husbands and now, since she gave the okay, we were thinking about sharing you too!”

As those words rang in his ears and the explosive revelations they carried with them fried his already overexcited neurons, finally convinced that what was going on around him was real based on the matching stares of mixed seriousness and eroticism that both his mother’s and his aunt’s eyes were casting him, Mike felt his raging boner throb violently while a huge glob of pre-cum spurted from his glans to soak the front of his boxers. Floored by that fantastic and unexpected turn of events, literally high on the delicious forbidden possibilities suddenly opening before him, Mike dreamily mumbled out his incredulous joy.

“Oh… My… God! This is awesome! You and aunt Jenny… And all three of us… Wow! Is this true, Mom? Is it okay, like, really okay?”

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